The Ways of the Sheikah

by Princess Ruto

Chapter 6

    "Sheik! We need to get going!" Impa called. Zelda flipped off the overhang of dirt near Nadia's cottage, sticking the landing without a falter. The clumsy ten summer old child was now a graceful young lady of sixteen summers. She landed right in front of Impa and Nadia.

"Graceful, Sheik." Nadia said, turning to Impa, "Sister, you never told me where you are going, or why."

"Sister, we are going to Hyrule."

"Hyrule!" Nadia was shocked. "Why?" Impa sighed deeply.

"Sister, when we came here, six winters ago, I lied to you..... Sheik is not my daughter. She isn't Sheikah either."

" You lied? She's not your daughter?" Nadia was hurt and shocked and angry at the same time.

"No. Sheik isn't really her name, even." Impa was weeping by this time.

"Whose daughter is she? What is her name?" Nadia was crying too. This was hurtful that her Sister would even fib to her.

"Can I tell her, Mother, I mean Impa?" Zelda stepped forward. Impa nodded, and Zelda curtsied, saying nobly;

"Nadia, I am Zelda, the Princess of Hyrule. Impa is my handmaiden. We fled because my life was endangered by a man who has terrifying power. I sent a lad my age to stop him, but it backfired. The man touched the Triforce, and the youth is sleeping in the Sacred Realm for another winter, when he will emerge to defeat this plauge." Nadia was so shocked, she could not speak.

"M-lady...Oh....Your Highness!" Nadia curtsied.

"No need Nadia. Thank you for sheltering us." Zelda said.

"Y-your'e welcome!" Nadia exclaimed.

"Do not tell a soul..." Impa cautioned.

"O-of course not, Sister.." Nadia bowed to them. Then, Jinolle ran up.

"Goodbye, Sheik." She gave Zelda a hug.

"Farewell Jinolle. Until our paths meet again, cousin." Zelda turned and mounted Aimee. Impa gave a final goodbye, and mounted a horse called Giara. She and Zelda rode off, without looking back.


   Zelda smelled the sharp smell of salt, as she and Impa led the horses onto a boat about 12 feet long. Storm clouds brewed in the northwestern skies, but Impa and Zelda paid no mind, wishing to return to Hyrule before nightfall. Impa and Zelda each took an oar, and began to row towards a faint sliver of land; Hyrule.


   A cool wind ruffled Zelda's short hair, and she shuddered. Impa handed her a blanket, saying;

"Let's try to beat the storm." Zelda looked, seeing faintly the small port of Darunia. Waves rocked the boat, and the horses whinnied nervously. A cold rain pattered on the water, dropping the temperature sharply. Zelda and Impa pulled their blankets over their heads, rowing wildly for shore. Soon, though, they were soaked to the skin. The waves rocked the boat more wildly now. At one point, a huge swell nearly flipped the boat. They were almost home now. Suddenly, a large wave formed, heading for the boat. Impa saw it first, and called;

"Brace yourself, Princess!" The wave hit, dragging the boat beneath the foaming sea. Zelda suddenly was in deep, unable to see or breathe. Go up! She told herself. Up! Zelda kicked furiously for the surface. Her lungs were on the verge of bursting now.... Suddenly, a pair of strong hands pulled her to the surface. Impa. Zelda coughed, and sputtered.

"You saved me, Impa!.....Where are the horses?"

"I cannot find them, Zelda." Impa dove below the surface, coming up seconds later.

"Swim to the shore. I'll be there soon." Impa said.

"No! Leave you alone on the sea?" Zelda then looked to see the coast mere meters away. "Alright." Zelda pulled herself onto the shore, waiting for Impa's return. Impa swam up a few minutes later, saying with remorse;

"They're gone, Zelda. Aimee and Giara both. I'm sorry. All I found was the lute." Impa held it up. "I'm so sorry."

Zelda buried her head in her arms and wept, her tears mixing with the drying ocean water on her skin.

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