Vintage Zelda: The ORIGINAL Third Triforce

By Juliet A. Singleton and Kirsty Singleton

Author's Note

Okay folks I wrote this a LONG TIME AGO waaaay back when I was 12 or 13! So don't expect any literary genius here, this is the bare bones from which mine and my sister's current work is based on. Back when we were kids we created a whole little cast for Link and Zelda, including Zelda' henious stepfamily, Ganon's idiotic scouts Skoll and Aspete, the evil Enzar and even Sprite's fairy friends! They all get a mention in this little fic, which was later to become the basis of fanfiction on a much grander scale. There's absolutely NOTHING changed in this, (however tempting it was!) apart from the fact that it was reparagraphed a little and spellings corrected so you're getting the REAL deal in all its terrible glory! But it's just a bit of fun and you can see how our ideas expanded!

I wrote the vast majority and my sister wrote a few odd scenes with Ganon and Skoll and Aspete! The main point about this work is that there's an entire scene missing about halfway through. The original work was typed up onto sheets of a4 paper (which I painstakingly scanned to get up here) and one entire sheet is missing :( So it jumps a little, from what I can hazily recall, Zelda goes running off, gets in some sort of trouble (nothing new there), gets rescued by Link and they end up a little roughed up! So you'll just have to remember this when it jumps, though there is a note to say that the scene is missing! It's all a bit stupid but I was only a kid :D Enjoy!!!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

  Link and his trusty mount, Carefree, fought their way through the dense undergrowth of Saria Forest.

“Hey Link! Wait up!” cried Sprite flying through the trees as fast as she could.  “It’s okay for you, you’re on top of a horse, but poor me has to fly and I’m getting tired!” 

  Link looked on ahead and saw a small clearing. 

  “Oh okay Sprite, we’ll rest awhile here.  Then we’ll make our way back to the castle.  You can sit on my shoulder if you like.”

  Link was the young, brave hero of Hyrule and Protector of the Triforce of Wisdom, owned by Princess Zelda.  Link and Zelda had been through many adventures together and were the best of friends.  With his dark, good looks and bright smile, he was extremely brave and had saved the princess and the kingdom many times.  Sprite, the small, pretty faerie with dancing brown curls and a mischievous smile was Link’s greatest admirer ever since he had saved her from being devoured by a moblin three years ago and she had been his constant companion ever since apart from Zelda.  Sprite’s real name was Princess Tamara of the Faeries but Link had nick-named her Sprite and it had stuck. 


Link halted Carefree, his faithful, brave bay stallion and dismounted.  Link ran up the stirrups and tied the reins in a knot so his steed wouldn’t catch his tack on anything while it grazed.  Sprite settled on a small rock.

  “It’s lovely and peaceful here isn’t it?” she asked Link.

  “Yeah I agree.  I’ll have to bring Zelda sometime.  It’s a pity she couldn’t join us though,” he replied a tad wistfully.  Sprite glanced at Link disdainfully.  Oh how she hated Zelda.  Link thought she was wonderful but in Sprite’s opinion, she was stupid and stuck up.  The two princess’ always argued but Sprite wasn’t going to leave Link’s side and it was clear Zelda wasn’t either.  Link was always trying to make peace between the two but it never worked.

  “Why couldn’t she join us?” Sprite asked. 

  “Oh she said she had some work to do, helping her father to sort out the taxes,” he replied.

  “That’ll be right.  Zelda’s a liar.  She doesn’t even know the definition of ‘work.’ She’ll be lounging about in the courtyard,” Sprite said.

  “Sprite! Take that back at once! You shouldn’t talk about Zelda like that!” Link cried angrily. 

  “Never knew your loyalty ran so deep,” Sprite replied sarcastically. 

  “Sounds like you’re just jealous because I pay her more attention than you.  Anyhow, she’s the nicest and prettiest girl I’ve ever met.  I’m sure she likes me too,” Link said.  Sprite scowled.

  “I’m as pretty as her, if not prettier.  And I can be as nice as her too, if I’m given the chance.  But oh no, nobody ever listens to me.”

  “Oh I know Sprite but I wish the two of you would stop squabbling.  Life would be much better then,” Link replied.  Sprite hung her head.

  “Oh, I’m sorry Link but I can be a little jealous.”

  “That’s okay Sprite.  I guess I should take more notice of you, since I’m your friend as much as Zelda’s.  Anyway, come on Sprite, let’s head back to the castle,” Link replied.  As he stood up, he caught his foot on a large rocky outcrop.  He tripped and fell to the ground. 


  “Link! Are you okay?” Sprite cried anxiously as she flew down to where he lay.

  “Yeah, I’m fine,” Link said, sitting up, dazed.  He looked down to where he had tripped.  Under the rock was a large hole and a golden light seemed to envelope it!  Link entered the hole cautiously, brandishing his magical blade.  He was on a cliff and before him was a dark, gaping chasm!  But the thing that caught his eye was a large, yellow, floating prism! The Triforce of Courage! Link couldn’t believe it.  There it was, right before his eyes, but so tantalisingly out of reach on the other side of the chasm.  Strange people were bending down and worshipping it.  They were chanting something but it was like nothing Link had heard before.  He just had to tell Zelda!  He hurried out of the cave, grabbed Sprite, mounted Carefree and galloped away in a cloud of dust. 


  “Hey Link, what’s the hurry? What did you see down there?” Sprite cried excitedly. 

  “Oh Sprite, you’ll never believe me, the Triforce of Courage is down there!” Link replied.  Sprite stared.

  “You’re kidding!? Why didn’t you get it?”  Link turned Carefree down the road to North Castle. 

  “There’s no way to reach it.  There’s a massive chasm between us.”

  “Well how are we going to get the thing?” said Sprite.  Link smiled.

  “We’ll have to find another way.


  Zelda sampled the mixture she had just made.  Perfect, she decided.  Cookery was one of Zelda’s pastimes and after helping her father she had decided to make a cake.  She put the mix in a tin and set it on the fire to bake.  While she waited, she decided to comb her hair.  Zelda was quite pretty, tall and slender with blue eyes and a mass of silky, blonde hair.  She loved adventurers and was an expert archer.  She pulled the golden comb from her pocket and turned toward the large mirror which adorned the North wall.  As she slid the comb through her luxurious, blonde hair, she tried to imagine what it would look like slightly curled.

  “Hah! Caught you in the act! I never knew you admired yourself so much!” called a voice.  Zelda turned around, scowling indignantly.  There was Link, standing in the doorway with a big smile on his face.  Zelda smiled slightly.  It was hard not to when he was around. 

  “What’s up?” she asked walking towards him. 

  “Princess, I know you might not believe me but I always tell the truth, so don’t say I’m lying when I tell you what I’m about to tell you,” Link said.  Zelda stopped and put her hands on his shoulders.

  “What is it?  I promise I’ll believe you.  I always do, don’t I?” she said softly.  Link hugged her. 

  “Listen carefully Zel, I’ve got the greatest news.”

  “Don’t keep me in suspense, tell me!” Zelda cried.

  “Will you kiss me if  tell you?” he replied cleverly. 

  “Anything! Now tell me!” Zelda said impatiently.

  “I’ve found the lost Triforce!” Link said.  Zelda stared at Link incredulously. 

  “What?! Repeat that!” she cried.

  “I’ve found the lost Triforce,” he replied.

  “Link, you are just the greatest!” she said, kissing him on the cheek.  With that, she ran out of the door.  Link looked round in a slightly dazed manner. 

  “She kissed me!” he said out loud as Sprite appeared in the door.

  “Who kissed you?” she asked, looking jealous. 

  “The Princess!” he replied happily.  He looked over at the fire.  There appeared to be a cake on top of it.

  “I think you ought to take the cake off the fire, it looks about ready,” said Sprite.  Dutifully, he removed the cake and set it on the table.  Suddenly Zelda came into the kitchen.

  “I’m ready! Oh, you took my cake off the fire.  Thanks!” she said smiling.

  “Whoa, wait up a minute Princess.  It’s not going to be all that easy.  There’s a massive chasm so we’d have to go to the Underworld to reach it.  Plus there’s some kind of religious cult guarding it.  They didn’t look too friendly either,” Link replied. 

  “Oh.  Well come up to my room, we can discuss it there if you like,” Zelda said, making her way to the South Tower, which housed her boudoir.  Link and Sprite followed close behind.


  Soon the were in Zelda’s bedroom.  Link looked around.  Everything in the room seemed to signify how rich the Hyrulian royal family were.  There was an exquisitely carved four posted bed hung with brocade, a chaise lounge, a chiffonier, cheval glass, a velvet divan, a roll top desk, an elaborate, marble fireplace and a dresser full of bottles, a jewel box, assorted trinkets and a brush and comb.  Above the dresser was a beautifully decorated mirror.  The curtains were swathed in chiffon and tapestries hung on the walls.  Through a gap in the filmy drapes, a French window could be seen, leading onta a balcony.  Vases of bright, spring flowers added cheer to the room and a silver candelabra with candles cast their light onto the area around the seating.  Zelda seated herself on the chaise lounge and motioned for Link to sit on the divan.  Sprite alighted herself on the arm of the divan.  Zelda smiled and brushed a stray golden strand of hair off her cheek.

  “So Link, where is the Triforce?”


  “Soooooooo Link has found the THIRD Triforce?  Hmmmmmmm, I will have to find this cave.  I will send some scouts to track him.  I will send only the best,  SKOLL! ASTPETE! Come here at once, NOW!”  Two monsters lumbered into the room.

