The Amazing Race:
Nintendo Universe

By Stephen Stephano


Race Leg #7 – Pokémon Islands


“We are down to 7 teams in the Amazing Race: Nintendo World.  We find ourselves in Aquatic Ruin Zone.  This area, the 3rd world in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, represents the start of this, the 7th leg, in a race around the world.”


“Olimar and Louie were the winners of the last leg.  They will be the first to depart at 7:30pm.”


Olimar:  **tears open the clue.  Make your way to Goldenrod City, Johto, and find your next clue at the magnet train station. 


Louie: Wow, pokemon territory.  This ought to be interesting. 


Olimar and Louie take a ferry across the water toward Casino Night Zone, where they promptly take a taxi to the airport.  They are followed by the other teams, who one by one reach the airport and head to the ticketing counters. 


Krystal: We need to catch a flight to Goldenrod City.

Mario: We-a need to make it to Goldenrod, a-quickly.

Link: What have you guys got in order to reach the city of Goldenrod?


The teams find that the quickest flight leaves at 11pm that evening, arriving at 5:30am.  All teams will be taking the same flight. 


Fox: A shame we don’t have our arwings, we could go boost speed and be there in an hour. 


The teams land in Goldenrod, sparking a rush to the outer end of the airport terminal. 


Ike: Taxi!

Falcon: Taxi!  Yes, drive fast, go, go, go!


The taxi carrying Ike and Lyn gets their first, followed by that of Fox and Krystal.  However,  thanks to their speed, the foxes get to the clue box first.


Krystal: Take the magnet train to Saffron City.


“Teams must now take the magnet train across the Pokemon Islands to Saffron City.  This metropolis, the largest city in Kanto, is their next destination.  Once there, they must head to Silph Co. headquarters, where they’ll find their next clue.”


Fox: Hi we need a ticket to Saffron.

Lyn: Good day, we need to get to Saffron, when’s the next train?


“The next train leaves in three minutes.”


Ike:  Really?  We need to be on that train!  Is there space?




Lyn: **takes the tickets.  Thank you!


The other teams come running into the station as the first two teams board. 


Mario: Momma Mia Luigi!  Get the tickets, the train is a-leaving!

Falcon: Fast, fast, fast, the train is leaving!  Show me your moves Jody!

Link: Hurry Zelda, we need to go now! 


Mario and Luigi make it in the train, as do Falcon and Summer, the latter diving in as the doors begin to close. 


Link: No! 

Zelda: Hold onto me Link!


Zelda and Link come together and cast Farore’s Wind, transporting them to the rear of the train.  They stand on the outside of the caboose as they hang on for the ride.  As the train departs, they see Metaknight and Dedede run in with Olimar and Louie on their heels. 


Metaknight: We missed the train?

Olimar: Dang!  These pokemon folk sure do adhere to strict scheduling.  If this were Hocotate we would have made that train.  **turns to the ticketing window.  How long until the next train?


“Thirty minutes.” 


Louie: Thirty minutes?!  For the love of Pikmin!


Metaknight turns to Dedede with a murderous look on his face.  Dedede winds up to punch his teammate, but thinks better of it. 


Fox: The freighters and the villains missed the train.  They’re without their landmaster.

Mario: I a-think the heroes missed it too.

Luigi: Not-a correct Mario…look at the back of the train.

Lyn: Probably their warping powers.  They helped me with them in the cave.

Falcon: Warping ability?  Man what kind of witchcraft do they have in Hyrule?

Mario: Don’t-a know Falcon…I’ve a-only been there for Smash Brothers battles. 

Summer: Maybe we’ll have to go there later in the race…


The train arrives in Saffron about two hours later.  The teams immediately notice the Silph Company headquarters building towering high into the Saffron skyline.  Again due to their foot speed, the foxes get there first.


Fox: Find the Master Ball!


“This challenge requires the two team members to search through a pokemon-themed automobile filled with thousands of pokeballs.  Inside the car will be many poke balls, great balls, and ultra balls.  Their objective is to find the one master ball inside of the whole automobile.  Once they have found it, they will exchange it for their next clue.” 


