Link Meets Ash Ketchum

By Ben Fuller

Chapter 5: The Kidnappings

As the gang was flying and Link was galloping along on the road of Route 6, the temperature had gotten colder due to the wind that was howling and cold rain that started to come down in a downpour. Pidgeot and Charizard was dodging the bolts as Epona was dodging big tree roots and fallen logs, and when they got there, Link stopped Epona’s gallop, Ash stopped the flight of Pidgeot, Brock stopped Charizard as well. Then, Link started to smell smoke in the air.

Link yelled to Ash, “Hey Ash! Do you smell that? It smells like a fire is happening over that direction!” He pointed east to the direction of Celadon City.

 “You are right Link!” yelled Ash to Link, “That is the direction of Celadon City and it seems like the city is on fire from what I can tell!”

“Let’s hurry! Heyah heyah!” said Link, then Epona started to gallop toward the city of Celadon as fast as she could, and Ash and the others did as well.


When they came to Celadon City, Link saw that buildings were in flames and the wind weren’t helping with the fire because it was blowing the fire’s ashes into the forest of Route 6. Water Pokémon were trying to douse the fires with their water cannons with all their might, and firefighters were helping out as well. Right then, a fair young adult woman with long brown hair, ran to Link and she was crying tears of sadness. Then she threw her arms on Link’s chest, and she said to him “*snivel* My kids have been kidnapped by a mysterious dark man who was wearing a black cape and, *snivel* and he took my husband too!” Link was trying to calm her down

“Don’t worry ma’am. I’ll bring your family back, you can count on me!” said Link, while being confident in his words and trying to release her from her grip on him.

“Really? You will?” said the brown haired girl, she hugged him tightly and Link was trying to escape.

“Yes, I’ll do whatever it takes.” said Link

“Oh! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!” she was smiling and she hugged Link very tightly again while still sniveling, and then she released Link, and he said, “Whew! I am glad that’s over! And I am glad that Zelda didn’t see this, if she did, she’ll freak out if she did!” thought Link

 While having her hands on Link’s shoulders, she said to Link, “My name is Amelia. What is yours?”

“My name is Link, nice to meet you Amelia. Do you know where this dark man took your husband? And what is your husband’s name?”

“I don’t know where he took them, I just saw him take Brad, Julia, and Darren and I haven’t seen them since.” said Amelia, while starting to cry again as she thought of her husband and two kids.


Ash and the others came down from the sky to see what was going on. The Pokemon landed near Link and Epona, and all of them got off of the Pokémon’s backs as they were hunkered down to let their passengers off. Brock suddenly saw Amelia with her hands on Link’s shoulders still, he ran to her and he spoke really fast saying, “Hi there! I am Brock, do you have a boyfriend?  I don’t have a girlfriend myself, but I am sure you would be a good candidate…*smack!*” Amelia got disturbed of Brock and she smacked him really hard and he fell to the ground with a thump, then Amelia said to Brock while having her hand showing her ring, “I am married thank you, and I have a wonderful husband and two kids. This nice and respective young man has just agreed to find my husband along with my two kids.” Her ring was a small gold ring. It had 3 cut diamonds on the top of it, and with details of little gold Pokéball’s lined up with each other on the outside rim of the ring. She took off her hands that were on Link’s shoulders.



Link was looking where a possible hideout would be where Ganondorf would be hiding. He saw a hotel that the fire didn’t touch yet, but it looked like it was a possible solution to where Ganondorf was hiding. “Hey guys! I think I may have found a possible hiding place to where Ganondorf would be.” Link said, while pointing to the hotel and looking at the others. While being puzzled at who this person was that Link had just said, Amelia was saying to herself Ganondorf’s name. Ash was trying to help Brock get up off the ground, Ash said to Link, “Link, are you sure that is their hiding place?”

“Yes, that is the correct place, lets hurry before the fire gets to this building.” said James beckoning them to go to their hide out.


“Okay! Let’s go then!” said Link while giving Epona to Amelia, “Here is Epona Amelia, take good care of her until I return with your family.”

“Okay Link, I will do that. Thank you again!” Amelia kissed Link on the cheek and wished him good luck on his adventure. She took Epona behind her house which was located on the left side of the hotel, and disappeared.


He started to walk to Team Rockets hideout with the others and then Link and the others entered into the hotel. As they entered into the lobby of the hideout, there was a brown table that was wood and rounded with 4 wooden chairs in the middle of the room, with a fancy diamond chandelier hanging above the table. On their left side was the greeter desk with little pamphlets of Celadon City and its touring sites. Straight ahead of the gang, were steps leading to the second story of the hotel. There was not a single soul found in the lobby because of evacuations.

“Come, this way.” said James, and then James led the gang behind the counter to find a door revealed from under a rug. The door was big enough so that one person can get in there at a time, and there was a ladder of only seven metal bars attached to the wall, leading to the hallway of Team Rocket’s hideout.


When James opened the door, there was a loud creak that broke the silence of the air that was in the hotel and the sound echoed as if there was a something beneath them. “James, are you sure you are doing the right thing, showing them this entrance?” asked Jessie

“Well, this is the only way to help Link defeat the evil man Ganondorf that I told you about, so I am siding with them only to the end of this adventure.” answered James, while motioning everyone to get into the underground hallway, Link went first into the hallway, then Ash, Brock, Misty, Meowth  and lastly, James. Jessie was just standing there staring at them, wondering if she should go into the door or not. James looked up at Jessie and said “Are you going to come with us? This is only going to be a temporary allegiance to these guys.”

