Darkness Forth Coming

by Justin Caynon

Book 2: Into the Dark

      Link and Juliet lay in bed both of them half sleep. But they were not about to sleep, no, because each of them was deep in thought. Link looked over at Juliet. She was staring straight up into the air and seemed to be in another world. He turned back to his own thoughts, trying to size up the situation. He knew he was lying earlier say that they had seen worst. Perhaps they had in a way but still that was on home turf, now they were on partly home turf with two new ones, and the sacred realm. He had to find a way to get the upper hand. This time there may not be any transdimtional travelers. No wait what if they went into the Earthly part of the world. He could get his old pals then they'll show em'. But what if Ganon had already taken the precaution of capturing all of the allies from before, of course Ganon always did shabby work he had probably left one or two out. The man was a lunatic.

      Toad and Luigi were ready when the small horse drawn buggy stopped in front of a looking castle. They knew someone was in side because of the brightly burning candle in the window. The two sat by the edge of the cart they were in. "Guard, my friend need medical attention, he has a real bad stomach ache." Toad said sadly.

      "It's my appendix, sir." Luigi said trying his best to sound in pain.

      The guard who bought it opened the cage and after that the last sound he heard was a blood curtailing crack that reverberated off the castle wall. Luigi had snapped his neck and the guard was dead. Luigi removed the keys, checked his pulse, and then unlocked his friends. "Well since they are resting I thing it best that we try door number two the castle!" Mario voiced his opinion.

      "Then let's kick it!" Toad yelled.

      They all headed into the castle. As they entered a man stood in the shadows. "I don't believe it!" said the man in an all too familiar voice.

      "Geno Starlink, is that really you. How longs it...fourteen years." Mario said looking at him. Mallow smiled at him. And Geno stepped out of the shadows. Geno lead them to rooms up stairs.

      After a good night's sleep all of the people in South Castle were about to go out and make their way back to the lands of Hyrule. As they walked out the door they all got a great surprise. "Wow look at those buildings, there're huge." Julia said.

      "It's New York. I haven't seen my old home in years!" Mario said almost in tears.

      "Mama-mia!" Luigi said, "It is." As they made their way into town it seemed to be normal, but instead of all the people being in a hurry they were gawking at the land out side of the city-----a castle. All of the people were just standing. Link and his pals made their way past hundreds of people.

      Link bumped into one person's car, a nasty looking character with blond hair in dreadlocks and wore a ski cap that had a green alien on it came out of the car. "Wuz up wit that Nork!" said the weird person.

      "Don't worry Link these are my peoples, my boyz," Kirby whispered and then spoke to the guy, "Check it homey, we wuz just stepn' round this dope tripped out hood here, when we's bumped your whack self, so why you frontn' cuz and calln' my dawg a Nork. Cause I wuz thinkin' maybe we should bust a cap in your dope ride there, dudet."

      "Kirby what ever you said it was all screwed up," proclaimed Peach. The man stood up right in front of Kirby. The small puff came up to his knees.

      "What fool!" Kirby said. Right as the last word left his mouth he felt a foot kick him real hard down the street. Julia stepped up.

      "Wanna' try that again, buddy." The guy went for her, but she drew the Iron Knuckle Ax.(The one she got in The Legend of Zelda: Balance of Power.) And as he was running at her did a side step and swung the Ax under his feet causing him to fly forward face first into the ground.

      He turned around and his face was badly cut. The man was swearing and cursing as he pulled a gun.

      He fired off a few rounds, but she was so fast she used the Ax to stop the bullets. After she heard the clicks(she knew because Mulder had taught her) she did one quick slash across his chest and he was done. "Anybody else wanna try me!" She yelled over the hushed crowd.

