What's Next

By Doug

Author's Note: Link's life since his uncle's death has been rough fighting and defeating Ganon. Now that that's all over with he must decide on what to do next. He couldn't imagine life like this, but he wants to make the best of it. He's not the only one with tough decisions.

Again all rights to Legend of Zelda are Nintendo's.

Part One

      >Link takes a deep breathe as he tries to relax pushing sandy brown hair out of his eyes. But he can't help thinking about his uncle Walter that died in the dungeon at Hyrule Castle. That was the night he rescued Zelda from a terrible fate and started his journey to stop Agahnim. It did not end until he destroyed not just Agahnim, but also stopped Ganon. The journey had taken him from the Light World he had known to a Dark World that Ganon ruled. He had recovered the Master Sword the Bane of Evil; All of this to stop Ganon in a final battle and save Hyrule from Ganon attempting to combine both the Dark and Light World under his rule.

      Finally Link is home in the house he had shared with his uncle, the only family he had left but now he was gone. When Link had come back through the passage his uncle's body was gone which did bother him a great deal however at the he was in a hurry with the guards very close on his and the princess' heels. She had led him through a secret passageway to the Sanctuary on the other side of Hyrule Cstle for her safety. During that pursuit Zelda's blue eyes had calmed his racing heart and her face reminded him of whom he was doing this for. He always remembered her beautiful blonde hair and her innocence. Link at this now has a chance to put things in order like they should have been when his uncle was killed. It has been one day since he had saved Hyrule and now the concerns falls back into what to do now. Looking through some stuff laid out his bed Link sees something different and draws closer. In the fold of cover he sees a letter addressed to him and proceeds to open it.



My young friend this is a letter of introduction. My name is Malcolm I am an old friend of your uncle. This is to also inform you the whereabouts of his body. I have possession of the body and will allow you to come and claim it. My house is located just outside of Karikaro Village on the edge of the Lost Woods. Please come my place and I will turn the body over to you.



      Link is intrigued and he does wish to close this part of his life with the burial of his uncle. Link runs outside and locates a cart and mule to carry the body back in. Link still has his uncle's sword which he plans to bury with his uncle. Tomorrow morning Link decides to leave for this meeting. Aside from the sword he is not carrying anything else.

      The next morning Link climbs onto the cart and begins his journey to this Malcolm's house. He is recognized before he gets near the village and everyone that's up flocks to his wagon. They are thanking him at once which makes Link is a little uncomfortable but they seem happy he has come through. He proceeds on his way once the crowd breaks up. He moves through the village then into the Lost Woods. He has no real idea where this house is. The fog is a little too thick for him to go fast but he finally sees a small house much like the home he lived in with his uncle. There is smoke coming out of the chimney indicating someone is home. Link walks up to the door and knocks, no response. Again he knocks this time he hears some noise and movement from the inside. The door slowly opens and an old man with grey hair stands before him. The old man extends his hand "Link, right; Walt's nephew" Link shakes this fellow's hand quietly. Then the man says "My name is Malcolm, Sir Malcolm to be exact. Please make yourself at home." Link is still quiet as he enters this house. Link finds a seat in the kitchen/dining room and sits down. "Link, I have heard so much about you and your exploits. Your uncle would have been so proud." Link speaks at this point "Thank you for welcome and thank you for taking care of Walt's body." Malcolm says "Oh that was no problem. I will tell you my story and then you can leave." Link nods okay at that. "Me and your uncle were very good friends from way on back. Twenty-five years ago he was my apprentice and served very well though at times he was braver instead of wiser. We had seen the order do many things being knights of Hyrule that is. Both of us fought in the Imprisoning War. Those that survived were permanently connected to the sages and only the chosen one would truly bring peace to the land and reunite the knights of Hyrule under him. Up to the day Ganon made his attempts to take over the knights were at an all time low with members maybe fifteen knights five of which sat on the Knights Counsel and we had twenty apprentices. When Agihnim I along with many others distrusted him, but he managed get the king's ear. He had the king disband the knights and the day before convinced the king that an enemy waited in the north which the king took most of his army there to fight. Once the king was out of the picture it brought to that night. That night when all this started for you I remember it was a thunderstorm the likes of which had never before been seen in the land. I too was contacted by the princess and I went to your uncle's house but it was too late both of you had left. I spotted you and followed at a distance to see what you would do. When you made it into the dungeon where your uncle fell I stopped. I saw his body and realizing that the guards would probably desecrate it I took it and hide it here. Nobody came looking for it because they were all after you. So there is my story." Link gives a slight smile and says "Thank you so much, but I am wondering who this chosen one is?" Malcolm looks at him and says "I think, no I know I am addressing the chosen one." Link is shocked "No, no I'm not this chosen one I'm not a knight I'mů." "Just a simple farm boy right" Malcolm says then adds "No, you are much more then a simple farm boy you fulfilled the predications by once again imprisoning Ganon in the Dark World." Link says "I am sorry my uncle was the warrior I'm not." Malcolm looks at Link with some sadness in his eyes "I'm sorry to hear that, your uncle always thought you would make a great knight. If you ignore this I believe you are ignoring your destiny. But have you been in any contact with Princess Zelda since the end of the journey." Link says "No, I haven't spoke to her I don't know when I will talk to her again maybe never." Link sighs and says "I better be going, again thank you for you did for my uncle." Link loads his uncle's body which is in a wooden box into the back of the cart with the help of Malcolm. He waves a goodbye to this friend and starts on his way back. Link can't help thinking about what Malcolm had said about the chosen one. Could he really be this chosen one? As Link enters the village he makes the announcement that he will bury his uncle in the morning in the cemetery near this village. Everyone in the village seems understanding about this. So everything is set for the next day, Link decides to stay in the village at the home of the mayor who graciously offers him a place to stay for the night.

