Two Worlds

By Ceinwen Langley

The goddess Din sighed. She looked around slowly, seeing her sister goddesses, Farore and Nayru. She walked over to the window of their sapphire castle and peered out moodily, looking at the land outside full of smiling happy… dead people. Din, the almighty goddess of power was bored with her life. She wanted to be free, to live. She wanted to have a little fun. The wrong kind of fun…


Farore looked over at Nayru, worriedly. Din had been like this ever since they had been forced to kill Ganondorf, father of her child, and one time husband. Nayru shrugged. Nothing seemed to make Din happy anymore. Her daughter Gilane lightened her up a bit but… Farore was worried. Din headed for the door, and Farore and Nayru sat bolt upright.

"Where are you going?" Nayru asked.

"Out," Din replied, annoyed that her sisters kept bothering her.

"Where?" Demanded Farore.

Din lifted one eyebrow, and gave a little smile. "It's none of your business."

Then she swept out of the room.


"So, how's your mother holding up?" Link asked Gilane, the goddess of life.

"Oh, she gets weirder everyday!" Gilane sighed. "Was she this strange before?"

"Not that I know of," Link shrugged, "but then again, I never knew Din before."

"Oh. I hadn't thought of that."

Gilane and Link were seated in a little glade where no one knew of but them. It was a lovely place. There was a large tree covered in pink blossoms. A white swinging chair for two was strung up to one perfectly straight branch, and a stream flowed close, ending in a large pool containing something Gilane called Dolphins. There were two. One for Link to swim with, the other for Gilane. Emerald and Ruby. Yet this secret place was not natural. Gilane had made it, when Link had been complaining about the lack of privacy. They were sitting on the seat now. Suddenly, a great rumble shook the earth. Gilane and Link fell to the ground, moaning. Not only were they great friends, they shared a mind bond. The rumbling continued, not letting up one bit.


Zora's domain was in chaos. The Zora's were running like crazy for the exit. Great chunks of the cave roof were falling, and one chunk had fallen into the water, crushing two Zora's and blocking the portal to Lake Hylia. Ruto, princess of the Zora's ran for the stairs to Zora's fountain. She would be safe there. If only she could… a rock smashed the stairs, making them unusable.

"No!" she screamed.

She ran back to the stairs leading down. A cave in had blocked the doorway. The diving game! Ruto ran for it. She approached the waterfall, but the owner of the game, her good friend Zonia was laying face down in the water, a sharp rock sticking through her back. The water ran red. Ruto sobbed as a cave in fell in front of her. It seemed like the rocks were purposely trying to cut her off. She ran back to the throne, where her father sat , cool as ice.

"Daddy, why aren't you trying to escape?" she cried.

"Ruto, darling," King Zora quietly explained. "I am old, I am overweight. I couldn't get up if I tried."

"But Daddy…"

"No, my sweet Ruto. You escape to the Sacred Realm. I will stay here, and wait for the end."

"Daddy, I can bring you, too!"

"Ruto, you have never listened to me before, but you will now. I give a royal command to escape! You are the only heir I have, now go!!!"

Ruto's face was covered in tears as she slowly faded in a bright blue light.


Din laughed.

"I've never had so much fun in my life!" she squealed. Ganon's ghost smiled at her.

"Now do you know why I was what I was?" it asked her.

"Yes! I only wish you were still alive, that I hadn't killed you!"

"Don't let it get you down. Just look at the havoc you have caused! King Zora, the King of Hyrule, the happy mask man, the Poe Guy, Manteel… all dead!"

Din smiled. "Well, I have more plans…"

"Yes?" Ganon asked, impressed with his ex-wife's new personality.

"Have you heard of Ta'ina?"

"The land on the planet next to this one?" Ganon asked, confused.

"Yes… I'm going to combine them!" She began to laugh wickedly.

"I love the way your mind works," Ganon said, then joined in with the laughter.


Chapter Two

Rauru looked around the chamber of the sages sadly. Most of other sages were all openly weeping. Especially Ruto. Cold, tough Ruto was crying the hardest of all.

Zelda sobbed over the loss of her father, as did Ruto. Saria was crying over her guardian fairy, Nera, who had been crushed by a falling tree. Darunia's son, Link Jr. had been hit on the head with a rock. He was alive, but had amnesia. Nabooru stood straight and tall, sniffling, and trying to keep her cool appearance. Gilane appeared, with Link next to her. Nabooru took one look at Gilane, one of her best friends, then threw herself into her arms, dissolving into shuddering waves of sobs.

"Oh, Gilly," she cried. "It's- It's Manteel!" Manteel was Nabooru's sister, and third in command to the Gerudo's.

"I know, Nab. I know."

Link thought back to when he had met Manteel. She had come to him after he had freed the last carpenter, and had given him membership to their group. She had seemed to like the colour green.