      As the group made their way out of the city, it was starting to get about noon time. Geno was at the head of the group and could see North Castle. He called to their attention. "Hey guys the castle!" Everyone started to run. Kirby sang a commercial song from earth as they ran:

"Girl you know that there's one thing that I love
It's not you I'm dreaming of
I want the Ultimate Cheese burger
Break it down
Cheese, meat, cheese, cheese, meat and that's it
Girl that you know it's hard and juicy..."

      "Shut up already, my God your so annoying," Amy yelled at him. Toad looked at her in a weird way then said:

      "What eating her up." Toad asked. No one answered him. He decided it best to shut up now. The group reached the front gate huffing and puffing even though it was about forty degrees out.

      As they started to dismantle the two sleeping guards, five figures appeared behind them. "Cool!" shouted one of the five. As the guards were finished off Julia turned to see who was causing the noise. When she saw them she was astounded that one of the girls looked just like her.

      "W-W-What's your name," Amy asked with a shaky finger.

      "Amie why do you look like me," the girl asked.

      "I don't know, you came up behind us," Amy said.

      The group stood there as they all stared in awe at would be twins. It became silent and the only noise was the slight sound of thunder in the background...no that wasn't thunder it kept getting closer and had not stopped for almost one minute. Hope broke the silence with a scream. And that cause Link to look around. The ground began to shake with tremendous fury and then it split. "What's happening to this place?" Julia tried to yell over the commotion.

      As the last echo of her voice rang out from the land, the castle began to crumble and fall. At the same time lava was rising in a massive fissure. The Castle sunk in the depths of the lava. "NOOO!" Zelda's voice rang out from the crowd that watched as their once home...no ONLY home, sink.

      After about ten minutes of standing there the lava began to bubble. Everyone regained interest, and then suddenly a terrible sight for everyone who had been alive when Link was on his original quest came forth from the lava, with bursts of hot magma behind it. "Sweet mother of Nayru, Ganon's dark fortress is back in business!" said Link pushing to the front of the crowd to get a better look.

      The castle that hovered above the lava was as black as a Raven's feathers. And it literally HOVERED. Link looked at it, the bad memories poured through his head. From the time he first saw it, as grown man standing in front of it. He watched as his home land, his world was taken over by the castle whose tallest tower was shrouded in mist like the claws of a demon rapping it's slimy finger around a helpless victim's neck. He remembered the very thoughts of that day, 'I can't stop this, there is hundreds of feet of lava between me and it. But all my friends, no, all the world is counting on me. I must be victorious.' And he was, but he had one major thing to get him to his goal. Ah yes the rainbow bridge, it was the piece that was missing right now. And with that last piece he would once again complete his destiny... wait this was Julia's job, she is now the hero. But can she take this kind of pressure. Link then looked to his eldest child. The fury and spirit of the warrior in her eyes. Oh yeah she was ready... then he realized that, oh no the Master Sword, it was in the Castle.

      "Well that's what we need is more time. Ganondorf is ready for us. And we need an Army." Geno said.

      "And I know where to get one. The Earth Realm!" Mario said.

      As the group headed away from the castle Ganon watched from his chamber window. "Yes, I am the ruler, run you cowards. When you had this place you were all high and mighty, and now-now who is high and mighty. Weaklings! I am the Great King of Evil, Ganondorf."

      "Ganon, sire, your son is here to see you, your highness." Said the guard.

      "Send him in! and don't you ever come in here without knocking!" Ganon yelled because the guard had heard his shouts and screams.

      "Father I did not get the Mushroom Kingdom Warriors, but hey I have Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillen and Bulma. They were quit ea..." his son started but had no chance to finish because Ganon started to yell. "Do you understand that those warriors you did not get are very dangerous. Ask Bowser how many times he has been in the Dark World. But I have something that if you can complete it you may just redeem yourself, go find Link and his pals exile them to the Sacred Realm. They left here traveling South. Leave me now!" Ganon told him.

      "Yes, Father." Stated Vernon.

      As Vernon left Ganon shouted to him, "Until the task is complete I have no son!"

      "Yes...Sire." Came back the reply.

To be continued...

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