Link in the Mushroom Kingdom

By Ganonslayer

Link in the Mushroom Kingdom



Disclaimer: The characters, items, and places are all property of Nintendo.



It had been many years since Link had defeated Ganondorf and saved Termina from destruction. He was sitting under a tree in Hyrule field with his Gilded Sword by his side. Meanwhile Bowser who had just lost another battle was in his fortress pacing back and forth angrily.


“Why? Why? Why do I always lose?” Bowser yelled as he continued, “My plans are so perfect! Than those two plumbers come along and ruin everything and take Peach from my grasp.”


Suddenly Kammy rushes in shouting, “Lord Bowser I have good news!”


Bowser said, “This better be good.”


Kammy said, “Ganondorf has just escaped his imprisonment and we just might be able to use his help. With his help those two plumbers won’t know what hit em.


Bowser was up for anything at this point he said, “Sure why not.”


The two ventured to find him and found him escaping.


Ganondorf said, “Finally now I’ll take my revenge upon Zelda, those blasted sages and most of all Link.”


“Ganondorf!” A voice shouted, it was Kammy.


Ganondorf asked, “Who are you and what do you want?”


Kammy said, “Allow me to introduce lord Bowser.”


Bowser entered he said, “Ganondorf, great evil King of thieves I ask for your assistance in ridding me of the Mario brothers, in exchange I will help you with anyone who keeps messing up your plans.”


Ganondorf said, “I would like to see Link dead.”


Bowser said, “So what do you say we kill Mario and Luigi I help you kill Link.”


Ganondorf said in agreement, “It’s a deal.” They shook hands.


They went straight to the Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser wasted no time in kidnapping the princess. Mario and Luigi give chase. The place was unguarded as Bowser had a surprise for them.


Luigi said, “Awfully quiet bro.”


Mario knew Bowser had a trick up his sleeve, “To quiet, don’t let your guard down Luigi.”


Luigi nodded as they continued through the halls.


They found Bowser with Princess Peach in a cage hanging from the ceiling.


“Mario, Luigi!” Shouted Peach.


Ganondorf laughed evilly and appeared.


Mario asked, “Who are you?”


Ganondorf said intimately  Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ganondorf king of thieves.”


The Battle engaged. Mario went to jump as he was in the air Ganondorf hit him with a ball of energy. Luigi went to attack Ganondorf but he dodged and was burned by Bowser. Mario attempted again and got hit by another ball of Energy. Luigi doing the same as his brother was also hit both critically wounded.


A Toad who had fallowed them saw the whole thing and ran back to the Mushroom Kingdom. He wrote a letter and sent it down a warp pipe that is said be one of few that connect to other lands outside the Kingdom only to be used in an emergency.


While Link was relaxing under a tree a Warp pipe appeared in front of him and a letter came out it read.


“To Hero of foreign land please help us our local heroes are unable to fight. A foreign threat has joined our local one.


The Mushroom Kingdom.”


Link after reading the letter said, “Sounds like I’m needed.”


Not knowing what this foreign threat could be drew the Master Sword from the pedestal in the Temple of Time it could be more powerful or just as powerful as Ganon. He went down the pipe and met the Toad on the other side.


Link asked, “You send for a foreign hero?”

The Toad said, “Mario and Luigi need your help Bowser has teamed up with I think his name was Ganondorf.”


Link said, “Ganondorf I knew it. By the way I’m Link hero from Hyrule.”


The Toad said, “Nice to meet you Link we must hurry.”


The two wasted no time going to Bowser’s fortress.


The Toad said, “I can go no further, beyond the doors is the fortress the halls are empty so no worries.”


Link went in without hesitation and ran through the halls. The Princess cried as the evil duo laughed.


Ganondorf said, “Come on next stop Hyrule Link is our next target.”


Link busted in right on cue and asked, “Somebody say my name?”


The two shouted, “Link?!” In unison shocked and surprised.


Bowser asked, “So that’s the Link you told me about?”


Ganondorf said, “The very same.”


Kammy sent a magical blast to Link but he deflected it with his sword and it hit her as he said, “Nice try grandma.”


He saw Mario and Luigi on the ground a used fairies to heal them.


“Mario, Luigi!” Shouted Peach


Link said, “I’m Link I’ll explain later for now we fight.” He wasn’t about to waste time with idle chitchat.


He said, “You take Bowser I’ll handle Ganondorf.”


The trio formed an alliance as Link fought Ganon while Mario and Luigi fought Bowser.


Link deflected Ganon’s energy blast back at him and shot him with a  Light Arrow as the Mario brothers threw Bowser at him as the two hit the ground Link slashed at Ganondorf as Mario and Luigi beat up Bowser. The two got up. Than they repeated a bunch of times till they defeated the evil alliance.


The Mario brothers freed the Princess who kissed Mario Luigi than Link.


Link said as they left the fortress, “I am Link from Hyrule I was called here to help.”


As they talked Ganondorf was sent back to his imprisonment after burning away.


After spending some time in the Kingdom Link returned to Hyrule and rested the Master Sword once more.


The End.


Author’s note: Sorry if the story wasn’t so great I haven’t written in a while.

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