Walk A Mile

By Sailor Lilith-chan

Author's Notes: Because interludes are fun, a 100 word interlude.

Interlude II: Where Did You Say?

    “You shouldn't be listening in like that!” Seline chided, clicking her beak in irritation, “I gave the cabin for privacy, Chancellor… not so you may find pleasure in the thing.”

    “I told you, My Queen,” Chancellor said, feathers puffing up slightly, “That this is for research on the mating habits of the Hylians.”

    “If they wanted you to do so,” she said, flattening her tuffed ears against her head, “They would have left the door open.”

    Suddenly, Link screamed, “You're pierced where? Owwwww!!!”

    “It was for my ritual!” Zelda protested.

    Chancellor shook his head, glad that the Rito laid eggs.

… to be continued.

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