The War Against Darkmar

By Doug

With the accusations of king of Darkmar and the inevetiable war that follows. Are Link and Zelda going to continue their love. This is a continutation of the story written by Alexandra Spears “Afterward”. I hope it does justice.


It has been six months into the war and King Harkinain has decided to hide both his wife and youngest child by sending them to Link’s homeland of Calatia under Queen Selina’s protection. Link has been assigned as military commander of the forces of Hyrule. Gathering soldiers at the North Castle and training them in combat. Darkmar has launched several attacks on North Castle, but the help of all Triforces none of those attacks succeed. One day a courier arrives from Saria and insists on speaking to Link. Courier: This message is for you, Sir Link. Link: Who is this from? It reads:


Sir Link,

I am a knight under the command of the prince of Darkmar and he wishes to meet with you. I am loyal him and him alone not his father whom I detest totally. His highness is in the seaport town of Saria. He is in “The Wicked Wind Inn” and will wait to meet you in three days. Please come alone because he does not trust anyone else.


Sir Lionel


Zelda who is nearby asks: “Link who was that courier for?”

Link responds: “For me. The Prince of Darkmar wishes to meet me in Saria;” giving Zelda the letter which she reads.

Zelda: “Darkmar they are our enemies now. You can’t go it could be a trap.”

Link: “If this is what I think it is I don’t think it’s a trap. This knight and his prince are risking their lives to meet with me.”

Zelda: “Link, if they capture you, they will ransom or execute you. Please don’t do this.”

Link: “I love you Zelda with all my heart and I will return as soon as I can.”


Link is determined to do this. Zelda also is determined to keep a lookout on Link. Before Link departs the next day he is saddling up Carefree. Link to Zelda “Princess, I have to go and find what he wants. And I must do it alone.” Zelda: “No, let me come with you.” Link: “Absolutely not you read the letter I must come alone.” Zelda walks away fuming over this thinking he’s going to get himself killed if I let him go it alone. The moment he leaves Zelda mounts up and follows him.


Link rides hard to Saria and it doesn’t take him two days to get there. He moves so fast that he doesn’t realize that Zelda is following him close by. As Link closes into on Saria he sees that it is occupied by enemy soldiers. He stops a minute and pulls his cloak over his head and moves slowly past the first sentries. They don’t notice anything strange about him and wave him on through. Link makes it to “The Wicked Wind Inn”. And looks around for this Sir Lionel, he asks the barkeep. The barkeep doesn’t know who he talking about. Suddenly Link feels sharp sword in his back and the voice behind it says “Back away from the bar hero or you’re dead”. Link backs up and a hand grabs him by the shoulder and leads him upstairs to room 3. The voice tells him knock on the door which Link obeys. A voice on the other side of the door says “Who is it?” The voice behind Link says “Your highness I have him.” The door opens and there stands a very young boy having black hair and sky blue eyes, perhaps 14 years of age and says “Hello, Link my name is Prince Shalon of Darkmar. Sir Lionel put away your sword is this anyway to treat a potential ally?” Sir Lionel: “You are quite right my highness”. Lionel sheathes his sword. Link is feeling a little easier now. Link: “Prince Shalon is it? I got Lionel message a few days ago, what is it that you want?” Prince Shalon: “As you know my father has started this stupid war with Hyrule because he is a very jealous man. I have watched him degrade our people long enough and I am sick and tried of it. I know I am young, but I want to overthrow him.” Link: “Are you serious?” Shalon: “Yes, dead serious. I am putting my life in danger meeting with you in case you didn’t notice.” At this moment Lionel leaves the room and goes downstairs.  Link: “I understand, please go on”. Shalon: “What I really want is to end his evil rule and return some common sense to the throne. First, if I succeed I will end this silly war with Hyrule, then I will exile my father to another world, then finally make an alliance with the king of Hyrule.” Just as he finishes Lionel walks in with Zelda as a prisoner. Lionel: “I thought the deal was you come alone.” Shalon: “Lionel let her go. Besides she might as well be informed as well.” Shalon lays out what he has just finished telling Link to Zelda. Link: “When can do this?” Shalon: “I don’t know my father manages to keep me in the dark about everything.” Zelda: “Your father has taken possession of this town perhaps we might could use this as chance to help you.” Shalon: “I can’t have either of you taking a risk for me.” Zelda: “I think I have a plan.” Shalon is somewhat reluctant, but listens. Zelda offers herself and Link to be taken prisoner and the prince and Lionel would be guarding them. They would have their weapons hidden so the king would suspect nothing. When the king moves to deal with them directly the prince would make his move while Link, Zelda, and Lionel hold off the guards. The prince would force the king to surrender and throw him in the dungeon until something is decided. Shalon: “I don’t know if this will work, but it’s worth a try.” Link: “I agree.”  Zelda: “I think it will work.” Lionel: “I am with the Princess on this. Your highness this is the only I fear. Your father will be so excited to hear that you captured the Link and Zelda he would definitely let down his guard”.

