Link Thy Chain


10 - Castle Oblivion Floor IV

Link and Mido began to walk out of the door that lead him to the world of memory. The area behind them was simply a hallway full of light. Mido and Link walked out, both of them exhausted. The room they we're in was no different than the last few times they left back to Castle Oblivion.

"Are you kidding me!?" Link shouted. "This looks the same as the last few floors!"

"Do all the places here look the same?" Mido asked.

"Probably; but I've never been here before." Link said. "I have no real idea."

"We could be going in a complete maze for all we know." Mido said.

"Yeah...that's true." Link said. "Still, Saria has to be here. We can't quit now."

"Are you sure she's here?" Mido said.

"Yeah." Link said. "And if not, it looks like the Marluxia guy would know. I'd like to ask him some questions."

"What makes you think Marluxia knows?" Mido asked.

"Because he is a man of great power." Link said. "You can tell simply by his appearance. There's an aura of an energy surrounding him. There's something about him that makes me want to find out who he is. And what he knows about Saria. After all, it looked like when we first entered that he knew we would arrive. That's always suspicious."

"You really did pay attention to all the Great Deku's stories didn't you?" Mido asked.

"Heh heh!" Link laughed, putting his hand on the back of his neck. "I lived one of them."

"Yeah." Mido said.

Link and Mido laughed for a bit. After which, Link and Mido began to yawn. Link looked at Mido to see that he was exhausted Link could only assume that Mido noticed the same thing with him.

"Tired huh?" Mido asked.

"We've been moving for more than eight hours by now." Link said. "What do you say we take cover behind those stairs and take a nap?"

"I'm with you on that." Mido said as he walked towards the staircase.

Link and Mido went on the side of the staircase. If anyone we're to come down, they would miss Link and Mido (prior that they missed the snoring too). Link and Mido opened their packs and began to spread out sleeping bags on the side. It was a little weird as they we're setting up a camp site...inside a castle. But Link had adjusted to weirder scenarios. Link and Mido pulled their bags over them, and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Unaware that a figure was walking near them.

Link woke up during the night. He was still exhausted. Based on how he felt, he had got five hours of sleep so far. The halls of Castle Oblivion had now become dimmer. Link assumed that the people who we're in the castle (wherever they we're) also slept.

Link decided to get up and move around for a little bit. Link began to walk around for a little bit, trying his best to figure out more about the castle. So far, he had no avail and could not figure out anything about the castle. Link began to walk towards his sleeping bag.

On his way there, he heard a laugh of a girl. Link turned around to see a bright light behind him (where they left the previous memory floor). He saw the figure of a small girl there. She was standing in front of the door, looking at Link. Link stared at her for a few seconds. However, his eyes and mouth widened. He couldn't tell exactly...but her appearance looked like that of Saria.

"Saria!" He shouted. " you!?"

The girl simply laughed. She turned around and ran into the light. Link got excited and ran after her.

"Wait!" He said. "Is it really you!?"

Link ran into the light and continued to run forward after the figure. Link shielded his eyes, for the light was burning to his eyes. Eventually, the light cleared.

Link was in a marble arena like place. All around him we're black-purple-red-and bluish clouds all around them. The arena itself had the symbol of the castle that was seen before entering the castle. There we're also several pillars around them.

But that's not what Link was watching.

He was looking in the middle of the arena. In the middle, there was a girl standing there. She looked like that of a child, wore a green blouse, shorts, green boots, and had short green hair. Link's eyes widened with brightness and joy as he ran up to her. She kept her back to him though.

"Saria..." Link said. "I found last."

"Oh Link." She said. "I knew you would come."

"I saved you before." Link said. "When I used the power of time. And I promised you if you we're in trouble, I'd do it again. I'm so happy. I can't believe this."

"Me too." She said. "I've missed you so much. The Sages. It was nice to help Hyrule. But the position itself was a curse. I can't believe how much I missed."

"Yeah." Link said. "You missed a lot. But you're here now."

"Oh Link..." She said. "Hug me."

Link wasted no time. He ran over to her quickly and embraced her. She didn't turn to him, but she held his hands when they reached around her. They stayed like that for a minutes. They lost count and track of time. Eventually, Link released her.

"Let me see you're face again." Link said.

"Are you sure?" She said.

"Of course." Link said as he turned her around. "Why wouldn't I..."

As Link turned her around, Link saw something that shocked him. Saria began to fade out as Link turned around. Disappearing out of existence. But in her place, someone else formed. It was a girl of similar size, except she was much older. Both in terms of height and physique. She wore a black Organization robe, and her hair was the same as Saria's, except it was pink and longer. Link backed up a few feet as this new being appeared in front of him.

"Physke!" She shouted.

The girl formed a bow and arrow in her hand. This bow was made out of emeralds and marble. The bow was big enough to fit her size. There we're blades attached to the bow and the string was solid gold. The girl used her bow and slashed at Link, knocking him a few feet, back to edge of the arena. Link got up to where he was and drew the Master sword and Mirror shield. Before he could try and counter, the girl created an eruption of flame and ice below him. Link screamed in pain as he was slashed and burnt in midair, before landing with a large thud. Link staggered and grunted to his feet as the girl approached him, with an arrow on the string. The girl began to laugh at him, in a very sadistic tone.

"You're so easy." She said. "All I needed was someone important to you. That was it. So predictable."

"Bitch." Link shouted. "Who are you!?"

"Me!?" She said. "Why...I'm No. 15. Ariasx! The Force of Nature!"

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