"People, Sages, and your holiness," Rauru began.

"Holinesses, Rauru," corrected Farore coming up behind him.

"Ah- yes. Well, every body, does anyone have any idea's as to who has done this?"

"I don't know, but it must have been some horrible, monstrous creature without a heart!" Ruto bust out.

"Perhaps Ganon is alive again, seeking revenge," Darunia said softly.

"No," Gilane interrupted. Everyone looked at her, and she looked at Farore and Nayru. The both gave little nods. "It was… It was…"

Link knew how much pain Gilane was in. He could feel it… it was unbearable.

"It was mother," she finished.

"Din?" the sages asked as one.

"Yes Din…" Gilane replied, but was cut off by a heart stopping squeal. All fell to the floor, clutching their ears. Even the goddesses. Another rumble began, and the world went black.


The woman raised her head. She had a killer headache, but at least the horrible squeal was over. She shook her hair and crawled over to her horse, Enchanté, the only winged horse in Ta'ina. Luckily, Enchanté was fine. The woman was Lady Adriana of the fair city of Afarniway. At least she was. Adriana was running away. She was sick of the stuck up nobles and treeless city. She wanted to live in nature. It was only three years after her quest for the freedom of Ta'ina, which they had succeeded at, but resulted in annoying hoards of nobles trying to impress her. Not that guys didn't try to impress her anyway, with her long brown hair, grey eyes and perfect ivory skin.

"Adie?" came a voice. "Adie?"

"I'm over here!" Adriana called. A beautiful blonde woman emerged from the bushes. She had loose long blonde hair, turquoise eyes and tanned skin. Adriana saw a bleeding cut on her arm.

"Ani! What happened to you?"

"I was in the temple, and that horrible earthquake came. A bit of marble cut me. It fell from one of the pillars!"

"Gods! Do you know what happened?"

"I really don't know, Adie. But look around! Everything's different!"

Adriana looked around her for the first time. This wasn't the Sharene forest she knew and loved. It had a woodsy feel to it.

"Who are you?" a harsh little voice came from behind them. They both turned and saw a little kid with blondy-orange hair. He had big blue eyes.

"Uh, I'm Ani, and this is my friend Adriana, Lady of Afarniway." Ani stammered. "Who are you?"

"I'm Mido, big boss of the Kokiri!" the kid replied. "Where in Hyrule is Afarniway?"

"Hyrule?" Adriana asked. "What's that?"

"It's where we live," Mido explained.

"No, this is Ta'ina!"


"Oh, shut up both of you!" Ani cried. "There is something weird going on! Adie, we need to ride Enchanté and see this land from above!"


Gilane sat up and groaned. She wasn't in the chamber of the sages anymore. She didn't even know where she was. It was a temple of some sort, and it was in the shape of a pentagon. There was a little blood on the floor, leading to the door. A marble chip lay on the ground.

"Who are you?" a voice rang out. Gilane whipped around. No one.

"Who are you?" the voice repeated. 

"Uh… Gilane. G-Goddess of Life," Gilane stammered. She heard a gasp.

"Impossible," the voice came.

"Why?" demanded Gilane.

"Because I'm the goddess of life, Aki." A lovely blonde woman appeared, wearing a long white robe.

"No way!"  

"Yes, way!" came another voice. Din stepped into view.

"Mother!" Gilane cried. "What's going on?"

"Well, Gilly, it's all very simple," Din giggled. "I combined two worlds!"

"Mother! That's forbidden!"

"So? I'm a goddess aren't I? I made the rules, and now, I'm going to break them!!!"

"No!" two voices said at once. Farore and Nayru appeared behind Din. She twirled around, a smirk on her face. "You will not break any rules, goddess or not!"

"Try me, sisters," Din grinned evilly.

"We warn you, sister," Nayru said.

Din laughed. "I would like to see you try!" she said. "So, girls, how's it feel to have a sister more powerful than you?"

"Why you…" Farore rushed at Din.

"No!" cried Nayru, hurt by the hate radiating from Din.

"We'll do to you just what we did to Ganondorf, Din!" Farore grated.

"Have to catch me first!" and Din faded away.


Chapter Three    


"Order, people!" King Enrak cried. The court hushed. "I know what has happened here is unusual…"

"Unusual?" Foreliesz, Enrak's cousin cried. The young King of Ta'ina rolled his deep green eyes and pushed a stray lock of black hair from his face.

"We have had reports from all over this fair land of Ta'ina!" Foreliesz continued. "At Daisha lake town, the inhabitants spotted another lake in the near distance! A wood in Sharene Forrest, several new towns and a mountain. Not to mention that castle over there," he pointed out the window to a beautiful castle, "and new buildings and people here in Yondani!"