      Early the next morning Link leads the cart to the cemetery and many people from the village follow in an entourage. As Link arrives at the cemetery all is peaceful. As the ceremony is about to begin, there is a great commotion in the back of these mourners and Link can't see what's going on then from the back people step aside to allow a person dressed in a fine dress. As this person nears Link sees this is no ordinary person it's Princess Zelda. Everybody kneels before her which she simply nods her head in approval. She takes a spot near Link who is still pretty downcast by all this. The sage begins by speaking of the heavens and the earth then some about Uncle Walter then asks for anyone that wishes to say a few words. The princess of all people steps forward and says "Here is a loyal knight of Hyrule if it was not for his sacrifice I doubt that we even be able to celebrate his life. Hyrule will never forget his willingness to pay the ultimate price and we are forever thankful it." She steps back and Link decides that he wishes to say some parting words. "Uncle Walter, I miss you so much. You were the only family I had left and now you are gone," Link is beginning to cry as he continues "I can't say enough to who you were in my life. I kept the sword you gave me in the dungeon and now I return it to you." Links pulls the sword and sheath off his belt as wipes the tears from his face and places it on the coffin. As Link looks up from his uncle's coffin he sees that just about is crying or weeping. The final words have been said and everybody melts away into the shadows until just Link and the princess are the only ones left. Link's eyes remain on the box containing his uncle. Zelda walks over to him and touches his hand gently. He looks at her and she smiles at him. "Your highness, thank you for coming out," he says. "Link, no formalities they aren't necessary today just call me Zelda here we equals okay. I get enough of that your highness or majesty at the castle," she says to him. Link lightens, smiles, and says "Okay, your highness, oh sorry I mean Zelda." "Link, have you thought about what you want to do now that Walter is gone?" "No, I haven't really thought about that." "Don't you think you should?" she asks kindly. "What do you think I aught to do Zelda?" he responds. "This is odd for me I am not much into giving advice but I don't want you to leave Hyrule if that's what you are considering doing in fact I think you would make a good knight. Right now I could use someone to protect me." Link says "You know I had this conversation with the fellow that was holding Walt's body and he said something about being the chosen one. I can't be a knight I mean I was lucky to save you." Zelda laughs as she moves her hair out of face "Now, that's funny I think you are the chosen one and luck had nothing to do with your rescue of me. It's because I think you are the chosen one that I ask you to become a knight." "But I'm just a kid, I'm thirteen right have you ever heard of a thirteen year old knight?" Link asks. Zelda gets a serious look on her face "You're thirteen, I'm thirteen. Right now I am looking at possibly being queen way before the time I think I should be. At this moment I am in charge of the entire kingdom until my father returns if he returns. I really need someone my own age I can trust and you're it. Link one other thing; look at your uncle's sword read the inscription." Link unsheathes the sword and reads the words 'Given to brave knight by a gracious kingdom'. Then he places it back on the coffin quietly. Zelda says "That's what you are, you may not realize it, but you are indeed a knight please don't walk away from this I'm begging you." Her plea convinces him, Link sighs nodding his head and says "You're right. I can't walk away. I will serve you through all things this is my vow to you." Zelda is overjoyed to hear this and Link himself now feels he has done the right thing. Zelda says "I will knight you tomorrow afternoon at four in the evening be there sharp and we will have feast following to celebrate." Link moves to pick up his uncle's sword but Zelda stops him "There is no need to do that you will receive your own sword that states your honors." And that following day Link does get knighted as a knight of Hyrule.

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