Love's Strength

By Desi S

Author note. I do not own Nintendo trademark. And while Fiona, Nina, and Luna exist in this, it has nothing else to do with my other stories.


Seventeen-year-old Link stared out at the fake mountain, a breeze blowing his blonde bangs over his blue eyes. Having defeated master hand and could go home soon. He didn’t notice that he was being watched.

He’s so handsome. But he’s Hyrulian and doesn’t know I exist. Ness just defeated Master Hand so I won’t see him again. ACK! Dumb balloon. The onlooker thought.

“Jill!” A voice yelled. Jill turned her head.

“Pete! What’s going on and how did you know where I was?” She said. The Pikachu approached the Jigglypuff.

“The portals are being opened!” He yelled.

“Pikachu! Jigglypuff! Hurry up!” A red dressed Plummer said.

“Mario! We’ll be right there!” Pete yelled.

“Pete. What’s with the red hat? You hate it.” Jill asked.

“Why are you wearing the green bow?”

“I lost the blue one.” She said.

“Let’s fess up. We both like someone we met here and are wearing their color.” Pete said.

“Your right. You like Samus?”

“What makes you think that?”

“Samus is the only other female and the only girl who wears red.” Jig explained.

“I heard that there’s a way to turn human for a few weeks in her world. And in his world there is magic.” Pete said. Jill and Pete had become best buds since this adventure started and could understand each other without words.

“Should we hitch rides?” She asked.

“No! We just program our portals for those worlds. Good luck and we need to go.” Pete said.


Come on Jill! Pete just went to her world. You can go to his. Jill thought, arm trembling over E. It hit and she flew through the dimensions.

“What are you?” A voice asked.

“Jig-PUFF!” Jill found she couldn’t speak to anyone but Pete in English.

“A Pokemon? Let me guess. You want to be human?” The voice asked. Jill turned and saw a great fairy.

“Or Hyrulian? Human Jig, Hyrulian Puff.”

“Puff! Puff!” Jill cried.

“I got a basic idea. Black or brown hair? Black jig, brown puff.” She said.

“Jig!” She said.

“Okay. Close your eyes and relax.” She whispered. Jig felt a warm feeling around her.

“It will only be for a month unless-“ She fell into a deep sleep.


”What is it?”

“A Hyrulian! Only Link can pass here and be Hyrulian. GO!” A voice said. Jill’s eyes shot open. She looked around. Her new black hair hit her in the face.

“Where am I?” She asked, unaware of her surroundings.

“The Kokiri Forest! No one passes over-MIDO!” A girl with green hair and green eyes interrupted.

“Oh. Hi Saria!” Mido said.

“Hi Mido. Now. Do you remember the oath all the races of sage agreed to make? OUR MAIN CHANGE WAS LETTING HYRULIANS OTHER THEN LINK IN THE FOREST!” A green haired girl bellowed.

“Umm…I don’t know where I am. Do you know some one named Link? I’m looking for him.” Jill said.

“What? Mr. No Fairy?” Mido asked.

“If that’s Link, then yes.” Jill said.

“He left to check on the sages. He’ll be back around dark. You should stay with me until he returns. Its dangerous outside the main village at night Miss…what is your name?” Saria said.

“Jill.” She answered.

“Well, before nightfall, lets play with the Skullkids, Jill!” Saria said, grabbing her arm.


“Saria’s back!” Someone yelled. A little yellow light appeared.

“Hello Tati! Where are your brother and Skullkid?” Saria said.

“No clue. I think they slept in.” The fairy chuckled.

“Not for long.” Saria pulled out an ocarina. Before long, Skullkids and fairies and Kokiri were dancing to the music Saria played.

“Jill! Why don’t you sing along? It’s mainly in the rhythm and what you see in the forest.” Saria said before playing more for the Gorons who had just arrived.

“Ok! Earth and bark. Peace and Serene. All is found in one place. Where humans and Gorons and all alike gather!  In the simple Forest of Kokiri.” Jill finished and looked around in horror. Saria hadn’t been able to hear over her playing, but everyone else had fallen asleep! I still can’t change my singing from Jigglypuff! She thought.

“Wow. But we do need to wake them. Maybe the Sonata of Awakening,” Saria said before playing more. The group awoke. They all said good-bye before leaving.

“Come on. Link should be home by now. I’ll show you the way to his house and leave you there. I’m in the house with all the grass in front of it.” Saria said before guiding her. Sure enough, Epona was tied to a post and Link was climbing the ladder. Where to hide? Jill thought.

“Yahoo! Hey Link!” Saria yelled before she could disappear.

“Saria. I just got in. May I please rest?” Link asked.

“Not till after you meet my friend.” Saria said.

“I know how stubborn you are. Fine.” He said, jumping down the ladder.

“This is Jill. Jill, forgive Link. He’s always grumpy after on measly visit to Death Mountain by warp song.” Saria said introducing them.

“Hello Jill. My name is Link. I hope you enjoy yourself while you’re here.” He said, taking her hand and kissing it. Jill was happy about the darkness, for she had turned scarlet. Link climbed up and thought about the day. Master Hand was a new deal. At least it wasn’t GanonDork. That Jill. Those eyes remind me of someone.

“Jill! Could I meet you tomorrow?” He found himself yelling. Girl…this is why you came.

“Sure!” Jill yelled. She pulled out the blanket Saria had given her at the bed Saria had made for her. She drifted into undisturbed dreams.


