Link Thy Chain


5 - Memories of Agrabah

The Light cleared within a few minutes after Link had walked through the door. Changes on how the area was almost instant. The fine cool air that Castle Oblivion had flowing through it was immediately replaced with a scorching humid air. The area changed from the white marble to stone walls as a desert town began to appear all around Link and Mido. Palm trees appeared around the area as sand appeared all around them. Large pillars of stone appeared out of the light to reveal many towers all around. An elegant palace all in the middle. Link and Mido we're now standing in at the entrance of a massive desert town.

And it was hot.

"Man..." Link said as he wiped the sweat that immediately appeared on his face off. "I've been to a desert before, but it wasn't nearly this hot. Not to mention I don't recognize this city."

"So this is what a desert is called?" Mido asked.

"Yeah." Link said as the two walked through the massive gate to the town. "I know...I don't like them either."

"How do people live in this!?" Mido asked while shouting.

"Don't ask me." Link said. "I'd take the Snowhead over this."

"What's Snowhead?" Mido asked.

"Meh; I'll tell ya later." Link said.

Through the gate revealed the inside of the city. The inside revealed a massive complex of markets and homes and buildings, many buildings fused together. The place bore in similarly that of the Gerudo valley, but it seemed more elegant, yet less militaristic. Many of the places bore fine stone made for each structure, compared to the Gerudo base where the stone was less fine and a bit weathered at times. Palm trees peaked out of the sand and ground once in awhile as Link and Mido walked around town.

The town bore similar circumstances to that of Hyrule castle: There was no one around, not even to maintain the shops. Yet everywhere they went to, Link always felt that he was being watched by something or someone. It was difficult to tell. Link kept his instincts under control as they walked through the city. They took breaks under the structures often for neither Link or Mido desired to be in the heat.

As they walked and continued on through the city, they overheard what seemed like to be sword clashing against steel in the city.

"What's that?" Mido asked.

"I don't know; but it looks like we're not the only ones here!" Link shouted as he charged into the city.

Link rushed into the city; his Elf ears managing to pin point exactly where the sound was coming from. It led him running through three other blocks, two north and one west. In the middle of the street was a slightly tanned man. He wore a purple vest, a small red hate, and white slacks. He was currently holding a scimitar and was fighting the same people that Link had fought when he went to Hyrule castle. He slashed at several them, destroying three Heartless soldiers.

Link wasted no time. He withdrew his sword and pulled his bow. Link lined an arrow on the string and pulled back on the bow. The man and took out another soldier. One of the soldiers attacked the man and knocked him onto the floor. The Heartless soldier went on top of the man and he tried to stop it's claws with his sword. Among the Heartless, there was the same variants that Link and Mido fought earlier, but new ones as well. Many different color mages we're also among the Heartless horde. There we're human shaped others that wore yellow Arabian warrior outfits with Red blades in their hands. There were also large fat ones. They had massive swollen bellies and wore purple vests. They also wore small helmets. Others held orange vests and wore desert like hats along with their outfits. Link took careful aim with his bow and he aimed for the head of the being.

"Mido; go!" He shouted.

The Heartless looked up at Link as Link called out to Mido. Mido rushed forward with the Gilded sword at hand. Link released the first arrow from his bow and hit the Soldier in the head, destroying it. Link rearmed his bow and prepared a second arrow. He fired another arrow in the crowd and nailed another Heartless in the heart. It didn't go down; so Link prepared another arrow and aimed for it's head, killing it. Mido got up next to some of the Heartless shadows and began to fight them with the Gilded Sword. He swung and killed two of them, while Link prepared another arrow and launched it into a Heartless shadow behind Mido him. Link turned back towards the Heartless going towards the man who was helpless and fired one into the mages, killing it. He reloaded and fired another into a soldier, finishing it.

"Hey Link!" He shouted. "Two already!"

"I have five." He shouted.

"What!?" Mido shouted. "I won't have some stuck Hylian boy outdo me!"

