LOZ: Balance of Power

By Justin Caynon


Dedicated to Juliet A. Singleton and Megan O'Shea—thanks for always believing in me and inspiring me to go that extra step with loving support.

(Authors note: I know that at first glance this may look like it is a Zelda OoT story, in truth there will be references to the show, to all of the other games and since this is a crossover, other games and shows. This is not a Link/Malon romance story, its hardly going to be romance at all, its just the run of the mill adventure to make up for the debauchery I wrote over four years ago.)

Disclaimer- This is my tribute to many things, mostly the world of Zelda and the world of Final Fantasy. But its so much more. It's a crossover to illustrate the combining of so many elements from so many things.