Link Meets Ash Ketchum

By Ben Fuller

Chapter 3: Destruction is in the Air

            We are going to leave our heroes for a while; we find Ganondorf in Celadon City at night dragging his feet along, being confused to where he is at and why he created that orb in the first place. Then he heard rustling in the bushes in route 16…..

            “Why did I create that stupid orb in the first place? Now I don’t know where to find it or where I am and…..” said Ganondorf in a tired tone with sword dragging on the ground at his side, all of the sudden, he heard animals rustling the bushes in the dark, “What is tha- ah AAAAAHHHHH!” CaterpRIEEEEE!!!”  A bunch of oversized caterpillars jumped on Ganondorf, when this happened, “GET OFF ME!” said Ganondorf in rage. Then, Ganondorf illuminated white electric energy from within the ball of caterpries, a big powerful blast exploded from Ganondorf and all the Caterpries were suddenly knocked out. All the birds that were in the trees became silent and with a flutter of wings, they just flew off into the night.

“Good riddance. Those things were getting very annoying.” Ganondorf looked at a Caterprie that was knocked out, lying against a tree; he spat upon it and he then walked off towards town. Thinking to himself he asks, “What were those creatures anyway? How are they huge creepy caterpillars? And…..why did they talk? Any who, I am going to go down to this town and try to learn about this strange world of when giant creatures talk.” When Ganondorf walked into town feeling tired, he saw a hotel that was lit up and wanted to go inside it. But there were guards at the entrance with big red R’s on their shirts, they had blue pants on as well, folding their arms and looking up and down the street wherever they can see with the street lights illuminating the streets but not far beyond the dark forest line of Celadon City. One of the guards spotted Ganondorf as he was coming closer, the guard looked at Ganondorf and yelled, “Hey you! Come over here!” said the girl team rocket member, she beckoned Ganon to come to her, but he didn’t, he just kept on walking “What are you doing here at night? Don’t you know who we are?”

Ganon turned his head with an annoyed look on he just ignored her, trudging away into the city lights and suddenly she ran right in front of him and stopped him, blocking his way he stopped then  Ganon said, “Get lost.” He then pushed her to the side and just went on walking and not caring what happened to her. The boy guard shot a net at Ganondorf, and he fell to the ground in an instant.

The man walked up to Ganondorf, crouched down next to him and said in Ganondorf’s face, “No one does that to a Team Rocket member. Now I am going to take you to my leader and he’ll see what to do with you strange red haired man.” Chuckles a little bit, while smiling, and then wraps his hand around the net and heaves him onto a black hover cart then started going towards the so called “hotel”. Since he was tired, Ganondorf thought it was inadequate to try to struggle out of this net, he started to fall asleep.

A few moments later, he heard a deep voice that sounded like it was in command, “Wake up stranger!” the deep voice said when Ganondorf’s eyes were focusing, then a figure about 6 feet tall appeared.

The man was not facing Ganondorf and then Ganondorf said in a slightly angered tone “Who are you punk? Why did you kidnap me? And where am I?” asked Ganondorf as he was sitting on a cold chair with his hands cuffed.

“Where are you?” The mysterious man laughed, while he wasn’t facing Ganon, “You are in the secret hideout of Team Rocket, what have you come to do here? Destroy me like the stupid kids did three years ago? Or did you come to take my prize Pokémon?” The figure turned his head a little bit to the right so that he can see Ganondorf in the corner of his eye. Ganondorf’s eyes were focused, he then saw a man, wearing a black suit with a grey shirt and no tie. The suit had a red “R” placed on the left side of it and it was the size of Ganondorf’s palm. His black hair was slicked back, neat and tidy, and the man had his hands behind his back.

“Who are you and what is your name? You freak!” Ganondorf said in a striking voice, while trying to get out of his metal prison.

 “Me? You are asking me who I am, you are not of this world, are you?” the man said.