Mido turned around to face one of the Heartless swordsman. They clashed blades a couple times before Mido was able to get a lucky blow, stunning it. He then stabbed forward, killing it. Link fired another arrow into another Heartless that was going to attack Mido from behind.

The man who was knocked down from the Heartless attack finally got up. He tripped one of the soldiers aiming for Mido and brought his sword down upon the fell beast. He then used his sword to begin fighting some of the Heartless heading towards him. The yellow cloaked Heartless began their attacks on the man who got up. He dodged and moved in and out of the attacks, swinging his sword on another Heartless shadow, bringing it down. He quickly turned around and began to fight another who was about to attack him, but Link fired another arrow into the back of the creature. Mido charged behind the guy and smote down another.

"Link behind you!" Mido shouted.

Link turned around to see two Heartless soldiers approaching him, along with a large wave of shadows. Link pulled out another arrow and stabbed the first one in the face, killing it. Then he put the arrow on the string and fired it into the next approaching soldier, killing it. Link rearmed another arrow while Mido grabbed the Kokiri sword from his side and hurled it at another soldier who attempted to attack Link from behind. Link fired one more arrow and slayed one more of the Heartless before dropping the bow and drawing the Master sword. Mido slayed two more shadows, but he couldn't stem the tide of Heartless that we're coming now from all directions.

Link used his powerful spin attack and created a wave of energy; killing many of the shadows that approached them. Link threw his Boomerang and knocked another off of it's feet. The creatures then began to attack Link with melee. They soon however found that Link was not an easy prey. Link swung his sword with such efficient skill and technique that four of the cloaked Heartless fell as soon as they got near him. One of them swung at Link. Link moved to the side, spun around, and slashed at the being's legs. The being vanished in a cloud of blackness. Link swung his sword low and killed two more. One tried to bring his sword down on him. Link blocked the attack and kicked him off to the side. Link ducked from another attack and swung his sword at a Soldier's neck, killing it. Mido went up next to him and kicked another off of it's feet and then brought his sword down on it. Link pulled out his shield to deflect a blow from another Soldier as stabbed his sword into it's heart. Mido ducked and swung at his sword at the feet of another few Heartless that attacked him. One of them fell dead while the others fell to the floor. Link smote down another before back-flipping away. Mido himself retreated by Link and the man they had helped earlier. The Heartless continued to appear and appear from sections and approach the people who we're surrounded on all sides.

"Damn..." Link said. "How many of these things are there?"

"Beats me!" Mido said. "All I know is that there's too many. I know your good Link, but I don't know about that good!"

"Guess it's time to see if the legends are true." The man said.

The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a small golden lamp. It looked like any golden lamp one would see at a table or store. The man grabbed the lamp and began to rub it.

The lamp began to shake furiously. Link backed up to see the lamp begin to emit a blue smoke. Link watched in shock a being emerged from the lamp itself. A large round blue man, with a small beard below the chin, hair wrapped up in a ponytail, and a smile that seemed to show no worry in the world. He bore no feet on the lower half of his body, but instead a tail like object that seemed to come out from the lamp itself. The being came out and looked upon all the people there.

"MAN!" The Genie called out. "Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck!"

"Genie!" The man called out. "Grant me my first wish! Make all the Heartless go away!"

"Did somebody say wish?" The Genie called out. "Well then stand back kids: Genie of the lamp coming through! There ain't nothing I can't make right as rain. Well, IF I had rain. But enough dry jokes : One Heartless be gone wish coming right up!"

The Blue Genie raised his arm into the air. A massive bright light began to enshroud the whole area. Link and Mido covered their eyes as the blast occurred all around them. When it cleared, Link and Mido looked to see not one Heartless left standing after the blast.

"Wow." Link said. "This makes things a little easier."

"Yeah no kidding." Mido said as he sheathed the Gilded sword.

After picking up his bow and whatever arrows he could find, Link proceeded to walk over where the man.

"You okay?" He asked.

