Darkness Forth Coming

by Justin Caynon

Book 1: New Face

This story takes place one year after the last one. It is important to know the characters ages and names. Below I have a list of characters and ages.

Link 32

Juliet 32

Cherry 14

Julia 15

Buffy 18

Laura 18

Geno 27

Zelda 32

Amy 28

Ganondorf 1,546

"Neither good or evil can be destroyed. They are only slowed down. For just like energy they are two forces that without which the universe could not be possible. But one day an object created from the essence of God shall come from the Sacred Realm and hold it's two counterpart apart in an attempt to restore true peace. But if it falls into the hands of evil...it knows not what it does."-Book of Mudora (Loosely translated chapter 6 verse 2 line 19)

"Com'on, just a little more." Link said sitting next to Juliet as she was having a baby. He was holding her hand and she was trying to do her breathing. She was surprised as well as happy to see her daughter back with the warm blankets so soon. Amy was standing over her and tried to get her to calm down as she saw the head come out. "It's almost here, just a bit further, Julie!" Amy encouraged her good friend, who at the age of thirty two was having her third baby. They were all very excited. Soon the whole baby was out. "Boy or Girl," Juliet asked between gasps. "It's a girl, a beautiful baby girl." Amy informed her. "What are you going to name her?" Jacob asked. "I think we'll call her... Hope." Said Juliet. "Oh that's beautiful," added Julia, "She is the best little sister in the world." Julia turned to look out the window to see how beautiful the early morning sunlight was, as it filtered through the blinds. "Well I guess we should take her to the nursery." Lady Cherry said looking at the new bundle of Joy.

It had been one year since the day Julia fought Ganon. All of the evil in Hyrule was now gone. And the Dark Triforce with it. Julia and Cherry were about to go for a walk near the Death Mountain rubble. When they left they never thought to take any kind of weapon with them.

As they walked through the field of broken mountain's once mighty rocks. A bright orange flash lit up the area. "What is that," Cherry asked. "I don't know," said Julia walking up to take a closer look. Suddenly an Iron Knuckle on a horse ran from the orange light. "Get down," Julia whispered pulling them both down. The Knuckle rode right past them. "That was close." Stated Cherry.

Geno walked out from behind some rocks, "Hello girls. How are Amy and her twins?"

"Did you not see what just happened," said Cherry.

"Of course, Ganon is operating from within the Dark World, or what was the Sacred Realm and soon he will over throw the Golden Land on the other side of the gate. I think that it is time to tell your father." Geno said.

"Well we better tell him fast," Julia said.

"Well that was a gate from the Light world, we better hurry the invasion is under way. We need to bring an army and go through."

Cherry piped up, "You mean to tell me Link has a new kid, you and Amy are married, so is Zelda, and Hyrule is in a Golden Age and now Ganon's back.

"Yeah but Cherry he is forever trapped in that Realm." Julia said.

"Well yeah, but if he takes over those two worlds then he could use the seven crystals in them to merge the two worlds together, and over throw ours. He already has Earth, he had to go back in time to get it though." Geno told them.

"Well what are we waiting for?!" Cherry said racing off.

As Ganon sat in his throne in the Dark World he looked around at his armies. He had not had that many people to fight for his current throne. He simply beat up the others. Now that his sight was restored and he had all the imprisoned armies of the world, he could take over his final conquest, The Light World. He had all of the components to do so now. Including the Moon Pearl, the item needed to change him back to his human form. That would mean his ability to highly powerful magic would be back. He looked at the monsters and his now repaired Evil Jar. He even had some genuine Vampires to help him, Link did not know how to deal with Vampires.

Back at North Castle Julia and Geno explained what was going on, "You mean that rat Ganon is back," Link said. "We need to destroy him ASAP!" Julia coursed. "Then we leave tomorrow and head straight for the Dark World." Said Link. "What do we expect to be there?" Cherry asked. "We'll find out, I will take: Julia, Cherry, Amie, Geno, Amy, Cherry, and I guess that's it." Link said. "We leave tomorrow at six in the morning."

The next day by 8:00 a.m. they were already at the mountain's base. They had to find the portal which did not stay hidden long, a group of about tem Moblins came through it. Just as they left the small band of warriors piled in. The Moblins saw them but could not stop them before the Portal closed.

