The Odyssey of Trent

by Sir Michael

Chapter 5 -  Wonderous Revelations


  Sing stood in the middle of a garden with her eyes closed. She hummed a tune, which she knew by heart, and it always helped to calm her mind and body. Her mother, Jang, used to hum it to her when she was a child. She missed her mother. In fact she missed her whole family quite a lot. They weren't dead, they were just fine. But she hadn't seen them in several years and she wondered what had happened to them in that time. Had Maio, her brother, married the peasent girl he was so in love with? Were her father, Bia, and sister, Noe, accepted into the Royal Government? And what became of her lover, Hoi Gao Uido? Sing walked over to a lone tree and sat beneath it, trying to focus her mind into oneness. It was a task she attempted every day, and she usually suceeded.

  Accross the garden, Trent and Spryte were sitting on a marble bench, hand in hand, talking of their plans after this adventure was over. It had been two months since they arrived in Benlucca, and having very much fallen in love with the country, (as well as each other), they decided to make it their new home. They would settle down here, find a small cottage, and raise a family. It's what each of them wanted for years. The land was rich for farming, and the mild mannered people were very diverse and peaceful. Trent could get a job as a farmer or carpenter. Spryte, of course, would stay home and raise the little ones. It was a wonderful plan. The two of them shared a kiss and Trent walked over to Sing.

  "Isn't it great that we found my old friend Oridys?", Trent said enthusiatically, "He told me that we could stay here at his place as long as we need to." Sing sighed, her concentration broken.

  "Please, I am trying to meditate.", she growled.

  "Oh, sorry.", he apoligized, "But I thought that you were going to teach me how to fight better in battle?" The Asian woman looked up at him and gave him an annoyed look.

  "Patience is a virtue you do not have.", she scolded, "But you will soon learn. Come, I will teach you the ways of a good warrior." She walked out of the garden, with Trent following closely behind. The two retrieved their weapons and proceeded to the courtyard of Oridys' manor.

  "A good warrior does not give into hastiness. He studies his enemy and uses it to his advantage.", she said slowly. Trent stared hard at his opponent and made a lunge toward her with his sword. Sing stepped to the side and hit him squarely on the back of the neck with one of her sword hilts. Reeling from the pain, the young man fell forward onto the stone surface, collapsing into a heap. Sing laughed.

  "Ah, impatient child. You're not listening.", she chortled, "Let the other one make the first move. Then use their own mistakes to bring them down, as I have done with you. Their foolishness will be your victory." Trent stood up and brushed himself off. A small trickle of blood dripped from the side of his mouth. Sing jumped at the lad and lifted her swords above her head, ready to strike. Trent rolled forward and stood back up. Seeing an opportunity, he back-kicked the flying woman in the ribs, sending her sprawling into a heap of farm tools.

  "Like that?", he asked smiling. Sing sat up and nodded.

  "Like that.", she concured. For several hours Sing instructed Trent on the art of battle, sometimes cutting in with statements on everyday wisdom. Trent listened hard, for he knew that later on, these lessons would save his life.

  Around sundown, a tall thin man in a large robe approached the two fighting combatants.

  "Excuse me, Trent?", he interjected; his low, smooth voice soothing the two people. Trent and Sing stopped their sparing and turned to him.

  "Yes Oridys?", Trent acknowledged, placing his weapons on a table nearby.

  "I just recieved a letter for you." Oridys gave Trent the letter. Trent read it and looked at Sing.

  "Um...We've been summoned by the Queen of Benlucca. She wants to talk with all three of us tonight around 10 PM." Spryte jogged up to the others and looked at the letter.

  "Ooh...that looks important, huh?", she said inquisitively. Trent wrapped an arm around her waist.

  "Yeah babe it does.", he mumbled in her ear, "You might want to go get into one of your pretty little dresses, hmm?" Spryte giggled. Sing rolled her eyes.

  "Okay!", she chirped. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek and ran into the manor to change. Trent stared back with a large grin on his face. Sing snatched the letter and gave it a quick read.

