Shadows in Hyrule

By Zora_Link

Chapter 1: The Bringers of Shadows


         Out at Hyrule field, a large, hellish shadow crept over Lonlon ranch and then... A large mass of people appeared over the horizon. They were all Gerudos... Except their garb had changed. They now wore an insignia that resembled a bird holding twin curved swords and an overturned black Triforce-- the bird held that in its talons. At the army's head was the most unexpected being... Dark Samus! Why he was there will be revealed in chapter III. The army walked into Castle Town and... An enormous black barrier surrounded the area, blocking any-one from coming into Castle Town... And thus preventing anyone from leaving...




Chapter 2: The Fight Begins


     Link looked around and noticed that his opponent had not appeared yet, so he decided to take this time to mentally reason with himself. "Okay, so this all started when..." Link recalled when this whole 'arena' ordeal had begun...


     Month:XX Day:XX Year:XX


The 'Shadow' creeps over Hyrule Field, and bringing with it Dark Samus and his strange Gerudo army.

"I suppose that's when we were forced to fight in this damned arena. Lets just continue now..."

Samus uses teleportation device and brings a giant arena over Hyrule Castle and uses the arena to destroy Hyrule Castle.

"Well, that really sucked. A symbol of peace and prosperity replaced with a symbol of death and destruction."

The Hyrule army is totally decimated by Dark Samus' Gerudo army.

"That was when things got bad... Samus killed off the entire Hyrule Guard system..."


     Link snapped out of his state of mind and realized that his opponent had shown up. It was not a Gerudo warrior, but... Dark Samus himself! "What do we have here? It seems that Hyrule fancies you a hero of heroes. Let's just see if they're right." Dark Samus said with an evil laugh. Link seemed very surprised. "So, didn't think your Gerudo army was good enough for me? Fine, let's just fight and... Find... Out!!!" Link yelled. And so the fight of the ages... Had... Finally... BEGUN!!!




Chapter 3: The End Of the Fight


     The battle began when Dark Samus shot a diffusion beam at Link which managed to hit its mark. Link was temporarily frozen to Samus's advantage. He shattered the ice surrounding Link, thus inflicting large amounts of damage. Link retaliated by pulling out the Master Sword and jump-slicing Dark Samus. Dark Samus looked down and saw the gash the Master Sword left in his armor. "How did you-" Samus exclaimed. "'The Master Sword can cut through pretty much anything- Especially you, who is pure darkness! Hyaa!" Link once again sliced at Dark Samus, making another gash in his leg. Samus fell over and started charging a rapid-fire blast. Link took advantage of Samus's position and  went in for the kill. "Think... AGAIN!!!" Dark Samus shouted, and launched the rapid-fire shot at Link. Link, thinking quickly, pulled out the Mirror Shield. "Protected, for now..." Link muttered.


     Samus looked in horror as Link dealt the final blow. The Master Sword impaled Dark Samus as Link yelled, "Now the fight is over, and your army will have to go back to where-ever the hell they came!!!"


     Then, Samus, as a last resort, used his disintegrating insides to activate the creature underneath the arena...


     The arena trembled and fragmented. The AU- Or simply A-Unit- appeared from the crevice. "Huh?! I can't battle in these conditions!" He was right- Dark Samus had managed to break his arm when he shattered the ice from the diffusion blast. He couldn't possibly beat Dark Samus in his current condition. Just then, a flash of light flew in a zigzag across the AU's serpentine body. The segments fell down, and left the AU's main core perfectly exposed. Sheik, of all people, was there in front of the AU. "Sheik..." and Link passed out from exhaustion. The disabled AU Looked at Sheik, who quickly sliced the AU's central computer system. "Now, this fight is over." and with that, the stands erupted into cheering Link and Sheik's name. 



T H E   E N D


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