"Yes, Foreliesz, we have had those reports, but…"

"Whoa, Enchanté," a voice came from the window. "Make a left here!" A large white winged horse flew into the room. Adriana, Ani and Mido were on the horse. All three hopped off.

"Your Majesty!" Ani and Adriana said, curtsying. Mido stood still, looking at the large room of the castle he was in and wondering why he wasn't dead.

"Ani, Adie," Enrak cried. "What has been happening? And who is the odd little fellow?"

"Odd?" Mido asked, in shock. "Odd? I am Mido, boss of the Kokiri!"


"Yes! I was second in command till Link went and killed the Deku Tree, then left! Taking Saria's heart with him…"

"Mido," Adriana sighed. "We don't need the whole sorry story – you told us twice! Just give the map to King Enrak."

"Map?" the King asked.

"Yes, map." A lovely woman entered. She wore a white dress, her curly red hair spilling down her back. She was followed by a woman in green, with green hair, and one in blue with blue hair. Behind them were the five gods of Ta'ina. Aki, goddess of Life, Sharnii, goddess of Nature, Kira, goddess of love, Koranu, god of Death and H'raykan, God of Power. Enrak bowed to the gods. He turned to the woman.

"Who are you?"

"Gilane, goddess of life, in Hyrule," she said. "Do you have a map handy?"

"Yes, your holiness…"

"Don't call me that. Now get the map."

"But I'm the king…"

"Get it!"

Enrak hurried for the map and brought it back.


"Great!" Gilane exclaimed. "Mido, gimme your map!"

Mido handed her the map of Hyrule.


Gilane turned to Kira. "A little light, please, Kira," she said.

"Gladly, Gilane," The pink haired Goddess Kira replied, lighting up a bright pink-white ball of light. Gilane took both maps, held them over the light and spoke one single word. "Join."

The maps melted into one, with all of the places in both Hyrule and Ta'ina marked on the map. Gilane smiled and said another word. "Clone." The map copied, and ten maps appeared, each with the name Tairule on it.

"Tairule?" Ani asked slowly.

"Yes," Koranu replied in a gloomy voice.

"We thought that since these two lands were joined, we'll call it Tairule to stop all of those 'we live in Hyrule' or 'no, this is Ta'ina' arguments!" H'raykan said, ever cheerful.

"Now, the problem is," Koranu continued, unhappy as always, "how do we split them back up?"

"And how do we… stop my mother?" Gilane asked.

"Easy," H'raykan grinned. "Kill 'er!"


Chapter Four

Queen Xani, Heroin of Ta'ina and Enrak's wife sat brushing her shoulder length orange hair. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her big brown eyes and tannish skin made her look so ordinary that she wondered how Enrak had ever noticed her… well, after she restored him to the throne, anyway. The young queen – she was only eighteen – turned to her twin brother, Jak, Mayor of Daisha lake town.

"You saw another lake?" Xani asked shocked.

"Uh-huh," Jak replied, "and these funny lookin' blue things came out of the water and into our lake. Called themselves Zora's, but there ain't as many now as there used to be."


"Daishini's." Daishini's were awful things that swam deep beneath the surface of lake Daisha. They had pointy fins, sharp teeth and were extremely fast.

"Xanthani, honey!" Xani cringed. Why had Jak told Danja her real name? Although she loved her brother, she detested his wife. Did that woman ever shut up?

"Coming, Danja!" Xani called weakly. The mere thought of having to go shopping with that woman… Oh well, Xani thought. I'm the one who decided to visit. Xani stood and headed down.


"How about this gorgeous dress, Xanthani?" Danja cried in her nasal voice. Her curly black hair bounces as the petite pale woman flounced inside a shop. Xani rolled her eyes. The dress was bright pink, long, had puffy sleeves and a tight collar. Disgusting! She thought, preparing to follow Danja into the Dazzling Daishini.

A scream cut through the air.

"Noooo!" a cry came from the lake. A blue figure with great wings fell from the sky, screaming.

"Sinrhea!" Xani screamed, and without thinking, dove into the lake. The funny blue creatures – Zora's – were sitting on the edge, looking horrified. A tall woman was there, in the air above Sinrhea, but Xani took no notice. She swam and swam until she met her friend.

"Xani?" the creature asked. She had dragon wings – one was ripped – and dragonish feet, with a long writhing tail. She was princess of the Sadonian's who lived on the huge cloud in the sky.

"I'm here, Sin," Xani said, and began to swim back to shore when an insane laughter rang out.

"Fool!" the woman in the air cried. "Did you think you could escape me? I am Din, Goddess of Power, and you are an insignificant little bug. A tiny little fish!" She raised her arms. "Daishini's like fish don't they?" Sinrhea's eyes widened with terror, and Xani looked down franticly. A grey shape brushed her leg, and she squealed in horror. Xani and Sinrhea may have been heroes, but nothing could beat Daishini's. Din lowered herself into the water, and the Daishini's formed behind her.