Krystal: Alright let’s find the purple one.

Link: How do you even get inside this thing? 

Falcon:  Easy, you just latch onto the door handle and swing inside the window.


Falcon executes the maneuver and glides in easily.  He searches his car, which is painted to look like a Squirtle, from the inside while Jody Summer looks from the outside window.  Mario and Luigi head for the Charmander car and start searching.  Ike and Lyn pick out the Pikachu car and jump right in.  Fox and Krystal take the Mewtwo car and do likewise.  The street is quickly littered with poke balls of all sorts as the teams throw out the bad balls in an effort to find the one they need to continue the race. 


Princess Zelda, noticing the chaos all around her, taps into the vast psychic energy residing within the psychic pokemon paradise of Saffron.  Within her brain, she maps out the waves of energy, noting that they seem to converge on one spherical surface near the Bulbasaur car’s steering wheel.  She very carefully climbs into the car, oblivious to Link tossing balls out from the rear.  Within thirty seconds, she has the master ball. 


Zelda: My lord, it is in my possession.

Link: **surprised.  Why my lady, how ever have you acquired searching skills of such quality?

Zelda: It is in my royal blood.  Come, our next trial awaits.


“Teams must now head by taxi down route 7, leaving Saffron and arriving in Celadon City.  Once there, they must head to the Celadon City Game Corner, where they will receive their next clue.”


Zelda: Taxi!

Link: To Celadon City Game Corner, proceed hastily please!


Time continues to pass outside of Silph Company.  None of the other teams have found the master ball after about twenty minutes.


Falcon: Ugggh, I’m getting so aggravated with this.  This is crazy.  I must have thrown at least three hundred balls out the window by now.

Summer: Keep looking!  It has to be here somewhere.  Wait!  Right there, underneath the front seat! 


Falcon reverses his field and starts digging out toward the front seat.  He quickly finds the one purple ball inside the mass of red, blue, and yellow.


Falcon:  Nice!  We’ve got boost power now.  **grabs the clue. 


Back at the train station, Olimar and Louie are in the front car along with Metaknight and Dedede.  They continue to stare at one another wordlessly, knowing that their fate in the race will likely come down to a head-to-head battle unless one of the other teams were to falter badly.


Link and Zelda enter the Game Corner, a casino of sorts formerly run by Team Rocket.  The clue box is right next to a series of slot machines.  


Zelda:  Detour…sell it or tell it.


“This detour requires teams to use their memorization skills in one of two unique challenges.  Their choice, they can sell it, or tell it.”


“In sell it, the teams must proceed to Celadon City Department Store.  Once there, they must pick up ten different technical machines, better known as TMs.  They must then search through the store to find the correct, specially marked pokemon and their trainers looking for the TMs that the pokemon need to learn new battling techniques.  Once all ten of the TMs are in the hands of the trainers, they will return to the main floor counter, where they will receive their next clue.”


“In tell it, the teams must proceed to Celadon City Gym.  Once there, they will proceed to the daycare center, run by the city’s gym leader, Erika.  From a manuscript they will have to tell the children a story in which blanks are present.  In the blanks, the teams must mention ten specific pokemon in order for the story to make sense.  Once the teams have told the story correctly with all pokemon in the correct spot in the manuscript, they will be handed their next clue.”


Link: You’re well with books, let’s do tell it.  Zelda nods her head and they head toward the gym.


Meanwhile, Team Freighter and Team Villain reach Silph Company just as Mario and Luigi find the Master Ball from their car. 


Mario: Okey-dokey Luigi, we’ve got it.


Luigi: Head by taxi to Celadon City Game Corner.

Mario: Might-a be another gambling challenge.  Let’s go.


With so many balls on the ground, it is difficult to even approach the cars.  Metaknight trips on one of the balls and falls right on his back.


Dedede: **laughs.  Not so tough now are ya?

Metaknight: Just start looking for the Master Ball before I slash your throat.

