Trouble for Evolution

By Alexandra Spears

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Note: None of these characters belong to me. And I think “Evolution” is the wrong name. Should be the WWE Thug Squad! husband thinks Triple H is a complete jerk! Though I don’t care for mixed/intergender matches, I just want to see Evolution get their comeuppance. :P


The Raw crowd was on its feet as “Sexy Boy” blared out and the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels came strutting down the aisle, high-fiving fans on his way to the ring, wearing a black T-shirt and jeans. He reached over the ropes and took a microphone from Lilian Garcia, the blonde ring announcer.

“Well, since losing all three Dudley Boyz to SmackDown because of the draft lottery, I managed to get a really good pair of athletes recruited,” HBK started. “In my opinion Triple H is a lousy trade.” The fans laughed at this.

HBK looked around, then continued. “They had the option of going to SmackDown. Rob Van Dam and I have been working with them and I think they will easily be two of the brightest in the business. I mean, these two are athletic. They’re husband and wife--may I present, Link and Zelda!”

A young man and young woman, holding hands, came walking down. Link had brown hair and brown eyes, and his hair was a bit on the long side. Zelda’s golden hair flowed down her back like a river of gold. Link was muscular while Zelda had a perfect womanly figure.

“Oh boy, JR, more puppies!” Jerry “The King” Lawler shrieked delightedly from the announcers’ table.

“More for your viewing pleasure, huh?” Jim “JR” Ross asked his colleague dryly. “In case you missed it, King, she’s married.”

“Oh wow, Stacy’s gonna have competition--look at those legs!” Lawler crowed, sounding like a child let loose in a toy store. He totally ignored JR’s comment about Zelda being married. To him a pretty woman was something to look at, admire, and drool over.

“Well, from these notes here...these two have trained intensively in their home town,” said JR, who tended to be more of a “good old boy” than Lawler.

The couple, protegees of HBK and RVD, entered the ring and stood next to HBK. Michaels was about to say something when Raw General Manager’s “I’m Back” blared and his TitanTron flashed. HBK’s hand dropped and he sighed and rolled his eyes. Eric Bischoff was known for spoiling things. Fortunately Stone Cold Steve Austin was there as the “sheriff” to keep everyone in line--Bischoff included. Austin didn’t mind giving a Stone Cold Stunner to a miscreant, whether it be for mouthing off or for not having a beer with him--and gender did not matter.

The black-haired GM, dressed in his trademark black leather jacket and jeans, came strutting down. The fans booed and a chant of “You Suck” started up.

“Whoa whoa whoa whoa there, Shawn,” said Bischoff as he stepped into the ring. “Now where did you come up with this pair...not that I mind her,” he added, his gaze travelling along Zelda’s body. Link and Zelda were both dressed in jeans. Link had on a long-sleeved white shirt and Zelda had on a white blouse. Link took one step forward, as if to shield his wife from the likes of Bischoff.

“Mr. McMahon gave the okay,” said Michaels. “What, don’t you read your mail?”

Bischoff’s eyes narrowed. “Fine. Then tonight--for the main event--these two against all the members of Evolution in a four-on-two match!”

Zelda narrowed her own eyes as she snatched the microphone from Bischoff. “All right, Mr. Bischoff,” she said. “How about just me against Evolution? All four at once--a tornado match?”

The fans seemed to be in shock. HBK’s eyes widened. Link merely smiled at his wife.

“All right--fine,” Bischoff grinned. “With one stipulation. If you win, you and your husband get to stay here on Raw. If you lose--out you go and your lover with you!”

“I accept,” Zelda said confidently.

Bischoff blinked. “I might add--you can have Link at ringside but if he interferes--automatic disqualification. If anyone interferes from that locker room, Evolution wins!”

“I like it when people play fair,” Zelda grinned. “That’s fine.”

“Oh, no, JR, that pretty face of hers--!” Lawler wailed.

“What is that young woman thinking, taking on all four members of Evolution at once? And they’re not going to tag in--it’ll be all of them in the ring at once!” JR added, sounding afraid for the young woman.