"Yeah." He said. "Who are you?"

"I am Link Galadanu of Hyrule." Link said. "And this is Mido of the Kokiri Forest."

"Well..." The man said. "I'm not familiar with those places."

"I'm not surprised." Mido said. "We're not familiar with here either."

"I'm Aladdin." The man said. "You guys are pretty good fighters for a bunch of kids!"

"Who you calling a kid!?" Link shouted.

"Well you are..." Aladdin began.

"I'll have you know I'm fourteen!" Link interrupted.

"Well your younger than me." Aladdin said while laughing. "Still you definitely fight better. Where'd you learn to wield a blade like that; let along use a bow?"

"All came to me naturally I guess." Link said while crossing his arms.

"Link taught me how to fight." Mido said. "He just seems to use any weapon that he picks up. And he taught me how to use a blade."

"I was a little worried there with all that." Link said. "I've faced bigger odds before; but that was over a year ago. Why didn't you do that earlier?"

"It's not that simple..." Aladdin began.

"I couldn't have said it better myself." The Genie said. "But I will anyway: I am strictly limited to three wishes per master. And that excludes any wishing for more wishes!"

"Yeah; that would be a little cheap." Link said.

"You telling me; I wouldn't mind if that was allowed." The Genie said. "I'd be getting out that's for sure."

In a poof of bluish smoke, the Genie vanished back into the lamp.

"Only two left huh?" Link asked. "Guess those legends in Hyrule about Genies are true."

"So, Aladdin." Mido asked. "Where you heading off to?"

"I have to get to the palace." Aladdin said. "But with all these Heartless..."

"I see." Link said. "Alright then! We're going to get you to the palace!"

"What?" Aladdin asked. "Really!? You'd do that for me?"

"Why not?" Link asked. "It'd be a great way for me to take a look around anyway. But could you answer me one question before we go?"

"Uh...sure." Aladdin asked. "What is it?"

"Have you seen a girl around here?" Link asked.

"Hmm?" Aladdin mumbled.

"She'd be short." Link began. "No taller than me. Short green hair, a headband in between her ears like mine. Outfit going to look similar to mine and my friend's. She was carrying a wooden ocarina and there's a fairy floating around her."

"Man you lost me." Aladdin said. "You really know a girl who looks like that?"

"You're talking to two people younger than you that made you're sword skills cringe, pointy ears, strange garments, and or otherwise." Link said as he stared at Aladdin with minor disappoint.

"All right; all right." Aladdin said. "Sorry though; I can't say I have. Most women around here are usually cloaked head to toe."

"Speaking of people..." Mido said. "Where is everyone?"

"I don't know." Aladdin said. "I'm weirded out. By now people are usually out and about. Market owners are selling their goods to everyone, people entertaining the children, guards keeping eyes out for think the Heartless have something to do with it?"

"Probably." Link said. "But I can't make any accurate assumptions. I don't know anything about the Heartless. Well, other than their target practice."

"That bow is the only reason you got more kills!" Mido said.

"Oh please; I outdid your score with my blade within ten seconds after I drew it." Link said. "And it's not my fault I'm a marksman. Well Heartless are going to be around one way or the other. If you want help, we're here."

"Great; let's go!" Aladdin said as he ran into the city.

And then the warriors got up from their positions and began to move further into the city. Aladdin took the boys deeper and deeper into the city. Link looked many times at the Triforce of Courage; still embed into his hand all those years ago. He continued to wonder why the crest was still there. By now it should have vanished from his hand. Yet it still stayed. Link knew that something was up and he needed to find out.

And with Ganondorf moving about in the Castle and all.

The people continued to pass buildings in the area. There we're times that Heartless appeared once in awhile as they continued. Most of the time, they did what they could to dodged or avoid them. When they had to fight however, the three would attack the enemies with unsurmountable force. Link's arrows always found their targets as Heartless rushed over and fell one by one to their deaths. Mido and Aladdin's blade brought down many of them. The Heartless we're not persistent, but they we're numerous when they attacked. Regardless of the size of the attack, the Heartless fell in droves and the people managed to get away from them each time.

