The Ways of the Sheikah

by Princess Ruto

Chapter 5

    "Am I really a Sage?" Zelda had asked Impa this for every day for seven moons.

"Yes, Zelda." Impa was used to this by now, "You need to know another Sheikah legend, of the Triforce, if you wish to aid Link in his quest," Her accent grew thick, and her voice had a light air to it;

If you should seek the sacred triangle, listen well;
It is made of three pieces, Power, Wisdom, and Courage
If the one who makes a wish has those forces in balance
He will have the true power to govern all.
If the one who makes a wish does not have all three forces in balance
The Triforce will separate into three pieces, leaving that one only with the force one most believes in.
If that one wishes to govern all, he must retrieve the two lost parts..."

"Ganondorf only has one part?" Zelda asked, "which one?"

"Power." Impa answered, biting into a scone.

"Who are the other two?"

"Link has the Triforce of Courage." Impa answered

"Impa...who has the other part?"

" *SIGH*.....You, Zelda have the Triforce of Wisdom."

"How can you tell?" Zelda asked, taking a bite of roast keese.

"You have the Triforce mark on the back of your hand. Nayru has told me the other two." Impa answered.

"Is it obvious?" Zelda frowned, hiding her hand beneath her skirts.

"Not really. It is a faint marking, but it harnesses great powers. Hold out your hand at that boulder, and concentrate." Impa pointed to a nearby rock. Zelda held out her hand, and her forehead wrinkled. She bit her lip, concentrating on the boulder. It exploded with a bang, and Zelda and Impa were showered with pebbles.

"Wow....." Zelda was in awe.

"I have something nice to teach you, Zelda. Look in my pack.." Impa grinned. Zelda dug through the cloth sack, drawing out a harp like instrument.

"Impa, your lute!!! You brought it and didn't tell me for seven moons?" Zelda was smiling. She loved to be serenaded by the songs Impa played on this instrument. Impa plucked out a few chords of Zelda's favorite song, a lullaby from her infant hood.

"Impa, will you teach me a song? Please?" Zelda asked with wide, solemn eyes.

"I intended to teach you several." Impa said, "Hold the lute like this, and here are the notes." Impa plucked out a few notes ranging from low, to very high, to middle, a bit lower, then middle again.

"I like that. Let me try please." Zelda reached out and took the lute. Cradling it in an arm, she plucked the strings until she got the tune right.

"You have a gift, Zelda. That is the Minuet of Forest." Impa was pleased, "Here's another." Impa took the lute, and played a series of notes that ran quick and exciting like Zora's River. Zelda then took the lute, and stumbled over the strings with unpracticed fingering. Finally, the tune became recognizable. Zelda then played it until she could fly over the strings as well as Impa. Impa then took the lyre.

"Good! That was the Bolero of Fire! This tune is cool, and fluid, like a lake." She plucked out a smooth song, almost sad to hear.

"That's pretty, Impa." Zelda took the lute, and once again tripped over the notes, until the song was played correctly. Impa once again took the lute.

" That was the Serenade of Water. I do believe you are musically inclined, Zel." Impa wore a broad smile. She then added," This song draws you into the infinate darkness that absorbs even time. The Nocturne of Shadow." Impa's lute sang sorrowfully, going from very high, to low in pitch.

"That one is depressing, but I like how it ends." Zelda took the harp, cradling it, and played each note perfectly on the first try. Impa was proud of her student, as Zelda was proud of herself. Impa then spoke;

"The last one is a song that will lead a child to the desert. The Requiem of Spirit."

"What do you mean, Impa?" Zelda's forehead wrinkled.

"In good time, Princess." Impa plucked out a rich low song that reminded Zelda of the setting sun. Zelda cradled the lyre, and her eyes closed as she was drawn into the music. She played the piece well.

"Zelda! That was beautiful! Each song has a power to transport the one with the Ocarina of Time." Impa said.


"The Minuet of Forest transports you to the Sacred Forest Meadow. The Bolero of Fire takes you to the Death Mountain Crater. The Serenade of Water warps you to Lake Hylia. The Nocturne of Shadow takes you to the very Graveyard where your dear mother was buried. And the Requiem of Spirit brings you to the Desert Colossus, the very edge of Hyrule. You must teach these melodies to Link so he may defeat Ganondorf."

"I will, Impa. I will."

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