Walk A Mile

By Sailor Lilith-chan

Author's Notes: Thanks goes out to Shinigami-sama (AKA Chris Blair) for coming up with blue-blooded Hylians.Snaps go out to him.Yes, this is a short chapter, but the next will make up for it.Promise.And yes, it is a dream.

Chapter III: The Oath of Blood and Spit

   I was standing in a long room.Waterfalls cascaded from out of nowhere into a pool like platform before cascading into nothing.  I looked down to see an ice like surface covering the platform.I looked up to see that the room was a hallway.In one direction was a realm where the sky shone like gold.I concluded I was in the Temple of Light.  Continuing on my path would lead to the chamber of sages, but I couldn’t be sure.In the Sacred Realm, up had the bad habit of being down and birds were known for turning into fish.Or toast with jam with tea on the side.

   My footsteps echoed in my ears as I headed for the chamber of sages.First the walk seemed sort, than it was long.   Then my ears turned into sardines and Link swam through a snack tray to hand me a tray of twenty metallic chirping magpies.

   “Why do I need it?”

   “Because you do,” Link said and ate a clock followed by a time when he was the color purple and the sound of a full band.

   Two steps later and it all made sense again.

   Then I was in a noisy room.The acrid taste of smoke filled my throat as I wandered through a room of white tile.  Small people with round ears, black hair, and slanted eyes waited on platforms.Every few minutes long white serpents would slither out of tunnels.  Then the serpents revealed themselves to have windows and doors.The people would enter the serpents and go about as if entering a beast’s belly was a normal thing to do.

   I walked on.

   I was in a tower room, where an emerald triangle glimmered as it floated above a pedestal. I knew as I looked at it that it was a Triforce.The Triforce of Wisdom.But it

   was not my Triforce of Wisdom.And this was not my place.

   And I walked on.

   Finally I was in a room.Two people stood there, holding hands.There was a man, tall and brawny in blue armor, and his whipcord thin female companion.  “Know this,” he said to her, “Lilium, I will always be with you?”

   Lilium’s tears fell out of her eyes, “How will I know, Mas?The War is long and fierce.We’ll be in different regiments.”She wiped at her eyes, “How do I know you won’t find another?”

   “I swear it,” he said firmly.

   “The oath of blood and spit,” she said firmly and I gasped.Neither of them heard me.“If you love me… then bind to me by blood and spit.”

   He brought his lips to hers and kissed her fiercely.Lilium’s tears fell down her face and she broke the kiss.“Of course I swear,” Mas said firmly, “Why didn’t we think of this earlier?”

   Lilium closed her eyes and dried her tears.When she opened them again, she was strangely calm.“You know that the oath isn’t something to be taken lightly.”

   Mas smiled.  “Then why did you bring it up if you knew that you might now want to go through with it.”

   Lilium looked down, a ghost of a blush on her face.“I’m desperate,” she said and smiled sadly.

   “And I’m in love,” he pulled two throwing knives from his belt, “And since we are obviously meant for one another, let us swear it.”

   She took the knife and slashed his palm with it.At the same time, he slashed hers.Their blue blood spilled onto the ground. Guilty, I removed my glove and looked at the jagged scar.As a child, I had made the oath with Link.As a child, I knew nothing.As an adult, I still knew nothing and shoved him away.Guilt nearly choked me and I watched as they spat into their cuts and pressed their wounded palms together.

   I knew the words.  I knew the ritual.I mouthed along as they did.

   “In the name of the sacred three…”

   To make an Oath to the goddesses, you must call them.

   “We pledge ourselves to thee…”

   The goddesses want servitude.I know that for a fact.And a blood sacrifice.   By my blood and spit is a common Hylian expression that no other race will truly understand.  It is said, Farore, the shining blue deity who created us, spat to make Hylians.Some more vulgar Hylians in the kingdom say she urinated to create us.  Or so I have heard.

   “To honor thee and never part…”

   To part was punishment… eternal damnation or so it was said.I didn’t know if that was true, but in that case Link and I were headed well on our way.

   “We give these gifts with all our heart…”

   And then you named the goddesses.

   “As red as the fire glows.”


   “As green as the forest grows.”


   “As blue as your blood that flows.”

   That was Farore.  But it was supposed to be “As blue as the river flows.”My mouth dropped open as Mas and Lilium embraced and bound their cut with linen. 

   Those were the wrong words.It was supposed to be “As blue as the river flows.”

   Mas’ hands worked and brushed the blue blood off Lilium’s hand.Her katana sheathed at her side, bumped into the broad sword next to his.I recognized it for what is was.

   “The Master Sword,” I said aloud, forgetting my protests over the flubbed line in the oath of blood and spit.Neither of them heard me.“Why do you have Link’s sword?”

   “Forever and ever and until the end of time,” Lilum cooed to Mas.

   “Hey,” I repeated, stepping toward them and waving my hands, “Pay attention.”

   The world dissolved again and I suspect I swooned for a time.When I came to, I was undressed and in bed with Link.“I think there was probably an error in translating,” he said, more interested in my breasts then the matter at hand.  “Maybe when we get back, we can ask Impa about it.Why?”

   I pressed my scar against his.“But we…”

   “Of course we’ve always been together.You’re the best that’s ever happened to me.”He brought me against his side and tried to look serious.He failed.“You trust me?” 

   “Of course,” I mimicked him and meant it.“But what about?”

   “There’s only you and me,” he said before nibbling on the tip of my ear.“Malon’s just a friend.”

   “A good friend?” I asked, trying to keep my mind on the matter of hand.

   “A very good friend,” he confirmed.“I can forgive you anything.”

   I took my pillow and poked him in the ribs with it.“Be serious.”

   “I am,” Link said and he looked like he was laughing at me still.“If I’m lying, I’m dying.”

   I mocked a gasp.  “Don’t invite bad luck,” I said clucking my tongue, “Old Sheikah Proverb say Bad Luck is caused by peeing up ropes and talk of dyin.”

   As blue as your blood that flows.

   I kissed him long and deep.

   And then, I stabbed him.

 …to be continued.

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