“Cock-a-doodle-doo!” The morning coo-coo screeched.

“Memo to self. Get sling, bow, or slingshot so I can kill coo-coo.” Jill thought as she got up, yawning. She had been having a wonderful dream.

“You up for some cereal?” Saria asked from the kitchen.

“Sure.” Jill walked over and got a glance of her new self in the mirror. Apparently, her eyes were the same, except smaller, lips the color of the pink she used to be, tan skin, black hair, and pointy ears. She was wearing blue jeans; a green spaghetti straps shirt, and silver shoes that went around her foot and gave support. A green ribbon held up her black hair in a ponytail.

“Link left a message. He wants you to meet him at Lake Hyla.” Saria said, hand Jill a bowl of cereal.

“Lake where? You don’t understand. I’m from Ho-” Jill gulped down some cereal to stop from saying Hogen.

“Holdrum?” Saria asked.

“Yes.” Jill said, realizing that the cereal was actually tasty.

“Not a journey you want to do on foot. Stop by Lon-Lon Ranch. Tell Malon that I sent you.” Saria said, cleaning up the remnants of breakfast.

“It’s hard to miss. Go through the giant log at the end of town across the bridge, around the bend, and go to the huge fenced area. It would be smart to get there by night fall.” She said.



“Which are?”

“Your better off not knowing.” Saria said, running to her room. She gave a small bundle to Jill, bidding her off. At the bridge, Jill opened it to find a wooden shield; some Deku nuts she learned blinded enemies, a slingshot (“Where’s that coo-coo?”), a sword with three emeralds on it, and a bag to hold it all in and that had a strap to be worn across her back that she put her sword on, and the shield over it. She started walking and, did indeed, see the ranch. A girl with red hair and blue eyes, wearing a pinkish dress was at the entrance.

“Excuse me. I need a horse. Saria sent me here.” Jill said. Malon looked up.

“Looks like someone has finally been found for Link who fits the picture. I’ll go get Carmen.” She said, rushing to the stables. Carmen was a Carmel shaded horse with a black mane. Jill was nervous about riding; the only horses she usually saw were Ponyta or Rapadash. And they were usually aflame. She finally got used to it and rode to Lake Hyla with instructions from Malon. Link was skipping rocks when she showed. Jill started putting everything in her saddlebags when he saw her.

“Jill! Over here!” He yelled.  Jill’s cheeks went the shade of pink she was when a Jigglypuff.

“Hi Link.” Jill said.

“So. Would you like to go anywhere?” He asked.

“Maybe a town. I’m from Hog-I mean Holdrum.” She answered.

“If you can stand a wait. We can go to Clock Town in Termina. I’ll ride with you.” Link said.



Night fell before Jill noticed, and they were near Termina. She was happy that Link wasn’t asking too much about it as much as explaining it. They didn’t notice the Talchildren until one grabbed Carmel’s leg, causing her to buck Jill off. Several of them separated Link and Epona from Jill, and Jill away from Carmel. She was so busy avoiding the front attacks; she didn’t notice the one behind her.

“Jill!” Link yelled a second to late.

“AH!” Jill yelled as it scratched her across the back. It disintegrated in a blue flame when Link shot an arrow at it. The others fled when Epona approached them. Link whistled Carmel over and managed to strap Jill, who had fainted from the pain, securely on her before hurrying to the trading post.


“I can’t pay you full now! I had to pay for a room at the inn! I’ll give you forty arrows as the price holder!” Link yelled.

“Done.” Link handed over the arrows and rubies for the red potion and ran back to the inn. Kafiel, who had recovered, was with Anju, making sure nothing happened to Jill. Link had managed the four bunk bed room this time. Jill was very pale and getting worse. Hurry with that potion, Link. We can’t help much longer. Anju thought as Link burst through the door. He managed to poor the red liquid on Jill’s back with out much trouble. Color returned to her face and her eyes fluttered open. Anju pushed the other two out, saying she needed sleep. Jill did indeed fall asleep shortly after.


“So when did Anju learn first aid?” Link asked.

“After you left. She had to. Everyone was taking on a Dongongo. Apparently, the bombers lost a member for a few months. Everyone was coming here with an injured person they found near a Dongongo. Everyone thought that is an eleven-year-old could do it, they could to.” Kafiel explained.

“When did the spell where off.?”

“At the wedding.” At this point Jill came down in a sewn up outfit.

“Who’s cooking tonight?” Link asked with caution in his voice.

“No one. It’s the carnival. You may as well take your friend around. With no moon, hundreds of vendors come. Creamia and Romani invented a frozen treat called ice cream last year, and the curiosity shop has a build a mask stand.” Kafiel said before leaving with Anju. Link frantically searched for the right words.

“Um…Jill…uh…would you please come with me to the (gulp) Carnival of time?” He asked.  Jill was caught off here. She thought of what Pete would say. She proceeded to nod. They first stopped by the make a mask stand, as Jill refused to wear any of the masks Link had. He was wearing the Keaton mask. Ten minutes passed and Jill came wearing a moon shaped mask that went over her mouth, one cheek, and eyes, but leaving the rest of her face open. Now at this point, the band The Indigos was playing. It had mostly been just stuff they played. Link was not aware that every person on it wanted to pay him back for what they did. Anju whispered something to Lulu, who listened well.