  “Okay boss, we’re comin’, we’re comin’!”  Ganon drummed his fingers impatiently onto his magic globe.  Suddenly he heard a large crack. 

  “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!”  His globe had split in half! 

  “Err, gee boss, a told ya to, um, get ya nails trimmed,” Skoll leered.

  “Shut up Skoll!” replied Ganon irritably.

  “Yep definitely get ‘em trimmed, too long for ya own good,” cried Aspete. 

  “And that’s enough from you Aspete! GET that finger out of your nose, NOWW!” Ganon commanded.  Skoll scratched his bony skull.

  “Waddya want boss?” he asked.

  “I want you to track Princess Zelda and that despicable excuse for a Hylian,” said Ganon impatiently. 

  “Ya mean Wink, boss?” said Aspete.  Ganon grinned evilly.

  “Don’t even mention the name, it makes me shudder to think about him, and before I forget, draw a map of where they go, OKAY?”  

  “C’mon Skoll, wes better get goin’  See ya round, boss!” said Aspete as he and Skoll headed off.  Ganon rolled his eyes and turned his attention to his beautiful globe.

  “ruined, just ruined...” he muttered.


  “Link, do you mind?!” Zelda yelled at Link, who was showing off, riding Carefree and cutting in front of her own mount, Lurking Grue. 

  “Well excuuuuuuuuuse me, Princess!  I was only having a bit of fun!” Link replied. 

  “Yeah, he was only having a bit of fun Zelda!” added Sprite.

  “That’s Princess Zelda to you, Sprite,” Zelda replied haughtily. 

  “Why should I address you as Princess?  After all, I’m one too!” Sprite replied, even more haughtily.

  “Hey will you two girls stop fighting?” Link said.  Zelda scowled and Sprite wore a smug smile.  “Look, we’re almost at the place.  Any moment now, Princess, you’ll be setting your eyes on something Hyrule hasn’t seen for hundreds of years!” Link said, slowing Carefree down to a tort. 

  “There!” cried Sprite, pointing to the rocky outcrop in the middle of a sun-drenched clearing.  Zelda and Link dismounted.  Sprite perched on Link’s shoulder, Link held his sword in his right hand and Zelda’s dainty one in his left.  With oncoming trepidation, the trio approached the golden lit hole. 


  “Gee Skoll, do ya think we ought t’ follo d’ Princess and er daft boyfriend Dink?” Aspete whispered to Skoll from the cover of the trees. 

  “That’s Mink you idiot!” Skoll replied.  Aspete licked his lips and slobbered a bit.

  “I can’t wait to eat dat daft faerie in a sandwich!” he said.  Skoll leered slightly.

  “Now Aspete, here’s d’ plan.  We wait here till dey emerge from, dat ole, den we nik de Triforce and the Princess.  If dey don’t ave d’ Triforce, we take d’ Princess anyow.  You get dat Aspete?”

  “Uh, hee, yer I get dat Skoll.  We get da Triforce and da Princess Zelda, but if dey don’t get da Triforce, we still nab er Royal Ighness?” Aspete replied.

  “Dats quite correct Aspete,” said Skoll nodding.  Moving nearer to the hole, they waited for their catch.


  “Oh Link, I see what you mean.  There’s no way we can reach it,” said Zelda disappointedly.  “It’s obvious that we’ll have to go to the Underworld.  I’ve got some old maps in my room, of the Underworld.  Why don’t we go and look at them for some kind of clue?” she suggested. 

  “You’re right, Zel,.  But that definitely is the third Triforce.  Come on, let’s get back,” Link replied.  They trudged up the passage.


  “Here dey are! Get ready Aspete!” Skoll hissed.  As Zelda and Link came out of the passage, Aspete quickly grabbed Zelda and put a knife to her throat.  “Hand over de Triforce boy, or yer precious Princess dies!” yelled Skoll.  Link reeled around in shock, his sword thrust out in defence.  Sprite clung onto his shoulder desperately and Zelda tried to struggle out of the moblin’s iron grip.  Link didn’t know what to do.  He figured if he reduce Skoll to a pile of bones and then tackled Aspete, they might stand a chance.  Another thought struck him.  How did they know about the Triforce? 

  “The Triforce?” he asked innocently. 

  “Yeah, da Triforce you came for!” Skoll replied. 

  “Excuse me, I don’t know what you two are going on about.  Me and the Princess are just returning from our romantic picnic.  We decided to stop awhile and saw this hole.  We thought there might have been some treasure down the hole but there wasn’t.  I was just about to propose to Zelda out here, when you two came and spoiled everything,” Link said cunningly.  Zelda stared at Link, wide eyed.  Link winked at her.  Zelda decided to play along.

  “Oh you horrid monsters, now you’ve stopped me from getting engaged!” Zelda cried.

  “So wot?  I don’t care about weddings!” Aspete replied.

  “Can’t you at least let Zelda go for a minute while I slip the engagement ring on her finger?” Link pleaded. 

  “Uh gee, uh okay Bink,” Aspete replied.

  “Quick!” shouted Link as Aspete let go of Zelda.  Before Aspete and Skoll had time to catch on, Link and Zelda had mounted and galloped off, leaving a cloud of dust in their wake.

  “oh no Skoll, we blew it!” Aspete wailed.

  “De boss ull kill us!” Skoll moaned.  The two stood in silence, waiting for Ganon to appear.

  “It was all your fault anyhow Aspete! You let da princess go!” Skoll shrieked. 

  “Don’t blame me! Blame that stoopid Jink!” Aspete replied. 

  “That’s Kink, actually,” Skoll replied sarcastically. 

  “Well we better get away before da boss discovers us, I hate it when he puts us in dat orb of ‘is!”  said Aspete beginning to run.

  “Wait up Aspete, a’m comin’ too!” cried Skoll following him.


  “I think we got away,” said Zelda slowing her horse down.  “And don’t ever pull a trick like that again! It was completely embarrassing!” she continued.

  “Excuuuuuuuse me Princess!  I saved you didn’t I?” Link replied. 

  “Yeah you ought to be grateful,” Sprite said smugly.  Zelda felt an overbearing desire to push Sprite off Link’s shoulder. 

  “I am grateful,” she replied sulkily. 

  “Liar!” cried Sprite irritatingly. 

  “Oh be quiet Sprite,” reprimanded Link.  “Anyhow Princess, I reckon I deserve a kiss since I discovered the Triforce of Courage AND rescued you.”

  “No way! Anyway, we’ve got much more important things to do,” Zelda replied.

  “Oh come on Princess, just one little kiss,” Link pleaded.

  “No, look we ought to be getting back to the castle,” said Zelda.


  There they found Zelda’s father waiting for them.

  “Ah, my daughter I have great news!” he cried.

  “What father?” asked Zelda, dismounting.

  “Oh I am so happy! Remember Lady Fenella and her lovely daughter Fayette?  They are coming to visit us!” said the King.  Zelda’s smiling face fell.

  “Lady Fenella and Fayette?”

  “Yes my dear.  Isn’t it wonderful?” the King replied.  Zelda fiddled with the reins. 

  “Oh,er, yes that’s great, father.”

  “They will arrive at eight tonight,” said the King, racing back inside. 

  “Hey Princess, what’s the matter?” Link asked, putting a hand on Zelda’s shoulder.  Zelda moved away and began to lead her horse to the stables.

  “Oh Link, I hate them! Lady Fenella is really fussy and she acts like she’s my mother.  And Fayette, where can I start?  She’s spoilt rotten for one thing and everyone loves her.  But when and me are were alone she was really nasty.  The worst thing is, Father just loves her, as if she were his own daughter.  Last time they came here was three years ago, just before I met you and Sprite.  I was sixteen, she was fifteen.”

  “Well, look, if things get too bad, me and you can go off somewhere for a while.  Plus the fact that we need to recover the Triforce,” Link replied. 

  “I guess,” said Zelda, untacking Lurking Grue and putting her in a stall.  The two friends finished feeding their horses and walked back to the castle.  Sprite, however, stayed in the stables.

  “Hmmm, I wonder if there’s any way I can get the Triforce of Courage.  I’ll check my book of Faerie Magick.  There must be some kind of spell that can’t harm it.”


  “How dare they! Stupid fools!” Ganon screamed.  The dark, shadowy caverns of the Underworld shook in Ganon’s fury, and even the toughest of monsters hid themselves away in dim, murky holes.  Ganon paced up and down.  So close, so close he had been to getting the Triforce and the Princess and those cursed dunderheads had let all that slip between their fingers.  And who was the cause of this? That stupid Link! Always he foiled Ganon’s plans.  Every single time.  Ganon was getting sick of it.  Peering into his new magical globe, he searched for any sign of Skoll and Aspete.  Unsurprisingly they were nowhere to be found. 

  “Probably fled to another world.  Well I’ll soon find them!” Ganon screeched.  Going to his hi-tec bad guy communication system, which had been made in a much more advanced world ,(Hyrule was only going through Medieval ages at the time) he pressed the button for Mushroom World, Koopahari Desert.  The screen cackled to life.

  “King Bowser here, waddaya want?”  A particularly ugly turtle with lots of horns and lots of teeth appeared on the monitor. 

  “Ahh, Ganon, my old friend,” the turtle continued.

  “Oh Bowser, I was wondering, have you seen my two idiotic scouts, Aspete and Skoll?  They have fled the land after they made a much-up of my latest plan,” said Ganon.

