The Odyssey of Trent

By Sir Michael Eggers

Chapter 7: Past Secrets and Future Preparations

     Night fell on the makeshift town. Enali's advisor/astronomer, Meokit, sat down in the hut with a plate of grilled Jimja meat, and a large wooden bowl of F'Khek soup. The Jimja gave off an odor not unlike spiced chicken, and the F'Khek smelled like a large sirloin steak. He sat them down onto the fur rug next to the loaf of Ukiberry bread. Spryte eased herself up to a comfortable position. Trent walked into the hut and flopped himself down next to Enali. Everyone dished up and Meokit spoke.

     "You feel well?", he asked Spryte. She nodded, her mouth full of the juicy Jimja and F'Khek. A month of Gopak milk and Symit made her hungry for real food. Trent turned to Enali.

     "Tell me of your history.", he said, "Your personal history. I thought that Kokiri couldn't have children because they WERE children." Enali swallowed and wiped her mouth.

     "Long ago, there lived my ancestor, Saria Yakista Tamix Riamu, the Ocarinist. From her, I recieved my first middle name, known as the Stwee, or 'Respectful Name'. Her parents were Ocarinists from the Wintoxu tribe of the Kokiri Nation. You see, we were once many and great. A powerful race.

     Anyway, the Wintoxu were the rather famous medics of the Kokiri. They specialized in gathering herbs and roots for healing potions and elixers, much of which could be derived from the many plants which grew near the Great Deku Tree. The Deku Tree was their source for wisdom and guidence, as well as formidable protection. The Wintoxu could cure anything. That of course was until they dicovered the Guropkon, a plant which should not be used in any medicine. But they didn't know that and they tried it. For a while it worked. They were given special healing, immunity, everything. But over time, the adults began to die, though the children, including Saria and Mido, and Answia, were unaffected.

     Soon, the adults were all dead, and the children could not survive on their own. The Great Deku granted the wish of the children not to grow up, and therefore never to die. He assigned a fairy to help guide the kids in everyday life; building, gathering, cooking, that sort of thing. But Saria was set aside. The Deku gave her a fairy and eternal childishness in form, but saw that she mature into adulthood in her mind. A woman trapped in a girl's body. And if she ever loved another,she would begin to age normaly.

     Saria helped the Deku look after the children for many years, but for reasons I will not go into, the Deku died. Saria was made Sage of the Forest, and she and the other Sages helped to trap the Evil Gannon. They then became protectors of Hyrule and Calatia. One day, the Sages were traveling on a mission to find a sacred parchment of spells. They encounted the Laurilasi, one of the most powerful telepathic tribes of the Kokiri. They also met the Wayori of the tribe, Danik Fyotr Bjord Yadin.

     Though he was physically twenty years older than Saria, Danik fell hopelessly in love with her. She fell for him too and once she did, the spell of childhood was broken. Saria aged normaly, growing up to be a beautiful Kokiri woman. She and Danik visited each other for eight years and soon, she realized that she could no longer be without him. So she decided to leave the Sages, and turned over her position as Sage to Getil, a Kokiri from the Bukata tribe. She then traveled to the Laurilasi villiage and told Danik of what she had done. He proposed marriage and they were wedded in a beautiful Forest ceremony. A little while after, Saria gave birth to their son, Linkiar. She named him after her friend Link, a Hylian who grew up with the Kokiri. Generations later, I was born and when my parents died, I became the Wayori."

     Trent sat there mesmerized. What a story! Dinner was eaten and other questions were asked. Afterwards, Enali brought up an interesting proposition.

     "Would you like to attempt to open the box of the Laruilasi?", she asked, "No-one has ever opened it...and it is said that The Guide will be the first to do so. I want to see if you are The Guide."

     "Fine, I accept.", Trent answered, hoping that this once and for all will put to rest this issue of him being The Guide.

     "Good. I will bring it to you tomorrow morning." Enali stood and left for her tent, Meokit followed close behind carrying a tray of dishes and food. Trent turned to Spryte and gave her a large smile.

     "What?", she inquired.

     "It's a boy....", he whispered in her ear. Spryte's face beamed.

     "It is?", she asked, not able to believe it.

     "Yep.", Trent chimed, "Enali told me, she's a telepath you know." Spryte giggled in glee as she laid back down and slowly pulled the fur blanket up over herself. Trent fluffed her pillow for her and leaned over to kiss her on the forehead.

     "That's wonderful.", she squeaked in happiness. Trent patted her on the head and walked outside to see the beautiful star-filled sky. He spotted Enali at the top of a small hill and casually walked up to her, his hands folded behind his back. Enali didn't turn to look at him, but she knew who it was.

     "Hello Trent.", she said solemnly, "One of our watchmen returned today with some bad news."

     "Bad news?"

     "An army belonging to the Regent of Hyrule has marched thru Calatia, Tanol, and Lemmink. They destroyed everything and are already making their way here to Jueland. They're only a week or so away. If we don't leave or prepare for battle, I fear we will be captured."

     Trent stood there and stared at her. Her green hair rustled in the cool fall breeze. The outline of her body against the night sky accented her natural beauty very well. In her eyes, he could see the signs of a leader: wisdom, courage, and confidence. But he also saw humility and sadness. She was lonely, she needed a mate.

     "Then you must waste no time in preparation.", Trent said as he turned and began to walk down the hill. Enali quickly took his right wrist in her hand, forcing him to turn around. There was a look of desperation in her eyes.

     "We...we need your help.", she said. Trent tried to avert his eyes from her needful gaze, but couldn't.

     "Please?", she asked quitely.

