The Ways of the Sheikah

by Princess Ruto

Chapter 3

      "How old are you really, Impa?" Zelda looked to her surrogate mother.

   "Eighty winters. We live long, we Sheikah. That is actually considered young to us."

   "Is training hard?" Zelda asked.

   "A bit. But you will need the skills.... I will tell you a tale, if you like."

   "Alright then! '' Zelda exclaimed.

   "OK. This is in the Book of Mudora... *AHEM!*...

It is written and proclaimed that an evil one of the desert will try to cause the ruination of the Hylian Monarchy. To do this, the person will try to collect three relics, one from each of these races; The green ones of the Sacred Forest The rock eating creatures of the mountains The fish peoples of the lakes A youth will, in lieu of this evil one, collect the relics, and befriend the heiress to the throne, and thus receive the legendary instrument of the Royal Family. He will then enter the Door of Time, but so shall the evil minion. This evil one shall touch the holy Triforce, but only receive one part. The youth shall sleep in the Temple of Light for seven years, then emerge to vanquish the evil one, bringing Hyrule to an age of prosperity."

   "That's it means Link is sleeping in another world?"

   "Indeed....I think Aimee needs a rest." Impa stopped the wagon by a quiet brook, where the horse gulped greedily.

   "Mother, I want to meet him, and aid him. I think I love Link."

   "Really? Well, maybe if your training is complete in seven years...." Impa said, surprised. After several minutes, they were off again.


   They arrived in Mirana late that afternoon. Zelda saw Sheikah children of 10 - 16 summers training in combat. She saw one step back from the group, wave his hand in the air, and throw a nut of some sort to the earth, and *POOF* he was gone.

   "Will I learn to do that, Mother?" Zelda's eyes were wide.

   "They all do." Impa said, " Come, we will stay at my sister's home." She put Aimee in a stable near a large house, where other stallions were, removing the saddle and bridle. Zelda found a corncob in a bucket, and began to brush down the snow white mare, who nickered happily. After awhile, Impa spoke up;

   "It's getting dark, Sheik. Let's go." They walked out of the stable, and to the large cottage.

   "Your sister- I mean my aunt lives here?" Zelda asked, "It's large for a peasant cottage..." She added in a whisper.

   "My sister Nadia is rather fortunate. By the way, I was born in this house."

   "You weren't born in Kakariko?" Zelda asked.

   "No. I tell people that because this island is a Sheikah secret. Let's go in." Impa knocked at the rough hewn door. A woman with hair of startling hair red as berries, blood red, answered the door. She held a young child with silvery hair, like Impa's, on her hip.

   "Impa?!?" The woman smiled.

   "Nadia!" The sisters hugged."and who is this?"

   "Jacques. He's two summers old," Nadia saw Zelda, and a surprised look came over her face." You've brought a Hylian!"

   "Oh, yes...Sheik... This is my daughter! She's half-Hylian, half Sheikah. I married eleven winters ago, but my husband, a Hylian, is dead." Zelda wondered how Impa could lie so easily. She stepped forward.

   "Oh, that's different then. Hello Sheik. How old are ye?" Nadia questioned.

   " Ten summers, Aunt Nadia."

   "Oh, come in!" Nadia motioned to them, "Sit down!!!! Dinner's almost ready." She stooped over a large iron kettle over a fire in the center of the large main room. A delicious smell wafted from the pot.

   "What's for dinner, Nadia?" Impa asked.

   " Bara seed stew." Nadia answered. Zelda looked to Impa;

   "What are Bara seeds?"

   "Large nuts that come off the Bara trees in the north. The fruits inside are very good." Impa answered.

   "It's ready now." Nadia said. Impa and Zelda sat at a long wooden table, covered by an intricatley woven tapestry, made of beads. Nadia then called;

   "Jinolle!" A girl of about twelve winters race into the room, her shoulder-length purple hair flying out behind her. "Sal!" A pink haired boy of maybe nine summers came in. "Ana, bring Bette when you come!" A six winter-old girl with blue hair came in, carrying a baby with hair of a lighter blue. Nadia then spoke;

   "Children, this is your cousin, Sheik. Remember Auntie Impa?" The children ran up, and hugged their aunt, and said hello to Zelda.

   "Nadia, when I left, you were still with child with Jinolle! Hello, children!" Impa said.

   " Sit down, everybody!" Nadia ladled steaming bowls of the soup, and put them before the people. Zelda took a sip. It was delicious. She devoured it all quickly.

   "Do you like it, Sheik?" Nadia asked. Zelda nodded. After awhile, everyone was done and Nadia said;

   "Goodnight, children, Jinolle, please take Bette and Jaques to their nursery....Impa and Sheik, your rooms are upstairs. Sheik, by the way, are you going to training for the ways of our people?"
(Note- These were deftness in combat, cunning, magic, and weaving.)

   "Yes," Impa said, "I planned to start her training tomorrow."

   "Well, goodnight, you two." Nadia kissed Zelda's forehead, and Zelda and Impa went up the creaky stairs. Impa gave Zelda her nightgown, and murmured;

   "Goodnight, Sheik."

   "Goodnight, Mother

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