  “Well no, but I’ll keep a look out for them.  By the way Ganon, can you do me a favour?  My four eldest Koopa kids, that’s Roy, Ludwig, Larry and Morton Jnr. keep asking me for a holiday.  I’m already sending my daughters Margo and Wendy O to Venom under the care of Andross and my two genius sons Iggy and Lemmy to Subcon with Wart II.  So would you mind looking after them for about three weeks?  I know it’s a lot to ask, but perhaps you could teach them a few things,” said Bowser. 

  “Hmmm, well okay Bowser.  Send them down here as soon as possible,” Ganon replied.  The two said goodbye and Ganon contacted Andross, Wario, Wart II and various other bad guys.  None of them had seen Skoll and Aspete but promised to keep a look out. 

  “You can run you little fools but you can’t hide from me!  Nobody can hide from Ganon and get away with it!” he screamed in wrath.




  Zelda slipped on a blue gown and wished that Lady Fenella and Fayette would go somewhere else.  For one thing, Zelda hated wearing dresses because if the Triforce got stolen, a dress only got in the way.  For another thing, Fenella would fuss over her like anything, make lots of comments on her appearance and compare her to Fayette.  The thing was, Fenella had been a friend of Zelda’s mother and she considered it her duty to look after Zelda and her father, because Zelda’s mother had died when Zelda was eleven.  She combed her hair and then sank into her bed and began to cry quietly.  She barely noticed her faithful dog Dowser, trying to cheer her up.


  Soon the two guests arrived.  Link watched with interest as the two came into the banquet hall.  Firstly there came a graceful, attractive woman in her early forties wearing a richly embroidered purple gown and a tiara.  Her wavy auburn hair was piled up on the top of her head and glittering gems adorned her wrists, neck and fingers.  Then a young girl entered the room, her lovely face surrounded by large auburn curls.  She wore a dark blue robe which was simple, but attractive, and a circlet set with sapphires in her hair. 

  The King introduced them to Link and then ordered for the meal to be sent for. 

  “Oh, Zelda isn’t here.  Link, be a dear and go and fetch her,” said the King.  Dutifully Link ran to the Princess’ room.


  When he reached the door, he carefully peered into the room.  Zelda was sitting on the bed, her back to Link, petting Dowser.  Cautiously, Link tip-toed into the room. 

  “Boo!”  Zelda turned in surprise.

  “Link, don’t do that!”

  “Sorry Princess, I was only trying to get your attention.  Anyhow, your father wants you to go downstairs, tea is ready and the guests are here,” Link replied. 

  “I don’t want to,” said Zelda, pouting.

  “Hey Princess, you look kinda cute when you do that,” said Link jokingly.  Zelda threw a cushion at him.  Link threw it back then realised they were supposed to be going down to dinner.  “Come on Princess, I hate to spoil our fun but your dad’ll get real mad if we don’t turn up for the banquet,” he said solemnly.  Reluctantly, Zelda followed him downstairs.


  “Gee Skoll ah sure hope that Ganon doesn’t find us ‘ere,” said Aspete crouching in a rocky out cleft in Subcon.

  “Aspete it was sure a bad idea to come ‘ere. Subcon is the land of dreams ya know,” Skoll replied. “All these doors and pots, it’s scary.”

  “Hah! You’re scared, you’re scared!” Aspete chanted.


  After dinner, Lady Fenella started to talk to Zelda.

  “My dear, you’ve grown such a lot since I last saw you. Much more mature,” she said.

  “Oh, like I haven’t noticed!” Zelda replied sarcastically.  

  “My dear! Apologise to Fenella at once!” said the King. Fenella examined Zelda from head to foot.

  “Well, you’re certainly quite pretty, not as pretty as my Faye you know but still, you’re quite attractive. And you should do something with your hair, instead of leaving it down. Get it cut to your shoulders and curl it like my Faye, or at least plait it. And another thing, you’re much too slim,” said Fenella.

  “If you’ll excuse me but I have much more important things to worry about than my looks and I like myself just fine. It’s silly bedecking yourself in jewels and other stuff, it’s asking for trouble,” said Zelda coolly. With that, she walked out of the room.

  “Well, she just can’t take a little criticism,” said Fayette.

  “Oh just leave her, she’s a little sensitive,” said the King. Trying to change the subject, the King then regaled Fenella and Fayette tales of Link’s bravery and heroism. They both listened, impressed and afterwards praised Link and asked him lots of questions. Trying to get away and faintly embarrassed, Link announced that he had to go and protect the Triforce of Wisdom. Fayette followed him but instead of going to his room, he went to Zelda’s. As he put his hand on the door he heard a voice.


  “I thought you were supposed to be guarding the Triforce,” said Fayette. Link turned in surprise.

  “Why did you follow me?” he asked suspiciously.

  “Oh Link, I really badly want to see the Triforce. It sounds so interesting! Zelda wouldn’t let me look last time. I figured since you’re so kind and smart, that you wouldn’t mind me just looking,” Fayette replied.

  “Look Fayette , only certainly people are allowed to see the Triforce, ones who won’t give away secrets,” said Link firmly.

  “Oh just call me Faye. Please. You don’t have to listen to that silly Zelda all of the time,” Fayette replied.

  “Zelda’s not silly. Anyway I owe it to her to follow her orders. I can’t break my promise to her. After all, we are very close,” Link replied.

  “How close? This close?” said Fayette, putting her arms around him. Link pulled away.

  “I’ve changed my mind. I think the Triforce really does need protecting!” he said, running off down the passage. Fayette smiled. She opened the door to Zelda’s room and walked in.

 “What do you want?” asked Zelda, looking up from the map she was studying.

 “Why Zelda, we have so much to talk about, I want to know how your life has been these past three years,” said Fayette.

  “That’s nothing to do with you, and anyhow, I’m busy,” Zelda replied.

  “Fine. I’ll go talk to someone else then,” Fayette said, storming out  the door. Zelda glanced down at the map again.

 “That’s it! An entrance to the Underworld in South Saria Forest! It must lead to North Saria Forest somehow!” Zelda picked up the map and ran to Link’s room.


  Link closed the door behind him and locked it.

  “What’s the matter Link?” asked Sprite. “Why’d you lock the door?”

  “Oh don’t ask, except for the fact that Fayette tried to kiss me,” said Link.

  “What’s so bad about that? After all, you’re always on the lookout for a girlfriend,” said Sprite.

  “But I prefer to do the chasing myself, plus the fact that I prefer Zelda to her,” he replied. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

  “Link, let me in! I’ve got some good news!” came a voice.

  “That sounds like Zelda. You ought to let her in,” said Sprite. Link opened the door. Zelda ran in and grabbed his hand.

  “Link, we’ve got to go to South Saria Forest as soon as possible! There’s an underground entrance there!” she cried.

  “Great! We’ll go tomorrow,” said Link. They hugged each other.

  “Just think, with two Triforces, we would be more powerful than Ganon!” said Zelda smiling. 




  Ganon ordered some of his best Stalfos and Moblins to prepare a room for the Koopa Kids. Ganon decided to teach them as much black magic as possible. That why, while they stayed he could use them as scouts to get information from North Castle.  The next day he sent two of his cronies to meet the four Koopa Kids.

  “Hey Roy, this is gonna be great!” said Larry.

  “I can’t wait to start terrorising Ganon’s servants,” said Ludwig. Morton Jr. smiled and started to talk.

  “This is gonna be so much fun. I can’t wait to get there, I’ll be the evillest koopa ever, Hyrule won’t know what’s hit them, I’m gonna be the worst thing ever...”

  “Shut up Morton!” yelled his three brothers. Soon they reached an entrance to the Underworld and walked into Ganon’s Throne Room. Ganon greeted them.

  “So you are some of Bowser’s kids,” said Ganon.

  “Yeah my name’s Roy and I’m the eldest, as well as being the smartest,” said Roy, which upon his three brothers started pummelling him with indignation. Calmly, Ganon zapped them.

  “Ow! That hurts!” said Larry, rubbing his shell.

  “You don’t fight yourself, you fight the enemy, which is Link and Zelda!” Ganon screeched.

  “Er sorry Ganon,” said Ludwig.

  “Now I will show you to your room,” said Ganon leading them down a slimy passage. Presently they came to a small chamber with rocky walls and lit only by a mere stub of a candle.

  “Hey, where’s the beds?” yelled Roy.

  “Beds?! You are asking about beds?!” shrieked Ganon.

  “Er well,  do you not have them in Hyrule,” asked Larry.

  “Only in the Overworld! Beds are not needed for the tough. You want to become like me? Beds are not needed down here!” said Ganon. He then left.

  “What a bummer,” said Roy.

  “Bet we don’t get no food either,” said Ludwig.

  “Hey, you’re quiet Morton,” said Larry.

  “Well you told me to shut up so I did,” Morton replied. Roy groaned.

  “Come on guys, let’s try and get some sleep.”

  “I tell you, this is gonna be the worst vacation ever, you know it is you know...” said Morton.

  “SHUT UP MORTON!” his brothers shouted. 




 "And just where do you think you're going to, young lady?" said the King grabbing Zelda's shoulder as she walked out of the castle.

 "Uh, nowhere," she replied glancing guiltily down at the basket. Zelda was actually going to try and recover the Triforce of Courage, along with Link and Sprite but she couldn’t tell her Father.

 "You're going on a picnic with Link aren’t you and you haven’t invited Fayette?" said the King.

