The Crossing of Two Evils

by Crawreb

Chapter 1

      "Ash, this year you really have to do some training this year.", whined Misty. "I'll go do it.", replied Ash," ...After this show.". "ASH!!", the others exclaimed. " PIKA- PI!!". " Come on Ash, even Pikachu wants to train some.", said Brock. "Yeah, o.k., I'll come," groused Ash.

The chamber of the sages

"When are those stupid kids coming!" "Calm down Nabooru. They don't even know they're supposed to be here.", Impa calmly said. "Well can't we at least help them out?", replied Saria. "No, Ganon would notice if we used our magic to pull someone from another dimension, and we don't want that.", said Darunia. " Yeah, o.k., I agree." said Nabooru.

Outside of Pallet Town below a cliff

" This looks like a good place to train.", said Tracey. " Okay, who wants to battle the great Ash first!" Misty rolled her eyes. "I saw that!", yelled Ash. "Sheesh. Okay, I'll battle you with my Vulpix." " Brock!", exclaimed Misty, " Remember the last time you battled with Vulpix near a cliff! You nearly got Pallet town destroyed by a giant Gengar and Alakazam!" " What do you mean I nearly destroyed Pallet!? Team Rocket's the one that released the Gengar!" By the way, where is Team Rocket?

In the bushes near the cliff

" They're over there! Can't we go over steal it while they're not looking!", whined James. " Not while they're battling you idiot!", replied Jesse. " Yeah, you dimwitted human! We'll get fried and burned to a crisp at the same time!", muttered Meowth.

Back over by the cliff

" Vulpix! Fire spin!" " Oh great. Pikachu! Agility!" The fire spin narrowly missed Pikachu, but hit the side of the side of the cliff with full force. " Run!", yelled Tracey, "Or we'll get hit by boulders!" "Great!", said Misty sarcastically as she looked at the newly uncovered temple," Here we go again!"

Chamber of the Sages

"They've opened the portal! They'll be here soon! We're saved! Hyrule's saved!", exclaimed Saria. " Calm down.", said Ruto, " We don't even know if they have the courage to enter the temple." " But the prophecies say they will come!" " Yeah, whatever.", replied Ruto.

The Cliff

" Hey you guys! " exclaimed Tracey, " Do you want to explore the cave?" " Sure, why not?", replied Ash. " A lot of reasons.", muttered Misty, but she grudgingly agreed to go anway. So they entered the portal and were whisked to the Temple of Time with Team Rocket following close behind...

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