"So Aladdin..." Link said as they were walking down a clear street in the city. "What are you heading to the palace for anyway?"

"It's this magic lamp!" Aladdin said as he held the lamp out with the Genie still floating above it. "I found it in the cave of wonders. I need to get it back to the palace right away! I'm lucky I made it back to Agrabah in one piece. The cave was crawling with Heartless."

"Wow..." Mido said. "You went on you're own?"

"Man you're just like me." Link said. "Hoping into a cave where treasure is face first without a care in the world and facing the problems AFTER they start coming to you."

"What; you treasure hunt too?" Aladdin asked.

"You bet!" Link said. "Where I come from, treasure can be found just about anywhere. All one has to do is look around a bit."

"I know how you feel master." The Genie said. "I've been delivering happiness for 2,000 years. And what help do I get? I keep dreaming someone will wish me outta this gig. But go figure, the odds on that."

Everyone in the party saw that the Genie was coming offly sad.

"Well..." Aladdin said. "How about if I use my third wish to set you free?"

"Doth my pointy ears deceive me?" The Genie asked, his smile returning.

"Sure as hell didn't deceive mine." Link said with a smile on his face. "You would really do that!?"

"I promise." Aladdin said.

"Oh Al!" The Genie said, giving the young man a great bear hug. "You've made this immortal one happy, happy, man!"

"There's only one thing I want anyway." Aladdin said.

"Then we'll have to do something about that!" The Genie shouted, letting go of Aladdin. "What'll it be!? Fame? Fortune? A herd of luxury camels to call your own?"

"Yeah what is it?" Link asked.

Aladdin was about to say something, but then lowered his head. Link could see Aladdin blush a bit.

"Well...there's this girl." Aladdin said. "Her name is Jasmine. She's the princess of Aragbah. And...that's the problem. It's hard for a guy like to me to get a chance to see her."

"I know how that feels." Link said.

"That's how it all started too." Aladdin said. "Jafar, the royal vizier, said he would help me meet Jasmine."

"Nice." Link said. "I met the princess once back at my home; but I wasn't as lucky as you were to get a lamp."

"Really!?" Aladdin asked.

"He did." Mido said.

"Well, I got just the package for you!" The Genie said. "You'll not only meet the princess, but you will go in style: as Prince Ali! How'd you like the sound of that!?"

"Me!?" Aladdin shouted. "A prince!? Can you really do that?"

"In an Agrabah minute!" The Genie said.

"I guess the legends we're true after all." Aladdin said. "C'mon let's go!"

Link, Mido, Aladdin began to continue their search into the city. While they walked, Link began to see the Heartless waves become lesser and lesser. There wasn't as many around as there was earlier. Everytime the party members hid, they noticed that the Heartless seemed to have developed their own agenda on things. Several of the waves we're rushing over to another location.

Link began to grow suspicious of the Heartless' movements after the Heartless stopped looking for them. Link watched as a whole group of the beings stopped going after them and just seem to be concentrated on something else. One of the groups had even stopped to look at them for a bit, before running off with the rest of the others. Eventually Link stopped moving with the rest of the group and continued to move forward. Mido and Aladdin both stopped to look at Link. Link kept his head low as he began to ponder all that was occurring around him.

"Hey Link." Mido said. "What's with you?"

"Yeah." Aladdin said. "We're almost at the palace."

"The Heartless." Link said. "There acting out of tune."

"How?" Aladdin said.

"They're not attacking us anymore." Link said.

"So?" Mido said. "That's a good thing."

"No it isn't." Link said. "There's something going on. I can feel it in my heart. The Heartless are after something. I'm going to follow them."

"But Link..." Aladdin said.

"I know." Link said. "It won't take long."

