A World Cloaked in Shadow

By Lyxie


Link stood in Kakariko graveyard as the rain pelted his clothes, inspecting the gravestone before the tomb with the names of all the royal monarchs. He looked to the two most recent two names, remembering, his mind floating back to happier days.

"Father doesn't believe my dreams," pouted the little golden haired princess, "but you do!"

"I don't remember my mother- it was Impa who was always there for me. My mother died when I was young. Father grieved her loss so, Impa says he hasn't been the same since."

"Do you think we'd make good monarchs, Link? My mother and father were both wonderful…"

And yes, now the husband and wife would rest side by side after being separated by sixteen long years. Link touched the two most recent names upon the gravestone, his fingers brushing away the grime.



"Link?" the young queen, the new queen- his queen and wife, Zelda, appeared at his elbow, her pale hand resting lightly upon his arm. Her eyes were red-rimmed behind the black veil of mourning she wore. Link embraced her.

"He was a good man," said the hero, his voice thick with sadness. Zelda nodded, holding to him, looking at the gravestone.

"He was a good man," she said. "He was a good father to me, even after Mother was gone. I thank the goddesses to this day that the sages were able to give me back the chance to see him one last time before he passed."

"He was very proud of you," said Link, hugging her as she began to cry. She nodded against his shoulder.

"Mm-hmm," she said. They turned from the crypt and made their way from the rainy courtyard to the royal carriage, Link climbing in before his queen.

"With every death, there comes life," she told him once they began to rock on their way. Link scrutinized her face- though her eyes were red, there was a small smile on her lips.

"What do you mean?" Link asked. Zelda smiled lightly at him, leaning up to kiss him on the cheek. She took his hand and placed it over her abdomen.

"This is what I mean," she whispered. Link's jaw dropped, and then his face broke into a beautiful, glittering smile. A baby! He and Zelda were going to have a baby.

Yes, his wife was right, as always. Even without the Triforce of wisdom, she was still by far the wisest person he ever knew. And, in a way, Zelda had been right when she had told him that even without the Triforce, they still retained the same abilities they'd had before- the Triforce was merely a symbol of who they really were. So Link believed her and knew that she was right when she said that, with every death, there came life. With every loss, there was a gain. And for every dark and dreary time, there would always come a brighter one.


You have been drifting for so long
I know you don't want to come down
Somewhere below you, there's people who love you
And they're ready for you to come home
Please come home

~Sarah McLachlan~

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