Link Meets Inuyasha

By Delaney Irvin

Chapter 1: When a Hylian Meets a Dog Hanyou

Link was walking a round in Ganon’s castle. He was looking for another entrance for ganon’s domain. He saw a stairway. It led to a creepy door.
“That’s it! The doorway to Ganon!” Link said as he raced up the stairs. He opened the door. There, was ganon, playing the church pipes. He stopped when he saw Link and said,
“These toys are to much for you! I command you to return the triforce to me at once!” ganon shot powerful waves at Link. Link closed his left eye and just barely kept his right eye open and put his arm in front of him.
“Link! I can’t help you! The waves are too powerful! I’m sorry.” Navi said. Ganon stopped and hopped in the air with his devilish laughter. Ganon shot a ball of energy at Link witch, Link repelled by the Master Sword, The blade of evils bane. Ganon continued this technique until he got really mad and started to shot energy everywhere. Link used his hook shot to escape it. At the end,
“The great Ganondorf…Beaten…By a kid?!” ganon said. Ganon opened a portal and threw the triforce in it. He then died. In the portal,
“Kagome, are you sure… OW!! OK! Who threw that?!” Inuyasha shouted. Kagome looked down and saw a shinny thingy. She picked it up and put on a string and tied it around her neck. Meanwhile…
Link jumped threw the portal. Where he met a white baboon.
“Who are you? Did you by any chance see a shinny thingy go by?” navi asked. The baboon smirked. He spoke very softly.
“Yes. A half-breed named Inuyasha has it. He won’t give it to you that easily. You have to kill him if, you want it.” The baboon said.
“Your name?” navi asked. The baboon smirked.
“Naraku.” Naraku said.
“WHERE IS THIS ‘INUYASHA’ YOU SPEAK OF?!?!?!?!?!” Link asked. Naraku pointed to a path. Link played Epona’s song. No horse came.
“You can use my horse.” Naraku whistled. A black maned horse came. Link mounted this horse and found it to be REALLY fast. He headed quickly down the path. “this Inuyasha person isn’t going be spoke of much longer. The only time he’ll be spoke of is his death!” Link thought. Meanwhile…
“Kagome! Stand back! Sesshomaru! You’re dead!” Inuyasha pulled out the tetsusaiga and Sesshomaru was really about to die when tetsusaiga transformed. Sesshomaru’s armor was gone, he was bleeding and was backed up into a corner. NO ESCAPE! Then, an arrow, lit with fire, came and stopped it. The tetsusaiga transformed back. Kagome looked back and saw a man, with a bow in his left hand, and a quiver strapped to his back. He had a green tunic and hat that was blowing in the wind, with a belt around his waist and a brown strap from his belt around his shoulder and to the backside of his belt. He wore tights, with brown boots; he had blond hair and blue eyes along with blue ring earrings. He had a turtleneck on, under his tunic that was tied in front of his neck. He had a very determined look on his face. He saw sesshomaru backed up in the corner. He threw him a fairy.
Sesshomaru shrugged.
“Open it. Trust me.” Link said. Sesshomaru knew he had to or it would mean his death. He opened it and the fairy went around him and healed him all the way. His armor appeared. And he jumped and laughed a devilish laugh.
“Thanks. I guess humans do have purposes.” Sesshomaru smiled.
“Oh, I’m an elf. Full elf.” Link said.
“I’m looking for the half breed named Inuyasha. Heard of ‘em?” Link asked. Sesshomaru laughed.
“That’s him.” he pointed to a dog-eared man in red with long silver hair and yellow eyes and long claws. Link shot an arrow at Inuyasha. Inuyasha blocked it. Link threw down the arrow down and pulled out his sword and pointed it at Inuyasha.
“Hand it over, dog boy! And I’ll let you live!” Link shouted.
“Over my dead body!” Inuyasha took out tetsusaiaga.
“That can be arranged.” Link grinned .

Chapter 2: Inuyasha, sit!

“This is a battle I’m going to enjoy.” Inuyasha smirked.
“Ha! You won’t be smirking for long! By the time I’m finished with you, you’re gonna wish that you were dead! Although, I will just leave you alive for the rats to fed upon!” Link smiled.
“Ha! You wish! Now, lets wipe that silly little smile off your face for good!” Inuyasha ran torwards Link. He cut Link’s chest. Link flew to the ground.
“CAHUH!” Link groaned. He opened one eye and tried to slash Inuyasha but Inuyasha went back. Inuyasha came up and cut Link chest again.
“Please…stop…” Link managed to whisper.
“Ha! Please…stop… hahahahahahaha!!!!!” Inuyasha laughed. “Now, say good-bye!” Inuyasha was ready to stick his hand into Link’s chest when Kagome shouted, “Inuyasha, sit boy!”
“Gah!” Inuyasha fell. Kagome rushed over to Link.
“Are you all right? What is your name?” She put an arm over him and helped him up. Link opened his eyes half way and used his sword as a walking stick.
“Link… my name is Link… I-I-I’ll be back… to kill Inuyasha…” Link said.
“Why? Why do you want to kill Inuyasha?” Kagome asked.
“Triforce… I want the triforce to free Princess Zelda…” Link fumbled away, dragging his left foot. He arrived in a forest. He fell. He fainted. Naraku appeared. He laughed.
“Heh…Heh…Heh… you couldn’t do it, could you?” Naraku said. He threw a jewel shard in him.
“CAAA!” Link yelled.
“Heh…get up.” Naraku ordered. Link got up. Naraku kept embeading shards in him. The more he did, the more Link yelled. He put one in each shoulder, thigh, foot, wrist and his for-head and back. Link’s eyes turned red. He grew sharp teeth like Inuyasha. And a black tail like Koga.
“Now, go. Defeat Inuyasha.” Naraku ordered. Link ran REALLY fast down the forest.
“Kagome? Why did you say ‘sit’ right when I was about to kill someone?” Inuyasha asked.
“Because, he pleaded for mercy!” kagome said. Inuyasha got up.
“That doesn’t mean-!” he was interrupted by Link. the wind blew fast by them. As Link stood there, red eyed and his sword in his hand.
“Ahh! Inuyasha he has red eyes!” Kagome screeched. She saw many glints in his body. “Inuyasha, he has 10 jewel shards in him!”
“Alright! Prepare to-!” he was interrupted by naraku, appearing next to Link.
“Naraku… NARAKU!!!!!!” Inuyasha yelled. “You’re dead!” Inuyasha charged at Link.