 It was almost midnight, and that’s when it started. The Song of Sun was heard. It was played slowly, though. Jill nagged Link until he agreed to dance with her, which didn’t take much. Now, Link had never been to the carnival in full before. So they had to follow when in quick speed at midnight to remove their mask. Dawn came, and Jill let some courage swell up.

“Link…I love you. And if you don’t love me back, I don’t want it to damage what we already have.” She found herself saying. Jill tried to look away, but Link stopped her. He looked into her eyes, and for the first time ever, needed the Triforce of Courage.

“I love you to.” He said, caressing her cheek. They were leaning into a kiss when an explosion interrupted. Flames were seen in the west. They ran with the crowd.


“Mommy!” The man from the bomb shop yelled. Link ran over.

“What’s wrong?”

“Some one shot an ember seed in the back store room. I ran out, but Mommy’s still inside!” He yelled. Jill suddenly remembered when she teamed with Link against Mario. All the fire attacks had been nothing on the red tunic. But that was at the inn…She awoke courage she never knew she had. Jill ran in the burning building.

“Jill!” Link yelled as a beam fell. He went to go through the gap with the Deku mask when a firm grip stopped him.

“You’d burn up.” A teenager was hidden in the shadows and confusion.

“But I have to help.” Link yelled.

“Help by putting on the Giant Mask and retrieving water from the sea.”

“Thanks for the tip.” Link said, running.


“Miss! Where are you?” Jill yelled.

“Near the store room.”

“Didn’t it blow?”

“The other one with the powder kegs.”

“Follow my voice! Quick!” Jill said frantically.

“I’m next to you!” Jill carefully picked her up like a baby and ran towards the exit. She then saw the beam. She looked at the height carefully. Jill preformed  a roll out of it. She gave the woman to her son and talked to the nearest person, who was in an odd blue body suit with a long white cloth possessing the symbol of a red eye on it. He had red eyes and copper blonde hair in a strange white headpiece.

“Get all  these people out of here! There is a room full of powder kegs in there, and it could blow at any second!” She yelled.

“What? Everyone out! We have an emergency! Get water from everywhere! It just got urgent! There are enough powder kegs to wipe clock town and everyone in it!” The boy yelled. With this everyone was frantic.

“Great move whoever you are. I-oh great. I can see it. The first powder keg is lit!” Jill yelled. At this point, Link got back with ten giant bottles of water.  He very quickly poured them one by one on the flaming shop, smothering all embers. By the time he was done, so was his magic. Link shrank back to normal size.

“Thanks Zel.” He said.

“Link! I hate it when you call me that and you know it.” She said, changing back to golden blonde Zelda with a royal dress on.

“Well Excuuse me, princess.” Link muttered, causing Jill to giggle.

“Who’s your friend?”

“I’m Jill. Pleased to meet you, Miss Zelda.” Jill said.

“We’re staying at the in. I’m guessing Impa came, so you two are  welcome to come. Got the eight beds this time.” Link said.

“Nahh. No, Impa’s probably worried sick about me if she awoke. So I got to go. I just had to witness the carnival. Bye!” Zelda said before disappearing. Jill started moving when it happened. Her shirt slid up, showing a burn in the center of her back.

“Jill!” Link said, supporting her.


“You might want to go to the Great Fairy’s Fountain. We can’t heal a burn that bad.” Anju said.

“Can’t. The Fairy cleans out the fountain every New Years.” Kafiel said. The owner of the bomb shop came in.

“If I may suggest something.” Link nodded, holding Jill’s hand.

“I have some ointment that I savaged. It does wonders on burns, as we’ve had to use it every time a bomb goes haywire.” He said.

“I’ll leave it here. This is the least I can do since she saved my mother.” He said, placing a small bottle on the table before leaving. Everyone but Jill, who was on the bed, face down, and Link. He walked over to get the bottle and poured some on her back. He started applying it to the wound, carefully circulating it. She cringed a little at the sudden sting, but it went away almost instantly.

“Who would be insane enough to light the fuse on a bomb at that shop?” Jill asked.

“I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.” He said.


“Zelda! Why did you take the magic cloak if you were just sneaking off?” Impa asked.

“No reason.”

“It has something to do with Link. I think when he said he’d know when he found the one for him meant you weren’t it.”

“He said that when I was Shiek.”

“He knows you’re the same.”

“Miss Impa!” A guard said.


“We discovered a missing ember seed in the count. It might have been misplaced, but I figured I should tell you.”

“Thank you for telling me.” Impa said, glaring at Zelda. The guard left.

“Rarau said the four giants were stirring. We now know why. If you do anything that endangers anyone for your own selfish reasons, I will tell every superior I know, including Luna.” Impa said sternly. Zelda had already been planning a more subtle approach to get rid of Jill.


“Sisters! Trouble is stirring. We may need reinforcements.” Naryu cried. Din looked up from her book in curiosity. Farore came out, carrying a small bag.

“Summon them now. We need them to help.”

“That’s Din’s job. I provide items, not a summoning.” Din poured a little energy out.

“Luna. Luna.” She said, dream scanning.

“It’s not even light out, leave me alone.” A girl with red hair and red eyes muttered, though you couldn’t tell with her eyelids seemingly shut.

“Zelda is up to no good. But Nina’s mother thinks the result will affect more then her rival.” Luna shot up at these words.

“I’ll wake the others.” She said.

“Hey! Saria’s twin! Anju and Kafiel’s result! Wake up!” Two girls groggily got up. One who had green hair and eyes, the other had blue eyes and hair.