Louie: Man, you two really don’t like each other.

Metaknight: Oh hey, look, we’ve got a scholar over here!  What other earth-shattering things do they teach you in Hocotate?

Louie: Well they do teach us about the thermonuclear physics involving getting a massive freighter through the atmosphere at the precise speed needed to deliver thousands of pounds of goods on a tight schedule without burning up in the mesosphere.  What do you talk about in Dreamland?

Metaknight: Errr….


Fox and Krystal emerge next with their master ball.  By this point pretty much every single poke ball from their car has been tossed to the ground.  Fox crawls out of the car, pretty much angry at the world for their inability to find it.


Fox: I hate these luck based challenges.  We’re the best team out here but they stick our master ball at the very bottom so we have to dig through every one.  Ridiculous!

Krystal: We still have time to catch up though.  To Celadon Game Corner!


Falcon and Summer reach the clue box at the Game Corner.  Ike and Lyn are right on their heels. 


Summer: Detour, sell it or tell it.

Falcon: I say sell it, as mercenaries we’re naturally pretty good salespeople.

Lyn: Definitely tell it.  We tell great stories in Gallia.  Ike nods his head in agreement.


At the gym, Princess Zelda pours over the pokemon names and what they look like.  After a few minutes she is ready to tell the story.  Again, resulting from her immense reading abilities from hours and hours spent in the Hyrule Castle library, she comfortably recalls the tale to the children.


“And so Ash and his friends Misty and Brock went to Mount Moon, where a group of Clefairy used a technique called the metronome.  This caused an earthquake, which sent Team Rocket and their Meowth flying through the air.  The great swarms of Zubat slowed their progress, but eventually they reached Cerulean City.  At the gym, Misty vowed to get revenge on Ash for stealing his bike, and challenged him to battle.  Since electric pokemon are strong against water pokemon, Ash wanted to use his Pikachu, but the sensational sisters forbade it.  As such, Ash decided to use two flying-type pokemon, Pigeotto and Butterfree.  Misty used two water-type pokemon, Staryu and Starmie, in her effort to defeat him.  However, as the battle was ending, Team Rocket reappeared and wanted revenge.  They used a giant vacuum to suck up all sorts of pokemon, including a Seel.  However, one of Misty’s other pokemon, Psyduck, saved the day when it used its headache to its advantage and launched a psychic attack, reversing the vacuum’s flow, saving the pokemon, and causing Team Rocket to blast off again.”


Erika: I am so impressed.  What a bright mind and a rapturous beauty.  Might I interest you in some fine perfume from our perfume shop?


Zelda: Why certainly, but please make haste, this is a race after all. 


Erika returns with two bottles of plant-based perfume along with the clue, as the children all clap for Zelda.  Zelda and Erika curtsy for one another as Link tears open and reads the clue.


Link: Head to Cycling Road and ride to Fuchsia City, then go on foot to the Safari Zone.


“Teams must now head to the west end of Celadon City, to the eastern terminus of Route 16.  Once there, they must pick out a bicycle and ride down routes 16, 17, and 18, collectively known as Cycling Road.  Once they reach the end of the road they must travel on foot across Fuchsia City to Safari Zone National Park, where they will receive their next clue.”


At the department store, Falcon and Summer set off on finding the pokemon and their trainers first. 


Falcon:  I see a Pigeot over there!

Summer: That must be a Ninetales over there!

Falcon: Why do you say that?

Summer: Because it has nine tales…count em.

Falcon: Well okay, I didn’t realize that names were that obvious.  Here, take the TM book, there must be a fire-type TM in here somewhere.  Ah yes, TM 38, that’s Fire Blast.  Sir, would you be interested in buying this technical machine? 

Trainer: How much?

Falcon: q400 is the price.

Trainer: I’ll take it.

Falcon: You have a deal, thank you sir. 

Summer: You have a flying type pokemon in Pigeot, so TM 43 Sky Attack would be greatly to your benefit.  It’s q350 for this one.