  "I shall go dress in formal attire.", she said, giving the note back to Trent. Trent turned to Oridys and sighed.

  "What the hell does the Royal family of Benlucca want with us? And how do they know that we're here?"

  "Whatever the reason my friend", the older man responded, "It must be important, and I'm sure those questions will be answered when you see them." He turned away and walked back inside, leaving Trent alone.




  Around 10pm, the three arrived at the House of Benlucca wearing their finest. They were approached by the guards who, upon seeing the note, let them inside. The House was enormous. Gold and silver adorned everything, as did jewles of unimaginable price. Everyone was dressed nicely. Trent wore a long-sleeved white shirt with a high collar and flaired wrist cuffs. Over that was a dark blue velvet coat with several medalions pinned onto the left pocket. He also wore matching slacks and nice dark shoes. It was a uniform he kept for special occasions, and though it wasn't royal, it was the best that he had. Spryte had on the nice green dress which she recieved in Vendace. Around her waist was a red sash with a bow in the back. She wore a red headband on her head. The shoes on her feet were small, but quite comfortable. Sing came dressed in a military dress uniform from her homeland. It was grey and quite authoritative. Her swords were worn on her waist for comfort reasons.

  They were led into the royal chambers where they were greeted by a woman whom Trent guessed was the queen. She was dressed in a royal outfit and had a small crown on top of her head. She sat on the royal throne which was adorned with even more silver, gold and jewels than the halways and rooms the three had passed thru earlier. Next to her sat a woman whom Trent recognized immediately...Kamberlee. With a large wave of her hand, the queen beckoned them to enter furthur.

  "Come...", she said, "Come in. I am Queen Helana and this is my assistant Kamberlee. Though I believe you have met her before." The three approached the queen and bowed accordingly. Then Trent spoke up.

  "What are you doing here?", he asked Kamberlee.

  "I am the assistant to the queen.", she answered, "I was sent by Rintadi to Dubatio to help you on your quest. There I posed as a peaseant girl and..."

  "But why did uh...we...uh...", he interupted, not really wanting to hear the answer.

  "I'm an Irusican. Iruscians are a kind of people with transpathic abilities. These abilities let us sense the hidden feelings of others and emulate them. If I am around a person named Kati who feels strongly for another person named Jol, then I feel strongly for Jol. And they feel the same way for me instead of Jol. And I can't turn it off. So the best thing for me in that situation is not to speak. But naturally, you and the fairy were passionate towards each other, so...well...."

  "Well that explains everything.", Trent grumbled to himself, "Except...who is Rintadi?"

  "So why are we here?", asked Sing. From across the room a man of about Trent's age came walking up. He was the same man who had saved Trent's life those several times. He wore a black uniform and his blonde hair was pulled back into a pony tail.

  "Me, I'm the reason why you're here.", he said authoritatively, stopping just in front of Trent, "My name is Rintadi Syrdek, but you may call me Rin. Hello Sing, nice to see you again. How are you?" Trent turned to Sing, who stood there speechless.

  "Who is this?", Trent asked her. Rin spoke again.

  "I am the man who has been keeping you alive and writing you the letters, telling you where to go.", he expalined, "I saved your life in Dubatio and Moldera. I brought Sing to you for guidance. I stabbed the Huluth in the back, forcing him to release you. And I payed the three men aboard the Corintianus to kidnapp you for your own safety. I am the man who gave you clues on your adventure, and I instructed people to inform you of the ones that I gave them...Triangle Man."

  Triangle Man...Trent remembered the old folks calling him that back in Brynell. He must have told them that Trent was the Triangle Man of their folklore. Why?

  "Why?", Rin asked, sensing Trent's thoughts, "Because you are, Trent. It is in your blood, and it is your purpose. My purpose was and still is to keep you alive. The reason for that you may not know yet. Suffice to say that it is an important one."