 "Er, well I didn’t think she'd want to come, and we're going on horse-back anyhow and there's no more horses, apart from the mounted cavalry and they’re training today," Zelda said.

 "What about Cloud?" said the King referring to Link's old horse.

 "Cloud's too old and anyway me and Link are going to be exploring lots of dark caves and stuff and I'm sure Fayette won't want to get her dresses dirty" said Zelda cleverly.

 "Zelda, you're not too old for me to ground you, now whether you like it or not, you are going to include Fayette in all of your activities" said the King sternly. Zelda scowled. "Now don't get sulky with me or I'll keep you in," said the King.

 "Okay, I'll go and invite her on the picnic said Zelda su1kily.


  After a while she found Fayette, sitting beside the fountain in the courtyard.

  "Fayette, me. Link and Sprite are going on a picnic. Would you like to come? And we'll be exploring caves and stuff, so I'd put on a warmer dress" said Zelda. "Oh, a sudden change of heart? I'd be delighted to come on your picnic. Your friends Link and Sprite seem very nice. I'll just go and get changed" said Fayette.

Soon Link and Zelda had tacked up the horses, ready to go. "I wish she weren’t coming" said Zelda. "Me either, but if your father insists" said Link. At that moment, Fayette burst into the stables. She was wearing a crimson dress and a fur coat.


"I didn’t, mean that much clothing!" said Zelda thinking that the crimson dress clashed with Fayette's auburn hair.

 "Well I'll just have to bring it with me then, as its very expensive," Fayette replied. Link and Zelda mounted up. "Is this my horse?" Fayette asked pointing toward Cloud, a sweet but not well-bred mare.

 "What do you think?" said Sprite rudely.

 "Oh Zelda, be a dear and let me ride that lovely beast of yours," said Fayette. Zelda smiled. "Okay, Faye, you can ride her but be careful, she doesn’t like strangers."

 "Oh I can handle any horse!" Fayette boasted.


  Soon they were riding along the road. "Did you remember the Triforce of Wisdom?" Link asked.

 "Yes it's in the basket. Did you remember the weapons in case Ganon tries anything funny?" Zelda replied.

 "Yeah, and I brought my sword too," Link said.

 "Well that's pretty obvious since it's in your hand," said Zelda sarcastically.

 "Well it was your own fault for asking stupid questions," Link replied.

 "Why do we always argue?" said Zelda.

 "Another stupid question," said Link.

 "Link stop trying to he funny. I'm not in the mood for jokes," Zelda replied.

 "Well excuuuuse me. Princess" said Link. All at once they heard a scream and saw Lurking Grue galloping off towards North Castle. Fayette was lying on the road but her precious fur coat had not been so lucky and had landed in a puddle of mud.

 "Serves you right too!" yelled Zelda spurring Cloud into a canter. Link followed close behind. Sprite clinging onto his shoulder.

 "Oh I hate you Zelda! Just wait till mother hears about this!" yelled Fayette getting up and recovering her dripping coat.


  Fayette trudged back down the road angrily. Who did Zelda think she was anyway? Well she would be in for a shock when she discovered that father was going marry her mother. Then she would be a princess and have all privileges that Zelda had. Oh no? but then Zelda would be her sister! Her older sister too. How terrible! The thing was, Zelda seemed so happy these days. It wasn’t fair. A the moment her life was awful. Firstly her father died. Then her mother decided to get married to Zelda's father, naturally, since Zelda’s mother had been such close friends with hers. She stomped across the drawbridge and bumped into her mother.

 "My dear, there is going to be a great dinner party tonight! Hurry we must go and get new dresses!" her mother cried.

  "It's okay mother, I've plenty of dresses!" Fayette replied.

  "As you like dear, by the way, I thought you were going on a picnic," Fenella continued.

  "I was, until Zelda's horse threw me. Then she and her friends just left me. I don't really like the idea of her being my sister and her friend Link just listens to her all the time and ignores me. I'm sure she told tales," Fayette said sadly.

 "Oh my dear that isn’t very nice. Harkinian will surely hear of this!" said Fenella.


  "According to my calculations, the Underworld entrance should be just about here," said Zelda pointing to a wall of rock.

 "If you ask me Princess, that just looks like a wall to me," said Link.

 "I wasn’t asking you anyway. All it needs is a little push..." said Zelda pressing the rock in front of her. "Darn, it won't budge," she said sitting down.

 "This is were I come in Princess," said Link making  a valiant attempt to  push the rock face. "Oh really," said Zelda boredly.

 "I see what you mean. Perhaps it really is just a wall," said Link sitting down beside her.

 "Why don't we have the picnic?" said Sprite.

 "Good idea, I'm starving," said Link. Suddenly, as if  from  nowhere, several Moblins  appeared.

   "Link! Get  rid of  them!"  Zelda cried, picking up the  Triforce of Wisdom.

  "I'm doing my  best Princess," said Link indignantly, zapping  some of them  with

his sword.

  "Stand back,  I'll use  the Triforce,"  said  Zelda pushing her hand forward,  sending a beam of blue light on  the remaining moblins. "Are they gone yet?" called a small  voice.

  "Every one"  said  Link  reassuringly.  Sprite  appeared  from behind a tree.

  "Now come on  you two, we've got a Triforce  to recover!" said Zelda. She pushed against the rock again.

  "How about we both push together?" Link suggested.

  "For once  you've actually had a  bright idea," Zelda  replied. They both  pushed against the rock and managed to open the passage.


  "Look! There it is!" said Zelda, crouching behind a cluster of rocks. There before them, about 20 metres away, stood the Triforce of Courage.

 "Go on Princess, go and get it!" said Link. Zelda began to move towards it but all of a sudden, Ganon appeared.

 "Not so fast Zelda, not so fast. Thank you for leading me to this Triforce!" Ganon picked up the Triforce of Courage. "Now, hand over the other Triforce and my set will be complete!" Ganon screamed triumphantly.

 "Never!" Zelda cried, dodging out of the way.

 "Hey Ganon! You want the Triforce of Wisdom? You'll have to get past me first!" Link shouted, swinging the Triforce of Wisdom around.

 "Link, no! You can't use it!" Zelda cried. Suddenly, a lot of weirdly dressed people entered the room. "No, do not take the Glowing One from us!" one of them shouted. Before Ganon knew what was happening, the yellow Triforce was flying out of his hands and into the chasm. The chasm began to close.

 "Quickly! follow me!" said Zelda pulling Link away up the passage. Sprite followed close behind. The last thing they heard was Ganon screeching.



"1 don't believe that. Now the third Triforce is lost forever!" said Zelda frustratedly as she and Link entered North Castle.

 "Well perhaps someday it will be found again," Link said comfortingly. Suddenly the King appeared.

 "Zelda!? Link! What is the meaning of not letting Fayette come with you on the picnic?" the King demanded. "Not speaking? Well anyway I am holding a banquet tonight" he continued.

 "I'm not coming" said Zelda crossly.

 "I have an important announcement to make" the King said. "Now both of you go and get washed and get some decent clothes on and be ready for eight, and don't you dare be late like last time!" the King said sternly.

 "Come on Link, we'd better go and get ready" said Zelda. The two went up to Link's room. Zelda set the Triforce onto it's stand.

 "It's a pity that we couldn’t get the other Triforce" Link remarked.

 "Don't even talk about it. I can't believe we lost it" Zelda replied.

 "Well do I a least get a kiss for being such a hero?" Link asked.

 "No way! What did you do anyhow? I did all the work!" Zelda replied curtly.

 "Is that so Princess? Who found it in the first place? Me. I still haven’t got a reward for that either" Link said.

 "Oh, well I guess if you put it that way. What do you want as your reward?" Zelda asked.

 "A kiss?" Link asked.

 "I don't think so!" Zelda replied.

 "Please?" Link pleaded.

 "Well okay, just a small one," Zelda replied sighing. She put her arms around him and was about to kiss him when Fayette flounced into the room.

 "Oh? am I interrupting something?" she asked sweetly.

 "Hey no fair!" Link cried. Zelda hastily detached herself from Link and began to edge out of the room.

 "Why? I wonder what the important announcement is?" Fayette said.

 "Who cares?" Zelda replied loftily.

 "Well anyhow? do you like my dress?" said Fayette motioning to her cream silk gown.

 "It suits you," Link said. "If you'll excuse me? but I really have to go and clean myself up" said Zelda. She turned and walked out of the door.


  Soon the banquet began. Lots of people had been invited and people were either dancing or eating. Suddenly the King appeared on the stage at the end of the room.

 "Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a very important announcement to make." The King didn’t get to finish his speech however, for in a flash of blue smoke, Ganon appeared! Next to his feet were four Koopa Kids!

 "Well, it looks like this is going to be one announcement you'll never get to make!" Ganon cackled.

 "The party's over Ganon!" Link cried leaping up a zapping him with his sword.

 "Foolish boy!" said Ganon deflecting the magic and sending it straight back to Link who had no time to defend himself.

 "OW!" Link cried as he fell backwards onto the stone floor.

 "Link!" Zelda cried running over to where he lay.

 "Don't worry Princess, I'm fine'" Link said getting up. Suddenly, he noticed the Koopa kids sneaking away. "Oh no you don't!" he said going after them, zapping each one.

 "OW! UH! HELP! WOW! YOW!" the kids cried.

 "No don't spoil my plans now!" Ganon shrieked. Zelda ran out of the room and managed to get the Triforce. She confronted Ganon with it, using it's powerful magic.