Link and his pals landed in a great valley. A sign nearby read Death Valley, "A world of exact opposites," Amy whispered. "We need to go find Ganon!" Zelda said. "Well I say he's right here, if this world is the exact opposite then why wouldn't Ganondorf go to the same place that he lived at in the Light World. But this Valley is huge!" Amy said. "Of course, we were in the mountains and now we are in a valley." Laura said looking around. "Well-Duh!" Geno said. "What the heck is a 'Duh'?" Asked Link.

"Now remember the mission we are to go in and find out what we're up against." Link informed them. "Well we may have to make our selves known if one of the monsters attacks us." Amy stated. Link looked at the canyon walls. They were filling with molten lava. He had never seen an event like that before. Just then a blast of energy came from over a rock. The energy looked like he had seen them but he did not know where. He decided it was not worth it to stick around so he ordered everyone back to the portal. As they came back through Link was still pondering the about the energy's origin.

On the way back to the castle the sky started to get dark, Not cloudy just dark. "What's going on dad!" Julia yelled.

"I have no earthly id... wait I've seen this. When Ganondorf takes over a region it begins to fill with so much concentrated evil energy that the air around it turns dark. I think we should be prepared for the worst. It could get real nasty. And watch your back the visibility is low." Link Said.

Back at North Castle all of the people in side were trying to see exactly what was making it get so dark. The clock tower said that it was no later than 5:00, but it looked like it was nine. Jacob and Amber were outside with many others. "Is it a storm, honey?" Amber asked him.

"Nope it's just getting real dark way too early." Jacob said looking to the sky.

A loud scream came from behind the small group, they turned around to see the Triforce floating out the door and zapping anyone who dared to stop it. It slid out into the middle of the clearing in front of North Castle and started to glow. Soon the dark Triforce appeared and slid up next to it connecting like they were MEANT to bond. A third completed Triforce appeared on top of the two others. But like the normal Triforce was gold, the Dark Triforce was black and the Triforce on the top was a color that can not be described. A holographic white that had other colors hints in it. Like a beautiful glowing spectrum. "So the legends of the Neutral Triforce are true!" Amber exclaimed.

"Yes my dear they are but most of you will not live long enough to tell the story." Ganon said appearing in mid-air. He had managed to escape from his Dark World Prison. "Now I shall send all of you to your castle IN THE DARK WORLD!" He said charging up his hand to beam them into the next world.

A blue light appeared around Link and the next thing he knew he was in front of the biggest nasty looking castle he had ever seen. But what was really scaring him was the fact that it looked like North Castle. 'Am I in a Rift Stream(A small belt that occurs when two people use the same spell while standing in a straight line. It makes a rip in space and time and is invisible to the naked eye)? Is this Hyrule's future? Am I in the alternate future or universe?' He looked to his side to see all of the North Castle residents standing there. "Link, oh I'm so glad your back!" Juliet said smiling. "Yes but the question is back where?" Link said. "That's simple, we are in the Dark World in front of South Castle. I mean Ganon sent us here for punishment, and he has taken over North Castle, and now he has merged the two worlds." Julia said trying to give him the low down. "Oh great, I'll just get it back, besides we've been in worst spots." Link said shrugging it off. "No, we haven't. You see all the baddies you have ever killed destroyed or banished is some where around here. And they'll side with Ganon before they fall victim to you." Laura told him. He thought about it, she was right. He and his friends would have to take a rest inside the torn down castle before them. Tomorrow it should be safer to come out, the merge will be complete and then they can go against Ganon!

On Earth in the famed Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and his pals were trapped in a real hum-dinger. Ganondorf had placed a powerful person in charge, his son Vernondorf, who was almost as good with magic as he was. Not many people in the kingdom had the power to stop him and now that the worlds were merged it would be a simple matter of transporting them. With Mario, Princess Peach Toadstool Toad, Luigi, Yoshi, Mallow and Kirby(If you live in the U.K. you are probably going what's a Mallow. Well Nintendo decided to make a game called Mario R.P.G., one the best Role Playing games of all time. It never came out in the U.K. Don't ask me why.) The prince of evil took a trip over to North Castle. "Mario we must escape this death trap!" Peach told him.

"With any luck we will get reinforcement from the hero of Hyrule, Link. Then we can rage war on them." Mario told her smiling. Luigi looked across at Kirby. "This is the suckyest vacation I've ever had, 'Come visit us Kirby!' that's what she told me. I had no business over here. I live in Dream Land not the Mushroom Kingdom!" The small puff yelled. "It's not my fault! I never expected YOU to listen to me." Peach yelled back.

"Stop you two I have a plan," Luigi began, "So listen up."

To be continued...

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