"Attack, my pretties!" she cried.

"No!" Xani screamed. She and Sinrhea swam hysterically towards shore, but they were blocked. Din squealed with delight as she saw the faces of the two women. They knew there was no escape. They were going to die. The world went black…


Chapter Five

"Is she alright?" a voice came out of the darkness.

"Ah, she's tough! Xani'll survive!" another voice came.

Definatly H'raykan, Xani thought.

"She's coming to!"

"Ha! Told you, didn't I?"

Xani sat up slowly and looked around. She was in a huge castle of some sort. The walls were slightly see-through. Swirls of sapphire, emerald, ruby, amber and diamond.

"Welcome to Hart Castle," goddess Aki said softly, sitting on a bed with fluffy white sheets. H'raykan stood in the corner of the room.

"And Triforce Palace," said another woman, sweeping into the room. She had long golden hair and bright blue eyes. "They combined, remember?"

"Queen Zelda, may I introduce Queen Xani?" Aki said. "Xani, this is Zelda."

"I dreamt… that this world was combined with another…"

"It is, Your Highness," Zelda stated in her lovely voice. "Now we must head down to the Triforce chamber. Almost everyone is there. We need to plan."

"But, how was I…"

"Adriana saved you on Enchanté," Aki answered. "Enrak had a feeling you were in danger. Now let us go."

"Come on, Kitty!" H'raykan said happily, using her old nickname. "I'll carry you!"


Nayru lay on her bed reading. I had best get going, she thought, laying down the book of Mudora and rolling over. She gasped. Standing at the foot of her bed was Din, covered in blood and smiling. She was holding a fluffy white pillow.

"What better way to kill someone than with the goddess of life's pillow?" Din asked. Nayru gasped and inched away, still laying on her bed. Din came closer.

"Any last words, Sister mine?" Din asked wickedly.

"Bite me!" Nayru gasped, the hate was excruciating to the fragile goddess of love. "Maybe later," Din said, and pounced on Nayru, holding the pillow over her head. Nayru struggled for what seemed a lifetime, but gradually stopped. Din lifted the pillow. The usually bright blue eyes were dull.

"Better make sure…" Din said to herself. She whispered a single word and a large shiny white knife appeared in her hands. She grinned. I always wanted to have a heart like hers… she thought, pointing the knife at Nayru's chest.


"Attention, people!" Rauru cried. Zelda looked around. Everyone of importance was there. Nabooru, sitting down and leaning against a pillar with great bags under her eyes. Ruto, no longer feisty and stuck up. She looked small and scared. The death of half her race, and her father, was weighing heavily on her. Saria looked unhappy, Darunia was empty, and Gilane was in pain. Her mother's insanity was more than she could bear. The gods of Ta'ina were there, too. Plus the heroes; Xani, Jak, Ani, Adriana, Sinrhea and Millen – a shepherd at first, but now one of the most wanted men… by women. He had curly blond hair and emerald eyes. Zelda sighed. He wasn't half bad…

"Where's Nayru?" Farore asked suddenly.

"Maybe she's late," shrugged Link who had just walked in. He was obviously in pain, as he shared Gilane's.

"We MUST make plans, people!" Rauru yelled over the buzz of talk. "Din is immune to magic, so we MUST think of a way to stop her!"

"A spear would do just fine," Nabooru muttered.

"We must CRUSH HER!" Darunia roared. He had hardly spoken since his son had lost his memory.

"No- drown her! Slowly!" Ruto shrieked.

"NO!" Gilane screamed. "We can't kill her! We already killed my father, now you are going to kill my mother, too?"

"Gilly, it's for the best…" Nabooru started.

"No! We can't kill her!"

"I have a strange feeling…" Farore whispered. Everyone stopped suddenly. An insane laughter came down the stairs.

"Nayru!" Farore cried. They raced up the stairs. Farore, brave Farore, let out an ear-splitting shriek. Gilane pushed through with Link, took a look inside and screamed. Link raced for the window and threw up.

Nayru lay on the blood splattered bed… without her heart.


Chapter Six

Malon was at Lon Lon ranch with her horse, Dana. She rode through the obstacle course flawlessly.

"What time, Ingo?" She asked.

"45 seconds, Malon," Ingo replied, bored. "Another new record."

"YES!!" she squealed… and then burst into tears. Ingo was crying, too. They did not know why, but they clutched each other and cried like their hearts would break.


The feeling was worldwide. Every Hylian was crying. Mourning for the loss of Nayru. She brought love to their lives, and now it was gone forever, like the last sunbeam before an endless night. There would be no more love for Hyrule.


