Link Meets Ash Ketchum

By Ben Fuller

Chapter 4: The News and The Ocarina


James was running on Route 6 as fast as he can, all the sudden he crashed into a girl with very large, long red hair with a curl at the end, as well as a cat with a gold charm on his forehead. All three of them landed in a bush and there was a little rustling in the trees then sparrows flew out of the trees and into the night. “James! Why are you in such a rush? I could’ve been badly injured! We were just spying on Pikachu and Ash with their new cute green friend of theirs, and they could’ve spotted us.” said Jessie


“Oh really? Well, I was just going to tell you something that WAS very important, but it seems like you don’t care.” whispered James, while he was taking deep breaths to recover from the run. 


 “Would you two be quiet?! That green man is suspecting us, look!” whispered Meowth, they all looked at the gang in front of them and Link was looking straight at them, but he can’t see them through the bush that they landed in.


“Looks like the battle is canceled guys.” said Link, while looking at the bush that Jessie, James and Meowth were in, he said, “We’ve got company, Darunia, stay here.” Link then pulls out the Master Sword and his Hylian shield, and starts walking towards the bush, Link’s sword started to light up. “Uh oh, brace your selves!” said Meowth, covering his head. Jessie and James were hugging each other in fright, while closing their eyes.


“What’s that sword you have in your hand Link?” asked Ash curiously.


Link stopped in his tracks and looked at his sword, it was starting to pulsate. He turned around and said to Ash “This sword, Ash, is the Blade of Evils bane; it is called the Master Sword. Someone in my world said this to me in a temple called the Temple of Time after I got this out of its pedestal “The Master Sword is a sacred blade which evil ones may never touch...” This sword is glowing because of a great evil that is here in this world, Ash.”


 Jessie looked at Link in a confused way, “Huh? Why did he stop? ‘A great evil?’ This seems to be an interesting story, let’s get out of this bush and listen.”


James and Meowth all agreed to Jessie’s suggestion and at that moment all of them came out of the bush at once and Link, Ash, Brock and Misty jumped back.  James held out his hands as though he were waving to them, James said “Don’t fret, we come in peace! We have come to tell you of a great threat that has come into this world.”


Link was at ease, and he put his sword back in its sheath and the shield on the sheath as well. “Who are you?”


Jessie started to make a weird dance and then, James and Meowth started to join in on the dance.


Jessie said, “Prepare for trouble!”

James then said “Make it double!”
To protect the world from devastation!”

“To unite all peoples within our nation!”
“To denounce the evils of truth and love!”
“To extend our reach to the stars above!”
Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!”
“Help us now, or we die tonight!”


Meowth! That's right!” said Meowth. After the introduction, he looked at James and he was a little confused at what James said. “Wait….what did you say James?”


“Help us now, or we die tonight...” mumbled James out loud; looking a little worried that Meowth would scratch his face off after he said that.  


“What? I couldn’t hear you?”


“Help us now, or we die tonight!” said James a little more clearer.


“You messed up the introduction you NUMBSKULL!” said Meowth as he was getting contentious towards James, James was more worried now. 


Link was examining the area and all the sudden, he saw his ocarina in a shop window and then he screamed like a little school girl, “My OCARINA!” When he saw his ocarina he ran to the window of a shop that was called Extraordinary Novelties and Antiques, he was breathing hard on the window and said “My baby! Don’t worry, I will save you!” 


James and Meowth stopped fighting, Meowth did a face plant on the ground because he was up in the air and he missed James’ face, and James was freaked out by Link’s


“What’s gotten into him?” Jessie asked


“Oh, he lost his Ocarina when he came to this world. It was given to him by someone called Zelda” answered Brock, as he was looking at Link.


“He is from another world? How strange, how did he get here in the first place?” said Jessie, looking at Link as he went into the store.


“It’s a long story.” said Brock.


Link walked inside the Extraordinary Novelties and Antiques shop, and he went up to the cashier and said to an old man named Harry who has a white mustache with his head slightly bald, “That is my instrument in that window right there and I was wondering, could I have it for free?”


“That is your instrument huh?” said the old man while staring at Link with one eye opened to him. “How can I trust that it is yours? Do you have proof?”


Link grabbed the pouch that was at his side and then he saw the wooden ocarina that Saria gave to him in the Lost Woods while he was a kid. He pulled out the Ocarina, showed it to the old man and said “This instrument was given to me by my friend back home before I came into this world.” Link then pointed to the Ocarina, “and that blue instrument that you have in that window was given to me by my girlfriend Zelda. Now do you believe it is mine?


The old man looked at Link and said “Maybe, I’ll make you a deal. You give me 1,000 credits, and it’s yours.”


“What? That is insane! Darn it all!” Link looked at the old man with a saddened look on his face and then he put Saria’s Ocarina back inside his bag and all of the sudden he saw a gold rupee sitting there in his bag, waiting to be used.  Link perked up and he suddenly got an idea to show the cashier his gold rupee, “Hopefully this will work.” thought Link. He then pulled the rupee out of his bag and showed it to the old man, in hopes of getting his ocarina. “How about this beauty right here? Would you like to trade this for my instrument?”


The old man’s eyes widened, “What in the world is that?!”


“This, my friend, is a gold rupee that is only found in my world, and it is very rare to find.”