“Okay, I’ll side with you if it is only a temporary allegiance.” said Jessie starting to climb down the ladder, she grabbed the handle on the underside of the door, then closed it and locked it.


As they entered into the hallway, a sensor clicked loudly enough that they all can hear the click, and fluorescent lights lit up the dark pathway. This was a long, finished cement hallway that had air conditioning, with a carpet that stretched to the end of the hallway, and there was a black hand rail that was attached to both sides of the wall. At the end of the hallway, was a ladder that went up into the base, the hallway was 12ft tall and 10ft wide. “Ooh, it feels so nice in here!” said Link, enjoying the cold air; and Link’s voice echoed in the hall way as he said his words, “We don’t have anything like this back in Hyrule. I love it!”  

“Yeah, it does feel nice, doesn’t it?” said Ash, enjoying the cold air as well as Pikachu, then Pikachu said with a smile, “Pika!”


As they entered into the hallway, fluorescent lights lit up the path. This was a long, finished cement hallway that had air conditioning, and a hand rail that was attached to the wall. At the end of the hallway, was a ladder that went up into the base, Link’s voice echoed in the hall way.

 “Ooh, it feels so nice in here!” said Link, while enjoying the cold air,  We don’t have anything like this back in Hyrule.

 “Yeah, it does feel nice, doesn’t it?” said Ash, enjoying the cold air as well as Pikachu, then Pikachu said with a smile, “Pika!”


The gang started walking to their destination, and then there was a sudden earthquake. Lights started to badly flicker, and everybody was trying to keep their footing then all of the sudden, the hallway went dark. Link yelled during the earthquake “What in the world is happening!?” Link, Ash, Misty, Jessie, Brock and James heard a cry for help from Meowth and Pikachu, after 15 seconds of the ground shaking, the earthquake stopped and the hallway lit up again with lights flickering.

“Is everyone okay?” asked Brock, while helping Ash regain his balance.

“I am” said Misty

“Me too” said Jessie

 “Yes, I am as well, but where is Meowth? And where is Pikachu?” said James while scratching his head and scanning the hallway to look for the missing Pokémon.

“Pikachu?” said Ash, while searching for his friend well, and when he couldn’t find him he said in a worried voice, “My buddy has been Pokénapped! Link, does Ganondorf usually do this in your world?”

“No, he doesn’t. Maybe he is trying to just lure me to him. And it is working, let’s get out of this place before another earthquake happens.” said Link, starting to run to the other end of the long hallway.

“We are right with you!” said Ash, starting to run towards the exit of the hallway. Jessie, James, Misty and Brock did the same.


As they got to the ladder at the end of the hallway, another aftershock from the earthquake earlier shook the ground vigorously, and then a couple of lights fell out of the ceiling and it broke, all of the lights flickered off again. Everybody was hanging onto the hand rail and all of the sudden, there were screams “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Misty, Jessie, and Brock had disappeared. There was a sudden still in the air, and the lights came back on.


Link was looking for the other three who had disappeared like Meowth and Pikachu, “Uh, Ash? Where did Misty, Brock and that weird red haired girl go?” asked Link

“I don’t know, but we should get out of here.” answered Ash

“Yes, let’s get out of here, this place is cursed!” Link said, as he ran to the ladder. He then climbed up the ladder; he opened the door and waited for Ash and James to come up. After Ash and James came out of the hallway, Link then shut the door he turned around and he looked around. They were in a place that was big and really fancy looking. It had a fountain in the middle of the floor and hanging over the fountain, was a really big ruby chandelier that made the room look red. Link, James, and Ash were hearing creepy organ music playing somewhere in the base.

“James, do you know where to go?” asked Link

“Umm, this is a big change for me. I am thinking that we should go this way,” said James, while pointing to a door that had yellow shiny triangle on it.

“Should we go in that room Link?” asked Ash

“Yes, we should enter into that room” answered Link

 “I am right behind you.” said James


When Link, Ash and James entered into the room, the door shut immediately behind them James and Ash jumped, but Link didn’t

“Does that happen in your world usually?” asked James

“Yep, it sure does! I am not afraid of those doors, I get used to them immediately closing behind me, because all of the dungeons in my world have those kinds of doors. You get used to them.”


When Link, James, and Ash entered into the room, they saw that there were three entrances to a mysterious maze that Link had never seen before. The entrances were in rectangular shapes that were 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide. On each of the doors, had the numbers 1, 2 and 3 going from left to right.

“Well, which door do you want to go in first?” asked Link

“Number One” said Ash, while he had his index finger showing the number one sign to Link. Ash and James said “Number one” at the same time

“Jinx! You owe me a soda!” said Ash, smiling at James

“Nu uh, that’s not fair!” said James.

“It’s too fair! But, we have more important things to do.” said Ash

“Okay, two votes for door #1 and one vote for none. Let’s go into door #1!” said Link, heading for the door, the other two followed right behind him. James and Ash followed Link into the door that Ganondorf had created and thus they start their adventure into Team Rocket’s modified base.

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