Trainer: That would be a very helpful maneuver, I’ll buy it.

Summer: Great, I’ll take your cash and here you are, thank you!


Summer and Falcon breeze through initially, as only one flying type and fire type TM exists in Kanto’s original set of TMs.  Once they hit the late ones though, they struggle.


Falcon: Your Diglett is a rock type, TM 48 Rock Slide might be good for you.

Trainer: Diglett is a ground type, not rock.

Falcon: Oh come on, what’s the difference.  Jody, what’s the TM for the ground types?

Summer: Well there’s many, there’s TM 26, 27, 28…

Falcon: Yeah, yeah, TM 27, Fissure, that should work.

Trainer: Fissure is too advanced, Diglett cannot learn that move.

Falcon: Jody, do you have any TM 26 or 28?

Summer: No, I have to go back to the counter to get those, I didn’t bring them.

Falcon: Oh shoot.  **Looks at the line for the elevator.  We’ll never get this done in time.


Mario and Luigi reach the clue box at the Game Corner, quickly followed by Fox and Krystal.  They both head for the department store, and within several minutes the store is blanketed by three teams trying to sell their wares.


Meanwhile, Metaknight and Dedede continue to search for the master ball inside of their car, which is painted like a Meowth.  Dedede uses a good strategy, throwing his weight around and knocking hundreds of balls right out the window in waves without having to throw them.  On one such movement though, he accidentally elbows Metaknight in the face, knocking him from the car.


Metaknight: Dedede you idiot!  Will you please watch where you’re throwing that pudgy belly of yours!  Metaknight gets up gingerly, then notices that there is a purple ball on the ground between his feet and the rear tire.  Before he can get it, Dedede jumps out and grabs it.


Dedede: My pudgy belly just found our next clue.  Shut your trap.


Olimar and Louie realize that they are behind and work extra hard to catch up.


At the gym, Ike and Lyn have difficulty re-telling the story.


Ike: This caused an earthquake, which sent Team Rocket and their Clefairy flying…

Erika: No, no good.

Ike: Aw man, I thought that was it.  Lyn which one was it? 

Lyn: Meowth.

Ike: Shoot.  Okay, you try next.


After looking over the book for a minute, Lyn gives it a try.


Lyn: Ash wanted to use his Pikachu, but the sensational sisters forbade it.  As such, Ash decided to use two flying-type pokemon, Pigeotto and Butterfree.  Misty used two water-type pokemon, Staryu and Psyduck, in her effort to defeat him.

Erika: No.  That’s not right, try again.

Lyn: Curses.  Oh yes, there were two of the star pokemon, Psyduck was later. 


Back at the department store, Fox and Krystal power their way through the challenge, while Mario and Luigi have some difficulty.  Trouble is that with their background in plumbing, the brothers aren’t well rehearsed in trying to make sales pitches.


Mario: And-a this one, this is Mega Drain.  It will take your plant type pokemon’s energy and use it as a beam toward your enemy.

Trainer: I don’t think Mega Drain does that.

Luigi: But it takes energy away from your opponent and uses it against them.

Trainer: Look, this is Celadon, we’re all experts on plant-type pokemon.  TM 21 doesn’t do that.


Mario and Luigi look at one another confused.  They head back downstairs to the instruction manual at the main kiosk.


Fox: You have a Chansey, that’s great.  TM 41 is Softboiled, it gives the pokemon the ability to make eggs and then use them to recover energy.  I can sell it for q300.

Trainer: That’s just what I need.  Here you go.

Fox: Thank you very much.  That’s nine down Krystal, we just need one more!

Krystal: You’ve got a Kadabra, a psychic-type pokemon.  There are many psychic TMs, are you looking for offense or defense?

Trainer: I’m looking for a move that will get inside the head of the other pokemon, and the other trainer by extension, something truly devious.

Krystal: Wow, I like your attitude.  I have just the TM for you.  TM 42 is Dream Eater.  It is used after your Kadabra puts the opponent to sleep, it eats their dreams and by extension their life force.  I’ll sell it for q400.