Your world? Well then, I guess I have to take it into consideration.” The old man swiped the gold rupee from Link’s hands and he put it in his cash register for later examination. He walked over to the window and he took Link’s Ocarina off the pillow that it was on, and the old man then said, “This is yours sonny, it was a pleasure doing business with you.” He winks at Link and he starts to slowly walk off into the back room


Link then started to smile, he was so happy he could not keep it in. Link went over to the old man, grabbed his Ocarina and held it up in the air, random music came on and then Navi said “Congratulations! You got your ocarina back from that old man! Now you can show off your musical talents and hopefully save Hyrule! To select the instrument, press start and go to the selection screen, press A and set it to one of the yellow direction keys…….”


Navi, what in the world are you talking about?”


“I am just giving an instruction to the players about how to select the ocarina.”


“What the? Navi, you’ve completely lost it. I know how to get an ocarina out of my bag and play it just fine. Now be quiet, the old man is looking at me awkwardly.” Link walked out of the store with the big smile on his face and Ash said “Looks like someone had a good visit to the store. Did you get your Ocarina?”


“Yes Ash, I did. Now that I am complete, I will play a song for you on it.” Link pulled the Ocarina out of his pouch and blew into the instrument and started playing Epona’s Song. After Link finished the song, he heard the familiar neigh of his horse. Then a red haired horse came out of Vermillion forest into the light that was illuminating the outside of the store and everyone was looking at Epona


Misty and Jessie were getting excited and Misty said to Link, “What a beautiful horse you have Link! Do you have a name for this gorgeous horse?”


“Yes I do Misty, her name is Epona. She is my faithful steed and friend. I got her out of a ranch in my world that is called the Lon Lon Ranch. We escaped out of the ranch after Ingo, the caretaker, locked us in.”


“Oh sweet, that is awesome Link! Since you have your horse now, could I have Darunia?” asked Ash, “Yes, you can have him,” answered Link with a nod “You are trying to catch them all right?”


“Heck yes I am!”


“I won’t need Darunia anymore because after I defeat Ganondorf and somehow transport us back into my world, then he will become useless and he will die. That is why I am giving him to you”


“Link, let’s get to our base so that you can defeat this Ganondorf and we can have a peaceful world again.” said James, then a cane came out of nowhere and whacked James head “OWOWOWOWOW!” James then turned at the old man and his face turned red and steam came out of his ears. “Why did you do that you old freak?! I could’ve been hurt real bad!” The old man just smiled at James while he had his hands behind his back with his cane in them, he said, “I just did it for fun.”


   “HEY! Green man! I’ve got something of yours” Link looked over and he saw the old man’s wife came out of his store and said to Link while carrying some items and food, I thought some of these items are yours. Are they yours?” The old man’s wife had Link’s bow and Link’s quiver of arrows, his gold rupee and his Ice, Fire, and Light arrows.


“Yes ma’am, they are mine! Where did you find them?”


“I found them while my husband and I were traveling from another city during the day today. They had very strange markings on them, and I thought I’d better keep these strange items until someone comes along with the same markings, the same markings like you have green man.” 


“Thank you so very much! You are a big help ma’am!” said Link being polite, while putting his found items back into his pouch.


“Now you guys look very hungry and tired, let’s get you some grub and beds so that you can start your travels in the morning refreshed.”


“Thank you so very much, I am hungry for some food and I am sure Pikachu is as well.” said Ash, while holding his stomach. “Pi.” said Pikachu while putting his hand over his stomach as well.


Jessie, James and Meowth even joined in on the food and sleep because they were hungry and tired as well.  “Hey, old man, please forgive me of what I said back there and, I was wondering if we could stay with these guys for the night. We are weary travelers as well.” said James, while being a little nervous


“Why do you want to stay with us, Team Rocket?” asked Brock


“Because, our leader is dead and we are hungry and tired. Even poor old Meowth is tired too.


 “Old? Why you little! Well, I guess James is correct, I am hungry and I am tired as a Snorlax, but I am not old.”


“Come into our humble abode, we don’t have much room, so you guys might be sleeping in different rooms.” said the old woman. The others went into the shop and started to set up for bed, whereas Link was tying up Epona on a nearby post by the old couples shop and he patted the horses head, Epona was getting a little nervous, Link whispered to her, “It’ll be all right Epona, we’ll soon get out of this world and into Hyrule, I’ll not let you down girl.”


So the next morning, the gang was well rested and fed and they looked outside. The morning sky was overcast with dark clouds over them, threatening to bring in rain and thunder. Link got to the door and he noticed that it was going to be a very hard day for travel. “Well” Link said, as he untied Epona, “We best be off, thank you for your hospitality. I really appreciate it!”  Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu, James, Jessie and Meowth all nodded to agree with Link. Ash pulled out a Pokéball and threw it immediately, then a large bird-like Pokémon called Pidgeot came out of the ball and he got Charizard out as well. “Misty and Brock, you get to ride on Charizard. Jessie, James, Meowth and I get to ride on Pidgeot. Sounds good?”


“That sounds like a plan, Stan! Lets go!” said Brock, Brock turned to the old couple who were smiling and he said “Thank you again for you hospitality! I really enjoyed it!”


The old man and his wife looked at Link’s shield. Then Link and the others started to go to Route 6 and off to Celadon City. The old man spotted the Triforce on the Hylian Shield and he just looked at the Triforce symbol as Link and the others rode and flew off and then he thought to himself, “Link, you are the only one that can save this world from utter destruction from Ganondorf. We are confident! Don’t let us down!

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