  Trent's head was spinning. Purpose? Clues? Transpaths? He walked over to a chair a little ways away and sat down. There he buried his face in his hands, wishing another headache away. Rin reapproaced him and placed a hand on Trent's shoulder.

  "You are confused, I know. That is why you must talk to Demysti, my advisor. She can answer all of your questions. Do you understand?" Trent nodded his head slowly. Rin walked over to Spryte and gave her a hug. She half-heartedly hugged him back. He stepped back and took her hands in his.

  "Hello Spryte. My, do you look young.", he greeted with tears welling up in his eyes, "It is so nice to see you again...I've missed you a whole lot." The only thing she could respond with was,


  Rin laughed lightly and just smiled at her. He then walked back towards the hallway and snapped his fingers sharply in the air. Kamberlee trotted over to him and the two walked out of the room together, mumbling to each other. Passing the two, a whithered, old woman shuffled into the room and over to Trent.

  "Trent...Trent.", she said in her croaking voice, "I have much to tell you. Come with me to my room and we will talk." The young man stood up and followed the old woman. The queen motioned for Spryte to follow.

  "Go..follow Demysti and your friend.", she commanded, "But Sing, come here." Sing and Spryte obeyed the queen and went their separate ways. As Sing approached the queen, the royal woman began talking to her in a low tone. Spryte hurried up to Demysti and Trent.



  Demysti's room was dark and quiet. Only a few candles burned for light. Many ornaments and paintings hung on the wall. Trent sat in a large chair by the fire, with Spryte sitting on his lap. Demysti sat opposite them.

  "Now, I shall answer any question you have, just ask.", she invited. Trent thought of the one question he had wanted an answer to for years.

  "Who are my parents and WHO AM I?", he demanded quietly. The old woman fidgeted with her hands and looked at the cat sitting on the table.

  "I was hoping you wouldn't ask that.", she mumbled, "Very well. I will tell you.

  You....are the Prince of Hyrule. And your parents are Queen Zelda and her husband, Link of the Soril-Kokiri. The Triangle around your neck and on your hand is a symbol of your family's power...the Triforce." Trent couldn't believe such an incredible statement.

  "What?!", he whispered.

  "Spryte knows.", Demysti said, pointing to the fairy. Trent turned to his girlfriend.

  "You know this?", he asked, "And you never told me?" The young girl looked at him with a sorrowful gaze.

  "How could she?", the elder continued, "What would have happened if you or anyone else knew? Now listen closely because I'm not going to repeat myself.

  "Long ago, there was a war. Between the Visarians and the kingdoms of Catalia and Hyrule.The Visarians nearly conquered Calatia, killing King Sorenden. Queen Medila barely escaped with her life and took their only child, the newborn Prince Link, to a small villiage in the now dead Soril-Kokiri town of Gardarika. She married a local winemaker named Arn and they raised Link together along with children that she had with Arn. When Link was but 12 years old, all the villiage folk and nearly his whole family was killed by the Tanol Raiders. Only Link and a few siblings survived. He wandered aimlessly for years until he rescued your lover, Spryte, from Moblins. Later, he saved your mother, Zelda, from the clutches of Gannon, the dark Prince of Power."

  "What?", Trent interupted.

  "Hush... Zelda, your mother, was the Queen of Hyrule. She was the only child born to King Harkinian and Queen Alina. Harkinian and Calatia's king, Sorenden, had planned to marry Link and Zelda when the time was right but Hyrule was plunged, along with Calatia, into war with the Visarians. Since Hyrule was so much stronger than Calatia, it easily drove out the Tanol intruders. Alina died of a fever when Zelda was just six and Harkinian was left to raise the girl on his own.

  When she was fourteen, Zelda was kidnapped by Gannon, and Link came to her rescue. As a reward he became keeper of the Triforce. As the years passed they fell in love and were soon married. You were born a year later and then smuggled out of the kingdom for your own safety, for Hyrule came under attack by an army of evil. You were raised by a fisherman and the rest is history."

