Link Meets Ash Ketchum

By Ben Fuller

Author’s Note: This chapter may help you in the game, Pokémon Yellow because it has little hints about the game.


Chapter 2: All aboard the S.S. Anne!


“Link?” said Navi as Link was running with the Pokémon gang toward Vermillion City, “What are you doing? We need to get back to Hyrule and save Kakariko Village from Volvagia!” Ignoring what Navi just said, Link and the others stopped running and came to the entrance of the beautiful city of Vermilion.

 It was a gorgeous day in the city; people were out walking, running, fishing, battling with Pokémon and just having a good time. Ash, smelling the spring air says, “What a beautiful day for getting a Thunder Badge.” Link was curious about what a water badge was, so he asked Ash, “What is this water badge you speak of?” Ash answered him saying, “Well, you see here link” Ash opens up his vest and showed him two badges one green and blue, while pointing to the green badge first, which was in the shape of a tree, Ash spoke “These badges represent one of 8 types of leaders that I have to defeat. This here Link; is the Forest badge that is how I met Brock by defeating him in a Pokémon battle which almost knocked out Pikachu, in my home town.” Then, Ash pointed to the Water badge which looked like a water droplet, and said, “This is the Water badge; it was given to me by Misty and she was a Water Pokémon gym leader.” Link, still confused, asked him again, “What do these badges mean?” Ash let go of the vest and told Link, “These badges Link, mean I am 6 badges closer to being a Pokémon master. My dream Link; is to capture all Pokémon and become a Pokémon Master” “Ah, makes much more sense now! But there are a lot of questions that I have but I will only ask you guys this how do we obtain these badges then?” Said Link and started walking to the street and then Ash answered, while walking with him, “There are six regions here in the Pokémon world, and in each of those regions are 8 gym leaders that I have to defeat in order to become a Pokémon.” Link starting to slow down to a stop, looks at Ash and says “Wow, so, I am guessing that thing that you have on your shoulder”, Link points at Pikachu, “is a Pokémon correct?” “Pika” Pikachu nods and Ash smiled at Pikachu and says, “Yes, he is. His name is Pikachu and he is my best friend from the beginning of my quest and always will be.”

As they walked, girls of Link’s age 17 through 25 started looking at him and gave him winks as he walked by. “Boy, people in this town are sure friendly and cute.” Link said while waving to one of those women. Then Brock saw a nurse walking and then he ran over to one of the nurse “Joys” and took her by the hand and said very fast “Nurse Joy! I haven’t seen you in a while. How have you been? I haven’t had a girlfriend yet would you like to be my first?” Then Misty, with a jealous look on her face, came over to Brock and smacked him in the back of the head and said “Brock, let’s go! I want you to stop this habit of doing that to every girl that you see.” Then, Link started laughing and then Ash pinched the spot in between his eyebrows with his thumb and index finger and sighed. Then Misty dragged Brock away from Nurse Joy by the ear and walked to the stadium.

“So how do you battle with Pokémon anyway?” Asked Link, as he and the others were walking towards the building, “You want to know how to battle huh? You might want to have one of these.” Ash pulled out a Pokéball from his pocket and gave it to Link. The ball was the size of a golf ball; it had a white color on the bottom, and red color on the top, with a black line in the middle of the ball with a pushable button to activate the device. “What is this?” Asked Link with another confused look on his face, “It is a Pokéball Link, it is a device used by Pokémon Trainers to capture wild Pokémon and store them when not active. Upon contact, a Pokéball is able to convert a Pokémon into energy, draw it inside, and close automatically.” said Ash, “Push the button right there and the ball will get bigger.” Link did as Ash told him to, and then the little golf ball object, grew to the size of his hand.  “Now throw this ball and yell the phrase, “Go Charizard!” Then, Charizard will be coming out of the ball and you can just command him and that is how you battle!” Link did as Ash instructed and threw the ball while yelling “Go Charizard!” and then a beam of energy formed the shape white dragon then the ball bounced back and flew into Link’s hand.