Din laughed. She was insane – totally insane. She did a happy twirl and landed in Gannon's arms. She kissed him, but he broke away.

She's exactly how I was… Gannon thought. And I hate it! He couldn't understand it. Din had resurrected him, but he hated her! He wanted to be good! For the first time in his life, Gannon was not evil… far from it. He had to find Gilane, Link and Zelda. Apologise. Help them, yes. Help them kill the witch. He stood and strode out the door of the room, into the dessert. He knew the way to Gilane. He felt it in his heart.


Gilane sobbed. She hated this. Her mother was insane. Her mother was a murderer. She hated Din. Gilane would kill her, oh yes. Kill her slow…

No! she thought. Don't think like that!  She stood up suddenly.

"I've got it!" she cried.

"What is it, Gilane?" Adriana asked her newfound friend.

"Well before I was a Goddess, there was a strange Gerudo I knew." Gilane explained. "She was not exactly normal… I think she was a mystic."

"Kimbawa!" Nabooru cried.


"But she faded away… we haven't seen her since!" Saria said.

"I think I can call her," Gilane said. She looked at Farore, devastated over the loss of her sister. "I have courage, I have faith, I have Power and Love. But most of all, I have hope. I was raised a human, and no matter what happens, humans cling to hope and Love. It's all you need."

"Wow," Millen whispered to Zelda. "She's a good speaker!"

"Yes, I know," Zelda replied. "She's very… passionate about these things." Millen smiled and took Zelda's hand. She looked confused. She knew she should feel something, but… nothing. Millen was Ta'inan. He had love. She didn't.


"Kim! I need you!" Gilane called. She stood on top of the highest peak in

Hart Castle/Triforce Palace. "Kim!"

"Gilly!" a familiar voice came from behind. Gilane spun and saw her first Hylian friend. She looked like your average Gerudo… tan skin, yellow eyes, flaming red hair… but the eyes looked like twin suns, not just flat pieces of gold. Gilane hugged her friend.

"Gilly, I missed you!" Kim said in her rich voice.

"It's been awful since you left!" Gilane cried, all her emotion bursting out of her. "Mothers insane, and fathers dead, and…"

"I know, Gilly I know. But I have someone here who wants to see you." Gilane looked up slowly. It was a man. She remembered him from the first time the had met.


She grabbed the towel and ripped the curtain across, ready to run... then froze.

A huge man with red hair stood in front of her. He looked fairly old, and he was... green. He was talking to her.

"I said I would get revenge, and now is the time." He said. "And I will get it through you. Come my daughter, you have much training ahead." He held out his hand and a bright blue-white portal appeared behind.


"Gannon…" Gilane whispered.

"Gilane," Gannon replied, tears coming to his eyes.

"When Din cut out Nayru's heart," Kimbawa explained, "she put it in Gannon." Kim gave a little giggle. "I know it's the last person you would expect it from, but meet Ganondorf Dragmire, the new God of Love and Wisdom!"

Gilane stared at Gannon.

"No way," she whispered. "He… you…"

"I know I've hurt you Gilane, but…"

"I'm not staying here!"

"Gilly wait!" Kim cried.

"No! I came here for help!"

"I am helping you, Gilane!"

"No, you aren't! Gannon probably told Din to cut out Nayru's heart just so he could be resurrected!"

"Gilane, would I be the new God of Love if I were still evil?" Gannon asked.

"And that's another thing, how did you become god of love?" Gilane asked. "I mean, you?! You haven't exactly been mister good Samaritan in this world, have you?"

"Gilly, please!" Kim cried.

"No, I've had enough of this!" Gilane spun around on her heel, forgetting that she was on the balcony of the highest tower… and fell.


"Aaaaahhhhhhhh" Gilane screamed as she fell down towards the ground. She closed her eyes – this was it. She felt a rush of cold air. Gilane opened one eye. Gannon was flying up with her. He had saved her life. Gilane blinked a few times, looked at Gannon, looked at Kim high above them and looked back to Gannon.

"Oh, damn!" she muttered, and rested her head on her fathers chest.



Nahi looked at his partner, Radha. Better known as the dancers in the market, they sat on the fountain, looking sadly at the ground. A tear formed in Radha's eye, and it fell to the ground. Nahi sighed.

Suddenly, a warm pink glow cut across the sky. The two looked up, then looked at each other. Radha smiled, and Nahi gave a little laugh. They stood and embraced, then began that familiar dance which they had danced for most of their lives.

Forever after that, they were known as the dancing lovers – the first signal that the loss of love had ended.


Link sat on a balcony of Hyrule Castle. He had left Hart Castle/Triforce Palace the day before, almost immediately after Nayru's death. He sighed as he looked out over Tairule.

