The Ways of the Sheikah

by Princess Ruto

Chapter 2

      Zelda awoke to voices. Impa's voice was one, the other belonged to an old woman. They were talking of money;

   "I'll give you 10 rupees for some cucco legs."

   "Fried or roasted?"

   "It does not matter." Zelda opened her eyes to see an old woman packing food into a basket. Impa paid her, and brought Zelda a steaming brew.

   "Drink." Impa instructed. Zelda took a gulp, and suddenly felt very weary. She yawned and drifted off again.


   She awoke again to the sharp smell of salt and the sound of lapping waves. The sun shone bright. She sat up, to see Impa looking across the water. They were on a boat? Huh? She must have been sleeping.

   "Where are we, Impa?" She saw a sliver of land in the distance.

   "On the sea, heading for Darnoll. That is the island I spoke of. The population is completely Sheikah. If you are going to be my Sheikah daughter, you must have a Sheikah name....hrmmmmm......Rallin? No......Sheik? Yes, Sheik is your name now, OK?"

   "Sure." Zelda's stomach growled. Impa reached into her basket, and pulled out a fried cucco leg, and handed it to the Princess. She then fished out one for herself, and they sat in silence for a few moments, devouring hungrily their meal.

   "Impa, what time is it?" Zelda broke the silence.

   "About 14:00. Here, put this on." Impa reached into their pack, and pulled out a blue woolen dress. Zelda pulled it on, and asked;

   "Impa, when did you make this?"

   "When Sir Dragmire came to the castle. I sensed he was up to no good, and we would have to someday escape, and hide in disguise. You needed peseant clothing."

   "Oh. I like the dress."

   "Thank you. We'll be there in a half hour...Sheik." Impa grinned, and Zelda giggled;



   Several hours later, the tired duo tramped into a small town called Turan Village. Impa led Zelda to the inn there, where she stopped to talk with a man whose skin was a tan color, like Impa's own, not like the Hylian's pale complexions. His hair was a startling teal color. Impa signed a book, plunked a red rupee in the man's hand, then turned to Zelda;

   "Come Ze-er I mean Sheik." The man stared at Zelda, obviously fascinated by her pale looks. Impa quickly pulled her off to a room.

   "Whew! I almost thought he suspected I wasn't Sheikah!" Zelda exclaimed.

   "Yes, I know." Impa handed Zelda her nightdress, gave her a peck on the forehead, and went into the adjoining room."G'night"

   "G'night..Mother." Zelda heard Impa give a chuckle. Zelda slipped out of her wool dress, and put on her nightdress. She pulled back the sheet on her bed, and lay down to sleep.


   The next thing Zelda knew, Impa was gently shaking her awake.

   "Sheik, time to wake up. We've got many miles to go." Zelda noticed Impa was not wearing her armor. Instead, she was wearing just a long dress, like Zelda's. Zelda rose, and pulled on her dress, while Impa got a hog bristle brush to do Zelda's hair with. Impa brushed out Zelda's golden curls, then spoke;

   "You know, Sheikah keep their hair short. If you want complete assurance your cover won't be blown, I could cut your hair..." Zelda's hand flew up to her hair;

   "How short?"

   "Shoulder length, maybe longer.."

   "Alright." Zelda sighed. Impa got a long sword from her pack. She unsheathed it, and held it to Zelda's hair. Measuring the length, Impa held out her hair. She then cut it with one clean swipe. Zelda's eyes were clenched shut. "All done, Sheik. It suits you." Impa held a mirror to Zelda's face. Zelda looked. Her hair was shoulder length, like Impa promised.

   "I like it Mother." Zelda was smiling.

   "Good. I'm going to rent a wagon. I'll be back soon." Impa left, and, like she said, was back within a quarter hour. She and Zelda signed out of the hotel, then headed east, towards Mirana, where Sheikah were trained in combat and cunning.

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