Link Thy Chain


6 - Castle Oblivion Floor III

Marluxia looked through his looking glass. So far, Link had completed two floors in Castle Oblivion and was making progress. Everything was still moving as intended.

But there was something wrong. According to the data that had received about Link, he should have been able to have his memories altered. Link and Sora's Hearts we're beginning to merge, so to say. They already knew that. Link was showing physical evidence of this by being able to see Sora's memories. They recognized it by the physical truma Link was going through.

But Link's heart stayed out of Namine's reach. Marluxia was not excited by this fact it all.

"Why are you delaying?" He asked. "Why can you not alter Link's memories?"

"I can't." Namine said. "Sora's Heart merging with Link's isn't enough for me to get in."

"Why?" Marluxia said. "You have said it yourself: Link's heart is merging with the sub conscious of Sora's. That alone should be enough to allow us to reshape his memories."

"It doesn't work like that." She said. "My power works in specfic way. You can't get around it no matter how much you try."

"Why do you bother with that boy?" A blonde hair girl appeared from the corner. "The Organization isn't interested with him."

"Perhaps." He said. "But the boy is a Heartless extracting machine just like Sora. I figure delievering both would please the master greater than that of one."

Marluxia stood over Namine as he continued to ponder the situation.

"But this is not as expected." He continued. "This is confusing. Link was never supposed to manifest Sora's memories. Link's journey did not take him nearly as long as Sora's. And Sora is currently on the fifth floor. We should have been able to already rewrite his memories. And if we have any hopes of rewriting them, we need to get them to come into contact."

"And then the memories switched?" Larxene asked.

"Right when everything was looking out towards our favor." He said.

Larexene put her hand on her head and began to ponder.

"You think it could be about that girl?" She said.

"Ahh…our new member." Marluxia said. "Yes…it could be. Part of her may still be reaching out to Link. Have Vexen look into it."

"What are we going to do about the girl then?" Larexene asked.

"What else?" Marluxia said. "Have Namine clear her mind further. I want no chance of her being the reason why these delays are coming up."

Marluxia pondered something for a few seconds.

"Or..." he began. "Prehaps we can give her want she wants."

Larexene turned around with an evil smile and looked at a figure behind her.

Link and Mido left the memory room that they had entered. There was a lot on Mido's mind, especially with all the new places he had just seen now. But there was more on Link. He had the Keyblade out and was looking intentionally at it. He wanted to know what else he could do with it.

"Fire!" He said, pointing the Keyblade out in a direction.

The Keyblade emitted several sparks from the tip, before launching a large fireball in the direction Link pointed at.

"Nice!" Mido said. "It can shoot fire!"

"And ice too." Link said. "Freeze!"

Cold snowflake like objects emitted from the tip of the Keyblade and launched out in all directions. Anything the bursts of ice touched instantly began to freeze up. As if the temperature of the area just went from eighty degrees to ten.

"Why do you always get the cool swords!?" Mido asked.

"I don't ask for these blades." Link said while laughing. "They just come to me. I'd just say luck is involved."

Link continued to look at the Keyblade in his hand. Link raised the blade up in the air as sparks of electricity came out of it.

"Thunder!" Link shouted.

A blast of lightning came down from the sky. Unfortunately, the blast was magnified on the fact that Mido himself was looking at the Gilded sword. The Lightning fell down and hit his blade, shocking him.

"YEEOOOWW!!" He shouted.

Link turned around to see his injured comrade.

"Mido!" He shouted, running over. He ran next to Mido and slide on the ground towards him.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"DO I LOOK ALRIGHT TO YOU!?" He shouted.

"Hang on..." Link said, going through his pack, in an attempt to find a Red potion. But then he stopped halfway through and looked at the Keyblade.

"I wonder..." He said.

Link looked at the injured Mido and then at the Keyblade. He got up from where he was and pointed the sword at Mido.

"Link; what the..." Mido shouted.

"Cure!" He said.

Instantly above Mido, green leaves sprouted from the magic of the Keyblade. These leaves glowed like that of fireflies. They stayed above him, circling him as they did. Energy seemed to fall from them and land on Mido as they spun around. Mido watched as all the wounds on his body, began to slowly, but surely, disappear. The leaves disappeared shortly after. Mido looked at Link as Link eyed the Keyblade.

"Now that...was cool." Link said.

"That's the best sword ever Link!" Mido said.

"It sure is." He said. "I wonder what else this sword can do?"

Link and Mido grabbed their packs again and began to move up from the second floor to floor number three. There they saw the same type of room as the one when they first entered Castle Oblivion.

"So who's Sora, Link?" Mido asked.

"Sora?" Link asked.

"Yeah; I heard you mention his name before." Mido said. "Who is he?"

Link stopped walking and allowed Mido to keep going forward. Mido walked twenty feet away from Link before he noticed Link had stopped moving. He turned around and looked at Link with curiosity.

"Link?" He asked.

"To be honest; I don't know." Link said. "I don't know who Sora is. Ever since I got the ability to use this sword, his name keeps popping up all around me. I've seen him before, in my dreams."

"Really?" Mido asked.

"None of this started happening until we rested at that Oasis." Link said. "And even then, we didn't find where to go until we slept there. There's something fishy going around here."

"Tell me about it." Mido said.

"Ganondorf isn't the only worry here." Link said. "It's those men in black. They know more than Marluxia wanted me to know. I want to find out what."

Link continued to walk towards the door as Mido himself stopped.

"Hey wait a minute." Mido said as he ran in front of Link. "That version of Hyrule castle that we we're at. That was all just memories right?"

Link stopped in front of Mido.

"Well...yeah." Link said.

"So!" Mido began. "Doesn't that mean that Ganondorf that we encountered in there was nothing but a memory!?"

Link stopped to think about for a little bit.

"Hey your right!" Link said. "That was probably just my memories!"

"See?" Mido said. "That means that we have nothing to worry about! And if this Marluxia wants a fight, I say give him one."

"Your right Mido." Link said. "Thanks."

Mido continued to run towards the door as Link stood there with a large smile on his face. But after a few second though, it quickly turned back into a confused glare.

"But a memory shouldn't be able to know that it's world is fake; right?" Link said.

Link ran towards the door with Mido and prepared for the next world.

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