Into The Pikachu

by CyberMew

Chapter 1: Becoming The Pikachu

After becoming a kid again, Link wasn’t feeling too good. Saria was always in the Sacred Forest Meadow, so he couldn’t have fun.

He didn’t want to go there for reasons. He’d get hurt, he’d get terrorized, he’d get killed, etcetera. But, as the days rolled by, he noticed that being 10 is neat, because you can really piss off guards in Hyrule Castle.

But, one morning…

Navi flew in, unnoticed. She had to wake him up to tell him that Kotake and Koume were terrorizing the Gerudo.

Instead of yelling at him, she grabbed a pail of water and poured it on his head.

Link, who realized what Navi was trying to do, spit out the water and sat up.

"What do you want, Navi?" asked the half-sleep Link.

This quickly annoyed Navi. "Kotake and Koume are acting like idiots in the Gerudo Fortress, turning the people into…things. Now, either you get up, or I will let Ganondorf out, myself!"

"Huffy… Ok. I guess." Link replied, and walked out of his tree house.

Mido was the first to notice he was up. "Well, well, well! Look everybody! It’s the murderer!" he teased.

"Shut up, jackass!" he said, as he climbed down the ladder.

Mido laughed loudly to show that he wasn’t going to give in easily. "So, chicken, how’s the freak show!? I’ve been waiting to see you all week! Is the bearded lady really bearded?"

"Yeah, I should know, ‘cause I’m talking to her!"

"What did you say!?" Mido asked, angrily.

"What’s it to you, jackass!?" Link yelled.

The Kokiri noticed this argument, and laughed at what they were saying. Miso said "Wish I had my video camera."

Saria walked over, after leaving the forest. "What’s going on here? I hope you haven’t tormented him, Mido."

"He did! I saw the whole thing, he started it!!!" Navi screeched.

"Well, tell him to leave us alone. He doesn’t belong here." He replied.

Link sighed. "Well, let’s go, Navi."

Navi had to fly fast. She led him the way.



When they reached Gerudo Valley, Navi asked, "What’s your plan this time?"

"Funny. Okay, all we need to do is get in." Link replied.

"No duh, but how the hell are we gonna get in there!?"

"Geez, for a fairy, you sure are loud."

"Oh, shut up."

Link climbed over the wall, quickly. There was no Gerudo, since they were being terrorized.

He ran to the fortress. He saw them.

Kotake and Koume were chasing Gerudo around. Then, one of the Gerudos found Link, and picked him up. "Take him! Turn him into one of them!" she yelled.

"Put me down!" he screamed.

Kotake remembered him. "Look here, Koume! It’s the meddling brat who defeated us!"

Koume put down a baby girl. "Oh, him! We’ll do him good. We’ll change him into a creature Hyrule has never seen, but humans have!"

"What, though?" asked Kotake.

Koume whispered something into Kotake’s ears, and she nodded in approval.

They powered up their wands, and with amazing power, shocked Link back out to the Valley, and into the river.



Link hadn’t noticed yet, but he was…fuzzy. He swam to Lake Hylia. He looked at the reflection in the water. He was about to say: ‘What the hell!?’ but it came out: "Pika! Pi!"

He slapped his mouth with one paw. ‘What happened?’

And this was the start of a long journey.

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