Darkness Forth Coming

by Justin Caynon

Book 4

"This is the coolest thing in the world. I mean it just keeps rolling and rolling. It's like some magic cart!" said Julia excitedly as the bus sped across the city. They were on the way to London to get a hold of the Earth leaders. The bus was the fastest way to get there and since the way London had been placed in the combined worlds.

"This van moves as slow as that computer at school," Amie spoke up."Tell me about it, could you go any faster Geno," said Justin.

"I could but..." said Geno not finishing the sentence.

"...but what!" Adam asked. "I mean you drive like my great grandfather, and he's dead!"

"Hey man don't doubt the dead...they have strange and eerie powers," said Toad.

"Will you guys go on the whole time like this?" said Link

"Most likely," said Kirby joking.

The bus sped through the countryside and Geno sped up to make it as soon as possible. "There! Are you happy!" Geno yelled.

"No actually I'm not. Toad wants a cotton candy."

"Well Toad can kiss my a..." Geno was cut short by Peach.

"Hey! Let's play a game of Car Bingo!"

"Uhhh-no!" said Mario.

As they drove on some lights appeared over a hill in the night sky. It was London, "Wow I've never seen such a big clock, that must be London," said Juliet.

"That's not just any clock it's Big...hey the world leaders are under the clock talking." Amy said. The bus sped over to them and the secret service agents around them drew their guns.

"Put em' away boys, it's me Peach and I came to tell you that we need your help handling an evil wizard."

"Well I find that hard to believe, and if true I choose to remain neutral," said Switzerland's Prime Representative.

"Oh, Eddie you always remain NEUTRAL," said the Queen shooting a funny glance at him.

"Really! Your like a pig stuck in a topless barrel, you don't know whether to go up or down. Get it." Said President Clinton.

"Look who had the nerve to say 'topless'," said the Russian Leader rolling his eyes.

"You have the room nor the MONEY to talk." The Queen told him. "When I leave here I think I'll go buy a car for a few PENCE in your country," she added.

"SHUT UP ALL OF YOU!" yelled Julia, "We came to ask for you help. Will you help us?"

"Of course we will!" All the leaders coursed.

"Great! Now the plan is that we will go engaged the enemy and you bring your forces...." Zelda began and was cut off by Clinton.

"We don't do things like that, we fight civilized."

"With Bombs and Planes and all kinds of laser guided missiles..." the Queen started and went on and on.

"I have an invention that will help us," Kirby said taking out some schematics. "It's a Rocket Powered Monkey Navigated Super Duper Omega Mega Laser Guided Ultra Turbo Really, Really Neat..." He took a deep breath, "Toothbrush." He let it out. "Somebody should have made one sooner!"

"Well that was weird, but anyway we can launch a strike from here. All we need to do is get to the secret army installment inside of the Castle wine cellar." Said the Queen.

Inside the wine cellar: "Well where is this thing?" Link asked impatiently.

"Right here where it says 'Non-Alcoholic Wine', it's not any one would actually drink these." Said President Clinton.

"I have one question how would you know Clinton?" asked Justin and Adam.

"Well sometimes I have to entertain guests down here and I find all the good spots for... uhmm...entertaining."

"Yes entertaining," said Luigi very suspiciously.

"We need to get the move on. So I have a plan! Goku, you and your pals need to get on patrol. Take out any lone patrollers you see. Mallow you go with Goku. And the rest of us will stay together. And if you guys launch that strike you were speaking of then we should have all sides covered. And we could always reclaim the Castle when you're done." Link ordered them. "Come on lets move."

As the bus moved on through the city and soon into the open land they were more and more rested, Mario was driving this wing of the trip, and he was wide awake. Juliet and Hope were cuddled up next to Link, and Link was awake, too. Kirby and Toad were passing the time with an intriguing game of slaps. Amy was having fun with the lab top computer she had borrowed from the Queen. It was state of the art and she was now programming a replica of the land around the Castle, so that she could plan the battle moves. Link, who was in awe of the small computer. "That thing is amazing," he kept repeating. Amy just smiled. Julia was fixing her hair, just because she's a warrior doesn't mean she has to look like one. That Goku guy, now he could use a major brushing. Amie was also sleep, but her friends were awake, the excitement had done that, because soon they would be passing through Houston their home town. Kirby and Toad had a new idea, they would play Pokèmon VS Magic the Gathering. They got out the cards. Of course Toad the smarter of the two picked Magic. As the game began it seemed pretty fair. But about one hour later:

"I win again," Toad shouted.