  Trent sat there motionless. Spryte stared at him unblinking. Finally Trent swallowed hard and spoke. His voice was steady, emotionless, and unwaivering.

  "Is the Triangle speaking to me in my daydreams...the Triforce?"

  "Yes.", Demysti answered.

  "Am I to reclaim my throne?"


  "What am I to do now?"

  "You must seek the Laurilasi, in Jueland. They will help you on your quest."

  Trent and Spryte stood up and procceded to the door. As Trent opened the door, Demysti uttered a wonderous revelation.

  "And Trent, there is something important that you should know...", she croaked, "Spryte is carrying your child. She will give birth before Spring arrives."


  The news surprized even Spryte, who had no idea of this. There was a moment of dead silence. Then the two left the room, shutting the door behind them. Once outside, Spryte turned and gave Trent the biggest bear hug she had ever given him. Her wings fluttered as tears began streaming down her face in joy. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged back, letting out a deep sigh. This had to be the happiest moment of their lives.

  Footsteps resonated thru the hallway. As they got closer, Trent could see that it was Sing. She stopped just short of the two people, a confused look on her face.

  "What is the news?", she asked.

  The two lovers finished their hug.

  "Its wonderful Sing!", Trent exclaimed, "Spryte is pregnant with our baby!" Sing was taken aback, she didn't understand.

  "I knew not that the two of you were that close."

  "Well", said Spryte, "We are."

  "Congratulations, I guess.", Sing praised uneasily.

  "So, what did the queen have to say?", Trent inquired.

  "She just wanted to know a little about us and our travels.", the Asian said, "Nothing more." More footsteps in the hallway. It was Rin and some other gentleman who was slightly younger. They trotted up to the group and began panting heavily, trying to regain their breath.

  "Kamberlee...has...assembled...a We...will leave...tomorrow.", Rin wheezed.

  "Leave for where?", Trent asked.

  "Where you're going,", the shorter man piped, "Jueland!"

  "My friend Kurik and I just talked with the queen.", the golden-haired man answered, pointing to the other guy, "We are going to join you on your adventure. Trust me, you'll need us."



  The five people said goodbye to Queen Helana and Kamberlee, and left the building. Outside was Windrunner, Shaa, and another horse which was hitched to a covered wagon. Appearently, the groups bags had been retrieved from Oridys' house, for he was standing behind the wagon, loading their things. Sing walked up to Shaa and began petting him. Trent's eyes widened.

  "That's a caravan?", he exclaimed, "There's only one...something!" Rin laughed.

  "Right you are.", he chimed. "The covered wagon is for the ladies.", Kurik added, "It's dry in there so they don't have to get wet, in case it rains." Spryte rolled her eyes.

  Sing meandered over to the wagon and looked inside. Inside it was dark, dry and soft, a comfortable way to travel for some, but boring for others. Something inside her said that it wasn't honorable to sit in a covered wagon while the men braved the elements. But a louder voice told her to enjoy the 'fair' treatment. She bounced her eyebrows to Trent and winked at him, a sly grin covering her face. Then she quickly hopped inside. Trent scooped Spryte up in his arms and the fairy squeeled in suprize. 'What is he doing?' she thought. He carried her over to the wagon where he climbed up and laid her down next to Sing on the large, fluffy, soft blankets inside. Spryte sat up and crossed her arms, pouting in insult.

  "Just because I' know...,doesn't mean that I'm fragil and helpless!", she chided as her wings drooped down. Trent just smiled, winked, and climbed back out. As he mounted Windrunner, Sing leaned over to Spryte and whispered,

  "My grandfather once said, 'Enjoy the moment.'" Spryte couldn't help but to start giggling, she was right.

  Sing called out ahead, "Rintadi, you may ride Shaa while I sleep, alright?" Rin mounted the Unicorn.

  "Thank you ma'am!", he yelled back.

  Kurik jumped onto the wagon's horse, named Anni, and everyone waved good-bye to Oridys. The 'caravan' was on its way to Jueland. But peace would not be there to greet them.


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