The Odyssey of Trent

By Sir Michael Eggers

Chapter 8: Victories of the Heart

     Swords clashed as Trent ran into the battle. Spears were jabbing with lightning speed and people were falling all around him. From his vantage point, he could see Enali fighting for her life, trying to keep multiple assailants at bay. Trent ran blindingly into the fighting horde and sunk his sword deep into one of the soldiers. A cry of pain was the last thing that man would ever utter. Turning to his left, Trent saw a man on a horse aiming a spear at his head, ready to throw. He slashed at the horses legs, sending the agonizing beast to the ground. The rider was crushed beneath the animal, dead. More swords flashed and clanged in the dreary sunlight.

     He began to make his way to Enali, who was losing a fight with an obvoiusly larger and stronger soldier. He stabbed and chopped his way through several of the knights and foot soldiers, trying desperatly to reach her. Everywhere he looked, Kokiri and Hylians lay dead on the battle ground, yet the battle raged on. He punched one of the Hylian fighters square in the face, using his power glove. The man's head exploded, leaving only a decapitated body to fall lifeless to the ground. Something in his mind told Trent to turn around, and he did, only to see another foot soldier taking aim at one of the Kokiri warriors with his bow. He focused his might thru his sword and sent an energy shot blaszing up through the archer. Thouroughly dead, the archer dropped to the ground.

     After several brutal minutes of killing, Trent finally reached Enali. She was covered in her own blood and bearly able to stand, much less continue defending herself. Unable to bear the pain from a broken ankle, she collapsed to the ground, blood flowing from several wounds. He picked her up and carried her out of the battle to a safe place behind several of the wagons, where he laid her down in the soft hay. Only half-concious, she began to mumble unintelligently under her breath. Looking around, Trent saw that Enali's people were losing the fight, Kydil's army would have a sure victory.

     Seemingly from nowhere, a beautiful but frightening hum aroze. It grew louder and more high-pitched as the seconds passed by. In a flash of a moment, the changed from a steady tone to a horrifyingly unbearable and inhuman scream.

     Everyone dropped their weapons and held their ears, trying to keep out the torturous screech. Kydil's soldiers began crying out in agony as they burst aflame and were sent flying off their feet into the air from a wind stronger than had ever blown on that planet. The scream blasted the flaming horde, their horses, and their weapons, up into the sky and away from the camp, hurling their charing bodies far beyond the mountains to the distant reaches of the earth.

     Everyone looked around. Nothing of the dead soldiers remained, nothing. Only the Kokiri were left. As they surveyed the area around them, wondering what could have caused the incredible blastwave, Trent stood up and began to trot back over to where he left Spryte in the woods. He was halfway to the clearing of the forest, he saw that the Kokiri were standing around someone in great awe. As he got closer, he could see that it was Spryte.

     Her arms were held out in front of her, with her palms facing up and surounded by auras of flame, as if in a mystical chant. A strong breeze blew from behind her, whipping her short hair in front of her eyes. Her blue skirt flapped in the wind and her irises glowed green. Trent walked up to the expressionless fairy and held his hands up in a gesture of peace. (He had never seen Spryte like this and didn't know how she would react.)

     "Spryte, " he said soothingly, "It's me." The glow and breeze subsided as she dropped her hands to her side. From in the trees, birds could be heard singing again.

     "Did you do that?", he asked as he took her hands into his. She nodded.

     "We were going to lose.", she whispered as she looked down at the ground in a kind of self shame, " The battle I mean, we....I couldn't let that happen." She paused for a moment and shuffled her feet. "Now they can't hurt us."

     Trent let out a long deep sigh and began chewing on his lower lip. He answered her slowly.

     "I had no idea you were capable of this kind of power.", he said, "Why didn't you ever tell me?" She looked back up at him.

     "I never thought I would have to use it.", she mumbled. Trent looked back at the Kokiri, who were staring at the two of them.

     "What are you staring at?", he shouted, "We have dead to bury. Now let's go!" The people started to walk and talk amongst themselves, cleaning up the area and collecting the dead. Meokit helped Enali onto her feet and began barking orders, trying to get this move back underway. He then hellped his leader stumble over to her tent for medical assistance. Trent turned back to Spryte.

     "Look,", he said, "We have a long journey ahead of us and we need to get ready for it. We'll talk about this later, okay?" She nodded in agreement and the two walked back to the tribe.

     "I'm going to finish packing.", she called out to him as she flew over to their tent.

     "That's fine.", Trent agreed. She fluttered into the tent and over to one of their clothes bags where she began to pack their clothing. As she folded a shirt and stuffed it in, she felt a sensation flow over her body and thru her mind. Though she had never felt it before, she knew what it was. It was the baby, her unborn son. Since she was young, she knew that when an expecting mother felt the warm familiar sensation, she was able to communicate to the child. She concentrated hard, and began to communicate to him. Not verbal or intelligent communication. Just an emotional one. Then it passed. She went back to work folding the clothing.

