Darkness Forth Coming

by Justin Caynon

Book 3: Friend or Foe?

      "You know I never did get your names," said Link trying to break the silence. It had been pretty quiet since they left the castle.

"Oh," one of them spoke up, "my name is Fredrick, this is Justin..."

"Hello.!" Justin spoke up.

"...Prentiss..." Fredrick continued.

"Hey!" Prentiss said.

"...Adam..." Fredrick kept on going.

"Here!" Adam voiced.

"And you know Amie." Fredrick said looking at her and pointing.

"Well that's all fine and well but next thing is we need to get is some help from someone and fast." Julia told them.

"What about the armies of Earth?" said Justin.

No one said a word they all just headed to wards the nearest Earth City...New York.

Vernon could see the group not to far ahead, he had to keep following them. He knew that it would be more use to se what they were up than to attack them and let them know that someone was on to them. He kept the same pace that they did never stopping or getting too close.

Far above New York three figures flew towards the outer edge of the city. The familiar figures were that of Goku, his son Gohan, and Piccolo. They were on patrol over the city, and they had spotted a small band coming from out side of the city. Of course as they got closer they saw that the band had hundreds of people in it. Goku flew down to the head of the band and landed, he looked at the band knew some of them. "Link! I can't believe it what brings you to Earth?" Goku asked his ally from a year ago.

"Well if you haven't noticed our two worlds have been merged. And we came to straighten it out. Ganondorf is also on the loose, so we need as much help as possible." Link told him.

"Well maybe we should go after the evil together, I could use the fight." Piccolo said fixing his cuffs.

"What year is it here on Earth?" Geno asked.

"Well I can't tell you that, but this world may exist in many different times and locations in the universe. I do know that in the year 3000 there is was or will be a ship known as Portal Finder. The ship should end up back here." Amy said.

"It's 1999," Fredrick said.

"Oh great!" Julia said.

"This is that great Hylian Luck people always refer to." Juliet said rocking Hope.

As the group made their way out of the city they realized that people were gathering at an Y in the road. "Hey look it's the Time's Square New Year's Eve Party. Look there's Dick Clark!" Amie told them.

"Let's stay here and see how long it takes the Y2K to take affect on Dick Clark and his robot body." Said Justin.

"What's a Y2K?" Asked Link.

"Way to complicated for you guys, it's best just to say someone needs to work on their date reading skills." Kirby said. With out warning the crowd began to run back down the road. Some thing was at the end of the road making them scared.

"Ghoma!" Link said darkly.

"Look it's Bongo Bongo, too." Zelda yelled as the apparition came out of its invisible cloak.

"Let me handle this one! Kao Kin times ten!" Goku exclaimed as he disappeared in a ball of energy. A Kao Kin increases speed and all six senses to some extent. (Sight Hearing Touch Smell Speech and Telepathy) Goku attacked the two with ferocity and with a few energy blasts beat them.

"Hey that was my battle and you invaded on it!" came a voice from behind Goku and he turned to see a young girl maybe about sixteen years old. "Yeah it was me that said that do ya' have a problem with it." She told him. She was not a very big girl only about five foot seven with brown hair and she looked as gentle as could be, well except for the sword thrust into her belt and the one on her back, and the huge shield.

"Oh my God, hey Xena can I have your autograph!" Said Toad.

"Shut up you runt!" Peach told him."

"You better watch it this girl could up worst than Nikki Cox did at that award show!" Mario stated.

"Ha Ha! Very funny!" Toad replied sarcastically.

"Shut up all of you!" Said the strange girl.

"Who do you think you are missy?" Laura asked.

"My name is Sarah and I came from the Dark World. I am here to destroy the evil that plagues the land." She said.

"Correction, Lands with an s," said Mario.

"Shut up fatty!" Sarah yelled at him.

"Well it's that time of month again," Kirby said under his breath, but unlucky for him Sarah and Amie heard him.

"And just what is that suppose to mean?" the two said in unison knowing it was more a statement than question.

"Give me a P...P give me a M...M give me a S..." That was as far as Adam and Kirby got because Amie and Sarah made quick work of the two.

"Are they okay?" Laura asked.

"Well Adam is but we can't tell about Kirby since he is a cloud and has no pulse." Luigi said.

"Well Adam found one person he could not make fun of." Prentiss said and then continued, "but at least he didn't do the thing about Uranus being huge and squishy, Amie."

"What!?" Amie said angry. And then losing all control she slapped Prentiss.

"I'd hate to tell you but there is a war going on and we need to get to London, that's where the United Nations are meeting we can get help there." Peach said, "And besides President Clinton and the Queen are sure to listen to me." She said.

Kirby had come to just in time to hear her, "At least we know why one of them is going to listen," he said.

"Why you little..." Peach said continuing where Amie and Sarah had left off.

"Hey why don't we rent a bus," said Amy, "Then we leave everyone from the castle except Link, Julia, Juliet, Jacob, Laura, Zelda, Cherry, and myself, and then we take Mario and his crew along with Goku to London. Then we can get help. With this merge we should find it to be across no large bodies of water."

Link walked into the rental store, "I need to buy one large bus."

"How much do you have sir."

"Man, only five rupees!" Said Link pulling out the blue rupee.

"Wow," said the man behind the looking in surprise, "That will be enough," the man said thinking the customer would realize he hand given him a diamond. "Here ya' go."

"If you would like I have more." Link said.

'He must be crazy' thought the man behind the counter. "You've done enough," said the store clerk.

Link got the others and they boarded the bus. Lady Amber said that she would find the rest a place to stay. Link and pals left with Geno driving. Kirby and Toad sat there

To be continued...

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