“Unless Ganondork is trying to break out of the Sacred Realm again, I’m going back to bed.” Fiona said, green eyes barely open.

“Close. You see-Naryu! The Arthur has to tell some of the story.”


“Where are we going now?” Nina, the blue haired one, asked.

“I’ll explain when you get there.” They all teleported to the Sacred Realm.


“They all said the same thing. It was to dark to tell.” Jill said at around noon.

“Maybe we should go back to Hyrule and call it a day.” Link said. They had asked every Deku, Goron, Zora, or Termian who had been in the area.

“How about the inn and wander around town a bit.” Jill suggested.    

“Sure.”  On the way back to the inn. they heard some noise, and possibly a struggle. It seemed Sakon had cornered a red haired and a blue haired girl in a corner.

“We’ve got to help!” Jill said. At this point, Sakon was seen with his pants on fire, and shirt frozen.

“I never help Sakon.” Link said as they approached them.

“Are you okay?” Jill asked.

“Yeah. But we got separated from our cousin, Fiona.” Luna said. She dusted off her new Goron Tunic. Nina was wearing a Zora Tunic. Suddenly, in  a green blur, Fiona appeared.

“Never-gasp-leave me again!” She panted. Luna handed her red potion.

“I’m Luna, she’s Fiona, and last is Nina.” Luna said.

“Where are you from?” Link asked.

“Lybrynnia. We came to see the world of Termina. We have been saving potions and other bottled things. We’re going to stay at the inn.”

“Link. We got the four bunk beds. We can share the room.” Jill nagged, noticing their need.

“You won’t leave me alone until I say fine, will you Jill?”




While she helped their new friends unpack, Jill noticed something in Links Bag. A mask was in a bottle. It had a dark felling around it just looking at it. At this point Link came in with a deep look of morning on his face.

“I hope you’re not hungry. Anju is cooking.” He muttered.

“Is that bad?” Jill asked.

“A Starving man wouldn’t eat it.” Link said. They all laughed. Nina and co played cards, but Jill’s curiosity was high. Link was playing a song on the Ocarina outside, and she walked over.

“Hello.” Jill said.

“You want to ask something. I can tell.”

“I saw a mask in your bag. Why is it in a bottle?” Link put away his ocarina.

“Understand, I was glad to have company. I was going to come to Termina anyway. I had hoped to escape unnoticed in the morning, but I have to explain. In my adventure in Termina, I received a very powerful mask. Powerful, but dark. It was called the Fierce Deity Mask. I only maintained control of my body because of my friends. I knew they were supporting me, and if I failed to keep control they would perish. I managed, but it almost killed me. I vowed never to use the mask again. Last time Ganondork broke out, he heard about it and attempted to destroy me and take it. He failed, but I decided I had to hide it. I was going to hide it in a place that moves all the time, but I was teleported away. I had to fight some new evil called the master hand, and a variety of others. Tomorrow I go to Inkana to hide it.” He explained. Jill felt a pain in her at the reminder of Master Hand.

“We’re coming with you.” Fiona said.

“Fiona?” Jill asked. She was nowhere to be seen. Link shook his head and took out the Megaton Hammer and nodded towards the bell. Jill quickly covered her ears as he swung the hammer of legend back. BONG! The trio fell out of the bell with looks on their faces.

“Fine. You all get to come.” He said. They all laughed again.


“Cock-a-doodle-doo!” Jill’s fist response was taking the slingshot, going out, and hitting the Coo-Coo with a seed, which she soon regretted. She dashed in to the bell for dear life. An hour passed, and Nina came out. She glanced over and started yelling

“Jill shot the Coo-Coo! Jill shot the Coo-Coo!” Link took out Garu’s Mask and quickly summoned the Coo-Coos away so Jill Could get ready.

“You never shoot Coo-Coos.” Link said only to quickly b shooed away.


“You almost walked in on Jill dressing! You never send a person to get ready and come back in a few seconds!” Nina yelled.

“Glad we were there.” Fiona said.

“Jill sent us out to make sure no one came in.” Luna said. Now at his point, Jill had discover and odd mark on her ankle. It was the shape of a moon. As she put on the new silver spaghetti strap shirt the trio had made for her, she realized they were keeping something secret. She dismissed it for a bit, as they left for The Stone Tower. Nina held back most of the trip.

“Fiona. Do you remember who our cousin was named for?”

“The Lunar Goddess with no name who was in your mother’s prophecy?”

“The moon and the time collide. Destiny tries to stop them, and unleashes an evil. That’s all she ever told. Link fits time, Destiny its Zelda, and guess who moon fits.”

“Jill? But she-seems odd? It gets better. A world called Hogen exists where it’s ancient people worshipped the moon. In Hyrule they pray to the time goddess often.”

“Pokemon Hogen? You forgetting that the Agile Wizard was supposed to appear?”

“Yes and no. He doesn’t show for a while.”

“Forget the Pokemon exist theory! Mom should have never made those tapes from earth.” Fiona said, finishing the conversation. No body noticed the horse and lone rider that followed them.


Link look around after a hundred mile ascend, or so it seemed to his comrades and their follower.

“Jill, could you stand on that switch.”