"Stupid cards, how could you win thirty one straight times?" Kirby asked starting to look through his deck, "Charizard you retard, where were and hour ago. And Mewtwo your 'psychic powers' can't even keep your eyes open," he yelled at the cards.

"Thank you thank you!" Toad said with mock happiness, "I would like to thank my Dark Ritual Card!"

"Will you two shove it! I'm trying to sleep," Amie said sleepily.

"That is it! If you two do one more open chest on me I will break all of your fingers!" Julia told them.

The bus was coming into the city of Houston and it would not be long before they came to a stop. "Hey look over there," Prentiss started, "its Robbie Diamond hey Robbie!"

"Wow you guys are in a nice bus can I come!" said Robbie sticking his head the window. "I was in the library with John and Jim, oh and Amie..." She looked up with drowsy eyes, "Brandi is in the library, and she is P.O.ed that you didn't call. I go get her."

"Hey this isn't a taxi service, hurry up, fruit boy." Mario yelled.

A few minutes later he emerged from the building with a brown haired girl following him. As the girl got to Amie's window she looked in and saw her friend asleep. Brandi came aboard the bus with Robbie walking in behind her, but he sat in the seat behind Adam and Prentiss. Brandi sat in the seat that was one seat ahead on the other side of the isle form Justin and Fredrick, Amie was stretched out in the seat across the isle from the two, since Brandi was in front of her, and Brandi leaned over the seat. "Hey!"

Hope started to cry. "What I was sleep... oh Brandi, why are you in Hyrule?" Amie asked.

"I came to get you. We need to get out of here."

"We can't leave, I need to help them, if we don't Ganondorf will take over."

"Who is Ganondorf and where are you going?"

"Ganondorf, whom I have never seen is an evil wizard who wants to over throw the three merged worlds."

"I was about to ask about that, what happened with that?"

"Julia told me, she's the one twisting the Mushroom Man's fingers. When she defeated Ganondorf it caused him to be cast into another plain. From that plain he used the magic of an old spell to merge the worlds."

"There's old Ganondorf now!" Link yelled.

All of the people on the bus looked out the windows. "Whoa he's fine!" Brandi yelled.

"He's not your type, if he got too excited for any reason, including happiness he would turn into Ganon. Then he looks like a great big pig thingy and has horrible breath. Fortunately as his body grows, his brain is mashed to the size of a peanut." Julia said.

"Thank you my dear for the complement. It is nice to see some one with good taste. If you like me that much then why don't you join me. Well maybe I'm a little too old for you. A nice girl like you should not be with a man over ten thousand. But I have a son, Vernon, he's more your age." Ganondorf told her.

All of the people, minus Juliet and Hope, filed out of the bus. Ganondorf was ready for battle. "Now feel true power!" yelled the wizard.

"Bring it on!" said Geno. Now a crowd was gathering in the streets to look. Jim and John were at the front of it.

"I'm gonna bust you up now, old man!" Link charged Ganondorf with his sword drawn. As he trusts it through Ganon he felt it break flesh, but as it came back out, there was no blood!

"Foolish boy, I am beyond weapons now! I am pure energy!" Ganondorf exclaimed. He grabbed Link's arm and pulled it out of socket. The crunch noise made everyone look away.

"Kamayamaya!" came a voice from the sky. All heads turned upwards to see a huge ball of energy hurtling towards Ganondorf, as it struck him it knocked him down. "Hurry into the bus we'll hold him!" said Goku. He had Piccolo and Gohan to back him up. Also with Mallow was using his thunder attack to keep the wizard down the rest of the group could make a clean get away.

Piccolo got in a quick sucker punch, see he has a high power level, far above Link's. "You will pay fools!" Ganon yelled. The wizard's foot soldiers, The Moblins and Octoroks, lead by their captains came from a portal, "After that bus you fools, now go."