     "Alright, I'll help.", he agreed, gently removing her grip from his wrist.

     "Thank you.", she whispered.

     "I think it's bedtime, so we might as well get going.", he observed. The two walked down the hill to the camp together, where they said their good-nights and went their respective huts for some shut-eye. As Enali entered her hut, Trent looked on thinking to himself. 'She needs soemone to love, and someone to love her as well. I know just the person...Rin.'


     The next morning, the camp was all a hub-bub about the Box. Meokit brought the Box out in ceremonial dress. He placed it down on a rug on the ground in the middle of an excited crowd. Stepping away, he looked for Trent. Trent stood up and walked out of his tent, over to the crowd who greeted him with whispers and murmurs of wonder. Enali raised her hands for silence then spoke.

     "This man is about to attempt to open The Box.",she called out. Trent walked up to the box and sat down in front of it. It was a medium sized treasure chest of wood and iron, and didn't seem to have any known way of getting in, it was completely self contained. In many areas there were dings and cuts where people tried to hack into it with swords, knives or daggers. An area was burned where someone tried magic as well. Trent saw a small metal plate on the front with a depression the size and general shape of the palm of a Hylian hand, but the shape was deeper and slightly wrong. At the center of the depression was the symbol of the Triforce. Trent looked up at Meokit.

     "That's the Triforce, isn't it?", he asked. Meokit nodded, his arms folded. Trent looked back down at the chest.

     'Okay, they've already tried to smash it open, hack it open, and blast it open.', he thought to himself, 'No kind of forced entry worked, so...I can't force this thing. Magic doesn't work either, or else the box would be open already. What haven't they tried?' Trent looked at the back of his right hand, which was resting next to the Triforce emblem on the chest.

     "Wait a minute! That's it!', he thought, looking at his birthmark, then at the chest. He made a fist and touched the depression on the chest with the back of his hand.

     It opened....Everyone gasped in awe as Trent removed his hand and threw the lid back to reveal the contents inside. Peering down into the chest, he saw a pair of ankle-high boots. He lifted them out of the chest and stood up with them in his hands, for all to see.

     'The Boots of Ashora! The Boots of Ashora!', people murmured. Enali walked up to Trent and held her hands to silence the crowd. The murmur died and Enali spoke.

     "This is The Guide. The Prophets have said so. Greet your Guide and welcome him. He will lead us to a new land and a new life." The crowd roared in acceptance and joy. Enali guided Trent thru the mass of people and back to her tent. The two entered and sat down on the fur rug.

     "This is woderful!", she said taking his hands in hers, "You are the first to handle the legendary Boots of Ashora's Speed in over two hundred years! You really are the Guide, just like I thought you would be!" Trent could see a renewed hope in her eyes. "Great.", Trent mumbled, he was less than excited, "Now what?"

     "Now we make plans for leaving this place.", she answered, "Astrologers predicted that you will lead us on a journey north to a hidden valley known as Rosheka Kren. There our new home will be waiting for us!"


     For a month, supplies were gathered and things were packed up onto horseback. Tents were disassembled, routes were planned, and food was hunted and gathered for the long trip ahead. Enali and Meokit oversaw the event and had the watchmen keep a careful eye on the frontier around the tribe, for Kydil's men could strike at any time.

     Trent and Spryte spent most of the days off in the woods, walking hand in hand thru the trees or just sit by a mountain stream and hear it babble and gurgle. They rarely spoke, as not to disturb the animals nearby, but his telepathic abilities allowed them to communicate volumes to each other. The sunlight was the last vestige of warmth in this cooling climate. Autumn was in full force and a chilling breeze passed thru the forest, proclaiming the coming of the winter.

     The two lovers had been walking thru the woods for a while when Trent stopped and turned to his fairy mate. He took her hands in his and gave a short cough.

     "Um...well, uh...I've been thinking about this for a long time and um...", he stammered, his breath showing in the cold air, "I've always wanted to spend the rest of my life with you...." Spryte's eyes lit up. He continued.

     "You love me and I love you. You know that, and uh..." Gently he took her into his arms and held her close, looking deeply into her large chocolate-brown eyes. He felt nervous enough to faint, "I would consider it a great honor....if you my wife." Spryte was at a loss for words.. She didn't know what to say. Trent read her mind and answered for her.

     "Say yes.", he mumbled with a smile.

     "Yes. Oh yes!", she squeeled. She gave him a kiss and the two hugged in a warm embrace.

     "Let's get back and tell the others!", she whispered, letting go. Turning around, she took Trent by the hand and the two raced back to camp, eager to spread the good news. But just as they were about to clear the woods, an arrow whizzed by Trent's head and stuck into a tree. From just ahead, sounds of battle could be heard. Kydil's men were here, the camp was under attack.

     "Stay here baby.", Trent ordered as he drew his sword, holding his hand to gently keep Spryte back. She pushed his hand away.

     "I will not! I'm coming too!", she squeeked defiantly. Trent gave her a look of grave concern.

     "NO!", he barked. His voice deep and commanding, yet warm and full of love, "I almost lost you once and I am NOT going to let that happen again. Now STAY HERE!" The dominance in his voice gave Spryte the shudders, and as much as she hated being submissive, she nodded in obedience. Trent delicately held her chin up with his hand and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. Spryte yearned for more, but Trent only ran his fingers thru her hair and dashed off into the battle, arming himself with his glove of power, and large broadsword. A tear trickled down Spryte's cheek, she feared for his life. She held her hand to her still flat abdomen, which harbored their unborn son, hoping for her lover's safe return.

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