Trainer: That sounds great.  I’ll buy it.

Krystal: Yay!  We’ve got all 10.  Hurry let’s get back downstairs!

Falcon: Oh no, the foxes got all 10.  Hurry Jody, I think I see the freighters!  We have to boost outta here!


Zelda and Link park their bikes at the bike station, embarking on the short walk to the Safari Zone.


Zelda: I’m exhausted.  That was so far of a bike ride.  My legs hurt a lot.

Link: We’re almost there.  Just a little further.


Zelda slumps to the ground as her legs give out for a minute.  Link responds by picking her up onto his shoulders and carrying her for the last quarter mile or so.  They get curious looks from the pedestrians in Fuschia City.  At last they reach the clue box.


Zelda: Roadblock…who’s a good catch?

Link: Definitely me.  Find a Kangaskhan and catch it.


“This roadblock requires teams to find and catch one of the safari zone’s most famous breeds of pokemon, the Kangaskhan.  Using just a poke flute, some bait, and standard poke balls, the teams must secure one of these creatures and return it to the entrance.  Once they have the pokeball with pokemon in tow, they will be handed their next clue.”


Link: Alright, the Kangaskhan is a kangaroo, so I have to look for it.  Ah there’s one. 


Link sneaks up from behind and lays down some bait.  The kangaroo turns and notices it, but walks the opposite direction.


Link: Hmm…must not be hungry.  I’ll go find another someplace else.


Back on cycling road, Fox and Krystal fly down the road, hoping to make up time on Link and Zelda.  Fox drives his bike into a higher gear, heading down the hill at speeds of upwards of fifty miles per hour.  Krystal does her best to draft behind him.  Like a pair of daredevils they pay no attention to the danger of their speed or to the other riders around them.  About twenty-five minutes after they started they pull into the bike exchange on the outskirts of Fuschia City.


Fox: Now that’s what I call a land speed record. 

Krystal: We’ll need another one in the Safari Zone if we want to win the leg.  Let’s move.


Back at the daycare, Ike and Lyn have left, having completed the challenge.  Dedede and Metaknight are now up to take their chances, and their exploits are even more misguided.


Dedede: The great swarms of Clefairy slowed their progress…

Erika: No, no, no.  The children laugh at the blooper.  Dedede goes back to read the book again. 

Metaknight:  Ash wanted to use his Psyduck…

Erika: No, that’s not right.  The children again burst out in laughter. 

Metaknight: But, but Ash had a yellow pokemon…and it started with a P…how could that be wrong???


Back at the department store, Mario and Luigi notice Olimar and Louie catching up on them quickly.  They are still two away from being complete. 


Trainer: My Hypno wants to be defense-oriented.  Do you have anything that will help?

Mario: **confers with Luigi.  Why of course.  There are-a many psychic TMs, but TM 33, called Reflect, can stop an enemy from attacking with any accuracy or precision.  It’s-a perfect.

Trainer: Nice.  You sure know your TMs.

Mario: It’ll-a be q300.

Luigi: What’s that, you need an electric attack for your Electrode?  TM 24 will do quite nicely, it is a strong Thunderbolt attack, pretty good.

Trainer: But I need the strongest attack there is.  Thunderbolt is good for Pika Cup Competition, but if I ever want to make it into the Kanto Pokemon League tournament I need the best!

Luigi: **thinks.  Oh by ducky, I can’t-a believe I forgot!  TM 25 is Thunder.  This one is crazy strong, it’ll-a knock out even the strongest of enemies in no time flat.

Trainer: How much is it?  I can’t go without this!

Luigi: I don’t know…I don’t think I could let it go for less than q800.

Mario: Luigi!

Luigi: Oh alright, it’s-a yours for q500.

Trainer: Thank you very much!

Mario: We’re-a on to the next challenge!


Up ahead at the Safari Zone, Fox McCloud tries his hand at catching a Kangaskhan.  He lays the bait down, but unfortunately the kangaroo pokemon does not pay it any attention.  He tries to use the poke flute next, but a cringe worthy noise comes out instead, causing most pokemon in the area to flee.