“Sure.” Jill walked over and was startled when a block moved, revealing a ruby. Link strung his bow with a light arrow. Everyone but Link was startled when the world flipped. They all quickly jumped from stone to stone when it still again. All except their follower, who was clinging the owl statue for dear life. He had red hair, and yellow eyes. Now I know hat you are thinking. His nose is human and he does not have a receding hairline. This is not Ganondork. He is wearing a red shirt and jeans with yellow sneakers. He also had a yellow belt. He quickly gathered courage an let go, landing on his behind.

“I could have gone back to Hogen, but no. I decide to check on her. Jill, you owe me big.” He said.


“Fiona, you guard the entrance. Nina, you and Jill are coming with me. Luna, nothing flies in.

“Okay.” Luna said.

“Got it.” Fiona responded. Link, Luna, and Jill walked away. Fiona hardly paid any attention. Luna glanced over and nearly screamed. The boy quickly covered her mouth.

“Whatever you think, it’s wrong, and-OW!” He yelled.

“Fiona!” Luna screamed. The boy clutched his hand, which she had burned.

“What-AHH!” Fiona started. Suddenly, binds appeared around his hands.

“Can you at least pour water on my burn?” He yelled, quite confused.

“This may help.” Luna said, pouring some red potion on it.


“Don’t look down, Jill.” Link said. Nina looked down.

“Yah!” Link opened the boss door. The portal was in the center. He took some Deku Sticks and attached them to the walls around it with a paste type substance.

“Easy part done. Who wants to try to place the bottle down there?” He said.

“The small part is to be balanced on the tips.” Jill solemnly volunteered.

“It’s over ten feet!” Nina exclaimed. Jill took the bottle in one hand, and a Deku Stick in the other. She jumped, and the Deku stick caught onto two of the supports. She successfully placed the bottle in the middle and felt the Deku stick give part way.

“Link! Why is it lighter?”

“I ran out of Deku Sticks and had to use the Great Fairy sword to support it. You jumped before I could tell you. Take my hand quick.” He said, thrusting her his arm. Their fingers touched when the Deku stick was sliced in two.

“Jill!” Link yelled. He was about to dive in after her when Nina stopped him.

“Oh no you don’t.”

“I played the song of time after defeating Twinmold! It’s down there, and so is Jill.”

“I didn’t mean jump, I meant jump with out your giant mask, magic potion, and sword!” Nina explained.

“Your awfully wise.”

“Runs in the family. Here is your stuff. Go!”


“Where am I?” Jill asked, getting up. Suddenly, the blue and red giant worms by the name of Twinmold leapt out of the sand. Jill pulled the Kokiri sword off her belt. As big as it was, it wouldn’t help much on the swirling beasts. She swung at it’s under belly, missing it completely. Link landed next to her, Master Sword Drawn.

“Aim for its head or tail!” He yelled, putting on the mask. Jill was on the platform, which had the symbol of the Triforce, with a crescent in the center, where Jill was standing. She repeatedly missed the those two parts, until she ran out of seeds. Link ran out of magic, but before he could refill he was knocked down. One of the worms dove down, and the sinkhole following made Link neck high in sand. Jill felt fury well up inside towards the worms. Suddenly, the moon symbol she was on glowed. Her hair rose, as if on a wind. She herself rose. Jill felt unusual power. She flung her arms out and the worms shattered. The sand was replaced with water spotted with Lily pads. The spot she was on became an Isle. The pillars were replaced with trees. A shore surrounded the water. Link swam towards the Isle where Jill was floating down. Two what seemed to be silver sea snakes swam in the water. Link managed to catch Jill before she fell. A blue crystal popped down. Nina turned off the spell.

“Jill’s spurt did this?” She asked.


“Every goddess has one. But it is usually smaller.  I mean, Mom only mad a sense of law. This one did that and what my aunts did.”

“Mom? Aunts? Nina, are you trying to say your mom is Naryu?”

“One third covered.”

“Fiona and Luna are Farore and Din’s daughters to?”

“Correct. They’ve been calling for the last half an hour.”

“What happened?” Jill asked, waking up. One of the snakes jumped up.

“Oh mighty goddess! You created this. and replaced the real mask up there with a fake. Don’t you remember?” It asked.

“Yes. Now I do. You guarding the real mask. If the bottle is ever removed, this will all perish. You know to be on guard if the bottle up there falls down here.” Jill said.

“Hello? Fiona and Luna need us!” Nina yelled.

“Lets Go.”


“Let me go!” Pete yelled.

“No way GanonDork.”

“Who is that?”

“As if. You know who you are.”

“Guys. This better be important. I need to collect a few bets.” Nina said, then, seeing Pete,


“I would like to keep my hearing. What is it?” Jill came after him.

“He seems oddly familiar.” She said seeing Pete.

“Jill?” He asked, more puzzled then before.

“Pete!” She yelled.

“I told you I wasn’t him! Why did you think I am, anyway?” Pete said as Link cut his binds.

“Um…you look a lot like him, you tried to stop me from screaming, uh.”

“He would have had enough sense not to do it to you. My hand still hurts.”

“True. You are a little pathetic.” Luna said the last words.

“How do you know Pete?” Nina asked.

“Pen pals. He’s from Lybrynnia, and in my last letter I mentioned how I planned to go to Hyrule. Guess he decided to tag a long.” She explained.

“I did slay Ganon in Holdrum, explaining how he was unknown.”

“Umm, can I talk to you Jill? In private?” Pete said. Link left silently enough. The rest looked at her.

“It will be easy to explain later. It’s hard enough for him to ask my advise on the matter.” Jill said. The three left.