As the small army departed Gohan took his turn all that could be seen was Ganondorf and Gohan going into super speed. You could hear the sound of clashing arms and blocked kicks. Cushy! Cussh! Cussh! Cussh!

The ten year old boy, Gohan back flipped onto the ground. "I'm done for now."

"I'm up next!" Krillen exclaimed. The small monk jumped into the air, held his hands above his head and began to form a disk of pure sharp energy. "I call this my Distructo Disk." Krillen told him.

"I'll catch that little man." Ganondorf said hold out his hands and then clapping them. Krillen released the disk and Ganon tried to catch it but was cut in half. "Arrgggh I be back together once I get my balance, you'll pay with the blood of a pal!" With that the wizard just reconnected.

The Moblins and Octoroks had caught up to the bus. Captains Snarl Tooth and Octo were ordering them to push over the bus. As this happen the bus tipped over spilling the Juliet and Hope onto the ground, Juliet had landed on her back in a roll. That gave her no problems, but Hope had fallen on her head and on top of that was hit by a piece of bus. Juliet made her way to the screaming baby. The small girl was bleeding but Juliet still held her tight. The infant not two weeks old was going to die... a song came into Juliet's head one Amy had sung in happier times under normal circumstances she would have never remembered it...

I close my eyes and I can see
The day we met
Just one moment and I knew
You're my best friend do any thing for you.

We've come so far and done so much

And I feel

Like we've always been together

Right by my side through thick and thin

You're the part of my life I'll always remember.

The time has come
It's for the best I know
Who could have guessed that you and I
Some how, some way we have to say goodbye.

You've help me find
The strength inside
And the courage
To make my dreams come true
How will I Find
Another friend like you

Two of a kind
That's what we are
And it seemed
Like we were always winning
But as our team is torn apart
I wish we could go back
Back to the beginning

The time has come
It's for the best I know it
Who could have guessed that you and I
Some how, some way we have to say goodbye.

Somehow today...
...We have to say goodbye

She wept and she felt a tug on her baby. One of the Moblins had gotten Hope. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" she cried out, but it was too late, the Moblin had already Teleported. The group came to Juliet and comforted her.

Some of the group had grown fond of playing with the youngster, she would be missed. "He may be handsome on the outside but he is ugly within," said Brandi All the group was crying either on the inside or out.

"I did better than bring you the baby's head, I brought you the whole package!" said Snarl Tooth.

"Good," he said looking at it, "Now hang it out to dry. I want my old pal Juliet to see it's skeleton." See here is your friend's blood Krillen. A baby bone bag!" Ganondorf said laughing.

"You are sick, it's on now!" Goku said charging Ganondorf.

"Then let's get it on Kakarot!" Ganondorf replied.

"How do you know my name? Well never mind I'm game." Link told the wizard.

The two took off at super speed, but soon came out of it. Goku could be seen flipping across the ground back towards Ganondorf, Goku then leapt into the air and landed behind the wizard. A quick spin kick flew at Goku, but the Sayin was way to fast. He went down and then grabbed Ganondorf's leg, he flipped Ganondorf into the air and dealt the necromancer a swift jump kick. Ganondorf flew back into a nearby group of trees. Ganondorf got up, I have no quarrel with you, so I make it quick and simple," Ganon told him and then the Magic Pike appeared in his hand. "Catch this, little man." He told Goku as he threw it. The Pike came at Goku, as the Sayin was about to go Super Speed the Pike got longer and automatically hit. The blow knocked him down and when he looked up Ganon was gone.

The bus was relatively unharmed from the fall, just a few dents. Of course everyone aboard was less than better. The only sound was that of Juliet weeping. And Kirby just repeating the same fraise, "That was no joking matter. I'm gonna train hard and I'll kill em' for ya' Julie." He said those words glumly as if he really meant it, which he did. Amie and Brandi had fallen asleep in the chair, but most of the bus was still awake. The bus came to an abrupt stop. Goku, Gohan and Krillen were in the road Piccolo was next to the bus.