Krystal: Fox should not play musical instruments. 

Zelda: I didn’t want to be mean, but I was thinking the same thing.


Clear on the other end of the preserve, Link manages to distract one Kangaskhan by hoarding it into a group, near a Lickitung, a Weezing, and a Tauros.  As the Kangaskhan is eating, Link tosses the poke ball.  The timing is perfect, and his prey provides little resistance.  The hylian hero rushes in to grab the poke ball and starts stampeding through the park back to the entrance. 


Zelda: Link you did it!  We can get the next clue!

Link: **tears open the clue.  Go to the next pit stop, Articuno Cave!


When all tasks are completed, teams must head to Fuschia City Beach, where they will saddle up a water pokemon of their choice to lead them across Sea Route 19 to the Seafoam Islands, where on the northern shore of the island chain lies Articuno Cave.  This cave is home to one of the three mystical bird pokemon of Kanto, the ice bird, Articuno.  It is also the Pit Stop for this leg of the race.  The last team to check in here…may be eliminated.


Just as Link and Zelda reach the beach, Fox is able to catch his Kangaskhan.  He comes tearing through the entranceway with the poke ball and Krystal grabs the clue.


Krystal: Go to the next pit stop, Articuno Cave. 

Fox: If we move quickly we might still catch them for 1st place.  Let’s go!


Back on cycling road, three teams jockey for position.  Mario and Luigi use their weight to their advantage, as it pulls them down the hill quickly, out ahead of the sleeker Falcon and Summer.  Seeing this, the two F-Zero drivers pound the pedals and draft in behind the plumbers, sitting on their wheel and not letting them get away.  Eventually Ike pulls up to the group and passes, but due to a great weight difference between them, Lady Lyndis can’t keep up with her comrade.  The duo from Gallia become strung out over the course and lose ground.  Ike realizes his error and circles back to find Lyn, who has become entangled within a greater group of cyclists.  The other two teams reach the Safari Zone neck and neck with one another.  Mario and Falcon head out into the park looking for the Kangaskhan that will complete the leg for them.


The wind whips across the ocean as the sun begins its descent.  Two water pokemon, a Lapras and a Dewgong, carry the leading teams across toward the Seafoam Islands.  At the map of the Nintendo Universe stands Phil, along with Ash, Gary, Brock, Misty, and Professors Oak and Ivy.  Standing right next to Phil is Blaine, the leader of Seafoam Islands Gym.


The first team comes bounding down the beach, tossing their bags down on the sand in front of Articuno Cave.  The mystical bird itself stands by the entranceway behind them. 


Professor Oak: Welcome to the Seafoam Islands.


“Link and Zelda you are team #1!” 


Link and Zelda: YES!  The two hyrulians embrace one another with fervor as they celebrate their stage victory.  They even share a kiss in front of the cameras and the crowd, which emits some catcalls.


“As the winner of this leg of the race you have won a trip for two from Koopa Air, and you will be traveling to the Orange Archipelago.” 


Link: Alright!  A totally new place to explore!


“You’ll spend five nights at the exquisite Sketchit Resort on Shamouti Island, site of 2000’s battle of the mystical birds.  There you’ll be treated to a safari on Pinkin Island National Park, a scuba dive in the South Kanto Sea, a deluxe spa treatment, and dinner on the beach.”


Zelda: Sounds pretty romantic.  Just what we need in order to run a kingdom properly.


“And here comes another team right now.” 


Fox and Krystal come bounding down the beach, reaching the mat.


“Fox and Krystal you are team #2.” 


Fox: Wow, that was close, just not quite enough.  Congratulations Link and Zelda.

Zelda: You two made up a lot of ground.

Krystal: If not for you finding that master ball so quickly we would’ve won.


“Exactly how did you find it so quickly?” 


Zelda: A woman never reveals her secrets.


As the day wears on and the sun begins to set, the teams in the middle of the pack reach the islands.


