Link Meets Ash Ketchum

By Ben Fuller


CHAPTER 1: Link’s Tale



“Ash, get up! Breakfast is almost done!” nagged Misty, while nudging Ash’s sleeping body. “Yeah, and I cooked it today, and it smells great! It’s almost done.” said Brock; he was wearing an apron with flowery oven mitts. The breakfast that Brock is making, is his grandmother’s favorite recipe that Ash loved so dearly.

 “Pikachu!” Pikachu jumped on his chest and touched his cold nose to Ash’s. Immediately, Ash woke up. Feeling the cold nose that Pikachu had that morning, gave him the shivers! Then, he arose and smelled the delicious aroma of a meal, that was cooking in the black cauldron hanging over a fire that Brock built that morning. While Ash was rubbing his eye with Pikachu on his shoulder, he yawned while saying, “What’s for breakfast Brock?” “Well, since this is your big battle at the Electric Gym today, I made you, me, and Misty my grandmother’s favorite recipe.” “Really? This is my favorite kind of food!” said Ash, as his stomach was rumbling.

“And for Pikachu, I made him the food that he likes as well!” Brock said, “Pi!” Pikachu hurried over to the food that was just laid down for Pikachu. After they had eaten, Ash heard a noise coming from the woods that is across from their cave. “It sounds like somepffone is pffyellingpff, come on let’s go!” Misty said in a gargled tone as to she was finishing brushing her teeth. “Wait for me!!” She spit into the river quickly and chased after Brock, Pikachu and Ash who were running toward the sound of the noise. The yelling was getting louder and a man that had shoulder length blond hair was in a hold of vines because those ivy vines were attached to an Ivysaur.

“Hang on! We’ll save you!” Ash said as he pulled out a Pokéball and when the Pokéball landed on the ground a big dragon like creature came out. Then the Pokémon named Charizard came to fight the menacing looking Ivysaur who was holding the blonde man, “Flameblast!” commanded Ash. When Charizard did the fiery move, a ball of fire came out of his mouth and after a while, when the smoke cleared, Ivysaur was still standing! “This is a tuffy” Brock said, “And it looks kinda weird too.” Ash took a good, long look at Ivysaur; the creature had a black and purple flame aura surrounding the body the Pokémon. “Whoa, that Pokémon is acting kinda strange” Ash said, “Better get out the pokédex.” As Ash was shuffling his hand in his back pack, he felt a hard, rectangular device; that was the size of his whole entire hand, and this was a special device given from the one and only Professor Oak from Goldenrod City. He took the device out of his backpack and with a flick of the wrist; Ash’s Pokedex flew open and pointed it at the freakishly discolored Ivysaur.

Ivysaursaid the Pokedex in a tone much like Professor Oak,Ivysaur is a Grass-Poison combination Pokémon, giving it twice the strengths — or weaknesses — of single-type Pokémon. Sunlight also makes the bud on its back grow larger.  If the bud on its back starts to smell sweet, it is evidence that the large flower will soon bloom and this Pokémon has one more stage to evolve, it is Venasaur.”

 “Well, it still gave the same description like the other Ivysaur we encountered; I suppose it has been infected by someone or something.” said Brock, while staring out at this strange Pokémon. “Uh, a little help here please? My sword is down there” The blond man was gesturing with his feet to the place where his sword had landed; it was behind the evil Ivysaur. Ash put the pokedex back in his backpack and he whispered to Misty “I think Brock, Pikachu and I can distract him, so that you can go behind Ivysaur and grab this man’s sword and toss it to him once you get there, so that he can use it to fight off or at least scare it off…” then Misty whispered back in an annoyed tone “Why do I have to get it, why can’t you? Ugh, never mind, I’ll do it, sheesh!” While Ash, Brock, Charizard and Pikachu were distracting the Ivysaur, Misty walked slowly over to the sword that was stuck in the ground, so that Ivysaur wouldn’t hear her step on the ground and attack her. She got to the purple handled sword, with three triangles at the hilt, and tugged with all her might so that she can throw it to the blond man, she yelled “HEY, BLOND MAN! CATCH!” Ivysaur looked to see who was yelling while ignoring the distractions set up by Ash, Brock, Charizard and Pikachu. Misty threw the sword and when the man caught it, the sword lit up and the evil Ivysaur winced and released him and suddenly, it ran away.

He landed with a thump, laying him facedown on the ground, Ash, Brock, Misty, Charizard, and Pikachu all ran over to help him get up off the ground, Ash said looking a little amazed, “Who are you blond man?”

 “I am Link, from Hyrule” Said Link, while brushing himself off. He picked up his sword and shield, and looked at the other creatures that were beside this strange person. “Well, they seem normal, and I don’t know about these peeps either” He looked at Brock who was still wearing the flower apron. Brock waved to him, “I am Brock, nice to meet you Link!” “I am Ash” “and I’m Misty!” She ran over to Link and hugged him, “And you were telling me I had problems” whispered Brock to Ash then Pikachu said with an agreeing tone “Pi” while looking at Misty as well. “Okay Misty, I think you can let go now of Link.” Ash said, while he was pulling her off of Link, “Why are you here anyways?” “You all might wanna sit down; it is a story worth telling, and could you please let go of me?” Misty finally released Link of her hold and said “okay all right, if you say so”

Link beckoned all of them to sit in a half circle and they all faced him and listened as he told his tale. “Okay, I was walking in Hyrule, oh by the way, Hyrule is a lush landscape with trees surrounding you and rolling hills and beautiful mountains and lakes anyway! I was walking in the fields on a beautiful, sunny day with my horse, Epona, this evil guy named Ganondorf just teleported right in front of her, knocking me off my horse and he just laughed and laughed! I just asked him “Why are you here?” He answered, “Oh I just wanted to take over Hyrule without you disrupting my plans again. So I made a little something for you.” Ganondorf pulls out a golden-white glowing orb from the pocket of his cape; lighting both Link’s and Ganondorf’s faces. “Holy white glowing orb Batman! What is that?!” said Link, while pointing at the strange object. “This here; is the path of your destruction. You’re soon to be demise, and nothing, I mean nothing can stop this thing when I say “snakemouth”.”

“When Ganondorf said that word, he was laughing maniacally!” Link said, while throwing both of his arms in the air, “So, what happened after this “Ganondorf” character said snakemouth?” questioned Brock. “Okay, this is the best part of the story. Hang on to the grass!” Pikachu grabs two handfuls of grass and hangs on.

“Then, the golden white orb started floating and Ganondorf stepped back. The orb showed a picture of a different world and started sucking everything in including me, Ganon and Epona. The orb started to disappear and fell out of the sky into your guys’ world along with me, Ganon, my horse, and some of my items.”

“Wow! So, where is your horse then?” asked Ash. “Oh that is easy; I can just call her with my Ocarina.” Link grabs his leather bag and starts to feel inside the bag for the instrument. “Oh no, it’s not here! The instrument that Zelda entrusted to me is not here! What did I do to deserve this?” Link buries his face in his hands saying “why?” multiple times. Then Brock came up to him and put his hand on Link’s shoulder and said, “We will help you find this instrument Link, no matter what it takes!”  Then, with Pikachu on Ash’s left shoulder, Ash said, “Yeah! We’ll help you no prob!”  Are you going to help us Misty?” “Yes, I will help you guys find Link’s instrument.” said Misty. “Thank you guys for stepping in to help me. You guys are really good people.” “LETS GO!” All of them Jumped up in the air and started running toward the town of Kanto.

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