Charizard let out a big roar with a flame jet that came out of his mouth and Link then said “Now what?” A Pokémon with a large flower on the top of some leaves to cover the creatures back; walked out of the forest and turned to look at them. It was freakishly discolored purple, blue and green like the one that Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu saw Then, Link saw one of his 50 rupees that was lost during the incident that brought him into this mess the first place. “MINE!!!” Link ran after the Venusaur and Ash quickly grabbed the back of Link’s shirt, and said to him, “Oh no you’re not! You can’t just go head on with that Pokémon; first, you need to see what is happening with that discolored creature.  Let’s try to identify this strange power, shall we?” Ash pulled his Pokédex out of his backpack, flipped it open, and pointed it at the animal then the screen showed a picture of the creature and gave its description.

VenusaurThe device said with a blinking white light as it talks, “Venusaur is considerably larger and heavier than both of its pre-evolutions, Ivysaur and Bulbasaur, and as such, it moves slower than the two when it is not in battle. The bud on its back has since bloomed into a large red flower with six expansive, white-spotted petals, supported on a brown trunk somewhat like that of a palm tree. Instead of patches on its skin, Venusaur appears to have frog-like warts. Additionally, the insides of Venusaur's ears now appear to be red in coloration. Venusaur’s special abilities, are to make flowers on a tree bloom, controlling roots of a tree and control the branches of the tree as well. Venusaur is also able to charge at its enemies to gain speed, and then perform moves such as Skull Bash and Body Slam with a force more powerful than a speeding armored truck. Additionally, it is capable of making incredible leaps for such a heavy Pokémon, and it's able to dodge attacks and jump across close rock formations. Venusaur’s only downside is that its weight is so heavy, that it causes a small earthquake as it lands when it finishes a Body Slam, which can break the platform it’s trying to land on, or cause it to get buried in mud or sand. The only gender difference from a male Venusaur and a female Venusaur is the seed protruding from its flower; possibly representing a fertile Venusaur.”

Ash put the Pokédex away in his bag, he looked at the phenomenon that is infecting the poor creature, and then the creature started to open its mouth and started to gather white energy and form it into a ball. Then Link started to get a little worried while looking at the energy ball, asked hurriedly “Ash, what do I say to get Charizard to attack?”

“Fire blast” Ash said, looking a little worried too gulped and stepped back.

“CHARIZARD, FIREBLAST THE ENERGY BALL!!” said Link. Almost immediately, Charizard sucked up a lot of air, a jet of fire shot out of its mouth and the flame was as wide as a telephone pole when he released that air. When the blast of fire hit Venusaur, it knocked the creature back did some damage, but not a whole lot to the infected creature, and the energy ball disappeared. The infectious purple stuff evaporated off the Pokémon, and the big creature came over to Link, smiled and licked him “Ugh! How disgusting and disturbing at the same time. Oh well, 50 rupees here I come!” Link quickly grabbed the 50 rupees off of the Pokémon’s flower, smelled it and then put it away in his carrying bag with his other stuff including a receipt from the Tasty Omelet Jamboree. Then, Link and the others headed off to the Vermillion City Gym where Ash will get the Thunder Badge from Lt. Surge.

            The sun started to set and all of the buildings in Vermillion started to turn orange. Link and the others, with the newly acquired Venusaur walking beside Link, were walking towards a dock of a big cruise ship. The cruise ship was 150 Ft tall, with white paint all over the ship and the ship was covered with windows on the sides of each of the three floors and windows on the bottom of the ship as well. The wood had a Dark Brown cedar polish finish to it which made the ship even more expensive to get on. Meanwhile, Link and the others were traveling to this ship and all of the sudden they were halted by the Dock Master standing in front of the entrance to the S.S. Anne. “Please present your VIP pass now” said the Dock Master in a deep voice while holding out his hand. The Dock Master had a dark blue short-sleeve shirt on with the logo of “S.S. Anne, Take Luxurious Adventures Around the World With You And Your Pokémon!” on the top left of his chest, and dark blue shorts that went to his knees that said “S.S. Anne” with big white bolded letters running along the outside of his cargo shorts, and a white trim running along the bottom of the pants as well. On his head, he was wearing a dark blue sailor’s hat with a white trim on the top, that also said the ships name with the logo on it in white as well in small letters, and he was wearing white gloves as well with a shiny silver orange name tag that said “S.S. Anne” on the top of the tag, and on the bottom of the tag it said the man’s name, “Scott Sygil Abraham, leading your way of luxury for 7 straight years.” He was a fit and muscular person, and as tall as Link. “VIP pass?” said Link while looking through his bag, “I don’t know if we have one of those. Do you have one of those Ash?” “Hold on, let me check.” said Ash, he pulled his backpack off his shoulders and started shuffling through the few items that he has. “Aha! Found it! Thank you Bill!” Brock and Misty both pulled out their tickets as well. “Here you go Link! I got an extra ticket just in case if we needed it, and we do.” said Brock smiling and while holding the S.S. Anne ticket and giving it to Link. Scott smiled and took their tickets and said “Welcome aboard to the Life of Luxury! I hope your journey gives you fortune and safe travels around the world.” Scott then nods and steps aside and motions with his left arm up the dock, with his palm up to invite them aboard the ship.