The next morning Link and Zelda are led to a troop transport ship with the prince and Lionel as their guards. They are pushed into a small cell in the belly of the ship. Link: “Why did I agree to do this again?” Zelda:  “Because you serve me and this might be the only way for us to free ourselves of the evil king of Darkmar.” Zelda kisses Link to reassure him of this. Link has some bombs and a magic bow with arrows in his magic sack. Later on that day during the voyage Shalon comes down to them. Shalon: “Is everything okay so far?” Link pipes up “The food could be better.” Shalon responds “I am sorry, but if the guards on this ship suspected anything this would be the end of our little plan.”  That evening Link and Zelda are disembarked onto the dock wearing chains around their waists. A whole group of guards show up to meet the prince on the dock, the captain halts them, and steps forward addressing the prince “your highness your father is most pleased with this news of the capture he sent me to take you and these prisoners right to meet him.” So far the plan is working out just like they planned. Once inside the king’s throne room he greets them. King Solon: “I finally have you. Link and Zelda, my you have caused me a great deal of trouble. I am just surprised that my son here was able to capture you.” This is moment, Solon turns and walks back towards his throne. Shalon takes out his sword and cuts Link and Zelda louse from their bonds. Lionel passes Link the master sword. At the same time Link gives Zelda her magic bow. Solon: “Traitor son. How dare you turn on me, I will destroy for this.” Solon draws his sword to defend himself from his son. Link, Zelda, Lionel manage to force the throne room guards to retreat outside and quickly bar the door so they can’t re enter. Shalon coolly steps forward to confront his father. Shalon: “You have made this wonderful land a laughing stock by your poor leadership and I am going to put an end to it today.” Shalon’s first swing is caught by his father’s sword. Solon angrily charges Shalon but Shalon sidesteps his father. Shalon’s second blow also it blocked by his father. Solon: “Boy, I told I was the swordsman in this land at one time. And I will show why.” Solon thrust for his son’s legs, luckily Shalon jumps to avoid the hit and lands a few feet back.  Shalon: “Yes, father you told me you were great, but I too am good.” Shalon moves his foot and does leg sweep on Solon. Solon is knocked down, but quickly jumps back up. Solon: “I was wrong to underestimate your strength. Why don’t you surrender I promise that I will not have you executed for treason.”  Solon thrusts his sword with his right arm again which is blocked, but comes around gives Shalon an uppercut with his left arm. Shalon is knocked backwards, however he quickly regains his composure. Link, Zelda, and Lionel are holding the door closed but can’t hold much longer. Solon’s guards have gotten a battering ram and busting down the door.  Link: “Come Shalon finish him we can’t hold this door forever.” Shalon come back with a side kick to his father’s chest which takes Solon off his feet. This time Shalon jumps on top of Solon, but Solon reacts to quickly pushing his sword up into Shalon side.  Luckily for Shalon it is just glancing blow and nothing to serious.  Shalon grabs the sword his father hit him and puts his sword to Solon’s throat. Shalon: “Do you yield?” Solon: “Please son I give up don’t kill me.” Shalon: “Call off the guards now!” Solon: “Men, don’t enter. I have surrendered my throne to my son Shalon. He is now your new king.”  At this Link, Zelda, and Lionel step away from the door. Solon is arrested and taken away never again to led the kingdom.

A few days later King Shalon summons Link and Zelda. Shalon: “Sir Link and Princess Zelda please tell your father that this war is over with. I will withdraw all our army from Hyrule within a few days. Take this letter to your father it will explain everything to him. You are now welcome guests in my kingdom and are to be greeted as heros of this place. I will work on cleaning up the mess my father made of this kingdom. And in time I hope to make it as nice as Hyrule.”

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