April Fools Day in Hyrule

By Doug

      Spring has blossomed in all its glory. As Link walks through the woods near North Castle he wonders about things. What will life be like when Ganon is gone? Will the princess ever truly admit her love for him? And if not where will he go? Home he thinks to himself, such a distant place. His mother and father he is quite sure they would allow him to come back home. As he nears North Castle he sees the spires and towers going into the air with blue sky as backdrop. Spryte his loyal fairy companion is flying beside him as walks over the moat. Then after a little longer he is in the courtyard and there she is his love the Princess Zelda with her long blond hair going down her back. She is picking flowers as he nears her. His shadow goes over her she looks up to him and responds “Oh hi Link.” He says in return
      “Hi princess.” She rises to her feet then says
      “Is there something I can do for you Link?”
      “How bout a kiss?” he says.
      “That’s you ever think about,” she responds.
      “Well, excuse me princess.” Then she smiles and says
      “Hmmm, I guess I can kiss you but first close your eyes no peeping.” He does exactly as she says and closes his eyes. Unknown to Link the courtyard hound is present and Zelda lightly taps her hand to her side knowing the dog will come over to her thinking she has something for him. Zelda picks up the dog and puts it in Link’s face and the dog kisses him for the princess. Link opens his eyes and the surprise knocks him down of course Zelda is laughing. Link isn’t too amused at being made a fool again. Zelda responds “Hey you wanted a kiss I got someone to kiss you Happy April Fool’s Day.” Then Link, seeing the joke, laughs as well.

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