Kagome: Will naraku die? See what happens next time on, Inuyasha meets Link!

Kagome: Next time on Inuyasha, Link fights Inuyasha on a battle to the death! Who will win? I dunno but it will be exciting!
Naraku: Sheild me.
Kagome: what does Naraku mean, shield me? Find out next time on, Inuyasha meets Link!

Chapter 3: Showdown! Link vs. Inuyasha!

Kagome: Last time on Inuyasha, Naraku embeaded 10 jewel shards in Link! And now Inuyasha wants to kill them both. See what happens!
“Naraku…NARAKU!!!!!!” Inuyasha charged at naraku. Naraku smirked.
“Sheild me.” Naraku ordered. Link went forward and slashed Inuyasha’s chest.
“AAAHHHHHHRGSHA!” Inuyasha yelled.
Showdown! Inuyasha vs. Link!
He clutched his chest. He looked at Link, who grinned.
“You… You’ll pay!” Inuyasha charged at Link but Link went so fast he could barely see him move. Link grabbed Kagome by her neck.
“You playful little fool.” Link grasped her neck so tight, he could fell the waves of her heart pumping threw her body. “You thought you could out smart me, didn’t you? That’s just like you, Inuyasha.” Link smirked.
“Inu-yasha…” kagome whimpered. “L-Link please. try to remember. I helped you get away from Inuyasha… don’t do this…” Link’s eyes grew angrier and he sqeezed Kagome’s neck harder.
“I REMEMBER NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Link threw her to the ground. Naraku laughed. “heh… Link only remembers what I tell him to.” Inuyasha banged Link on the head his sword. Link fell backwards. He went on his knees. He looked at his hands.
“No…Please tell me this isn’t my doing…Please Kill me now! If you don’t I will only kill more innocent people!” Link begged. Tears were streaming down his face.
“Hah! Finally, you’re making sense!” Inuyasha flung the tetsusaiga at Link, which, Link blocked with the master sword. Link jumped in the air and hovered there.
“Ha! You should’ve killed me sooner! You will regret letting me live!” Link charged at Inuyasha. Inuyasha blocked his move. Link jumped on the ground.
“Now lets finish this.” Link smiled and charged at Inuyasha. His sword met with Inuyasha’s. Inuyasha’s sword repelled Link to jump back. Link felt an arrow go by his face, which left a cut along his cheek. Link looked back and saw Kagome with a bow with another arrow, breathing heavily.
“don’t move an inch! Or this ones for you head!” Link held his hand out and smirked and laughed a devilish laugh. He shot an energy blast out of his hand that set her on fire.
“Ahhhhhhh! Inu- (cough) yasha…” she fainted. Link looked at Inuyasha as the wind blew, blowing leaves and such in front of them. A few black strands of hair fell in Link’s face.
“OK! PLAY TIMES OVER!!!!!” Link jumped at Inuyasha.
“Funny, I was about to say the same thing to you!” Inuyasha jumped at Link.
“You stupid elf!” Inuyasha yelled.
“You stupid half-breed!” Link yelled back. The power of the both swords caused an explosion. The jewel shards fell out of Link as he changed back. He had fainted and was lying on the ground. Kagome appeared in front of Inuyasha in blue light with shippo in her arms.
“You were great, Inuyasha. Thanks.” She said.
“The spirits must be here to say there (sniff) final good-byes.” Myoga said. Inuyasha went forward and grabbed her arm when the blue light went into the sky.
“No! Kagome! Come back! I have to tell her!” Inuyasha yelled.
“Uh. Inuyasha?” kagome said. Inuyasha let go of her hand and squished myoga. Inuyasha grabbed the jewel shards.
“heh. Must have been the jewel shards that took control of him.” Inuyasha said. Inuyasha picked up Link and carried him to kaede’s hut, where they bandaged him up. When Link awoke, several hours later, he heard some voices saying, “what should we do with him?”
“ lets dump him in the forest. He’ll do fine.” Link sat up.
“He’s awake.” Kagome said. Link got up and bowed.
“I thank you for taking care of me. I must be going now.”
“You shouldn’t…” Inuyasha was interrupted by Link falling down a cliff. “I warned you. What an idget.” Link got up. They watched him leave. Link used a stick going threw the forest. He was smiling, going to find a portal to a way back home. “I will find a way home. And whatever happens in my life, I will not forget these names, Kagome and Inuyasha.” Link thought.

The End!

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