Link Thy Chain


1 - Start New Game: Link

"Please help me! These dark beings have captured me and have sent me in their dungeon. I am a sage of Hyrule and are being held hostage. These people are attempting to take my soul and use it extinguish Hyrule's light! Please help me! Anyone! Somebody! Link Help me!


Link woke up in his tent from his nightmare. The horrible cries of help left a ringing in his ears. He knew he wasn't going to shake that off anytime soon. He rubbed his head from the pressure the dream put on his brain.

"Hey Link!" Mido yelled at him. "What's with you!?"

Link looked at his friend. He wiped off the sweat from his head and began to lay his head on his pillow.

"Nothing." He said. He collapsed his body in his sleeping bag. His eyes began to close.

"Just a dream."

Link and Mido road on the new place Link's dreams had led him. The place looked like a vast road leading on forever. This place was unfamiliar to Link and Mido never really left the forest so he never knew any area.

"My visions are leading me here." He said under his breath. "Saria's got to be here."

Saria was Link's childhood friend. She and he did everything together. They were best buds. Until Link became the Hero of time. Then Saria and he were separated from different worlds. Even after Ganondorf's defeat, they were forced to never be able to see each other again. The thought of that put Link into dispair. Three years later, Link was plagued by terrible nightmares of a mysterious place in a world he never traveled before. Each night the dreams grew in intensity. Link after awhile and after hearing her voice in them, believed she was sending him these dreams. He grabbed his things and began to leave Hyrule.

Along the way, he ran into Mido, his old rival. Originally he hated Link for Saria liking him. Now he respected him with all of his being. When Link told him he was searching for Saria, Mido offered his assistance. Although Link didn't need it, the thought of another long journey without companionship (Except for his horse, Epona) was not a pleasant one. So Link told him to get stuff and come on. Mido and Link set off quietly in the night.

They had nothing to follow. No map, no trail, no nothing. All they could rely on was Link's dreams. Each night they revealed some sort of as they traveled, they found like a bridge that had a grove on the other side. As soon as they entered it, there was a bright flash and when they looked back, they were in a new place. The bridge they traveled on was gone.

So they followed the road that appeared when they left the grove. They found this huge plain with little trees that had a road coming out of it.

Link's dream had this particular road on it so they believed they were on the right trail.

At least they were sure five days ago.

Link and Mido road on down the path. The path was endless. No matter how far they traveled, they never seemed to get anywhere.

"Are you sure were going the right way?" Mido yelled.

"Sometimes I don't even know." Link replied.

"You mean we could be lost?" Mido yelled in fear.

"Maybe." Link said.

"Are you at least sure were going the right way?" Mido said.

"You know Mido; I'm pretty sure if the one with all the experience in traveling and such tells you he's lost, I'm almost positive that five minutes later he'll still have no idea." Link yelled.

They continued to ride on the never ending path. They stopped as often as they could to let Epona rest. Would be bad if Epona collapsed from Exhaustion. They also ate as little as they could to preserve food.

"I really wish I was sure where I was going." Link said under his breath. "I really have no clue. I mean this path looks the same everyday and I'm not sure if I'm even closer or not even half way there."

He grabbed his forehead. It still pounded from last night's nightmare. That nightmare was more intense than the last one. Each one left him more fatigue each time. The effects usually wore off, but it was already mid-day and it still hurt.

Today's was definitely different. It was pounding so hard, it made Link very tired; almost to the point where he could faint.

"Damn headache." Link said.

"It still hurts huh?" Mido said. "If Saria's trying to get you to come to her, she's doing a good job."

"If she is," Link responded. "I wish she would lighten up. I mean it wouldn't do her any good if she made me too tired when I got to where she was."

"Good point." Mido said.

A shady tree area came up nearby them.

"Let's rest there." Link said. "I need to lie down."

"Something wrong?" Mido asked.

"Nothing." Link said. "It's just I need to calm my head. This headache is driving me nuts."

They put Epona in a grassy area to graze. The shady area had fruit trees on it and a small spring. Link went over to the spring and put water all over his face. Then he retired to a small oak nearby.

"It hurts so much." Link said. "It's almost enough to cry."

Link turned over as Mido on the outside of the oasis collected food. He closed his eyes and tried to rest. The headache beat at his head continually and left him in a state of sleeping and awake at one time. He was getting rest, but not enough to calm the headache.

"Dammit." He whispered, putting his hands on his head. "Just stop already."