“Lybrynnia? Holdrum? Ganon? I thought we were from Hogen!”

“Dead give away. I’ve already appeared to lure people to sleep by singing, and I wasn’t very conspicuous about doing a rollout!”

“Okay. Holdrum is pretty close to Hogen.”

“Right. You have a little sister in Lybrynnia, and you mother is dead. Anyone asks about us, we’re just friends.”

“We are just friends.”

“You asked to talk in private. That will arouse suspicion.” Jill said before walking out.


“Your Highness! I wasn’t expecting you!” The Great Fairy said when she entered.

“I know. Where did you get the dress?” Zelda asked.

“The Lunar Goddess appeared. Whoever does it, gets this. I’ve been through records, and I can’t figure out who it was.”

“Listen. Could you do me a favor?”


“I need someone dead.” The Fairy looked horrified.

“Never! I would rather be shattered in four pieces, kept by Ganon, Onyx, Majora, and Veran then kill someone.”

“Who would?”

“Try not a fairy. Twins of ice and fire. That is all.” The fairy jumped in her spring. Zelda headed back to Termina.


“What was that all about?” Luna asked.

“Oh. His little sister just got her first…” Jill looks at her.

“Oh. She thought the world was ending?”

“Just her life. Their mom died after giving birth to her, so they needed me to explain. I got the letter to late.” Jill explained.

“Oh. I have to collect on a bet with Nina.”

“Jill! How much farther is it?” Pete asked.

“Why are you walking?”

“My horse got away.”

“Link! Pete needs to know how much farther. I think he needs the Bunny Hood.”

“Just a few miles.” Link said, going beside them. He handed Pete the Bunny Hood.

“I’m not wearing this.”

“It’s better then walking.” Link said, riding up front again. Pete soon stopped complaining and the inn was in sight soon enough.


“Koume, you did good on the mushrooms this time.” Kotake said to her sister at their shop in the swamp. KNOCK!

“Come in.” Zelda walked in.

“I was told you  were the only ones who would do what I’m after.”

“Poison? We only have one type and it-is complicated.” Koume said. Zelda snapped her fingers and several guards carrying dozens of bottles of things for potion making came in. They put them down and left.

“Will this do?”

“Moons tears? Poes? Gold Dust?” Kotake said, astonished at the amounts of what.

“You can keep what ever you don’t use as pay.” Zelda said.

“Give us a while. You may watch, if you like.”


“I can’t believe the princess is really this corrupt.” A guard said.

“Yeah. She’s now as low as the Dark King.” Another said.

“I have to go tell Impa!” The Newest Guard said.

“Ralph, what should we do? Tell her you mugged us?”


“I’ll go!” A new person entered the conversation.

“Who are you?”

“Fiona BraveHeart. I can get to Impa faster then you, and can warn her.”

“She won’t notice you not being here. Go quick!”

“Yes sir! Prelude. Prelude. Prelude.” Fiona disappeared in a yellow flash.


“Lousy guards. Just hit the ropes holding up the bridge with a fire arrow.” She shot it from her tree, swallowed a Pegasus seed, and ran in just as the drawbridge fell.

“Hey! You! Stop!” One guard yelled.

“Talk Later!” Fiona said, running. She noticed a door with the Triforce on it and ran in. I think that only Sheikah can see me here. Oh great! Impa! She thought. Impa turned around.

“Saria? What are you doing here?” Fiona shook her head.

“I’m Fiona BraveHeart. I have a message for you. But I think I was followed. In here, you’re the only one who can see me. But I have to work on physical.” Fiona said, running up to the symbol of the Triforce on the wall. She pressed the courage piece and the center swung open, revealing a small passage big enough to hide in. Fiona told Impa to stand by it before going in. It swung back. Imp calmly walked over.

“Miss Impa! We saw a girl run in here. Have you seen anything and can we search?”

“No and yes.”

“Impa. Zelda’s gone nuts. She brought every item for potion making to Twinrova for the price of a poison! She plans to use it on Jill, who has turned out to be the Lunar Goddess! I’ve got to go. Remember, don’t use it on her!” Fiona said before going through the passage to the sewer that she could exit in the Inn.


“Mr. Link? Yes I’ll get it to him.” Anju said. She walked upstairs.

“Link! Letter from the princess!” Anju said, knocking the door.

“Slide it under the door, please.” Nina picked it up and gave it to Link.

“We’ve bee invited to the castle.” Link said, reading it.

“Really?” Jill asked in disbelief.

“I’ll get Pete! I think he went to listen to a story.” Luna said.

“He’s probably asleep.” Link said. Fiona came in, soaked.

“Fiona, what happened?”

“Fell in the water.” She said.

“Is it me, or does Luna seem to be trusting Pete a lot more then before?” Fiona asked.

“I have noticed that lately.” Nina said.

“Anyone other then Miss Wisdom over there?” They all laughed.

“I guess we should pack and check out.” Jill said.


“Pete! If you’re in the kitchens don’t eat anything!” Luna yelled. In a blur, Pete appeared.

“The Agile Wizard!” Luna nearly choked.


“The Lunar Goddess appears, the Agile Wizard soon follows.” She said, repeating the line.

“Still confused.”

“You play a huge roll in this adventure, what, I don’t know.” Luna said.

“You came to say something?”

“We need to pack. We’ve been invited to the castle!”


“Fiona. What line did you get?”

“Agility and Power join together. Whatever that means.” Luna and Pete walked in.