     Enali sat in her tent on a soft cushion as Meokit gently removed her clothing. Her wounds weren't severe, but they needed attention. He tossed her shirt and shorts on the ground and dipped a rag in ointment to clense her injuries. The blood on her clothes made the wounds look worse than they really were. They were painful though, and she winced as he applied the ointment and bandages.

     "You, my friend, are the only person allowed to see me like this.", Enali sighed, sitting there in nothing but a pair of panties and a towel which she held up over her chest for modesty. If anyone were to walk it, she would be unbelievably embarrased. But she knew that Arostin was at the door, he was there whenever she wanted privacy. If he was standing there, no-one ever walked in. After a long silence, Enali looked up to Meokit.

     "I have a question."


     "What do you think of me?", she asked, dropping the towel in her lap. He continued to rub ointment into her shoulder, then applied some soft gauze to the abrasion.

     "What do you mean?", he mumbled, cleaning dried blood off of her back.

     "Do you think I'm attractive?", she inquired., "I mean, why haven't I found a mate yet? Is there something wrong with me?" Meokit stood back and looked at her, but still he did not understand the question. He had been her advisor since she was a child, and he attended her needs, whatever they were. He just couldn't bring himself to see her as most men would. To him, she was just the one he looked after, nothing more.

     "I don't see anything wrong.", he said, "And I don't think that there's any reason for a man not to find you beautiful. Now hold still while I see to that wrist of yours." Another long silence.

     "You fought well.", he praised. She stiffled a breath as he used a rag to wipe dirt out of an abrasion.

     "Not as well as those who died for us.", she groaned, "What just happened out in the battle field? I was half zoned after Trent laid me down in the hay."

     "It was Spryte who did it.", he answered, wrapping her left wrist. Enali's ears perked up.

     "Did what?"

     "She used a kind of Fairy magic. Blew them all far away. They were on fire too, screaming and burning alive." Enali grimaced at the thought of watching that. What a horrible sight.

     Meokit finished with the first aid and gave her a short body massage to help her relax. He was not only her bodyguard, advisor, and personal medic. He was also her massage therapist. He then helped her slip on a shirt and bathrobe, and a pair of comfortable shoes. Leaning on Meokit for support, she tried to stand, careful not to put any weight on her broken ankle. He held her up as she took a few hobbles over to the doorway, where he gave her a kind of walking stick. The two proceeded out of the tent and looked around at the scene. Most of the dead had been buried, and the Kokiri were now continuing to make preparations for the move.

     "This will be a big event for our people," Enali stated, "For generations, children will hear the story of our journey to a new land. Hopefully it will be their home by then."


     Later, that evening, the ceremonies for the dead were held in solemnity. Afterward, a large party was thrown, which was Kokiri custom. To celebrate the lives of those who died. There was a large bonfire, and music, food and drink went all around. Enali was sitting with Meokit, discussing preparations to move, but most of the other Kokiri danced to the music. Several gifted Kokiri magicians performed, (their magic was little more than slight of hand), and balladeers sang songs of good times and bad, and songs of war and peace.

     Trent was sitting with a Kokiri named Shorinak, talking of the battle and of Trent's travels thru Demiari when Spryte flew over and whispered into Trent's ear. He nodded in assent and stood to speak.

     "Excuse me, everyone?", he shouted. The music and dance stopped. Spryte stood next to him, the two of them arm in arm. Everyone turned to look at them. Trent cleared his throat and spoke,

     "Just before the battle to which we lost many friends and family, Spryte and I were walking thru the woods, talking of our future." The air was silent.

     "We knew that we couldn't live our lives without each other and so...I proposed to her. We're going to be married!" A roaring cheer blurted from the crowd. Applause went all around as people ran up to congratulate the young hero and his new fiancee'. Enali limped up to Spryte and gave her a hug of joy. Meokit shook Trent's hand and gave him a few slaps on the back.

     "Wonderful, just wonderful.", people said, "Oh, we're so happy for you!" Trent and Spryte nodded and thanked everyone.

     "Now if you'll excuse us, we would like some privacy.", He told Enali. He and his fairy girl made their way thru the partying crowd and back to their tent. Entering inside they walked over to their bed where they sat down and shared a long, passionate kiss. They leaned back and she rested her head on his shoulder, letting out a long sigh of happiness. A large grin moved across her face.

     "It's going to be a long journey.", he said, "Are you ready for it?"

     "Oh, with what we've been thru, yeah.", she smiled, her eyes closed. They laid there as he stroked her wings, both of the lovers ever content and happy. Outside, a single snowflake fell.

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