 "Playing with magic are we Zelda?" Ganon croaked. "I can do that too!" he cried firing a powerful blast of magic at her. She just managed to dodge in time.

 "Me too!" Link yelled zapping Ganon from behind.

 "Why you little…" Ganon screamed. He began to try to shoot Link with fireballs, but missed every time.

 "Hah, you're not such a hot-shot after all Ganon!" cried Link leaping about. Zelda used the Triforce to shoot Ganon and hit.

 "It's not over yet!" Ganon roared and managed to hit Zelda back. The Triforce went clattering across the floor.

 "Get it Link!" Zelda screamed as she struggled to her feet.

 "Too late! The Triforce of Wisdom is mine! Mine! Arragh!" Ganon screeched as a bolt of magic hit him in the back shot by Link. The Triforce fell to the floor and Ganon began to fade away.  "Someday I'll get you two and Hyrule will be mine!" he screamed.


 "We did it!" Zelda cried and she ran over towards Link who was busy picking up the Triforce. People began to emerge from under the tables.

 "Hurray! Hyrule is saved!" they cheered. The King came up and congratulated them.

 "I'm very proud of you two, you handled the situation very wel1," he said proudly. "Now for the announcement."

 “This is gonna be great Zel, we'll get medals for sure!" said Link who was feeling quite pleased with himself.

 "Show off!" said Zelda good naturedly.

 "Ladies and Gentlemen, me and Lady Fenella are to be married!" the King cried. Everybody clapped and cheered except Zelda. She went quite white.

 "No, no this can't be happening!" she said before bursting into tears.

 "My dear, are you alright?" the King asked. Zelda stood up and ran outside into the courtyard .


  Fayette meanwhile stood smugly on the platform next to her mother. At least she wasn’t making a scene like Zelda. Several people congratulated her and her mother. Fayette noticed Link making his way out the room. She followed him. For one thing, he was quite cute and for another he was a hero. Plus the fact that he looked after the Triforce. She followed him up to his room.

 "Leaving the party so soon?" Fayette asked. Link turned in surprise.

 "Oh, I was just putting the Triforce back," he replied. Was he imagining it, or did Fayette seem to be following him around? He looked at her. She was certainly pretty, you could say that. And the dress she wore looked great on her. She was also going to become a princess. Link suddenly remembered Zelda. Was she okay? He decided he ought to find her.

 "Hey, why so quiet?" Fayette inquired.

 "Oh, I was just thinking," Link replied.

 "You know," said Fayette walking up to him, "I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy being a princess here," she said. "Especially because of you," she added, wrapping her arms around him.

  Actually, I prefer Zelda," Link replied wriggling out of her embrace. Fayette scowled.

 "She's always better than me, isn’t she?" she said sulkily. "If she wasn’t here, everything would be just perfect. It’s not fair!" Fayette sank down onto his bed.

 "Well I usually take notice if a pretty girl comes into my life but you're an exception. Zelda told me how awful you were," Link said. "Anyway I have to go and see if she's okay." Link ushered Fayette out of his room and then locked it.



  Link ran down to the courtyard and saw Zelda sitting beside the fountain. He walked up to where she sat quietly. Zelda looked round when she heard the footsteps. When saw it was Link she stood up.

 "I guess I made a fool of myself," she said quietly.

 "Hey don't worry about it. Everything'11 be okay," Link replied putting his hand on her shoulder.

 "Nothing will change much. Me, you and Sprite will still have to battle against Ganon and co. I'm sure Fayette won't want to join us after tonight's little exhibition."

 "Say, why don't I give that kiss I promised?" Zelda said smiling. "It's so romantic out here," she continued looking round the moonlit courtyard.

  "I was hoping you'd feel that way Princess," said Link jokingly.

 "Oh be quiet. Just let me kiss you!" Zelda said passionately.

 "Hi!" said a high voice.

 "Oh no!" Link moaned.

 "Sorry I've been away, Carrie had a party. Congratulations on your new family Zelda, I just heard!" the voice continued. Sprite emerged from one of the trees.

 "Well I think it's terrible," Zelda replied sullenly.

 "I'm not exactly thrilled that Fenella is going to be my stepmother and I absolutely despise Fayette," said Zelda.

 "I'd say Fayette wasn’t at all thrilled either," Link pointed out.

 "She pointed out all her troubles after she made a play for me," he continued.

 "Again?" Sprite asked.

 "She made a play for you did she?" Zelda asked coolly.

 "Don't worry Princess, I resisted her little charms and told her what I thought of her. She wasn’t very pleased when I told her I preferred you," Link replied.

 "Did she kiss you?" Zelda demanded.

 "Oh, jealous are we Princess?" Link asked.

 "I am not jealous!" Zelda replied curtly.

 "Well anyway, no she didn’t kiss me," Link said.

 "On the subject of that. I've got a boyfriend!" Sprite cried.

 "Oh that's great Sprite. What's he called?" Zelda asked.

 "Cornelius, but everyone just calls him Con. He's got a brother called Vladimir you know. I think his parents like unusual names. I met him at Carrie's party," Sprite said happily.

 "Carrie danced with Vlad, that’s Vladimir and Felicity and Tiffany danced with Paul and Dave," Sprite continued.

 "Come on, lets go inside," Link said impatiently. The three went inside and up to Link's room.

 "I'm so tired I could fall asleep," Sprite said yawning.

 "Yeah Sprite, you just go to sleep," Link said coaxingly.

 "That’s a good idea Link" said Sprite sleepily. She flew daintily to Link's bed and settled down on the pillow. Moments later, she was asleep.

 "Oh doesn’t she look sweet?" said Zelda.

 "I know. Come on Princess, I'll escort you to your room," Link replied. Outside Zelda's door. Link paused.

 "So do I get a goodnight kiss?" he asked.

 "Sure," said Zelda kissing him on the cheek and walking into her room.

 "That, was my goodnight kiss?" Link said disdainfully.

 "What did you expect?" Zelda replied equa11y disdainfu11y.

 "We11 excuuuuse me Princess!" Link replied.

 "Goodnight," Zelda said sweetly, closing the door behind her.

 "Oh great," Link thought. "This just isn’t my day."





 "NOOOOO!" Ganon screeched pacing up and down or rather levitating up and down his throne room. He clicked his fingers and landed in his throne.

 "Gee, boss," said Morton rubbing his backside, "that Link guy was some hot shot."

 "Yeah we agree!" chorused Roy, Ludwig Von and Larry.

 "Yes well if you didn’t make yourself so visible. Link would not have hit you!" said Ganon rather fiercely.

 "Okay, so we made a few mistakes, but it was a first time, but hey we all make mistakes right, we won't mess up next time okay?" said Roy shrugging

"NEXT TIME, who said anything about a NEXT TIME?!" roared Ganon.


   The next day, Zelda and Fayette had to have bridesmaid dresses made. "Now, I think pink" said Fenella.

 "Pink?" said Zelda. "I hate pink!"

 "Well we're having pink," said Fenella. "Yes mother, I think pink would be so nice," Fayette  said, glad that Zelda was being so difficult. Shortly the dresses arrived. Fenella made both girls put the dresses on and show them to Link and the King. Fayette flounced up and down, showing off but Zelda just stood there and sulked.

  "Yes my dear, they’re very nice,” the King said. Link grinned. "They’re great" he said.

 "Oh stop laughing Link, you’re not the one who has to wear it!" Zelda cried indignantly. "When it comes to my wedding, I'm wearing white!" she continued.

 "If you ever have one!” Fayette sneered.

 “Right! That’s it! I refuse to have



 "So Sprite, seen Ganon or any of his clan?" Link asked.

 "Nothing. Me and Felicity were near Death Mountain yesterday and we didn’t hear anything. We eavesdropped on some Mob1ins and they said that Ganon had gone into hiding since you and Zelda defeated him" Sprite replied.

 "That’s good. At the moment I don't even think I could defeat a Tektite,"  Link sighed.

 "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll feel better soon," said Sprite soothingly.


  A few days later, late in the afternoon, Zelda woke up to rain, pounding against the windows of her room. The wind was blowing fiercely. She managed to sit up though every part of her body seemed to hurt.

 "Ah Princess, I see you are feeling a little better," said a kind voice at the side of her bed.

 "Impa!" said Zelda joyfully.

  "Well my dear, your father was very concerned about you and asked me to look after you," Impa said.

 "Oh, I just remembered, how's Link?" Zelda asked.

 "Link? He's fine, up and about already. Hardly a bump or bruise anywhere. Of course he only got up today, which is pretty good, considering your little fall was only three days ago," said Impa.

 "Ugh, I feel all dizzy," said Zelda faintly.

 "Lie down dear," Impa said kindly. "Now, I guess you'll be wanting to talk to young Link. I'll go and get him," Impa continued as she walked out of the room. Zelda lay back against the sheets. She felt terrible. She decided she probably looked terrible too. After a while. Link came to see her. He handed her a bunch of flowers.

 "So, are you feeling any better Zel?" he asked her anxiously. Zelda made an effort to sit up.

 "Well I still feel a little dizzy and I ache all over. Thank you for the flowers, they're lovely," she replied drowsily.

 "I picked them this morning before it started to rain. I still hurt a little, but other than that I feel fine. Your father's really worried about you and Sprite her friends came to see you yesterday but you were asleep. Did you get their gifts?" Link said sitting on the side of Zelda's bed. Zelda smiled thinking of the pretty gifts of flowers, fruit and colourful stones the faeries had left on her table.

 "Sure, that was real sweet of them. By the way, is the Triforce okay?" Zelda asked.