“You guys ready?” Luna asked.

“Yeah. Everyone gather.” Link said, taking out his Ocarina. He played the Prelude of Light.(In game, up, right, up, right, left, up.) They all disappeared in a yellow flash.


“Impa! When they get here, have names listed in certain spots, and Jill’s cup is to have this in it.” Zelda said, handing Impa a small vile. It contained a pitch-black liquid.

“I will not.”

“Some one has to drink it.”

“Why didn’t you say so?” Impa said. she ordered for there to be grape juice in all the cups and stopped at the end of the table.

”Goddesses forgive me. I protected her many a year, but today she has asked to much.” Impa said, pouring the vile in Zelda’s cup. Zelda came back, chatting  with Nina.

“Impa! This is Nina Wise.” Zelda said.

“Pleased to meet you. Anyway. Then I saw this giant light and descended through the portal.” Nina spoke again.

“Is Nina always a chatterbox?” Pete asked Luna.

“Not usually.”

“Miss Luna.”


“Jill. I hear the juice the castle has is as bad as Anju’s cooking.”


“Miss Impa.”

“Nonsense. I happen to like the juice here. Impa.”


“I don’t know who to believe.”


“You must be Impa.” Everyone sat down, quite cheerful.

“Yeah. It’s a little obvious that love is with Jill and Link.”



“Sorry to stop you but I need to welcome my other guests.” Zelda said.

“Welcome, all of you. I’m sorry I didn’t get more placemats. I thought their would only be one or two new comrades. Link, you broke a record. Anyway, I would like to propose a toast. To a golden age in Hyrule!” The repeat of this told Impa to look away. Though they drank in unison, no scream was heard. Impa turned around. In horror, she saw the skies turning dark, covering the night sky with clouds. Lightning nearly struck Luna, but Pete quickly pushed her out of the way. Thunder rumbled through out Hyrule. Zelda was starting to be enveloped in a dark crystal. She realized what was happening, and with all her will, flung the Triforce of Wisdom to where the Master sword once laid, where she had been hiding the Triforce of Power. As the Crystal covered her completely, a black beam shot from the sky onto it. On the flat top, the Evil King landed.

“Ganondorf.” Impa whispered with dismay. Every sage could feel what happened, and as it hit the Head Sage of Time, they were all engulfed in crystal. (Course, Darnunia wouldn’t stay in it long, as the other Gorons were curious of the new rocks taste.)

“Hyrule will once again belong to me!” He roared, every window in the castle shattering.

“Wrong! You missed someone, Dork!” Link shouted.

“Jill. Get the others. Go to the Temple of Time. Protect those two pieces of the Triforce.” He whispered. She nodded. Link drew his sword as they made their escape.


“Oh great. How do we get in?” Jill asked as they got to the door. She and Pete tried to knock it down while the trio stayed at the pedestal. Luna placed her hand in the middle hole. Fiona did the same with the left, Nina the right. The Door of Time rose in front of them.

“Mom thought we should have n easy way home.” Nina said as they walked in. The two pieces were dormant, waiting for courage.

“Wow. Their beautiful.” Jill said.

“And Powerful. If intact and touched by an impure heart, it will split in three pieces as a self defense mechanism. If touched by a pure heart,  it will grant their deepest wish. It will also awaken any powers that person possesses. The last time was when The Evil King greedily touched it. He got power, Link got courage, and Zelda got wisdom, which she hasn’t been using lately.” Luna said. Pete got curious at the sage emblems. He was quite startled when the spirit emblem popped up, revealing a sword.

“Luna, are they supposed to do that?” He asked.

“Not that I knew of. Not unless some bizarre thing happened like the real Gerudo born every hundred years is you, but that would mean GanonDork is not the real one.” Luna said.

“Do not look at me. The only one with information like that is my mom.” Nina said. Pete took the sword out and realized what they were saying.

“That’s impossible! I can’t be! I wasn’t even human like till about a week ago!” He yelled.

“”That’s when Link got back from fighting Master Hand!” Fiona yelled.

“And almost everyone else on that adventure.”


“Two followed others. That’s all you need to know.” Jill said.

“I owe Nina some money.” Luna said.

“I told you that Pokemon  existed.” Nina said.

“Pikachu and Jigglypuff?” Fiona said, amazed.

“Way to go mom. Way to go.” Nina said. Everyone stared at her.

“Twinrova wanted their boy to be king. So they made him. Then, it was probably Naraboo, explaining why she hates GanonDork and co so much, gave birth to the real Gerudo boy. Mom knew Twinrova would want him dead, so she hid him in another world, another form. Course, the agile wizard couldn’t show up with out the Lunar Goddess, so she had to be hidden, to. You didn’t become humans closest to your Pokemon form, you became Pokemon most like your human form!” Nina said.

“Who would Jill’s mom be?”

“Get this. She’s Malon’s sister.”

“But we turn back into Pokemon in a few weeks!” Jill cried.

“Only if you don’t get kissed by the one you love.”

“Samus said she despises men!”

“That was an excuse to get you human. I’m sure you’ll find the lucky girl somewhere.” Luna said. Before they could finish, something flew through he wall. Rubble was everywhere, and on top of it, was Link. They had to hold Jill back. GanonDork walked in, and blasted Link as he tried to get up. He clutched the Master sword up and clambered up.