Trish Stratus looked Zelda up and down, her nose up in the air. “So--you think you’re so special?” she sneered. She’d become a major shrew since she and Christian had humiliated Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania.

“I’ve heard about you,” Zelda said. “I hope you like it really rough, because if we ever get in a match--”

“Yeah, she does, all right,” said a voice from behind Link and Zelda.

Chris Jericho was standing there. “She’s a real bottom-feeder, aren’t ya, Trish?”

Trish stuck her nose even higher in the air, turned on her heel, and stalked away to find Christian. Link chuckled.

“Zelda, are you serious?” Jericho asked. “Are you really gonna take on four guys at once?”

“I’m capable of taking on more,” Zelda said. “I was always going on adventures with Link here and he’s taught me a few things.”

“You must really think you have a shot, if you’re actually going for it,” Jericho nodded. “Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing those guys trashed by a girl!”

“Yeah, it would serve them right,” declared the caped, green-clad Hurricane as he and Rosey, a huge black guy who was his Super-Hero-In-Training, walked up. “And here I thought we were rid of Triple H. I had been feeling sorry for the SmackDown locker room, though...but now they got the Dudleys.”

“Hey, I just wanted to wish you good luck,” said Lita, young woman with long, fiery red hair.

“Thanks,” said Zelda.


Zelda was nervous towards the end of the show. HBK and Link would be escorting her to the ring. They could not interfere, however.

“Hey, don’t worry, Rob and I know what you’re capable of,” said HBK. “And I’m sure Rob is watching right now.”

“He used to be on Raw, didn’t he? Mr. Monday Night?” said Link.

“Yeah and then Vince held that draft lottery,” HBK confirmed. “Now he’s Mr. Thursday Night.”

The music started and Zelda headed out, followed by her mentor and her husband. Zelda was wearing a one-piece red bodysuit with no sleeves, and knee-high boots. Her long golden hair was tied back.

Zelda entered the ring. Lilian gave her an encouraging smile, then lifted the microphone to announce Evolution’s entrance. HBK and Link were at ringside, ready to cheer her on.

Evolution’s music began and out came Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista, and Randy Orton. They were all grinning, sure that this would be an easy night, a real quickie.

“It’s a good thing you had us watch those videos. Zelda should have them scouted,” Link said to HBK.

“What I’m a bit worried about is all four will be in there at once,” HBK said. “I admit I have my doubts.”

Link merely nodded.

The bell rang and the match was underway. Zelda knocked Randy Orton over with an uppercut, then grabbed his ankles and swung him around, knocking the other three Evolution members over. The crowd cheered.

Batista was the first one up. He ran for Zelda, who neatly tripped him up. As a result he went over the ropes and landed outside the ring.

The match continued for a good while. For a while it looked like Zelda might actually be defeated. Evolution was not gentle with a woman who could hold her own like she was doing. Zelda managed to fight back, and she was dealing suplexes and kicks as if she were a veteran at the sport.

Zelda was every bit as agile as Rey Mysterio, who was on SmackDown, and unorthodox like Rob Van Dam, one of her mentors. She managed to throw Flair, Orton, and Batista out of the ring and they were lying there dazed.

Triple H kneed her in the abdomen and bent her over. He started hooking her elbows behind her back, ready to dish out his finishing move, the Pedigree. Zelda managed to stand up straight and throw him off. She then ran to the nearest turnbuckle, leaving Triple H lying in the ring.

Zelda executed a beautiful swanton bomb, then pinned him. The crowd counted along with the referee: “ONE...TWO...THREE!!!

“SHE DID IT!!!” JR roared into his headset. “I DON’T BELIEVE WHAT WE’VE JUST WITNESSED HERE!!! FOUR ON ONE!!!” JR was nearly falling out of his seat.

Lawler just sat there, his jaw dropped. “I sure wouldn’t want to be on her bad side,” he finally managed to comment.

HBK and Link joined Zelda in the ring, and each one held up one of her hands.

Triple H glared at Zelda. He and his cronies were already thinking about revenge. Four of the greatest athletes in WWE today--and they had been beaten by a woman just making her debut!

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