Link Thy Chain


9 - Memories of Olympus Part II

Link and Mido began to ran through the coliseum. They knew Cloud couldn't be too far behind. The corridors of stone began to annoy Link within minutes after he entered; as the place once again became a giant maze. Link and Mido began to feel lost as within minutes after searching, they soon realized they we're going in circles.

That is until Link noticed the walls. When Link saw the walls, he realized that these we're the walls that he had made the slash marks on.

"We've been here before." Link said.

"Yeah." Mido said.

"All we got to do now is rework our way back to where we started." Link said. "After that, we can get to Hercules and stop Cloud."

"Good." Mido said. "I've been itching for a fight."

Link and Mido began to work their way through the temple. The only problem of the situation was that Link and Mido didn't exactly know which direction they we're working back to. By the time they realized they we're going the wrong way, they already had made it to where they first fought Cloud.

"Ah damn it!" Link said. "How are we this stupid?"

"I blame you." Mido said.

"Oh sure; and you did loads to help out." Link said. "Let's go."

As they turned around, they noticed that several of the men that they had competed against earlier we're standing right in front of them. They all had their arms crossed; looking blankly at them. Link and Mido looked at them as they attempted to figure out what was going on.

"Hey guys." Link said after about a minute. "Hey I don't mean to be rude and all, but we kind of need to get to Hercules."

"It's important." Mido said. "If we don't Hercules could be attacked and killed."

The men didn't respond to Link and Mido. Nor did they move to allow them to pass.

"Hey." Link said. "We're talking to you!"

A second after Link said, each one of the people formed a pool of darkness under their feet. In a moment, the pool became a small cloud which consumed each one. Link and Mido jumped back at the display. Link drew the Master sword and formed the Keyblade, while Mido drew the Gilded sword. Each one of the people after the clouds vanished became Heartless.

"Heartless!" Link said.

"Here they come!" Mido said.

The first few soldiers dove towards Link. Link used several swipes from his two swords and cut through them with ease. Mido had a more difficult time, receiving several cuts and scrapes from the soldiers. However, he was able to bring the three down on the ground with a nice sweeping stroke. He enough time to finish the two on the ground before the third got up. Promptly, Mido hacked it's head off and the body vanished.

Link had a hard time dealing with the monkey like Heartless called Power Wilds that we're attacking him. These blue monkey type Heartless with the heartless symbol on their stomachs, used their massive claws to cut Link's body. Link however fought through the pain and managed to fell them. One tried jumping on top of him, but Link shook him off and then used the Keyblade to finish it. Several Red Nocturnes casted fire spells on Link. Link back-flipped over the spells and pointed his Keyblade at them.

"Blizzard!" He shouted.

The Keyblade became cold as ice and unleashed a massive wave of snow and ice at the Heartless. Each one of the Red Nocturnes we're consumed by the ice and vanished from existence. Link jumped attacked a Heartless soldier after the spell was cast. Only one Large body now blocked the entrance.

"Just one more." Mido said. "Let me..."

"I got it." Link said, tossing a bomb.

The bomb landed right next to the Large body as it began to move closer to it.

"Link!" Mido shouted. "You didn't even light it."

"Don't have to." Link said, pointing the Keyblade at it. "Fire!"

Link unleashed a ball of flame at the small blue orb. Normally, it would have taken awhile to go down and the bomb would have exploded ten seconds later. However, the gun powder was ignited instantly from the searing flames when the sphere consumed the fire and the bomb exploded. The flaming sphere had already damaged the Large body since it was nearby it, and the bomb knocked the Large Body on it's back. Link wasted no time and leaped into the air. He brought down both the Master Sword and Keyblade into it and destroyed the Large Body. Link put the swords out and readied for a next wave.

"I don't remember any of those people!" Mido said.

"That's cause they weren't people!" Link said. "We never saw them before because they didn't exist. They we're simply Heartless in the guise of human forms. It's no wonder I didn't recognize anyone of the faces here."

"But wait!" Mido said. "That doesn't make any sense. Why do we see Hercules and Phil then?"

"I don't know." Link said. "It has to do with these memories I think. These memories that are not mine. Those people at one point must have played an important role to the person who owns these memories. I don't know anything else to think of. And there's no time! We'll talk about this when we're done."

Link ran back into the temple. Mido shook his shoulders and ran after his friend. They once again we're down the maze. Only this time, they we're lead right to where they needed to. They saw the place with Cloud and Hercules in it. Hercules still looked like he could fight. Cloud was beaten and bruised (some gave by yours truly). Cloud was on his knees and his sword was knocked away from him several feet. Link was surprised to see that Cloud was able to stagger to his feet and get up.

"You lose!" Hercules shouted. "Give it up Cloud."

"We're...not...done yet." Cloud said, reaching for his sword.

Hercules was in a fighting position. He however began to loosen his formation after he saw Cloud in his weakened state.

"I can't guarantee you're safety if you continue like this." Hercules said.

"Watch yourself." Cloud said. "Looks to me like you're slowing down a bit."

He was right. He was still keeping his posture, but Cloud was able to weaken him greatly. Link and Mido ran over to Hercules and pulled their blades.

"We'll back you up." Link said.

"Link?" Hercules said in a surprised tone.

"Why not?" Link asked. "I won't be able to fight you if you get killed."

"Get all the back up you want." Cloud said. "I'm killing you and getting my memories back."