 "It's fine. No sign of Ganon or his monsters, which is good as we're both out of action," said Link.

  "But you said you felt better," said Zelda.

  "Felt better but not better. I can't exactly leap around at the moment," Link replied.

  "Oh Link, I hope we both get better soon, I hate lying here," said Zelda sulkily.

  "Why don't you get up, I'm sure you'll be okay," said Link.

  "Actually, I'd better stay right here," Zelda replied.

  "Well, will you kiss me before I depart? " Link said.

  "No," said Zelda stubbornly.

  "Ah come on Princess, you did the other day!" Link pleaded.

  "Urn, well that was, well different," she replied, blushing.

  "But Zel, you know as much as I do that you're crazy about me and don't deny it!" said Link.

 "Well, I like you just a little bit, that’s all," Zelda murmured softly.

 "Aha! You just admitted that you liked me!" said Link triumphantly.

 "Of course I like you! You’re my best friend," Zelda replied. Before Link could think of a good reply Impa appeared.

 "Princess, I really think you should get up. A little fresh air would do you good," she said.

 “Yeah come on Zel , we could go for a walk," said Link glancing out of the window. The rain had stopped and the sun had come out.

 "Oh, okay. I'll be ten minutes. Meet me by the fountain in the courtyard," said Zelda. Impa and Link smiled and then walked out. Zelda got up and looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was all knotted and tousled. She picked up a comb and began to tease the tangles out. She found her everyday clothes and slipped them on quickly. One last thing - her crown. She briskly placed it on her head and ran downstairs and out into the courtyard. The sky was clear and azure in colour, it was as if there had never been any rain. It was still windy but not cold enough to spoil the day. Link was waiting for her.

 "Princess, I just know the greatest place we can go to" he said. "Follow me!".


  "Oh, Link! What is the meaning of this?" Zelda asked as she and Link made their way through the thick undergrowth. "So much for a relaxing walk" she continued.

 "Don't fret Princess. Once we get past these trees, there's a lovely hidden cove and the sea is really warm and the sand is soft. There's lots of pretty shells too" Link said coaxingly.

 "Well it appears to me that this so called clump of trees is never ending," Zelda replied sarcastically. Link shrugged his shoulders.

 "You'll see". The two of them continued walking.

 "Look! Light!" Zelda cried running forward to the gap in the undergrowth.

 "I hate to say I told you so!" said Link laughing. The two walked out onto the beach.

 "It's very sheltered here" said Zelda looking around. "In fact, it's perfect," she said dropping down onto the sand. "Nobody would ever know we were here. It's wonderfully private," she continued smiling.

 "I know," said Link sitting down beside her. He picked up a stone and skimmed it off the gentle waves.

 "You know Link…" said Zelda taking his hand into hers and standing up, pulling him up with her. "I guess you're not so bad after all. You've saved me and the Triforce so many times, yet I've never really thanked you properly," she said softly.

 "Of course you have," said Link hardly able to believe his luck.

 "No I haven’t," said Zelda tenderly. She leaned close to kiss him when all of a sudden, Ganon appeared.


 "So sorry to have ruined everything!" he said laughing manically. Several Vires, Darknuts and Gibdos materialized from nowhere and advanced on the heroic duo.

 "Don't just stand there! Do something!" Zelda cried.

 "Well excuuuse me Princess!" Link cried. He leapt forward. "Ow!" he yelled landing on his bad leg. Zelda got out her bow and shot an arrow at the Vires.

 "Not so fast Zelda!" said Ganon using his magic to turn the arrow round. Zelda ducked as the arrow went whizzing past her into the sea. Link meanwhile was surrounded by Gibdos.

 "Think you've got this all wrapped up? Think again bandage brains!" he yelled pulling the bandages from one, unwrapping it completely.

 "Link! This is no time for jokes!" said Zelda swinging a boomerang at the Vires and knocking half of them out. Link, who was having fun unwrapping the stuffing from the mummy-like Gibdos, didn’t see the Darknuts coming up behind him.

 "Link! Look out!" Zelda yelled. Link spun round just in time, nearly bumping into a rather big Darknut. Link pushed his sword into the Darknut's stomach in defence. It disappeared instantly. Zelda disposed of the rest of the Vires and began to help Link with the Darknuts.

 "NOOOOOOO!" Ganon shrieked as Link dealt a decisive blow on the last Darknut. Ganon tapped his wand and several Wizzrobes appeared.

 "Stand back Princess, these could be tricky," said Link holding his shield in front of him and Zelda. This helped to reflect the Wizzrobes's magic. Ganon tapped his wand again and Bago-bagos began to appear from out of the sea. While Link disposed of the Wizzrobes, Zelda fended off the skeleton fishes with her boomerang. Lanmolas began to appear from out of the sand.

 "I thought it was supposed to be peaceful here!" Zelda yelled knocking the horrible centipedes into oblivion with her boomerang.

 "It was, till pig features appeared!" Link shouted back getting rid of the last Wizzrobe and turning to help Zelda with the Lamolas.

 "Link, don't you see? We'll have to get rid of Ganon! He's sending all these monsters and I'm beginning to get tired!" said Zelda.

 "Think you can defeat me Hoghead? More likely I'll defeat you!" Link yelled turning to face Ganon. Ganon, who hadn’t been ready, received a blow from Link's sword. Ganon clapped his hands and several Octoroks appeared.

 "Oh no!" Zelda shrieked as an Octorok sucked her boomerang out her hand. Link's sword and shield were stole too. Zelda's bow, that she had left carelessly on the ground was disposed of as well.

 "I'll get you critters!" Link yelled. He picked up a roundish rock and hurled it at one of the monsters. It landed straight in one of the Octorok's mouth. The Octorok had just began to spit a bomb out but the rock blocked its mouth up it the bomb exploded inside it. The Octorok disappeared.

 "Great idea Link!" said Zelda picking up a rock and flinging it at another Octorok. "Good shot Princess!" Link called encouragingly. Zelda smiled and began tossing more rocks at the monsters .


  While Zelda kept the horrible beasts at bay, Link retrieved his sword.

 "Okay Ganon! Enough of your little tricks! Prepare to see some real fighting!" Link cried zapping Ganon with his sword. Ganon deflected the magic.

 "You'll have to do better than that boy!" Ganon laughed evilly.

 "Arraghhh!" Ganon screamed as an arrow hit him from behind. He whirled around to see Zelda, bow in one hand, smiling triumphantly.

 "Go on Ganon! Give me your best shot!" Zelda cried. She hit the dirt just in time as a bolt of magic from Ganon's fingertips went past her.

 "You know your problem Ganon?" said Link loudly. Ganon turned around. "You're such a lousy shot, unlike me!" Link cried shooting at the wizard. Ganon didn’t have enough time to deflect the magic from Link's sword and it hit him. Shrieking and cursing, he began to fade away. "And don't come back!" Link yelled.


 "We sure showed him" said Zelda.

 "Yeah lets hope he doesn’t show his ugly face again today," Link replied.

 "I thought we'd never get rid of all those monsters," said Zelda.

 "Oh, its just MY great skill!" said Link jokingly.

 "Hey! What happened to MY great skill?" Zelda asked laughing. The two hugged each other. Link smiled. "Now where were we up to before Hogface put in an appearance? Oh I remember… you were just about to kiss me! " Zelda pretended not to notice what Link said.

 "Look, perhaps we should be getting back, after all we were only supposed to be going on a walk and look what happens! Ganon decides to show up! Everyone will be worried about us," she said.

 "But Princess, it isn’t even getting really dark yet. Impa'll just assume that we decided to stay out a little longer that’s all." Link replied.

 "No, we should really be getting back." said Zelda beginning to walk back along the beach.

 "Go back to the castle and have to put up with the likes of Fayette?" Link called after her cunningly. Zelda stopped and turned toward him.

 "Well, I guess that’s a good excuse as any to stay out a little while longer" Zelda replied. "Yeah, we could stay and watch the sun set. It'll be sooo romantic" Link said.

 "Actually, I had other things in mind," said Zelda. "I say we go to Mido and get something to eat. I've not eaten since lunch," she continued.

 “Uh can't the food wait? It'll be great watching the sun sink under the waves, wonderfully relaxing. Anyhow we need a rest after our little meeting with Ganon," Link replied.

 "It’s got dark all of a sudden," said Zelda glancing round.

 "Precisely. I say we stay and watch the sun set," said Link sitting down.

 "But, well, really we should be getting back," said Zelda uneasily.

 "Relax Zel, everything'11 be okay. You've nothing to worry about," said Link pulling her down beside him on the sand. Zelda relaxed a little and leaned against Link.

 "It'll soon be the wedding," she said quietly. "Only one week left. It’s all gone so quick."

 "I know," Link replied. "I've seen the dress you and Fayette have to wear. Fayette was modeling one this morning. They're peach in colour and not at all fancy. You have to wear gold bracelets and a necklace and white roses in your hair. You have little trains too."

 "I'm not coming," Zelda replied sulkily.

 "But you have to," Link said. "And anyway, I think you '11 1ook abso1utely beautiful in the dress, much prettier than Fayette. You suit peach. Arid think how your father would feel if you didn’t come. He’d be really upset. You should be happy for him. Fenella isn’t that bad, a little fussy that’s all. And you and I don't need to worry about Fayette. We can still do all the things we used to do. If  you 1ike,  this beach could be our specia1 place. Let’s not tell anyone about it."