“Falcon and Summer, you are team #3.” 


“Mario and Luigi, you are team #4.” 


“Ike and Lyn, you are team #5.” 


Back at the Safari Zone, the two remaining teams are trying desperately to catch a Kangaskhan.  Twice Dedede has come close to securing the animal only for it to break out of the poke ball at the last second.  On the opposite side, Olimar has corralled in his prey meticulously with bait, waiting for the right time to strike. 


Dedede: Come on, come on.

Olimar: I know I have it this time!


The pokeball’s red light stays on as the balls roll on the ground.  The light goes out for one, with the pocket monster breaking out on the other.


Dedede: Curse it all!


Olimar: Yes!  Pit stop here we come!  Olimar and Louie come running out of the Safari Zone and across Fuchsia City.  Dedede eventually corrals his prey but by the time he does they are at least ten minutes back.  Olimar and Louie stake out their water pokemon, a Tentacruel.  In seconds they are gliding across the ocean, which by now is illuminated almost solely by the stars. 


When they reach the beach, Dedede and Metaknight check out the few remaining pokemon, one a Slowbro, the other a Blastoise, neither really a bastion of speed.  Then they notice something else, a Charizard standing at the edge of the corral.  They immediately flock to it and within seconds they are airborne, flying high over the ocean.  With the fire dragon in their command, they fly way ahead of the group from Hocotate, landing far ahead of them on the shores of the Seafoam Islands.  They quickly locate Phil and run there with smiles on their faces.  It has been a tough leg, but at least they would advance to the next leg.


“Metaknight and Dedede.” 


Metaknight: Yes?


“You are indeed the 6th team to arrive.”


Dedede: Good.


“However…you did not follow the instructions for the final trip from Fuchsia to Seafoam.  You were supposed to travel with a water-type pokemon, not a fire or flying type as you did.  As a result, you have incurred a thirty minute time penalty.  You must wait thirty minutes before I can check you in.” 


Metaknight: What?!  That’s not fair!  We’re here, how could we not be here?  Time penalty?  Why you worthless little twat! 


Metaknight and Dedede are in shock as the decision is rendered, but Dedede eventually gets Metaknight away from Phil and the cameras.  There is little they can do but wait out the time in the production truck on scene. 


A certain amount of time later, Olimar and Louie disembark.  Their faces are down.  They saw Metaknight and Dedede fly overhead and know that their trip is likely over.


Professor Ivy: Welcome to the Seafoam Islands.


Olimar: Thank you very much.


“Olimar and Louie.”


Louie: It’s bad isn’t it?


“You guys are still in this race, you are team #6.” 


Olimar: Whoa!  How in the…amazing!  Olimar and Louie high five and chest bump one another, both of them losing their footing and falling to the sand, to the amusement of the trainers standing in their midst. 


After the served time penalty, Metaknight and Dedede emerge once again. 


“Metaknight and Dedede…I am sorry to inform you that you are the last team to arrive.”


Doom washes over the faces of the two villains as the grim reality is known.


“I’m also sorry to tell you that you have been eliminated from the race.”


Metaknight: I hate you, this is all your fault!  You just had to pick the Charizard didn’t you?!  It’s your fault that we’re out a million dollars.

Dedede: Excuse me, but it’s not like the turtle or the platypus would’ve outrun that giant jellyfish.  And besides, it was because of you that we missed the train!  It’s your fault we don’t have the money!


Metaknight and Dedede come to blow, punching one another and eventually rolling in the sand like a bunch of spoiled babies. 


Blaine: Hey!  You will not make a mess of my gym, or this beach, or our precious cave!  Ninetales, Arcanine, Magmar, GO!


Blaine’s fire pokemon make quick work of the embattled villains, torching them right off the set as the episode concludes.


Standings for Race Leg #7:

1st – Link & Zelda

2nd – Fox & Krystal

3rd – Falcon & Summer

4th – Mario & Luigi

5th – Ike & Lyn

6th – Olimar & Louie

7th – Dedede & Metaknight (eliminated)




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