Ganondorf expressed disappointment and disapproval and stopped struggling and hung his head and stared at his own legs. “Yes, I am not of this world. It was a failed futile attempt to destroy a sworn enemy in my world with a powerful orb that I created, which transported us here and I don’t know where he is now or where I am for that matter.”

 “What a rousing story, stranger. You certainly aren’t of this world. I will tell you who I am, only if you join me for a time while we search for your orb invention and help me capture a creature known as Pikachu.” said the man, still looking at Ganondorf.

“What is in it for me, freak?” questioned Ganondorf, as he was now looking at the tall man.

The man slowly turned around and pointed at himself and said “I am Giovanni! Leader of Team Rocket, and the Viridian City Gym! I created Mewtwo; my mother gave me this position of leadership in her will when she passed away. And what’s in it for you, you ask? I will tell you. If you help me capture Pikachu, I will give you your precious orb.” Ganondorf perked his head up at the word, “orb”.

Ganondorf thinking to himself, he said “The orb, how does he have it? Where did he get it?” Giovanni looking amused, he turned to James and said in a powerful tone,

“James, get the orb for me.”

“Yes your leadership. I will do that right away.”  James exited the room turned right and disappeared out of view from the window.

 “Now stranger, might I ask who you are?” Giovanni said.

Okay fine, if you insist. I was born as the King of the Gerudo; I was the only male member of my tribe in a hundred years.  I am Ganondorf, the Great King of Evil.”

“Well!” said Giovanni, in a little intimidated tone, “We will do great together if you put it that way! That is, if you accept the offer, my friend.”  Ganondorf calmed down a little bit and he let out a short and heavy, sigh, “I will if you let me out of this chair so that I can get situated.

“Here you go, oh great master!” James said as he was bowing and handing Giovanni, Ganondorf’s orb. The orb was placed upon a fancy gold pillow and thickly wrapped in a purple cloth to protect it from being scratched. Giovanni unwrapped the orb and then, Ganondorf started to stir a little bit in his chair and he said, “Hey, that’s my orb! How did you get it punk? Where did you find it? I WANT TO KNOW!”

“Now now, don’t be giving yourself a headache Ganon. You can’t get out of that chair unless you help me find that elusive Pikachu. If you help me, I’ll give you this orb and we’ll both be satisfied.” 

“Okay, if you wish.”

 “Now that’s better.” Giovanni presses a button on the metal desk and Ganondorf’s hands have been released.

 Ganondorf stood up from the chair and held out his hand and said slowly, in a deep, demonic voice, and the triforce on the back of his hand started glowing, “Give me the orb now, or prepare to die!”

 Ummmm…….” said Giovanni in a nervous tone, he started to sweat, he thought to himself “Better not rage him; I’ll just give him the orb.” Then Giovanni said to Ganondorf, “Okay oh evil one! I will give you your precious orb of doom!”

“That’s better” said Ganondorf still in a demonic voice, he stretched out his hand and swiped the orb from Giovanni’s hands, all the sudden; he did a menacingly evil laugh and said “This is the day that I, Ganondorf, will rule this world and the strange world of giant creatures! I pronounce myself king over this world and Hyrule. No one can stop me now, NO ONE! NOT EVEN LINK!” Giovanni started to run for his life and then was stopped by Ganondorf grabbing the back of his shirt. “Where are you going “friend”?”

Giovanni gulped and started to sweat more, “YOU ARE CRAZY!! YOU CAN’T TAKE OVER TWO WORLDS!! THAT’S INSANE!! I WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE!!”

Then James, who was still in the room started to flee from Ganondorf’s presence and he escaped just barely without Ganondorf seeing him and he was thinking, “I’d better go tell Ash and this Link guy, or they’ll get killed by this wicked man!”

Giovanni yelled, “NOOOOO!!!” Then, a flash of bright light cracked the air and there was a sudden still in the air.

“Oh no, that must not be good! I should hurry before Ganondorf or whatever his name is, sees me!” James then ran out of the base and into the night and was searching for Ash to tell him of the troubles that he just saw.


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