 "Oh Link, you're right. I should be happy for my dad," Zelda replied softly.

 "Isn’t it beautiful?" Link asked pointing towards the sunset. The sky was coloured with amber and crimson clouds, with flecks of violet where the night sky shone through. "It's wonderful" Zelda replied. "Yes, let's make this our special place, let's come here after the wedding," Zelda murmured. She stood up and walked nearer to the sea. Link followed her. Zelda turned towards him. “Link, how do you find these places?”

  "Oh, 1 just explore round, in my spare time. I was riding Carefree one day and I just happened to come across this little place. I forgot about, it though, for a while. Sprite knows about it, but I doubt she'd come here," Link replied.

 "Come on, lets get back," Zelda said suddenly turning and starting to walk back.

 "What? You mean you're not going to kiss me? Just when I thought you were going to too," said Link.

 "Me, kiss you?" Zelda replied wryly. "Don't even think about it."

 "Won't you even consider it?" Link asked hopefully.

 "Well, er, maybe next time," Zelda replied.. The two began to walk back home. When they were nearing North Castle Link asked,

 "Don't you think it was romantic?" Zelda smiled.

 "I guess it was. Sort of," she replied.


  As the two entered the castle, they were surrounded on all sides. "Where in Hyrule have you two been?" Impa asked. "I thought you were only going on a walk". "Oh we got a little held up by Ganon" Link replied. "By Ganon! Are you both okay?" the King asked anxiously. "We're both fine Dad. Then we decided to watch the sun set. It was lovely" Zelda said. "Oh how romantic" Fayette sneered. "Good thing you weren’t  there to spoil it" Zelda retorted. "Girls, girls" Fenella cried. The two princesses glared at each other malevolently but kept quiet. "Well, we're all glad you got back safe and sound" Impa said. "Lets have some supper. I'm hungry!" said the King.





  Soon it was the day of the wedding. Everyone in the castle had some sort of job to do, whether it was decorating the great hall for the dance afterwards, preparing the food and the wedding cake, or setting up the castle’s chape1. Zelda and Fayette got ready together.

 "I wish you weren’t here Zelda. You spoil everything for me," said Fayette sourly.

 "Well don't you think I hate you too. Anyway, me and Link are still going to do the things we used to before you came. I'm not going to let you upset me," Zelda replied.

 "Well, as soon as mother marries your father, I'll be a princess like you," Fayette said.

 "I'm not sharing the Triforce with you. Anyhow, you have to be pretty by smart to use it and know lots of magic,'' Zelda retorted.

 "I am smart. And I do know a little magic. I can use the Triforce if I like," Fayette replied.

 "Well Link looks after the Triforce. I'll just tell him not to let you touch it" Zelda said smugly.

 "Why drag Link into this?" Fayette asked.

 "Because he's the Triforce Protector, stupid" Zelda replied tartly.

 "You two seem very fond of each other. Are you in love with him?" Fayette asked.

 "No, of course not!" Zelda snapped, arranging the roses in her hair.

 "From what I've seen, I'd say you are" Fayette replied. 

 "Oh, so you've been watching me in secret;, have you?" Zelda cried angrily. Fayette ignored Zelda and put on her small train and wreath of white roses. Zelda who was ready, began to walk out of the door.

 "You mean you're not going to put any make-up on?" Fayette asked in surprise.

 "No. Anyhow, we're running late," Zelda replied. Fayette hastily finished applying her make-up and followed Zelda to the chapel.


  At the entrance to the chapel, Fenella was waiting for Fayette and Zelda. Although she was in her late forties, Fenella 1ooked 1ovely in her cream si1k dress, wit h a lace bodice and hoop skirt. She had a long chiffon train with veil, red roses in her hair and wore a tiny gold tiara set with pear1s  on the top of her head.

  "You're 1ate girls!" said Fenella checking both of her bridesmaids from head to foot. ''You’re both perfect," she continued. "Now let's go inside."

 Fenella proudly walked inside the church, Zelda and Fayette following her close behind. On the way down the aisle, Fayette tripped Zelda up, so Zelda pushed her and made her drop her bouquet to get her back. Then Zelda waved to Link who was sitting near the front of the chapel and Fayette said,

 "I know that you love him!" rather loudly and Zelda wanted to hit her but Fenella turned round and told them to behave. Everyone noticed the two feuding bridesmaids and guessed that Princess Zelda must have felt resentful at having a sister. The King was standing at the altar, looking quite smart in his stately purple robe, crisp white tunic and his imperial crown. He had even had his beard trimmed! Fayette smiled thinking about the great future she had ahead. She would be a princess! Stepdaughter of the King of the whole of Hyru1e! What power she would have! She would get married and become Queen of Hyrule! The priest was going through the vows, but Fayette didn’t hear them. Dreams of great power and wealth were in her mind. Meanwhile Zelda's thoughts were completely different to Fayette's. Her father couldn’t marry Fenella. It wasn’t right. She had to do something. She listened to what the priest was saying. "If there is any man or woman in this chapel who knows why Our King and Lady Fenella should not be joined in holy matrimony, please speak up now" said the priest.

  "I do!" Zelda said. A babble of noise went round the chapel.

 "Zelda! How could you! How dare you spoil this for me and Fen!" roared the King. "Get out! Go! I don't want to see you for the rest of today!"

 "But dad, I..." Zelda stammered, unable to believe what she had just done.

 "Get out!" the King shouted.


   Zelda stood up and ran towards the door but her way was blocked by Ganon.

 "And why wasn’t I invited?" he sneered. He grabbed Zelda’s arm. "Looks like someone else isn’t that happy about this wedding either!" he said laughing. People began to panic, hiding under the pews or trying to escape. Link drew his sword, ready to defend the people against the evil necromancer. "I'm only asking something simple. Undo the magic that protects the Triforce tower and your precious princess lives. Otherwise, I'll kill her, with this!" said Ganon evilly, withdrawing a dagger, with a blade made of jet, stone of death.

 "Undo the magic Link!" the King cried.

 "No Link! Don't do it! Let me die! The kingdom comes first!'" Zelda screamed.

 "What'11 it be Link? The Triforce or your princes? Take your pick. And hurry. I'm getting impatient!" Ganon croaked. Link brandished his sword and considered his options. He really liked Zelda and couldn’t let her die, but she'd never forgive him if he gave up the Triforce to Ganon.

 "Say, Ganon. Why don't you and I have a duel? Winner takes all? If I win, you let Zelda go free and let us keep the Triforce, but if you win you get the Triforce and Zelda," Link said. He just had to win. It was a dangerous plan and his magic was nothing compared to Ganon's. He just had to hope on his swordsmanship and wit got him through. Ganon pondered over the situation for a while.

 "Okay. I accept your decision. But your efforts are both foolish and futile. You will never beat me!" said Ganon beginning to shriek madly. He let go of Zelda and two Darknuts appeared to guard the exit of the chapel. Link tried to zap Ganon with his sword, but. Ganon teleported behind him each time. Ganon blasted magic from his fingertips. Link reflected it back with his shield. Unfortunately for Link, Ganon managed to hit him on the shoulder. His sword went flying out of his hand arid landed near Ganon. Ganon laughed madly and used his magic to raise the sword into the air. He then sent to flying towards Link. Link who was clutching his injured shoulder, managed to dodge the sword just in time - it went crashing into the stone floor of the chapel and became lodged there. Link tried as hard as possible to get the sword out of the ground but it seemed to be permanently stuck there. Ganon shot some more magic at Link, who went crashing into one of the pews trying to avoid it. Ganon seemed to think this was extremely funny and began to go into hysterics. Link managed to stand up, a little dazed but okay. Wildly, he looked around for something to hurl at Ganon. No boomerangs. Then he noticed a statue of some religious person. He grabbed it and tossed at Ganon - hard. Ganon, who was laughing like someone out of a loony but didn’t have time to dodge the heavy, marble sculpture and it hit him hard. Link leaped onto the altar and began to toss the pots of flowers at the evil wizard. Ganon began shrieking instead and Link thought,

 "What am I doing? This is a holy place and I'm practically vandalising it!" He didn’t have time to think for long however, for Ganon began to shoot magic around the room. It bounced off the walls and nearly hit Link but he managed to avoid it. He ran past his sword and tried to dislodge it but it remained as stubborn as ever. "Now I know how all those poor guys felt when they couldn’t get the sword out of the stone" Link thought. He tossed another statue at Ganon, but Ganon moved and it smashed off the wall. Ganon picked up the rocks and began to throw them at Link. One particularly large specimen hit Link on the leg and he knew that by tomorrow he would have a rather fine bruise there - if he lived, that was. Luckily, Ganon wasn’t a very good shot and Link was able to toss some off the rocks Ganon had thrown back at the sorcerer. Link then noticed a rather large and heavy book on the altar. Smiling, he picked it up and flung it at Ganon.

 "I'll get you Link!" Ganon shouted. He hurled his jet dagger at Link. Link knew the blade of the weapon was deadly. He ducked and the dagger hit the wall and became stuck there. Using all of his strength. Link managed to pull the dagger out of the wall. As he pulled out the dagger, it went flying out of his hands. A bolt of magic hit him from behind and he collapsed onto the floor. The dagger however headed straight for Ganon and hit him. Ganon screamed in pain, shouting curses and ill omens. Link got back up and threw another statue at Ganon. It hit and Ganon was defeated completely. Ganon started screaming that some day, he'd rule Hyrule and disappeared in a puff of smoke. The two darknuts vanished too.


