Link: In DragonBall Z!

By The Calamari King

Link walked towards Hyrule Castle. He whistled. All right the story is boring and normal! Let's get to the stuff. Goku, Our hero from dragon ball, Got pissed and constipated while fighting a little purple lizard, and when he was about to die, he dyed his hair blond, got a gel which promptly made him look like a sixties version of leonardo decaprio with and afro and some pulsating muscles! This scared the little purple lizard, who very suddenly blew up the world they were fighting which (happened to have blue trees) made go to the "next dimension" so we can keep this a little kids show and no one dies. This next dimension just happens to be hyrule.

Anyways, Link made it just a little past Lon Lon ranch, where a weird Leonardo DeCaprio with from the sixties fell in front of him. Link was stunned ( not by the situation my friends, but from the fact at how weird this guy was.)

Goku, how lost his gig and turned back into a normal sabin, or sayian, whichever it was. Goku saw a little teenage boy in skirt and tights, and screamed. "Take those clothes off now! How putrid!" The sayian said.

Link saw this even more ugly wierdo asking him to take his clothes off, and that was the last straw. " I'm gonna cut you down to size." Link took out his bighorn sword, I mean Biggoron, charged it up with his whirl attack, and smashed Goku into the wall.

Goku really blew. " I have to eliminate a super strong purple little lizard, then I have to put up WITH MEN IN TIGHTS! I"VE GOT A SON WITH A TAIL AND A REALLY ANNOYING WIFE! MY LIFE IS HARD ENOUGH! NOW YOU WILL FEEL THE HORROR!" Link sneered. " I already have felt the horror, bub. It's name is Ruto." Goku got angry once again. " Constipation attack now!" Goku got really red and started to hyper ventilate. He was using the most powerful move alive, taught to him by a dead fish with antennas in yet another "next dimension!" He slammed Link into Lon Lon ranch. The impact of the pain of constipation made Goku so strong that link actually was thrown through the wall.

Only to land on a cucco. The bird cawed, and a crowd of very mad chickens that looked like reject from a "The Birds" casting call, attacked both link and Goku. Goku was pecked and pecked and pecked and pecked and peckedů until he made a real weird decision. " Now you've done it! CONSTIPATION ATTACK TIMES TEN!" The level of constipation made Goku go insane, and his Leo suit came alive once again, and he fended off the birds. Link made a sneak attack with his Megaton hammer, smashing Goku's head. A normal, intelligent person would be dead. But not the constipated Goku! Goku's head was so thick the the impact had no effect. Goku turned around, and cupped his hands. "Constipation HA!" A beam of concentrated constipation shot out of Goku but and through his cupped hands. Link was smashed all the way into Hyrule market. He gout and noticed a big sign on a building, which read "POKEMON EVERYTHING BONANZA!" there was a red and white ball and a yellow rat on the banner as well. Link walked into the store. It was filled with smelly screaming little kids. There were movies, cards, toys, under wear, games, cereal.. everything was here. Link found it appalling. He walked up to the manager. "How could you do this to our young society? Show me!" The manager gave him a blue cartridge and a gameboy color. Link turned it on. "This so, badů Pokemon.. Pokemon, Pokemon Pokemon pokemon Yeah! Gotta catch em all! Poke Mon mon mon." Link had caught the nasty Gotta have it all! Fever. The Pokemon had rotted his brain in no time, just like all the other people in town.

Meanwhile, Goku was sitting on a toilet, trying his hardest to get it all out~ Then he saw a sign on the door. " been waiting long on the pot? Did you get tired of the boring old newspaper too? Go down to toy biz and buy pokemon! That is exactly what Goku did. And soon enough, Link and Goku were battling there pokemon over game link cable in there pokemon underwear. Shigeru Myamato Stepped out from the back of the building, with a truck full of rupees. I have captivated this world. No I just need to find another. This is fun."


P.S please don't flame me for making fun of Pokemon or dragonball Z. I happen to like both, for I am a great fan of both. I love Zelda too. I made fun of them all. Wait for the next exciting episode of Dragon ball c, (C for CONSTIPATION!) dananutna, nananana, danan nananananana!

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