The New Jedi

By Doug

Author's Note: Star Wars and it's characters are a licensed entity of Lucasfilms. My story is a crossover This is the start of my Star Wars crossover for Legend of Zelda hope everyone likes it.

Part 1

   It is a dark time for New Republic, talk of a New Sith Lord is on the mouths of many in the Republic. The Jedi knights spread through have been warned because the New Sith Lord was at one time a member of the Jedi Council. Two young Jedi knights have arrived at the Jedi about to accept an assignment by Master Luke Skywalker. One dressed in green cloak and white pants with dark brown hair and the other a female having long blond hair and dressed in brown and blue. Master Skywalker addresses them as they take a position in the center of the Council “Link and Zelda, both of you are fairly new at this and young. But now is dangerous time for the Republic and Jedi Knights. I have a job for you.” They both bow responding “Yes, Master Skywalker.” The old Jedi master continues “The Imperial remnant is still out in the galaxy causing trouble, but the main of this Council is the Sith Lord that is trying to unite what is left of the Imperials. Link, you know the Sith Lord for he is your former master Hans Burinto now known as Darth Baylor. Zelda, you know him to for he the one that killed your former master. I urge both of you not to allow your anger to take over. Right now I am sending you to my home planet of Tatoonie to investigate rumors of his organizing the mercenaries and the possible ties to a Dark Jedi organization called “The Talon”. Please be careful and do not attract attention yourselves because the Jedi is not welcome there. Both of you were chosen because your abilities with the force. Zelda, you are stronger with the force itself, while you are better with a light saber. I hope we can count you to do your job and report back to the Council with any findings.” Link and Zelda both bow and leave the room.


  They both board Epona 1, Link’s starship to head over to Tatoonie. Link says to Zelda “This is the first time I have worked with you and it my honor to have one so skilled in the force as you.” Zelda blushes a little “Well, I have heard about your light saber skills being second to none, except for Master Skywalker. Your exploits are amazing I always thought. I managed to get on more diplomatic missions then any missions with action.”

“It doesn’t sound like it’s going be that way this time. I hear that you are also an expert shot with the wookie bow caster and blaster pistol.”

“Well, the bow caster is my weapon of choice unless I am forced to draw my light saber.”

“The light saber to me has saved my life quite a few times.”

They take off from the landing and blast off toward space.


   Sometime later in space they jump to hyperspace going to Tatoonie. They arrive at Mos Eilsey’s spaceport without anyone noticing that they are Jedi and they manage to keep their identities hidden under their cloaks. They go into the main bar with loud music in the background and bid their time. The bar itself has about twenty tables setup with a stairway going to a second floor off to the left of the room. Link asks the barkeep quietly about the rumored mercenaries while Zelda standing about ten feet from him keeps a watch on the room. Some men come up to the bar and begin to hit on Zelda. One of them says “Hey, cutie how’s about me buying you a drink.” Zelda replies “Sorry not interested.” The man says “What are we not good enough for you?” Zelda getting a little testy says as she uses force persuasion “I am not interested and you will leave me alone.” The man says to his buddies “She’s not interested and we will leave her alone.” They walk off about fifteen feet then they turn around with the same fellow coming back and says, “You’re a Jedi, I will get paid well to kill you.” He pushes her to the ground and draws his pistol. Zelda sits there and thinks then quickly says “You are going regret that!” And force pushes him and his group completely across the room making land on tables. Link comes back over helps her onto her feet saying “Now, you’ve done it, we didn’t want stir up anything.” Zelda responds “Hey, they started it.” There are eight of these troublemakers now, they have drawn their blasters and begin shooting. Link and Zelda both pull their light sabers and activate them, deflecting the shots back at these troublemakers. Link’s lightsaber is green and Zelda’s is purple. Two of the deflected shots take out two of the mercenaries attacking Link and Zelda.  Three of the mercenaries run upstairs Link spots them and points it out to Zelda “I can handle these two clowns, but you got go upstairs and finish them off before they call for reinforcements.” Zelda nods a yes and follows the three up the stairs. Link charges the remaining mercenaries killing both with a running katana chop. He deactivates his light saber and the whole room seems quiet. But Link senses something a presence of the dark side and looks around the room finally he spots two yellow eyes looking right at him. He thinks to himself “a Sith warrior I will have deal with him.” The Sith warrior is sitting at a table on the far side of the room noting Link’s approach. Link activates his lightsaber again and the Sith warrior stands and proclaims “My master warned about you and now you will fall at my hand. My name is Darth Tillus.” Tillus pulls his red lightsaber and charges Link. The blades hit with a strong flash of light, and then both Link and this dark apprentice go back and forth swinging and countering one another’s blows. The duel continues between Link and Darth Tillus while upstairs Zelda moves cautiously not wanting to walk into an ambush. Coming to top of the stairs a couple of blasts are sent her way forcing her to lay on the stairs. She puts away her lightsaber and pulls out her bowcaster and shoots at the direction of the shots directed at her. She looks over the stairs and sees the three that had run in a large room at the end of the hall. They have gotten behind some other tables and having started shooting at her.

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