The Ways of the Sheikah

by Princess Ruto

Chapter 12

    Footsteps.......They alerted Zelda to the fact that Link was there. He was calling;

    "Hello?........Helloo?" His faerie flitted in and out of his shirt as he was yelling. Zelda pulled herself up, and approached Link.....

    "Hi, Link.."

    "Hey." He replied. Zelda cleared her throat.

    "You've done it!!!!!! Now, it is time for the final showdown with the King of Evil!!!!!.....But, first I have things I want to tell only to you...."

    "What?" Link asked, puzzled.

    "When Ganondorf touched the Triforce, it divided into three parts; Power, Wisdom, Courage. He only has the Triforce of Power. The two lost parts, Wisdom and Courage, were put within two chosen by destiny. Those two shall bear the Triforce mark on their hands.The bearer of the Triforce of Courage is.........You, Link!!!!"

    "M-me?" Link studdered.

    "Yes....And the bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom, destined to become the leader of the Sages..." Zelda looked at her hand. The Triforce mark glistened. She held it up, and they were both blinded by a flash of light. Zelda looked down, gasping. She was wearing the dress Impa had given her.

    "Zelda? Is it you?" Link asked her.

    "It's me, Link." Zelda said. "Here, take this. It's a treasure that destroys all evil." She lifted her hands to the ceiling, using her power to fashion a special weapon. "The Sacred Arrow of Light!!!" She handed it to Link as it decended to them.

    "Thank you......Zelda, you're the most...wonderful.....beautiful....person I've ever met...."

    "Ohhhh....." Zelda threw herself into his open arms. ".....Link, you're gonna have to protect me when I seal Ganondorf into the Sacred Realm, OK?"

    "Anything for you. I love you." Link said, and kissed her forehead.

    Omigosh!!!! Zelda thought.

    "I love you too." She tilted her face upward, but right before their lips touched, a rumbling filled the Temple. Ceiling tiles fell loose, and crashed to the floor.

    "W-what's happening?" Zelda cried, stepping back.

    "I dunno." Link answered. Navi flitted all over the place in fright. Suddenly, Zelda was trapped inside a pink crystal.

    "LINK!!!!" She cried. Link ran up to her. A booming voice rattled the Temple.

    "Princess Zelda, you foolish traitor! I commend you for avoiding my pursuit for seven long years....But you were foolish....I knew you would reveal yourself to me if I let this KID run around!!!! Ha ha ha ha.

    "Let her go!!!!" Link yelled , drawing his sword. "Come out and fight like a man!!!!"

    "Ha ha ha! If you want to save Zelda...come to my castle!!" Zelda found herself rising off the ground, up into the ceiling. Somehow, she saw herself shimmer, and fade away. Then everything went black.


    Zelda awoke to some ear splitting organ music. She stood, and stretched as much as her prison would allow. Suddenly, a loud sound alerted her attention. The sound of a heavy door opening. Zelda saw the familliar green figure, and a faerie.

    "Link! You came!" She cried.

    "Heh heh heh." The terrible organ music stopped. "The Triforce parts are resonating. They are combining into one again...." Ganondorf whipped around. "These toys are too much for you....I command you to give your Triforces to me!!!!" Zelda gasped as Ganondorf used his power to surround Link in a purple vortex. She saw Navi swirl around Link, apparently healing any wounds he had, and she flitted up to Zelda.

    "Dont worry. Link can do anything.....He did this for you, ya know...One look at that castle without knowing Ganondorf had you held capture would have sent him back to the forest." She piped in her high voice. Tears rolled down Zelda's face.

    "I love him, Navi....I'm worried...." Zelda trailed off. She turned to watch the battle along with the faerie. It was progressing slowly. They were bouncing a crackling ball of energy back and forth. Ganondorf threw it at Link, and Link deflected it with his sword, and Ganondorf would pull his cloak over his body to bounce it back. Suddenly, Zelda heard a groan of pain come from the King of Evil. He hung limply in the air. She saw Link draw a Sacred arrow from his quiver, set it in his bow. Zelda saw him pull the string taut, and fire it at Ganondorf. Ganondorf crackled with electricity, and slumped to the ground. Link ran up, and jammed his sword into the King of Evil's heart. Zelda gasped as he spit blood, and, breathing heavily, choked out;

    "Me?......The great Ganondorf?!?" He spit more blood. "Link!!!!" He let out a roar of pain, and fell to the floor, dead. Zelda saw herself being lowered to the floor. Link awaited her, grinning.

    "Omigosh Link!! You did it!!!" She looked to Ganondorf's body. "Ganondorf.....Pitiful man.... Without a strong, righteous mind, he could not control the Triforce." The tower began to shake.

    "C'mon, Zel!" The tower's collapsing!!" Link cried. They ran, with faerie in tow, down the flights of stairs, avoiding rubble, and falling debris. Right before the tower fell completely, Zelda and Link ran out the front entrance. Zelda felt a wave of releif wash over her whole body, and, collapsing into Link's arms, she sighed;

    "It's's finally over!!!" She stroked Link's cheek. He kissed her, this time on the mouth. Zelda felt a tingle run through her. She knew then that she truly loved him. But, a loud thumping shook the small island.

    "What's happening?" Zelda cried, squeezing Link's hand.

    "I dunno. Stay here. I'll check it out." Link kissed Zelda one more time, and stalked towards the pile of debris. Suddenly, Ganondorf flew out, eyes glowing. He transfrmed into a horrible monster. Zelda tried to run to Link, but a line of fire cut her off from the battle. She could just watch as Link's sword was knocked from his hands. Zelda couldn't toss it over the fire. She saw a long, hard battle. Sometimes, Link took a hard blow, sometimes Ganon would collapse, and Link would get some good hits at him. Finally, Ganon lay, stunned, and the fire died down.

    "Finish him off, Link!!!! Kill him with the Master Sword!!!" She called. Link ran over, and picked up the sword. He ran to Ganon, and slashed. Zelda then concentrated her powers to surround him in a yellow light. She called;

    "Sages...Now!!!" She watched in awe as he faded into the Sacred Realm. Cries of

    "Curse you!" Floated in the still air. Link ran over to Zelda, saying;

    "We did it!!!!" They kissed again. Zelda saw something;

    "Look!!!!" She cried as Hyrule Castle appeared. The lava faded, and the sky turned a peaceful blue. Every guard came back from the dead, and cheered them. Zelda and Link embraced. They had saved Hyrule.

The End

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