            As they entered the massive ship, people were looking at Link and tossing their Pokéball’s up in the air and letting it land in their hand which was tossing it, waiting for a fight. A woman with long brown hair with a tall slender body with the same uniform as Scott, but in a more feminine fashion, came up to Link and the others and said to them as if she were a cheerleader in high school, “Welcome to the S.S. Anne! I will be serving you for the next year. Follow me please.” As the group was following this young lady, they entered into a hall that was just wide enough for Link’s Venusaur to enter in comfortably. This hall had white carpet with white walls and a polished cedar ceiling, and had round electric lights between each door. And above each door was a number that started with the number 1 and ended at 50.  They stopped at door number 24, “This is where you guys will be staying, and you ma’am, you will be staying at numbuh 25. Here you go, have a nice trip!” She gives all of them a blue sheet then, she winked at Link and when she walked off, they all looked at the title;


“Rules for the S.S. Anne”

Rule 1: Don’t be out after 10:00pm on the deck

Rule 2: At 11pm, lights OUT!

Rule 3: No drinking alcohol on this ship or otherwise, we will call in a rescue boat to get you off this ship and to the nearest city to get you therapy and to a hospital.

Rule 4: Use the ships Pokémon Center for emergencies only.

Rule 5: When battling, please go out to the deck so the captain can supervise the battle while running the ship. If there are any problems, he will call security.

Rule 6: Have Fun!


Scott Sygil Abraham

Captain of the S.S. Anne


Scott Sygil Abraham

Captain of the S.S. Anne


Link, not caring for the rules, crumpled up the paper threw the blue paper over his shoulder and said, “Let’s go up to the Captain’s quarters guys; I am going to have a word with Scott. C’mon Darunia, let’s go.” Link motions the Venusaur to come with Link to the Captain’s Quarters, and the Venusaur followed along with the others. As they entered into the Captain’s Quarter’s they saw Scott crouching down holding his stomach he looked a little green from his sea travels. Link walked over to Scott, put his hand on Scott’s shoulder asked “Captain, are you okay?” “I am just a little sea sick that’s all, could you rub my back to see if it goes away?” answered Scott with pain. “Umm, okay if you say so.” Link looked back at Ash and Link looked a little uncomfortable, but he is the Hero of Time, he has to help people in time of their need. “I don’t know how this will help, but if he insists.”  Being uncomfortable, after Link rubbed Scott’s back, the Captain all of the sudden jumped up, shook Link’s hand and said “Ah! I feel much better! Thank you mysterious person! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! By the way, what is your name?” “My name is Link, captain.” Link released his grip from Scott’s and then Scott turned to Link’s Venusaur, “what is his name?”

“His name is Darunia.” said Link, while smiling at the friendly Venusaur.

“Oh! Uh, what a nice name to name a Venusaur! I think.” Scott happily turned to Ash and the others, and said “Who are these lovely people you are traveling with?”Link pointed to all of them and introduced them to his new friend then Scott gave Link a move to teach his Venusaur which is called “Cut”. “Thank you once again my friends! Have fun! Ta tah!” Scott was waving them goodbye and when they exited the ship, the ship sounded its horn and started to go off into the sunset on its adventure of wonder. Link reminded the others that we still have to find his Ocarina, “I know” said Ash while yawning, but, when he saw that Link could use his Venusaur to cut down that tree blocking the entrance of the gym, he said excitedly “Finally! Now, we can get my badge and Link’s instrument thingy!” “It’s called an Ocarina” said Link.





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