Link pulled out his bow again and put an arrow on the string. He began to slowly sneak around the area where the Heartless had run of to. Mido and Aladdin looked at Link for a few seconds as Link slowly began to appear out of view through the massive Arabian city. Aladdin and Mido looked at each other for a few seconds. They knew what Link was doing was dangerous. Too late to stop him. The two stopped moving towards the palace and slowly followed Link.

Eventually they found Link standing on top of a scaffold. Link was looking down towards a crowd of Heartless. They we're at the entrance to a large pit that led down the commoner area. Link was watching as several Heartless soldiers we're crowding over a girl. She wore a blue top and bright blue pants. She had long black hair and although not as tan as Aladdin, still had darker skin than Link.

"JASMINE!" He shouted.

"I knew it!" Link said. "Something in my heart told me someone was in trouble!"

"She needs out help!" Mido shouted.

"I can't pick them all off!" Link said with an arrow on his string.

"Then I have no choice!" Aladdin shouted. "Genie! I wish for you to save Jasmine!"

"Can do!" He said. "CCCHHHAARRGGEEE!!!!"

The genie flew straight into the crowd of the blackish creatures. The creatures stood still for a few minutes as they saw the Genie float right above them. The Genie waved his arms in the air. Again, the massive white light enshrouded the area and all the Heartless seemed to vanish. As soon as the light cleared up, Link, Mido, and Aladdin rushed over to Jasmine's side. Aladdin pushed her up to check her body for any sign of injury. Link checked her vital signs. He put his head on her chest. Her heart was still beating. He then put his two fingers on her neck.

"She's okay." Link said. "She just fainted. She still draws the breath of life."

"But now you only got one wish." Mido said.

"Yeah..." Aladdin said.

While Aladdin was trying to figure out what to do, he looked over Link's shoulder to see that more Heartless were appearing.

"More of them!" He shouted, drawing his sword.

Link and Mido turned around to draw their swords as well.

"You guys don't know when to give up." Link said.

"Not again!" Aladdin said. "Sorry Genie, but your the only one who..."

"Don't use your last wish!" Link said. "Leave the wish granting to me!"

The heartless began to crowd all around Link. Link held the Master sword in his right hand as he prepared to fight the massive wave of fifty Heartless. Link put his sword in front of his face as he walked towards the Heartless on the stone ground. The first yellow cloaked Heartless charged at Link and had it's sword out to attack. He swung to the left and Link moved out of the way and passed it. He swung the Master sword by it's feet and destroyed it. Link grunted as he began to attack the Heartless that charged at the group. Four more fell as Link assailed the many Heartless that pressed towards them. Link swung at another Heartless soldier's head and it fell dead. Mido and Aladdin fought back and back by Jasmine and fell six of the Heartless shadows that approached them. Link continued to clash blades with the soldiers and Red Nocturnes as they continued their assault on the party. The mirror shield can in handy as Link redirected the magic attacks that we're shot at him towards the mages of the opposite alignment. Link smote down all the Heartless that charged at him, until there was no more left to destroy.

"Piece of cake." Link said.

"But now he only has one wish." Mido said.

A bright flash of light consumed the entire area. Link shielded his eyes for the light was bright and blinding. When it cleared, everyone looked around to see what had happened. Nothing out of the ordinary was seen. But when they looked towards Aladdin, they noticed something was missing.

"The lamp!" Aladdin said. "It's gone!"

"Hmm..." A voice was heard above them. "It seems my plans have gone amiss."

Link and the others looked up to see a man on the top of the balcony. He was a dark skinned man, who wore a blackish elegant robe, suggesting he could be a priest. He had a staff of a snake on it, a large black hat that resembled a sphere.

"I was certain you'd waste your last wish...with Jasmine in trouble and all."

The man held out his hand and held the lamp tightly in it.

"But no matter! At last the lamp is mine to command!"

"Why are you doing this Jafar!?" Aladdin shouted. "I brought the lamp, just as you asked!"