All of a sudden he went dark.

"Huh?" Link said. His voice seemed to echo around him.

"C'mon help me close it." Someone called out.

"Who?" Link called out.

Link opened his eyes to see three people trying to close a huge door. One was a brown haired boy with red trousers on and a white shirt. He also wore enormous shoes. There was a duck like person and a person who Link could not describe. He just looked too weird.

One of the people looked in the door and then went white.

"Stop staring and keep pushing." A duck like person yelled at him.

Then he looked in and turned white. The kid who was with them looked in. His face was instantly in fear. Link then looked in.
In there he saw millions of dark beings coming toward the door.

"The heartless!" They all called out.

"Hurry." The duck person said.

"I can'tů" The boy said.

"Don't give up." Another voice said. Link saw a arm reach out and grab the door on the other side.

A silver haired boy's head popped out and looked at the other kid.

"C'mon Sora." He said. "Together we can do it."

"Alright." Sora said.

They began to push the door in. The situation appeared hopeless as the monsters were dangerously close. Then the beings were destroyed in a light flash. Link looked and saw a mouse like person in the distance.

"Now Sora," He said. "Let's close this door for good."

"Butů" He said. Link realized why he was sad. When he closed this door, the white haired kid and this mouse could not escape.

"Don't worry." He reassured him. "There will always be a door to the light."

The tall thing looked at Sora.

"Sora you can trust King Mickey." He said.

"Now!" The white hair kid said. "They're coming."

"Donald," The king started. "Goofy, thank you."

With their help, they closed the door. Suddenly a bright flash consumed Link and he was alone in darkness.

"Where am I?" He said.

He looked everywhere and saw nothing. Just a vast field of darkness.

"I'm alone." He said.

Then a glimmer of light showed in the distance.

"Huh?" Link said.

He went up to the light and saw a marble white block. In it was a peculiar object. It looked like a sword hilt.

Instinct took Link and he drew it.

When he drew it, the blade had the shape of a key on it. The hilt was solid gold and the blade itself was silver. It looked very unusual. Link saw some weird stuff in his journeys. But he never saw a sword like this.

"Is it a key?" He said. "Or is it a sword? What the hell is this?"

All of sudden Link looked up and saw the oasis.

How did he get back? Was it a dream? Was it a vision? HE scrambled to his feet and got his blade ready. His key like blade in his other hand.
He heard voices in his head.


Link stopped and returned back to normal stance. "Keyblade?" He said. He stared at his new sword. It did not look sharp and it looked like it could only be used as a beating stick in his eyes.

Still Link had seen some pretty out of the ordinary stuff before so he knew it had a purpose.

Link went to the stream and poured more water on his face. The headache was gone. He then put his hands in the stream and drank.

"Keyblade huh?" He said.

He turned around and saw a door that was never there before. The door was marble white and had a ghoulishly appearance.

Link looked at it in awe for a few minutes. Then he got his senses back.

"Hey Mido get in here!" Link called out. "I found something!"

Mido came running in the oasis. When he saw the door, he looked shocked.

"Where did you find this?" He yelled.

"It was right here when I woke up." Link said. "Along with this."

Link showed him the Keyblade.

"Where did you get that?" He said.

"It was right there when I woke up." Link said.

They stared at the door for a few minutes. They had no idea what was going on now. Of course they had seen some abnormal things when they first got here, but this was the most peculiar.

After what seemed like an hour, Link turned to Mido.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" He said.

"Oh yeah." Mido said. "I bet you Saria's behind that door."

"Let's go!" Link said.

After getting Epona ready to go, they opened the marble white door.

When they opened it, they saw a bright light consume them and they went dark.

When the darkness cleared, they saw a dark plane. It looked dark and evil. Strange enough, it left Link feeling empty for some reason. There was a castle in the plain and Link recognized it. It was the castle in his nightmares. Saria brought the door to him somehow. Whatever she did, they were there. A burst of energy that he hadn't felt for awhile came over him. After all this time, now they could rescue Saria. They're worthless journey wasn't so worthless after all.

"This is it!" He called out. "This is the place from my dreams! We're here!"
"Are you sure?!" Mido said.

"Positive." Link said. "I'm 100% sure this time."

"Then let's go." He said running towards the place.

"Right." Link said. "I guess this journey wasn't going to be a flop after all." He ran toward the castle.

"Like it was at the start" Link thought.

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