“I won’t let you win.” Link said, lip bleeding. A ball of energy hit the sword out of his hand. Jill broke free, dove for it, not expecting the shock. Ready for it, She grabbed it up. Electricity ran through her body as she swung it. t hit The Evil King in the arm, which in response, knocked her back. She slammed against the two pieces of the Triforce. Link charged at GanonDork. He missed, and GanonDork picked him up by the neck, trying to cut off his air. The Triforce of Courage joined the rest of the Sacred Relic. Jill leaned on it for support, and unknowingly said

“I wish I could help Link.” A glow surrounded her. GanonDork turned his head. Most of the light faded, except that on her arrow. She now wore a flowing long, gold dress, and she was floating.

“Put him down.” Jill said.

“Why should I?”

“Not only are you defying a Goddess, you have to deal with me.” Pete said, drawing his sword.

“Us to!” Nina said for her and her cousins.

“And us.” A new voice entered the mix.

“And you are?”

“Sister to the Goddess you are defying.” Malon said, also pointing a light arrow at Ganon. Pete stared blankly at her.

“I wasn’t thinking that fast.” Luna said, looking at Pete.


“That’s right. now let him go.” Jill said.

“No.” Twang! Malon’s arrow hit him in the manhood, causing him to drop Link. Jill shot and hit a rather small target, his heart. The moon came out, followed by hundreds of stars. The Evil King was no more. The sages were free again, and Hyrule was safe. Jill ran over to Link.

“Link, wake up. Please wake up.” She said, shaking him.


“I ran out. My bottles went flying at The Stone tower after helping Pete.”


“Nada.” Jill felt power weld up again and placed her arms over Link. She closed her eyes and concentrated. The moon shot a beam towards him. It stopped as his eyes opened.

“Jill?” He asked.

“I’m here Link. I’m here.” Jill said. They shared a kiss at long last. She helped him up when twenty questions started.

“Malon. Since hen were you following us?”

“When Pete joined you. I was following him until then.”


“He stayed at the ranch a couple of days. Helped me with some chores, tamed an ultra wild new horse. He left before I got up one day. I needed to find him to tell him something.”

“What?” Pete asked. Malon turned scarlet.

“Well you see, I…umm…” She tried to start.

“I do to.” Pete said. They took each other in deep embrace. Suddenly, a blue ring was on the main platform.

“Mom’s calling.” Nina said.

“Get to know your long lost families.” Luna said.

“We’ll be back for the wedding.” Fiona said before being teleported. Malon and Jill looked at each other.

“Alright. Fiona packed for both of you. who’s proposing?” Jill asked. Both men tuned silent.

“Malon. It’s obvious why Pete left early. When he saw us he tagged along. Link must have got it after Inkana.”

“Wait till Pop hears this.” Malon said.

“Yes Link.” Jill said, stopping Link from having to ask. Malon simply looked at Pete, and gave him a  kiss, causing him to blush.

“Pete! If you come with me and my sister to meet my dad, we’ll go with you to meet your mom.” Jill said. He nodded, and they started off. Half way there, both Link and Pete took their soon to be bride’s hand, and slid the ring meant for them on it. Neither of them cared to much. Talon almost had a heart attack when he saw Jill.

“I thought I’d never see my other daughter again.” He said, wearing his usual red shirt and overalls.

“One more thing about us , Dad.” Malon started. They flashed their hands. He started sobbing.

“My little girls went and grew up!” They stayed a while to comfort him.


“Well?” Link asked the next morning to Jill.

“Malon is leaving a note. If we stay until he wakes up, we stay another day.” She explained. Malon jumped out the window and Pete came out of the windmill.


“Miss Naraboo. Someone to see you.” A Gerudo said.

“Send them in.” Naraboo said over the scroll she read.

“State you business please.” As Pete came in.

“Mom?” Naraboo looked up. Tears started to well up in her eyes.

“Pete.” She said, standing up.

“Come. There is so much to tell.” She said, walking outside with him.


Malon, Jill, Link, and Pete waited for Naraboo.

“Why do she insist on this big ceremony for just announcing who I am?” Pete asked.

“Well you re the true King of Gerudo. Now quiet. The mid wife is speaking.” Malon said.

“Seventeen years ago, I delivered Naraboo with a child. Why keep it secret? Because revealing it would be as good as killing him. Twinrova made Ganondorf out of evil. He was not the true king. Naryu helped us hide him until today, hen the Evil King was destroyed. Naraboo?”

“Right here. May I introduce to you, my son, Pete.”

“Pete! Now!” Jill prodded him. Pete walked out.

“Don’t get any ideas, ladies. When he came to me, he came to me engaged. He had no idea of his birth, convinced he was from Holdrum, he proposed.” Naraboo continued.

“May I also introduce his bride to be, Malon Lon-Lon.” Jill now had to push Malon out. The intros were made, and the crowd departed. Naraboo offered to let them hold the wedding there. Before they could answer, three girls fell from seemingly nowhere.

“Ow. Why do I always have to be on bottom?” Fiona moaned.

“Guys!” Jill said, helping them up.

“Not just us. Several people tagged along.” Nina said. Saria, Darnunia, Impa, Rarau, and amazingly, Zelda came out of nowhere.


“In Lybrynnia. Apparently, she’s dating a Zora there.”


“So…anyone want some juice?” Naraboo asked.

“Not grape!” Nina, Luna, Pete, Fiona, Jill, ad Link yelled in unison. An immense amount of laughter followed.



All the engaged did get married, and Zelda started trying to explore worlds other then those known.


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