"Don't you can fool me boy!" Jafar barked. "You we're going to use the lamp to win Jasmine! But I can't have that! You see, I am the one Jasmine will marry!"

"You snake!" Link snapped.

"If I marry the princess," Jafar said. "Nothing can stop me from becoming the king of all Agrabah! You we're nothing more than a pawn in my game, street rat! Genie! My first wish! Bring Jasmine to me!"

The Genie who was once by them earlier now moved up towards Jafar; Jasmine in hand.

"Genie!" Link shouted. "What are you doing!?"

"Sorry Al." The Genie said sadly. "Rules are rules! I got to do whatever the person who holds the lamp says."

"Precisely!" Jafar said. "Farewell fool!"

"You bastard; your not getting away with this!" Link said as he armed an arrow onto his bow.

Before Link could fire his arrow, a wave of pain crossed into his mind. Link let go of the arrow and gripped his head tightly.

"NOT AGAIN!!" He screamed.

Visions of things that he had never seen before once again raced through his mind. In his visions, he saw the same boy that he saw earlier in his visions. In the vision he saw Sora running with Aladdin, fighting the Heartless. He saw Jafar being sucked into a lamp. More or less, Jafar had turned into a Genie. The Heartless moved all over as Link saw Sora destroy all of them Agrabah. After which, Link fell asleep and said no more.


He re awoke an hour later to both Aladdin and Mido staring into him. Link tried getting up, but the pain on his body was still there. And it was intense. Link wondered if he should have stayed asleep. But with a few minutes of resting, the pain subsided.

"Are you alright?" Mido asked as he helped him up.

"I...I...I don't know." Link said.

"Has this happened before?" Aladdin asked.

"More than once..." Link said.

"Does it have something to do with that blade in your left hand?" Aladdin asked.

Link looked at his left hand to see that he was still holding the Keyblade. It was still there.

"What is with this sword!?" Link shouted, throwing the Keyblade to the ground. Link stood there as they Keyblade fell to the ground motionless.

Seconds later, Link felt his hand move on it's own. Link held his hand out as if his hand was holding a blade and the Keyblade returned to his hand.

"What the?" Link said. "Really, what is with this sword?"

"You didn't start getting sick until you got that sword." Mido said.

"I know." Link said.

Link didn't trust the Keyblade now. It was twice within a three hour time period that he had fallen out cold. He had headaches before when Saria was calling out to him.

Saria! That was right. She had called out to him. Link heard her voice in the confusion of images he saw. He stood up and began to look around as the hot desert wind beat upon him.

"Where's Jafar?" Link asked.

"Probably heading to the palace." Aladdin said. "Can't believe I'll never see Jasmine."

Aladdin fell to his knees as he stood down in depression. Link looked at Aladdin a little bit. Finally after a minute or two, Link went over to Aladdin. He put his hand out and smacked him in the face.

"What was..." Aladdin began.

"So what; you going to lay down on the ground and mope!" Link shouted angrily. "So what if you don't have the lamp. Your still here! As long as your still here, you can still save Jasmine! Losing someone is bad. I would know! That's why I'm on this journey! To find her! Losing someone is not as bad as never seeing them again!"

"But..." He started.

"The only time you have truly lost something..." Link began. "Is when you yourself believe it is impossible to reach."

Aladdin stood there as Link stood over him. Suddenly Link saw a renewed look of courage in Aladdin's face.

"Your right!" He said. "I can't give up that easy! I got to do something!"

"But Jafar has the lamp!" Mido said. "You really think it's going to be easy!"

"I got an idea!" Link said.

It took them twenty minutes to reach the palace gates where Jafar was standing, as if he knew they we're coming. Aladdin was not present with them. Jafar stood there with the Genie, four Heartless soldiers, and two fire large bodies.

"What's this?" Jafar asked. "Has Aladdin given up on his precious Jasmine already?"

"He may have given up, but I can still kill you." Link said as he drew the Master sword and spawned the Keyblade in his other. Link rested the Keyblade on his shoulder, while holding master sword towards Jafar.