"Hey!" a voice came. He looked over to one side and saw Adriana on her horse, headed for the balcony. He smiled. She was beautiful. Even more beautiful than Zelda, Ani or Gilane. She grinned back. He loved how she was happy almost all of the time. She landed and walked quietly over to him.

"Hello," Link said.

"Hi, Link," Adriana replied. "I was just wondering… do you want to come some where special?"

"Uh… sure… Adriana."

"Call me Adie," Adriana grinned.

"Ok." Link turned for the door.

"Where are you going?" Adriana asked.

"To get Epona, my horse."

"Nah, just ride on mine. Enchanté doesn't mind carrying other people."

"Well, ok. But Epona will get awful mad."

"Don't worry, Link," Adriana teased. "I won't tell your horse you've been cheating on her!"


Link closed his eyes. Sure he was a hero, but heroes are allowed to be scared of heights. He took a look down and saw the ground far beneath him. He closed his eyes again and gripped Adriana's waist.

"Woo hoo!" she yelled. "Don't tell me you're not enjoying this!"

"Next time," Link muttered, "I'll take Epona."

Adriana laughed and steered her horse down lower. Link felt himself stop. He opened his eyes and slid of the horse sideways, falling to the ground.

"I am never doing that again!"

Adriana giggled. "Oh well. At least look around!"

Link sat up and looked. It was the most beautiful place he had ever seen. The were many trees, and even a waterfall, falling into a crystal clear river which ran off through the trees.

"This is beautiful!" he whispered.

"I know," Adriana replied. "This is Farfi mountain. I am one of the only people who can get here, because there is a straight drop a little way off. Enchanté and the Sadonians have this place to themselves, and Sadonians don't usually come here."

Link felt a tickle on his elbow. He turned around and gave a yell. There was an  

little emerald green dragon with huge green eyes. Link smiled and reached for it. The dragon hopped back a bit, but came close when it realised that Link wouldn't hurt it.

"Isn't it cute?" Adriana asked. Link looked over and saw she was holding an aqua baby dragon.

"Yes, it is."

Adriana sighed. "Why are you Hylians so formal all the time?" she asked.

"I don't know. I guess that's how we are."

"Well lighten up! Go with the flow!" And with that, Adriana stood, tore off her clothes and dove into the river. Link blushed.

"Come on!" Adriana called. "There's no one but dragons around!"

Link sighed and stood up. If I get a cold… he thought. Then he shook his head and smiled. Go with the flow…



Zelda smiled and walked down the stairs into the Triforce chamber. She walked up and placed her hand on one of the golden triangles. Wisdom and Love. All that in one triangle. She grinned. Zelda was in love, all right. With Millen.

"Hello, Zelda," a voice came from behind.

"Hey Ganondorf," Zelda replied absently. Then she realised: "Gannon!" She spun round and screamed.

"Whoa, could ya keep it down?" Nabooru yelled from a room down the hall. "I'm tryin' to sleep!"

"Nabooru!" Zelda shrieked.

A grumpy looking Nabooru walked sleepily from her room, dressed in white satin pants and a short satin shirt. He long red hair was hanging around her shoulders. She actually looked quite pretty. "What is it, Zelly?"

"Ga- Ga- Ga- Gan…" Zelda spluttered.

Nabooru looked up and swore, her eyes going wide. "Ganondorf?"

"You look lovely, my dear," Ganondorf said softly.

Nabooru looked down and blushed. Wow, he's never said anything like that to me before! She thought. Then she looked up in surprise.

"Why are you wearing a blue and pink sash?"

"Long story," Ganondorf grinned.

Zelda stood there in shock, looking at Nabooru, then Ganondorf.

Then she fainted onto the ground.


Sinrhea sighed. She missed her home, but she couldn't get back there until the rip in her wing healed. Millen walked over to her.

"Hey, It's all right, Sin!" he said. "At least you're alive."

"Yeah, I know."

"If it's any consolation, I miss my farm."

Sinrhea laughed. "Yeah, your demented cows and psycho chickens must have wrecked the joint by now!!"

"Ha, ha, ha! But I guess the sheep are keeping them in line."

"I still can't believe that you actually bred those things!"

"Yeah, well I'm stuck with em' now."

"Can't you just kill them and eat them?"

"Nope. Last guy who ate one of my chickens started raving, then drowned in Daisha Lake." Millen sighed.

Sinrhea grinned. She knew the raving man story was fake, and that Millen was extremely attached to his animals, however crazy they were.

"Feel like visiting Sharnii?" Millen asked.

"Sure, Mil."

They left the room, and headed downstairs.


Link! Gilane cast her thought out again. Nothing. She couldn't even feel where he was. How odd. What had happened?

"The bond was broken," Farore murmured.

"Huh?" Gilane asked, turning from the window. She was in Farore's room. There was a fluffy green rug, with white furniture. Farore was sitting on the bed, hugging a pillow.