   People began to emerge from under the pews, congratulating Link and saying that Hyrule was saved. "Well done, Link" said the King. "Yes you certainly saved the day" said Fenella. Zelda walked up to Link and hugged him.

  "Oh Link, you did just great. Thank you!" Zelda said.

  "Just doing my job," Link replied modestly. Zelda smiled and kissed him warmly. Fayette scowled at the scene.

 "This is supposed to be Mother's and King Roderick's wedding, not yours!" she said sarcastically.

 "Yeah, talk about showing your feelings in public!" said Sprite, putting her hands on her hips indignantly.

 "Well, perhaps we ought to finish the wedding," the priest said.

 "Good idea!" said the King.

  "Link, I know I never told you this before, but I, well I love you," Zelda said quietly. Link smiled.

  "Me too. You took your time though didn’t you?"

  "Do you two mind, we're trying to have a wedding!" said Fenella rather haughtily. Reluctantly, Link sat back down in the pew and Zelda took her place next to Fayette. The priest went through the vows without any interruptions and Fenella and the King exchanged rings.

 "Now its time for the big party!" said the King.




A few days later. Link and Zelda were making their way through an overgrown valley. Fayette was with them.

 "Hey you two, wait up!" she cried.

 "Why don't you hurry up?" Zelda replied following an old grassy track. Fayette scowled and began to walk faster. The three finally stopped to rest near a babbling brook. "That was pretty tough going," said Zelda sitting down on a rock.

 "There's worse to come!" said Link laughing.

 "Oh Link! Where are we going anyway?" Zelda replied smiling.

 "To this old village. No one lives there now," Link replied. Fayette scowled. She didn’t know what was worse staying in the castle or coming out with Link and Zelda. While the two laughed and had water fights, Fayette sat down and trailed deep into thought. She fiddled with the kingdom ring on her finger. Everybody at the palace liked her, apart from Zelda and Link. Well, Link was okay but Zelda was just awful. Their faerie friend Sprite was nice to her, she had been since the wedding.

  "Come on Faye, you're not going to sit there all day are you?" Zelda shouted.

 "Yeah come on Faye, exploring lost villages is great!" said Link. Fayette got up and followed them.




  "What?! I've got uninvited guests?!" Ganon screamed at the messenger who was a small Goriya. The Goriya winced.

 "Er, Your Evilness, it is Skoll and Aspete and they brought along a friend, a very big friend," the Goriya replied nervously.

 "Oh, so they decided to return did they?" Ganon croaked.

 "Uh, I guess so. Your Evilness" the Goriya replied.

  "Probably come to gloat, after my latest plan failed. Oh how I despise Link and that stupid Princess Zelda!" said Ganon angrily. He clicked his fingers and landed beside the Triforce of Power. "Hah, but they'll never defeat me while I have this in my possession. And soon, I shall have the other and I will be all powerful!" Ganon shrieked.

 "Er, yes Your Evilness, will I show Skoll and Aspete in?" the Goriya asked.

 "Oh them? Send them in!" Ganon said. Aspete and Skoll lumbered into the chamber. Behind them came a large griffin-like being. Ganon did a double take; it couldn’t be surely, not his old foe Enzar? "What are you doing here? I thought you were banished hundreds of years ago into the Mists of Time?" said Ganon. Enzar smiled.

 "So we meet again, Ganon my old friend. I was banished, by the forces of good five  centuries back, but some foolish faeries let me out by accident. Now, I come to take over Hyrule, your reign is over, Ganon!" Enzar cried laughing.

 "Not while I have this, it is the Triforce of Power!" Ganon screeched.

 "Ah. one of the three mystical Triforces. Who has the other two?" Enzar asked.

 "The Triforce of Courage is lost forever, it dwells deep underground, down a mighty chasm which closed up. And the other, the one I seek to become mine, the Triforce of Wisdom belongs to Princess Ze1da, she ru1es the overworld, under her father and stepmother of course," Ganon replied.

 "And why, I ask have you not got it? Surely you could get it from a girl? Or are you still as feeble as ever?" Enzar asked nastily.

 "The reason I can't get it is not because of Princess  Zelda, it's because of her stupid friend, LINK! He is the reason. Many a scheme I have had and he foils me each time!" Ganon screamed.

 "Now boss, don't get too angry" said S'koll.

 "I, will get as angry as I like! And where have you two been?" said Ganon.

 "Oh er, well us ave been in that Subcon place, and us decided that ya would not be that, mad with us? so us decided to come home. And on the way back, us met this Enzar guy," said Aspete.

 "I see.. Well, you're not going to be let off that easily. Now listen to my latest plan, this time Hyrule will be MINE! FOREVER!" Ganon cried, his voice plunging fear into the hearts of all who heard it.




   "See. This must have been the fountain," Link said, pointing to an old, circular stone fountain. However, no water poured from it now.

 "It's so sad. I bet Ganon and his evil monsters destroyed this place," Zelda said sadly. Fayette glanced at the fountain. It was old and covered in moss and ivy. Most of the village was like that.

 "Come on girls, lets go and explore that little church!" said Link.

 "Actually, I think I'll start to make my way back to the castle," said Fayette.

 "Are you sure you know how to get back?" Link asked.

 "Sure. I'll be fine" she replied. After she had gone. Link and Zelda made their way to the little, tumbledown church.

 "Look, here's an old book," said Zelda bending to pick up a dusty, leather bound volume. Link opened it and looked inside.

 "Seems like some kind of records of whoever lived here," he said thoughtfully. They both explored a few more tumbledown huts but found nothing. They walked back outside.

 "We haven’t found any old maps at all," said Zelda disappointedly.

 "Well we still had a great time didn’t we?" said Link smiling.

 "I guess so. I wonder why Faye walked off like that?" Zelda remarked.

 "Who knows? Anyway, now that we're alone, will you kiss me?"  Link asked.

 "Oh Link…"  Zelda sighed.

 "Oh please Zel. Anyway, the other day you said you loved me," said Link.

 "Did I? Well I guess we are alone," Zelda replied. She leaned forward to kiss him.

 "Stop right there!" commanded a small voice.

 "Oh Sprite! Now you've spoilt everything! What are you doing here anyhow?" Link asked.

 "Fayette told me where you two were. I've done something awful" said Sprite. She was almost crying,. "What's up Sprite?" said Zelda, concerned. Sprite started sobbing softly.

 “Oh, me and Felicity were messing around with some old scrolls we found and..." she began to cry loudly.

 "And what Sprite?" Link asked. Sprite sniffed.

 "And we opened up the Mists of Time! We let out this griffin who'd been banished. He said, he said he was going to take over Hyrule!"

 "What!?" exclaimed Zelda.

 "Oh? he was awful. He said he was going to see Ganon!" said Sprite. She was now sobbing uncontrollably.

  "Oh Sprite" said Link. "I'm so sorry" Sprite said crying even more.

 "Look Sprite, I'm sure everything'l1 be okay," said Zelda gently. Sprite cried even more. Zelda picked her up. Sprite sat in her hand whimpering. " Come on, I suggest that we ought to get back to the castle and keep a VERY close eye on the Triforce," the princess stated. "Whatever you say Princess," Link replied. The trio set off back to the castle.




  "So, Ganon, if you had the Triforce of Wisdom, you would be all powerful, would you not?" said Enzar snidely.

 "What do you think? Blast Sprite and her stupid faerie friends!" Ganon retorted.

 "Oh they did me a favor. And how I scared them!" Enzar replied. Ganon ignored Enzar, clicked his fingers, and landed in his throne. "Lazy, aren't we?" said Enzar. Ganon snorted. "Anyhow Ganon, I'd like to make a deal with you. If I succeed in stealing the Triforce of Wisdom, you give me the Triforce of Power and I'll take contro1 of Hyrule. IF I fail, I'll leave the kingdom and never bother you again. However, I'm fairly confident. Anybody with half a brain should be able to defeat a mere mortal" Enzar said coolly. "You will never get past Link and Princess Zelda! They are smart, much too smart!" Ganon screeched. Enzar raised his eyebrows, unruffled. "Is that so? I shall simply kill the both of them"., "It isn't that simple! Plan after plan I try, but they stop me each time. 11 is impossib1e I " Ganon shrieked. "So you accept my challenge?" Enzar asked. "Of course. You will fail!" said Ganon 1aughing evi1ly.




  "I'm sure Sprite was getting worked up about nothing.. What harm can some stupid griffin do?" said Link. "Link! We are taking about something that has been banished. It must be powerful and evil if it has! And if it's going to see Ganon, there'll surely be trouble!" Zelda replied seriously. "Relax Princess! Anyhow, Ganon'll still be recovering from what I did to him the other day" said Link.

 "Link, this creature could be very powerful, more powerful even than Ganon" said Zelda. "You and I are going to have to be very careful, I've felt that Ganon has been stronger than usual. His dark forces are getting larger and more powerful" she continued.

 "I guess you're right Princess. I have noticed there have been more of Ganon's nasties outside than usual. And remember when half of the castle guards went completely crazy and tried to destroy the castle three days ago?" Link replied. A worried frown spread across Zelda’s face. She stepped out of Link's room. "Listen Link, don't leave the Triforce for one moment. I'll see you the morning. Goodnight".


As Zelda went to her room and as Link settled down to keep a close eye on the Triforce, neither of them noticed the dark shadow that passed over North Castle that night....

What, will become of Link and Zelda when they are confronted by Enzar? Read book II, The Battle of Enzar to find out!

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