"Heartless!" Jafar called out. "Attack!"

The four soldiers charged at Link. Link did his Jump attack on the first one. After it was slain, he spun around using the Keyblade to knock down two more who charged. Mido leapt on the one charging at Link and brought the Gilded sword down upon it. Link got up and finished off the other two which laid helpless as he did.

The two large bodies began their attacks. They both unleashed a fury of flames towards them. Link leaped and flipped over the two large bodies and used both the Master Sword and Keyblade to finish both off. Link landed no more than thirty feet from Jafar and put his weapons back in position.

"All talk." He said. "Nothing to show for it."

Jafar gritted his teeth as he looked at both Link and Mido.

"Very well then boy!" Jafar said. "Prepare to meet my wrath!"

"ALADDIN; NOW!" Link shouted.

Aladdin leaped over by Jafar and landed twenty feet from Jafar's position on his side.

"What the..." Jafar began. "Genie! Remove him!"

The Genie floated over by Aladdin.

"Sorry Al!" He said.

The Genie punched Aladdin very hard in the stomach. Aladdin was knocked onto the floor. Aladdin gasped for breath for a few seconds, but then got up.


"You fell for it Jafar." Aladdin said. "You just blew your second wish."

"Go ahead." Link said. "Use your last wish to win Jasmine over. You still have to deal with us!"

"Or use it on us to make us go away." Mido said. "Then you can't win Jasmine over!"

"Oh I get it." The Genie said. "Al, you are so clever."

"Actually it was Link who did the planning." Aladdin said.

"What can I say?" Link said. "But enough boasting! Time to decide Jafar!"

Jafar looked at the entire party, completely enraged. Never once had he been so humiliated in all of his life. Mere street urchins outsmarting him. Unthinkable.

"SO this is the cunning of the rat?" He asked. "Very well then! I can crush you all here and make Jasmine my own! Genie! My last wish! Turn me into an all powerful Genie!"

The Genie closed his eyes and blasted Jafar with a blast of energy. Jafar began to radiate all around as the energy from all sections of the world surrounded him. Link shielded his eyes as the energy began to consume him and everything around him. Link saw the place change from a town to a lava filled room. A stone roof at the top, and a large platform for Link to stand on so the magma could not touch him. He felt the heat rise rapidly as the magma began to build up. He looked around to see that he was the only one around.

"You boy ruined my chance to make things easy!" Jafar shouted. "You perish first!"

"Bring it!" Link said. "I've brought down things mightier than you! HHHAAA!!!!"

Link leapt towards Jafar and brought the Keyblade upon his head. But the Keyblade never made contact with Jafar. It hit a barrier that surrounded him, deflecting Link's attack and forcing him down.

"Damn it!" Link shouted.

"AHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Jafar bellowed. "You cannot hurt me! I am all Powerful!"

"All powerful my ass!" Link shouted, throwing the Keyblade.

It had the same result. The Keyblade bounced off Jafar's shield and inflicted damage. The Keyblade flew back to Link's hand. Jafar them reached into the ground and grabbed a massive ball of fire.

"Oh crap!" Link shouted.

"Die street urchin!" He shouted.

Jafar threw the massive ball of fire at Link. Link put the Keyblade and Master Sword out and the ball collided onto it. Link struggled to keep the ball of flame from hitting him. He was losing strength quickly though. He was able to get the ball from hitting him by lying on the ground and moving the Keyblade and Master Sword up a bit. He forced the ball into the air and then got back up while on his back. Jafar blasted several spheres of fire at Link. Link rolled out of the way. He pulled out his bow and fired an arrow into Jafar. Once again, no effect occurred. Jafar tried swiping him. Link was able to side flip from it. Link again fired an arrow into his eye. No effect.

"Son of a..." Link began. "WHOA!"

