Link Thy Chain


2 - Castle Oblivion Floor I

Link and Mido opened the door to the mysterious castle. It was…stunning actually. The moment Link and Mido walked in, a feeling of elegance grabbed hold of their minds instantly. The entire castle was painted with a gleaming silver material. The pillars were stacked on the wall side by side. A beautiful tile replaced the elegance than that of a finely made rug. In the center at the end of the hallway, a door made with a fine brown wood stood at the end, on top a nice stair case.

"Whoa!" Mido said as he gazed upon the massive building.

"Whoa is right!" Link said who still gripped on Epona. "This place is amazing."

"Saria's living in luxury if she's here." Mido said.

"Not what my dreams say." Link said. "Either way, this is the only spot that has shown us the most clues. Might as well start here."

Link walked back outside for a minute and put Epona on the outside. He didn't know who or what owned the castle; and he had no plans on being yelled at.

"A castle is no place for a horse." He said. "Wait out here Epona. We'll be back as soon as we can."

"Yeah." Mido sneered. "Can't have you crapping all over the nice tile."

Mido thought this was amusing. Link did not. And neither did Epona. Epona put her hind legs up and delivered a powerful kick at Mido. Mido flew forward, knocking into Link and pushing both people into the castle. Link and Mido stood there for a few minutes with stars in their eyes. Eventually Link got back up to his feet. He shook his head around a bit to make sure he wasn't in some weird alternate dimension or something. He then looked crossly at Mido.

"You just had to open your mouth." He said. "Geez…we'll be lucky if she's still there when we get back."

"Not my fault your horse has feelings!" Mido shouted.

Link and Mido continued to walk forward towards the door. The place was filled with an air of mystery as Link and Mido looked around. If Saria was hiding, it wouldn't be hard to find. They searched around the area, until they made it to the door. Link tried to open it, but the door would not budge.

"Damn." He said. "It's locked."

"Oh you're not trying hard enough; here let mister muscle take care of it." Mido said.

Mido grabbed hold of the door himself. He began to fiercely pull back on the door, attempting to move the door with his raw strength alone. Tried as he might though, he was unable to barter it as of Link and sat down next to him.

"Okay." He said as he began to breathe. "That is definitely a pretty bolted down door."

"Whatever you say mister muscle." Link said. "Look…why don't we try moving the door together? If we put our strength together, we should be able to break down this door."

"Break down is an understatement to what we'll do to that door if it doesn't get out of my way." Mido said.

"Hell yeah." Link said.

Link and Mido put their strength together. After they had counted down to three, both of them pulled with all their heart and strength. They pulled and strained their muscles beyond all comprehension. However, it failed to budge. When they let go, they both slipped backwards and fell off the staircase where the door was. They got back up to see the door still in place. Not even budged in the least.

"You can't be serious!" Mido shouted.

"No way!" Link said. "Dammit!"

"Are you sure Saria is here Link?" Mido asked.

"This is the only spot which has resonated the most with Saria's presence." Link said. "She's here alright. It's just how we get in is the next question. There's got to be a way in."

"Well you know…" Mido asked as he went through the pack. "We could use your Long whatcha-ma-call-it and get to the top from there. Maybe we'll find an entrance from the roof."

"That's true." Link said. "Let's just think on this first before we do it."

"What else you got in here?" Mido asked as he foraged through Link's stuff.

Link stood there for a few minutes and tried to ponder what to do. The door held no features. Nothing that Link was able to go on to figure out how to open the door. Link stood there in the room pondering what to do.

As Link sat there, a sudden vision passed through his mind. Several images of Castle Oblivion were shown, including that of the door. Each of the visions appeared as photographs, still frames of what had happened there may be in the past or future. He could not tell. Black robed men appeared in the visions, holding cards at the entrance of the door. Visions of the door opened were revealed after that. The final image that passed through his mind was the Keyblade.

Link zoomed back up as soon as the vision was over. It had only passed as a second, but the feeling left Link as if it was all a passing dream. Link looked back up by the door. He remembered all the images that crossed into his mind, slowly drifting into his mind. The men, the room, the door, the card, the Key.

The Keyblade.

Link held out his hand. A bright flashed occurred in his hand and the Keyblade spawned into his hand. He held the Keyblade in his arms and closed his eyes.

Please…weapon of which I have little to no knowledge of…please…take me to Saria…or set me on my way.

Link opened his eyes and began to spin the Keyblade in his hands. He pointed it at the door. Mido stopped looking through Link's bag and looked up at Link as white glowing energy built around the Keyblade. Finally, a blast of energy came from the Keyblade and touched the door. A white glow ensnared the Keyblade and the door. The energy continued to build around the door, growing brighter, and brighter, and brighter.

Until at last, a card appeared by the door.

"Whoa." Link said as he stared at the Keyblade. "That did it."

"That's it?" Mido asked. "That's freaking it!? You make that dazzling light show and all that appears is a card!?"

"That's the key." Link said as he went over to the card to take it.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean!?"Mido asked.

"I don't know." Link said. "It's just…I had another vision. And this card…it was there. I saw it."

"Saria again?" Mido asked.

"I'm not too sure." Link said. "Normally she left a clue for me to show me that she was alright. But I didn't hear her voice this time. I just saw these images. This card was one of them."

"Whoa; really?" Mido said.

"Yeah." Link said.

Link went over to the door with Mido. He was confused on what to do with the card. But as he walked towards the door, the card in Link's hand reacted. The card flew from Link's hand. It floated in the air and levitated above Link and Mido. With a few seconds, the card vanished over the door. The door opened up slowly and revealed an endless hallway of light. Link and Mido watched as the door opened up and stood there. They stood there for about five minutes, wondering what to do. Finally, Link and Mido both looked each other. The two ran from where they were and ran into the light.

When the light cleared Link and Mido were no longer in the castle or the place they were earlier. They were in a town. It held many buildings and many market squares. It was inside a castle wall and many of the buildings were interlocked together.

"No way!" Link shouted. "Is this Hyrule castle!?"

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