"When Nayru died and Din became insane, the bond was broken. You still have the tiniest bit there, but if I die, it'll be gone."

"But daddy's the new god of love and wisdom!"

"So? He's not the one who made the bond, is he?"

"Well, no…"

Farore's eyes became distant for a moment. Then she sighed.

"I'm afraid Ganondorf isn't having a very good welcome."

Gilane raised her eyebrows, then heard a shriek. She sighed also.

"Kim!" she yelled. "We need you downstairs! Pronto!!"


Chapter Nine

It was chaos. Zelda was unconscious, laying on the ground with Millen leaning over her, Sinrhea standing by them, smoke coming from her mouth, along with tiny bits of flame. Ruto, the one who had shrieked, stood in the doorway, gasping, and Nabooru stood in front of Ganondorf, protectively.

Gilane sighed, and was about to head off the trouble when Link entered. With Adriana. They were holding hands, their hair was wet, and they were giggling.

Gilane froze.

Her Link was with another girl. Gilane narrowed her eyes. Navi, Links fairy fluttered over to her shoulder, and was glowing a dark red. Vorena came out also. Vorena was Gilane's special fairy, she had come when they were saving link from Ganon at the pyramid. Vorena glowed her usual bright blue.

Gilane didn't move.


Ganondorf smiled at Link.

"How are you, Link?" he asked.

"Din!" Link swore, reaching for his sword, and realising it was still in the Temple of Time. "Drat!" Link reached for the nearest thing he could find – Adriana's Bow. He cocked it, and levelled it at Ganon. He aimed, and let go…

"No!" Kim screamed, diving in front of Ganondorf. The arrow took her right in the stomach. Link yelled, and rushed towards her.

Kim sat up and pulled the arrow out of her, stood up and shook her head. Link stared at her, and everyone stopped talking.

"Are you all ready to shut up and listen, now?" Kim demanded.

Everyone nodded, still in shock.

"Now, lets set a few things straight to avoid confusion. Yes, Gannon is Good, Yes, Gannon is a God!" There were a few gasps of surprise, most loudly from Zelda who had just woken.

"How did Nabooru know?" Zelda demanded. "She knew ever since he walked in!"

"I'm the Spirit Sage, Zelly," Nabooru explained. "I can sense his spirit, and it isn't evil anymore."

"Now, the question is, what do we do about Din?" Jak called out.

"Simple," Kim exclaimed. "Din must first be conquered by those she killed, then the evil must be banished by the three sacred swords."

"How do we do this?" Darunia called.

"Look out the window! We are in heaven!" Kim explained.

"Oh, yes," Darunia admitted sheepishly. "I forgot about that."

"But what about the three swords?" Link asked.

"Easy, Link," Kim exclaimed. "The Master Sword handled by you, and the Swords of Death, handled by Xani."

"I thought there were three?"

"The Swords of Death are two swords, Link."


"Now, all we have to do is get them together, and we are done!" Sinrhea cheered.

"Don't celebrate yet, Sinrhea," Zelda said, squeezing Millen's hand. "We have a lot of work to do."

Gilane didn't move.




"Now where did that man get to?" Din wondered. She strode around Gerudo Valley, looking for him. "Odd," she murmured to herself. "No one here."

"Cept me, Din," a high pitched Gerudo voice spoke out. A not so beautiful Gerudo came out from her spot next to the Gate leading to the Wasteland. Din sighed.

"Hello, Hortega," Din muttered. Hortega had a huge nose, scraggly red hair, lumpy skin and was grossly overweight. Rolls of fat tumbled over the hem of her pants. Din groaned. Of course the only person left was a hag!

"Every one left you, Dinny," Hortega screeched in her nasal voice. "They all raced of somewhere! They said they were going up!"

"Going up… that's IT!" Din immediately levitated, and zoomed up into the clouds, leaving an astonished Hortega alone in the fortress.


The castle was abandoned. Din wandered through the halls. She saw a forest themed room to her left, a room made of rock, with caverns and caves to her right, a royal boudoir, the wacky rooms went on and on. Yet Din encountered no-one. She crossed into the Triforce chamber, and to a wall at the very end. Din looked at the ancient bookcase. Old, yet new. There were books on there from Past, Present and Future. Din glanced at the Future books and laughed. Ruto's Story, Nabooru's Diary, The 3 new gods… "The 3 new gods?" Din squealed. She grabbed for the book, but was sent spinning into heaven, outside. "Trick lever," she muttered. "Very clever."

Din stood and looked around. Heaven wasn't really what most people expected. There were no swirling mists, clouds, winged cherubs or anything ridiculous like that. Heaven was what you wanted it to be like. Heaven was your favourite dream. There was a large section for each and every person who died, and in that section was their favourite things, their favourite place (within one km square, that is!).  Din rolled her eyes and turned, about to re-enter the castle, when Nabooru and a horde of Gerudo's blocked her way.