Goku walked up to the bus door, and it swung open. "Any one on this bus cares to know, I can teach you how to fight like me, how to move like that, how to show no fear. It may take a while and I need some one who can open a portal to King Ki's planet."

"I can do it." Laura said from the back of the crowd. "I am great with magic. Just tell me where it is ."

He told her and she started the spell and then with some quick chant in ancient Hylian and she threw magic powder into the air. A rip appeared in the fabric of space formed. It was sucking the air around them in. Even the bus. All of the people were pulled in.

A small lush country side that seemed treeless was there. A small house shaped like a dome, and a... hover car. Where were they? Link thought he had been the first awake as he pondered what was going on. Then he saw Goku, in the orange jump suit not to far off in the distance, but who was the blue faced guy... a Zora? Nah! The guy had two antenna hanging out to the side of his head, no Zora has that. The man spoke in a funny kind of squeaky voice. He wore a huge black robe, probably because he was very fat. Link couldn't see his eyes, because of the sunglasses he wore. Wait this must be King Ki, Link hopped up and ran over to the blue faced man. "I'm ready to train King Ki." Link said bowing at the man's side.

"Good, now give me your sword and shield," King Ki said. Link did so, and after he did King Ki took them and threw the object to the side, "We will not need them."

"Huh?" Link looked surprised.

"There are many ways to fight without sword or shield. Take Goku, the first lesson he needed to learn was, use your anger to attack and never weapons. And for that lesson Piccolo would be the best teacher. He's always mad." King Ki told them and now the rest had come to in time to hear. "Even the stupidest looking test has some meaning. And as you probably have noticed the gravity is much stronger on my small planet. So lets began training, I will have you at least at power level nine thousand."

The group trained for one year. And since they were not on their now combined worlds, Ganon and the countries of Earth fought and kept on. Eventually Ganon over threw Hyrule and almost had Earth. All of the people there reached power level nine thousand, even the younger ones. Most of them got the Spirit Bomb attack. Now they had to head back to their home planet with some parting words ringing in their ears.

"Be careful, a Kayo Kin can destroy your body if you jump to one too fast. And a Spirit Bomb will be much, much more powerful than the one made on a small nearly lifeless planet like mine. It could be so strong that it destroys Earth. So use it only in extreme circumstances! And take care!" He yelled his final good byes. And as they dropped into a portal created by Laura he thought to himself, I hope they can get rid of that Ganon. I've done all I can, now it's all in their hands.

An icy wind blew across the plains of Hyrule as the group stepped out of the portal. "Well, Amie started shaking, "Mini-skirt seasons over."

"That it is." Link said dimly

Mario scanned the horizon. "Look over there," a dead body lay half frozen in the snow. Toad and Kirby were upon it first.

"Live man, you've got to live," Kirby yelled pounding on the chest of the body.

"Where did you get that from?" Toad asked.

"Saw it on Bay Watch," Kirby answered.

Peach looked at the two standing next to the body, "Speaking of Bay Watch, this is a woman, not a man." She stated.

"OO! OO! Let me get a pound, too, Kirby!" Toad told his puffy pal as he dug the body out.

Link made a face of disbelief as he saw the rose colored cheeks of the girl he had known well, "Malon!" She stirred, and then opened her eyes.

"L-Link!" She spoke the name with disbelief. She stood up weakly as they guided her back to the bus. With the heat on they warmed her cold body, but could not but could not cool the burn to her heart. She began to tell them the tale of Hyrule after they left. "It was so horrible, Ganon must of sensed when you left. He began to tell the people of the lands that you abandoned them. Surprisingly they believed them. He put a price on the heads of all those who lived in the castle. And even rebuilt"...she paused remembering some far off deed long ago done. She continued..." Death Mountain, his magic is so strong, not over the lands but over the people. Just before you got here a Winged Goblin Patroller was attacking me I have and arrow wound some where." She looked at her side and began to search for the entry hole of the war arrow. "Here it is, she pulled off her blouse revealing her blood soaked undershirt.

"Let me heal that" Said Julia looking to Amy who nodded. Placing her hand gently over the wound, Julia closed her eyes, and concentrated on the hand, the wound under it and nature around her. Soon the blood and the wound that had caused the blood had disappeared.

To be continued...

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