Link was originally in a fighting position. After Cloud had said that, Link lowered his arms.


"Memories?" Link said. "You lost your memories?"

"Ah ah ah, Cloud." A voice out of no where said. "No need to reveal everything yet Cloud."

Out of no where walked a unusual looking being. His skin was blue, his cloak was black, and his hair was on fire. With bluish flames. Link looked at him and felt struck with awe as if he was looking at a demon.

"Hades!" Hercules shouted. "You!"

"Hades?!" Link shouted. "As in the God of death!?"

Hades ignored Link as Hades continued to speak to Hercules.

"Looks like you oversold yourself, Cloud. All you did was wear him down. This doesn't look good for your performance rating... Let me put it this way: You, my spiky-haired friend, are fired."

"But!" Cloud shouted. "We had a deal!"

"I said your through!" Hades said. "I'll take of Irk-ules myself!"

Link watched as Hades began to conjure energy all around. Link watched as the temperature began to rise all around the area. Link backed up as he braced for an onslaught from Hades. Hades then unleashed a massive wall of fire all around the area. Link and Mido we're pushed back instantly and slammed into walls, along with Cloud. Hercules withstood the blast, but then was forced to get on his knees; the pain was too much for him to handle.

"Hades!" Hercules shouted. "You we're behind this from the start!"

"Cloud may have failed to take you out, but he did break you down." Hades said. "Time for Plan B. Pack your pita, Herc, 'cause you've just won a free trip to the Underworld paid by me!"

Hades was walking over to Hercules. However he turned around to see the Keyblade whirling right at him. Hades was smacked right into the face with the Keyblade. Hades was knocked right off his feet. He began to stagger up, but Link knocked him back down from a slash from the Master Sword. Hades then teleported some feet away from Link and then looked at his foe.

"I'm not out yet." Link said.

"Link; no!" Hercules shouted.

"Ahh c'mon Herc; I can't fight you if you go to the Underworld." Link said.

"Good point; guess you're joining him." Hades said.

"Yeah; sure." Link said as Mido ran next to him and he recalled the Keyblade. "Let's go with THAT!"

Link charged at Hades. Hades started his assault using a blast of fire at Link. Link stepped to the side and dodged the attack and continued his charge. Hades missed Link three other times as Link jumped and attacked Hades with the Keyblade and Master Sword three consecutive times, making six. Hades staggered back. He fired another sphere of flame at Link. Link used his Keyblade to deflect the sphere away from him. But then Link saw why Hades did that. Hades began to form a massive sphere of flames in his fists that began to build up in his hands.

"Feel the heat!" Hades said.

Hades fired a massive beam of fire at Link. Link rolled out of the way, but he saw the beam was still there. Link began to run away as Hades directed his attack towards him. Link was unable to escape as was caught in an explosion of fire. Link staggered to get up. Hades charged at him and used his fiery arms to beat down Link. Link was beat down into the ground with searing flames until he was unable to defend himself. Link looked at Hades with anger as Hades looked at him and prepared to fire a sphere of fire at his head.

But them Mido returned. Mido swung his sword at Hades and made a gash on his back. Hades looked at Mido with anger and began to fight him. Mido dodged the flames that was shot at him and deflected spheres. Hades continued to fire attacks at Mido, unaware Link had got up and began to walk towards him, both weapons ready. By the time Hades turned around to see Link, Link leaped in the air and then made an "X" shaped mark on Hades. Link then put his swords and charged through Hades, cutting him in half.

Hades staggered back from the attack. Suddenly, the slashes began to glow white. Hades began to look around everywhere as he saw his existence fading out. Slowly by slowly, Hades watched as the light consumed him as he screamed in pain.

"Son of a bit..." Hades began.

Hades exploded in a array of flames. The only thing left of him was a small pillar of smoke, which vanished quickly. Link went over to Hercules and helped him up. Hades looked surprised when he did.

"You know..." Link said. "I think our fights out of the question. But hey...maybe one day...if we see each other again...maybe we can fight."

Hercules looked at Link confused.

"Look..." Link said. "It's like this. I like fighting my opponents when they're at the full skill range. If not, then there's no point in fighting. How about that?"

Hercules looked a little confused, but then got to what Link was saying.

"All right; I'll hold you to that." Hercules said.

"Hey Link!" Mido shouted. "He's coming to."

Link ran over to where Cloud was. Cloud was shaken, but still alive. Link ran up and got him to his feet using his strength.

"You okay?" Link asked.

"Yeah." Cloud said as he picked up his sword. "Sorry I messed up you're games."

Cloud put his sword away and began to wander to where the exit was. Link watched him walk for a few minutes. Before Cloud left, Link said something.

"Hey!" He shouted.

Cloud turned around.

"Don't worry about your memory." Link said. "Memories never go away. They're always there. If it is important, it'll come back. Sometimes even the smallest of things can bring it back; just the same as the smallest actions in the world can change the outcome of a whole battle."

Cloud stood still for a few minutes. He then threw a card at Link. Link grabbed it and looked at it. It was a blue card, with a similar design to his world cards. It had Cloud's face painted on it.

"Call me if you need me." He said, before leaving.

Link looked proud as Cloud went away. He turned to his left to see a bright glowing light beginning to consume the area. He put his weapons away and began to pat Mido on the back, signaling it was time to leave. Mido and Link turned around and made a last wave at Hercules and Phil as the light consumed them. Eventually the whole area faded into nothingness.

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