Link Thy Chain


8 - Link Vs. Cloud

Cloud made the first attack, charging with his blade pointed right at him. Link was surprised from the sudden attack, and was hit promptly into a wall. Link stood, implanted into the wall for a second, before falling back to the surface. Cloud grabbed his Buster Blade and leapt to where Link was to stab him. Link recovered to see Cloud approaching where he was.

Link eyed his opponent and quickly dove out of the way to the side. Cloud plugged his blade into the ground, only to find out that he had missed his target. He turned to the side to see Link with his sword out and ready to strike. Link reacted by jumping the air, and doing an aerial spin attack. Cloud was hit seven times for the sudden attack and was flung off to the side, back towards the Middle. Cloud easily recovered from the attack, and took a long enough breathing period to wipe the blood off of his outfit. Link dove towards Cloud and began to begin another attack on Cloud. Cloud and Link began to clash blades together. Although Cloud was stronger and able to break Link's guard repeatedly, he was unable to bring up a decent attack to hit him. Link's seemed to counter each attack as quickly as it was broken.

But the problem was using his quick reflexes to deflect Cloud's attacks wasn't doing him any good. He was going through his adrenaline supply in his head like candy in a barrel. To gain the upper hand in the fight, Link broke Cloud's defenses using his foot to Cloud's stomach. Cloud stumped back from the sudden attack. Link made his move by side flipping at Cloud and kicking his head in. Link attempted to attack a third time, but failed to do so when Cloud used his Buster blade, cutting Link on the leg.

"GOD DAMN IT!" Link shouted, holding his injured leg.

Cloud used the Buster blade and unleashed a three slash combo on Link. Because Link was unable to move, Link received the slash from all three attacks, making three noticeable gashes on him. Link was flung away from Cloud and attempted to get up. Cloud slowly began to walk over to him, with his blade on his shoulder.

"You're not skilled enough to beat me." Cloud said. "Give it up."

"Never!" Link said.

It was true that Link was an honorable swordsman. Although, Link knew that when the time was right, you must do whatever it takes to win. Link grabbed the Kokiri sword and threw it like a throwing knife. Cloud deflected the blade. Link once again began another on Cloud, despite injuries. Cloud and Link fought at each for a bit.

Link dodged two of Cloud's swings. Cloud swung to the side on the third. Link then pulled a gutsy, but strategic attack. He used the Golden Gauntlets on his arm to grab hold of the side of the Buster Blade. He was then able, while Cloud swung to get on the top of the sword. Cloud went to look around for Link, but could not find him anywhere.

His answer came when he turned around on his sword and heard footsteps on it. Link leapt off the sword and attacked Cloud. He cut a vein on Cloud's arm. Cloud slowly felt feeling in his left arm give out, forcing him to fight with a right arm and a limp left arm. Link also cut his legs and made two large gashes on his feet. Cloud swing his sword. Link backflipped over the first slash, but the seconded one made contact and pushed Link forward.

"LINK!" Mido shouted.

Link landed by some pots. He coughed several times as blood came out of his throat. He wiped some of the mess from his mouth and he watched a limping Cloud come over by him.

Damn. Link thought. This Cloud is unlike any swordsman I've fought before. I've disarmed his left arm, but it doesn't seem like it's slowed him down. There's got to be a way to finish him.

Cloud stroke towards Link. Link again moved out of the way, but his movements were much slower than earlier. Link began to perform side step dodges and continued to dodge each and every one of Cloud's attacks; until another attack came into contact with Link and Link was once again pushed down onto the floor. Link began to cough more. As he recovered, he looked on the ground to see the Kokiri sword on the ground. He picked it, ducked under Cloud's attack, and then swung his sword at Cloud's stomach. Cloud staggered back. Link threw the Kokiri sword at Cloud, and it implanted into his shoulder. Link however, could not counter attack, although Cloud looked like he still had energy to spare. Cloud struggled to pull the Kokiri sword. He managed to get it out. Cloud looked at Link for a few seconds, while Link started at him blankly.

Cloud threw the Kokiri sword at Link. Link used the Master Sword to deflect the small knife. Cloud once again began to charge back at Link. Link knew that he would not be able to withstand another assault from Cloud.

I got to think fast! Link thought. Otherwise I'm done for.

Suddenly, an attack came to mind as he watched Cloud run towards him. Link smiled as he watched Cloud get closer to him. Link clasped his hands together and began to mutter something in ancient Hylia. Cloud continued to charge. He was now very upset after all the damage Link had to done to him. Link was by far one of the most impressive fighters he had ever seen in his whole life. Were it under different circumstances, they could be friends. But Link had ruined his pride at this point. Cloud could only think about revenge.

Link stood there, continuing to pray, until Cloud was right next to him.

As soon as Cloud was right next to him, Link removed his arms from each other and pressed his hand on the floor.

"DIN FIRE!!!" Link shouted.

A massive bubble of flame surrounded Link completely. Cloud was hit over and over from the flames of the goddess as he struggled to shake it off. Rocks from the bottom of the arena were lifted into the air from the intense heat all around Link. Link held him there for a few minutes as Cloud was rapidly burnt. Link would have kept him longer, but he ran out of power and the Goddess permitted him to use her power no further. Link sent the bubble in all directions and flung Cloud from where he was, a hundred feet away from Link. Cloud once again attempted to get up to once again to fight Link.

Link now knew the only way to beat him now was to use the Keyblade. Link grabbed the Master Sword and began to charge at Cloud. As he ran, Link used his left arm to the side and allowed the Keyblade to summon to his hand. Cloud staggered back at the sight; making his final mistake.

Link used both the Master Sword and Keyblade and wrapped Cloud in a massive combo, attacking him with both blades relentlessly. Cloud got out several time and slashed at Link many times, most of the attacks hitting him. But this time (despite the pain of all the damage Link took), Link assaulted Cloud without mercy. Link continued to fight Cloud, until Cloud was on his knees; bruised, beaten, and bloody.

Although Link didn't look any different.

"All…all…right…" Link said as he panted heavily. "Now you're going to…to…stop this madness now."

Cloud looked at Link with a face to scare a lion. Link looked unintimidated.

"I'm not…scared." He said.

"Forget this." Cloud said. "I wasted too much time and effort on you."

Cloud reached into his pocket and pulled out a small pellet. Link tried running over to him, but Cloud threw the smoke pellet on the ground; creating a cloud of thick smoke. Link tried to look for Cloud, but he was nowhere to be found when the smoke was cleared.

"Damn…" Link said.

"Link!" Mido said. "He's gone."

"He's…" Link said, still panting. "He's on his way to Hercules. Come on."

Link and Mido ran towards the gate of Olympus. Link grabbed a red potion from his bag and drank the whole thing. He threw his bottle off to the side and continued to run back to the place where Hercules was.

Link hoped he was not too late.

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