The Ways of the Sheikah

by Princess Ruto

Chapter 4

    "Impa! Impa!" Zelda screamed. Impa came running from her room.

"Zel- I mean Sheik! What is it?" She ran to comfort the crying child, "Shhhh. Zelda, what happened?" She whispered, her arms wrapped around Zelda.

"I-I had a d-dream.....Ganondorf h-he invaded Hyrule. He touched the Triforce like you said...and now, monsters are k-k-killing everybody. I saw visions of Hyrule Castle Town i-i-in flames, and people were dying. I've gotta do something, Impa!"

"You couldn't do anything if you tried, Princess. His evil power is to great for whole armies, much less one small girl like you, to defeat. The only one who could kill him would be......The Hero of Time...." Impa's voice trailed off.

"Who?" Zelda asked.

"'ll learn in good time. Maybe in your visions?" Impa replied.

"Maybe..........zzzzzz" Zelda had fallen asleep. Impa tucked her in, and went back to bed.


    "Mother, I saw more visions last night." Zelda sat brushing her hair.

"Really, Sheik? Of what?"

"Of the Hero. It is Link, isn't it? I saw visions of him killing Ganondorf. I also saw a vision of....hee hee hee....never mind..." Zelda was giggling.

"Sheik....what was it? This could be telling your whole future here.." Impa waved a finger at Zelda.

"He was kissing me."


    "Children, the first thing about battle is always know what your opponent is doing." An old man, with greying indigo hair was instructing many children in combat training. He didn't notice, though, the chatter in the back.

"Straw-haired pale skinner..." A child taunted Zelda. Zelda tried to slap him, but he rolled out of the way.

"Sheik! Remus! Come sit up front here!" Zelda and the boy shuffled up to the front of the group. The old man continued to preach on the importance of knowing your opponent. He also began to show simple battle techniques, when the noon bell rang.

"Go home kids." The man called. Zelda ran back to Nadia's home,where the rest of her 'family' sat, eating.

"Sheik, I need you to come with me after lunch." Impa said.

"Alright." Zelda said, knowing it was not for the ears of Nadia or the others. After the meal was done, Zelda and Impa went for a walk, through the rugged countryside, where Impa stopped by a boulder. She sat and motioned for Zelda to do the same. Zelda hauled herself onto the rock.

"Zelda, I want to tell you something..."

"Impa, we've already had THAT talk!" Zelda laughed.

"Not that one, silly, I want you to know about the Hero of Time.... He is a Legendary figure, the only one who can pull the Master Sword from the Pedestal of Time.....He is the only one who can destroy Ganondorf......It is said a mysterious Sheikah will aid him..'

"Me?" Zelda was surprised.

"Aye, Princess. I have decided to train you myself. The old one you were with this morning teaches too quickly."

"Cool." Zelda said.

"Alright, there is something else you should know.....The Hero will be aided by a mysterious Sheikah, yes, but also by seven sages."

"Who are they, Impa?" Zelda was curious.

" A forest child, who has grown up with Link." Impa said, and went on...

" King of the Rock people, The selfish Zora Princess, A Gerudo leader who hates Ganondorf........Me......."

"You are a Sage, Impa?" Zelda's eyes were wide.

" Yes, Nayru appeared to me and told me. There is one more Sage...."

" Who, Impa?" Zelda wanted to know. Impa's reply made her gasp.

"You...are a Sage, Princess."

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