The Crossing of Two Evils

by Crawreb

Chapter 2

By the cliff

" Those idiots. Didn't even bring a single potion. Just those wimps Arbok and Weezing. There might not even be a Pokemon Center in that dimension. Good thing dad sent me with Max potions and some decent pokemon. If dad lets Jesse and James try and get Pikachu, Team Rocket will never get that stupid rat.", said the young Team Rocket member. She jumped through the portal and disappeared.

In the Market

" Where are we?", asked Misty. "Why don't you ask someone?", Ash remarked sarcastically. " Okay! I will!" "Okay, then ask him.", smirked Ash, pointing at a boy of about 17 wearing a green tunic with blue eyes and blonde hair. " H-Him! That kid!", exclaimed Misty, trying to fight off a swoon. " Oh great.", Tracey whispered to Pikachu," She's gonna go all Brock.". "Pi.....". Then came a familiar voice from behind them, " Hey! You! Twerp! Hand over the Pikachu!". " Oh great.", said Brock, "Not them again!".

Prepare for trouble....
Make it double.......
To protect the world from devastation
To unite all peoples within our nation
To denounce the evils of truth and love
To extend our reach to the stars above
Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!
Surrender now or prepare to fight!
Meowth! That's Right!

"Get lost!", yelled Misty. " Get a life!", shouted Brock. "Get a new motto!", exclaimed Ash. Meanwhile, the boy that Ash had pointed out had drawn his sword and had been advancing upon Team Rocket, but Meowth had spotted him and quickly dealt out the scratches on the boy's face. "Oh! So hero boy wants to battle the illustrious Team Rocket!", Jesse loudly conceded, " But don't think your going to get special treatment just because you're a pretty boy!". "Didn't expect to! But here's a present anyway!", said the boy pulling out a large hammer," Here's your present!". He gave them a powerful whack with the hammer sending them flying. "TEAM ROCKET'S BLASTING OFF AGAIN!" Tracey pulled out his sketch book and marked down a tally mark. "What's the count now?", asked Misty. "Well...", Tracey looked down at the page, "That's fifty-fifth time Team Rocket's blasted off again!". "Hey! Wait! Kid! What's your name?", yelled Ash. "Link...... Hey! You seemed to know those guys! I was going to visit a friend about those guys, but you seem to know more about them than I do. So, will you come?". "Sure! Why not?" They left for the castle, but did not notice a woman clad in black slinking behind them. When they were out of earshot she murmured," So, they're heading for a castle. Where there's castles there's royalty, and were there's royalty there's riches, so it may be worth my while to sneak in there."...............

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