"Stop right there, Din," Nabooru said coolly. She was decked out in full sage gear, a skin tight and short orange top, baggy orange pants, a long orange cape and the spirit medallion on a chain around her neck.

"Oh move Nabooru, you little tramp!" Din sneered. BLAM! Nabooru kicked Din full on in the face. Din reeled back a few steps.

"You bitch!" Din swore. "I'll kill you!"

"No you wont!" A female voice came from behind. Din turned and saw a beautiful Zora woman, standing next to a slim, handsome Zora man.

"Zonia's right," said the man. "We'll stop you!"

"And have great fun doing it, King Zora!" Zonia grinned. Din raised her eyebrow. "Oh, lost weight have we Kingie?" King Zora narrowed his eyes.

"You will never escape, Din," a Gerudo voice came. Din saw a woman in green.

"I'm Manteel," the Gerudo said. "Remember me?" Manteel flexed her fist.

More and more voices came. The King of Hyrule, Hindi – the Happy mask man, Pop the Poe guy, several royal guards, Nera, a carpenter, a slimmer version of Halley and her dog Richard, and so many more. They gathered round Din, hitting and kicking from all sides when she began to gather energy balls, but even when she did release them, it didn't matter. How could you kill something that's already dead? Again and again Din was hit. She fell down in a heap, gasping. The sages, heroes and gods crowded around. A bright blue light cut through, and a beautiful woman walked through with it. It was Nayru, slowly walking towards Din. She looked down in disgust, and lifted her hands. The blue light went through Dins body. The sages and other gods helped, sending their light through Din.

"Gilane, take one of the swords of Death and slash Din with Link and Xani!" Nayru cried.

"Gilane?" Ganondorf grunted, staining at how hard it was to focus his energy.

She wasn't here. Link thought quickly.

Their secret place.

He quickly ran to Enchanté, which was over the other side of the castle, but he didn't care. He jumped on the horse, and steered her to the correct place. He ignored the great distance underneath him. He had to get Gilane. He would have to face his fears to get her.




Gilane was in the secret place, sitting on the seat swing. She was hugging her knees and crying, Vorena was playing with the dolphins. Navi was seated on Gilane's shoulder, nestled in against her hair. For once, Navi's glow was off, and it revealed a cute little fairy with tanned skin, a short silver dress and shoulder length blue hair, decorated with tiny pink blossoms.

Link walked into the area and sighed. A wind had begun to blow, causing the blossoms on the tree to fall, and float through the air. Several landed in Gilane's hair, and a few more fell into Links clothes.

"What's the matter?" Link asked Gilane, sitting beside her on the seat.

Gilane looked at him, her face all wet, with strands of thick red hair stuck to her face.

"Well, I…" Gilane began, ready to tell Link everything.

"You don't have to say anything, Gilly," Link interrupted. "I already know."

"You… you do?"

"Of course. You don't want to hurt your mother, but it's necessary to get rid of the evil."

"Oh," Gilane said, disappointed and slightly guilty. She hadn't been thinking of her mother much lately. "Yeah. That's exactly it."

"She may even live!" Link encouraged. "Please, Gilly, come back." He looked at Navi, and stared in amazement. "Well aren't you a cute little fairy?" he grinned.

Navi blushed. "I think you should return, Gil," Navi said. "Don't you, Vorena?"

"Yes," Vorena replied, her glow still in place. "But hurry, Din won't be held much longer."

"Well then," Gilane sighed, wiping a few fresh tears from her face. "Lets go!"


Zonia looked around in amazement. Din, goddess of Power was laying on the ground gasping with energy beams going through her body. The recent arrival of Link and Gilane had shown that the whole ordeal was nearly over. Link's sword, the legendary Master Sword had appeared in a burst of golden light, and Xani had given one of  her curved swords to Gilane. The three circled around Din, getting closer and closer until Link made one huge slash to Dins back, Xani swiped her blade along Dins Side, and Gilane, sobbing, slit Dins throat.

Blood burst out, bright red and dazzling. There were hints of darker red swirling around in there, and also some black. The darker blood fell to the ground, sizzling through and burning. The bright red blood stopped in mid air, and divided into two. The two ribbons of blood expanded, and flew into Din and Nayru. Ganon, behind, grunted as his power was taken away, filling into Nayru with a bright blue light. A heart seemed to grow in mid air, and flew into Nayru. Then everything went dark. 


Three bursts of light cut through the darkness. One of white, one of Red, one of Blue, and one of Green. The four goddesses appeared in the centre. Dins floated up into the air and smiled.

"I'm Back."



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