Link rolled to the side to avoid getting hit with Jafar's hand. Link looked up to see a lamp floating above his head. Link then remembered the vision he had earlier with Jafar being sucked into that lamp. Link smiled. He dodged another flaming rock. Link pulled out his bow and then used his magic to form an Ice arrow. Link fired the arrow into Jafar's head. Although he didn't get hurt, the burst of ice made Jafar lose vision of where Link was. Link put his bow and leapt towards the lamp, being carried by a bird. Link went in front of it.

Then to his surprise, with his body moving on it's own, he pulled the Keyblade out and pointed it at the bird.

"Blizzard!" He shouted.

Link watched as ice began to form around the Keyblade. The next thing he knew, a massive ice block shot out of the Keyblade. It hit and froze the bird and the lamp fell to the ground. Link dropped the Keyblade and rolled onto the ground, catching the lamp.

"Goodbye!" Link said as the swirling energy surrounded the entire room.

"What!?" Jafar shouted. "No...IT CANNOT BE!!"

"All Genies are bound to their lamps; until they are released!" Link shouted.

The lamp began to move on it's own. He absorbed the red tail of Jafar and began to suck him in. And it continued to suck him in, until Jafar vanished completely. Link sealed the lamp up and then watched as the room he was in vanished out of existence. He reappeared next to Mido and Aladdin. They nearly shot up when they saw Link reappear.

Link just smiled.

"Jafar's gone." Link said. "He won't bother you anymore."

"Thanks Link." He said.

"Hey you still got one wish left." Link said.

"Huh...oh right I do!" He said.

"Of course you do!" The Genie said, grabbing a hold of Aladdin. "Time to make a prince out of this guy. Of course, I'd like to be free. But like I'd say: Genies can't be choosers. You probably miffed about that whole Jafar puppet thing anyway."

"I don't think so." Link said. "I don't think that would have involved Aladdin wasting two wishes in the process. But whatever; I'm not him so I can't vouch for anything."

"Go on Al." He said. "Wish for your heart's desire."

Aladdin looked up as if he was about to say something. But then he stopped suddenly. He lowered his head and began to speak in a low voice.

"Genie..." He said. "I wish for your freedom."

A bright light flashed again. The Genie began to watch as the energy flew around him. The golden bracelets that he held earlier vanished on his arms. His tail turned to that of two regular feet. He was free.

"But Al...!" He began.

"There." Aladdin said. "Now no one can use you for evil anymore."

"I'll never forget this Al!" The Genie said as he hugged Aladdin. "But what now?"

"I was wrong." Aladdin said. "If I used to win Jasmine...It wouldn't be right."

Aladdin turned around in disgrace.

"I was no different from Jafar." He continued.

"Good job." Link said going next to him. "I'm proud of you."

"Thanks Link." He said.

"What for?" Link asked with curiosity.

"I was about to give up back there." Aladdin said. "But when you said that one sentence, "The only time you have truly lost something is when you yourself believe it is impossible to reach." you gave me my confidence back. I'm going to go out now and let Jasmine see me for who I really am."

"Good luck out there then." Link said.

"Good luck with finding this Saria girl." Aladdin said as he ran back into the city.

"Thanks." Link shouted.

Link turned to the direction of the Genie.

"Have a good life." He said.

"I will." The Genie said. "Thanks for your help."

The Genie ran into the city after Aladdin. Link and Mido waved them goodbye and watched them disappear into the city. Mido and Link stared off with joy for the good deeds they had done.

"You know..." Mido said. "These things we're seeing are just memories. There's a good chance that none of this actually happened. Why'd you go out of your way?"

"I don't know Mido." Link said. "They be memories...but I want them to be good memories."

"Your still a good little two-shoes." Mido said.

"Maybe." Link said.

Link and Mido continued to stare off in the city.

"But..." Link said. "These aren't my memories. I never met an Aladdin or Genie before. Whose memories are these? And how come I can see them?"

Link turned around and headed towards the exit door which formed behind them. Mido followed shortly after.

Galadanu is a Elfen name I have decided to give Link as a last name.

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