The Bean Burrito of Time

by Darunia

      Zelda sighed. It had been a perfect evening. She and Link had gone riding in the sunset, then eaten a romantic dinner of bean burritos by candlelight. He had told her he would always loved her. She had returned that vow.......She was too tired to think. Zelda yawned, and fell asleep.


   Loud thumping awoke her. What the heck? She saw a dark robed figure entering her room. He suddenly flipped back his hood with a laugh, and Zelda saw his gnarled face. Ganondorf. His face transformed into a pig nosed monster. It was Ganon!!!!! Zelda tried to scream, but his hand was clamped over her mouth. She struggled as he tied her to his black horse, and headed toward Gerudo Valley.


   When they got there Zelda was thrown in to a damp dark dungeon.Zelda cried was she ever going to see Link again? Two hours later she had an idea .She was going to see if she could use a fart to break the chains. All that did is make the guards pass out.Then she a shot a fart to break the walls.

   "Man, I shouldn't have eaten that 3rd bean burrito!" Zelda groaned, scratching her bum. She then picked her nose, and searched her pockets for a weapon. Huzzah! Another bean burrito! Zelda chomped it down, and farted again. Yes! The chains disentegrated!!!! Just then, Ganon entered the cell.

   "Ah, my princess! You've gotten out! Well , you're gonna marry me!!!" He tried to kiss Zelda, but she turned around and farted in his face. Ganon was gone for good! He lay dead on the floor. Zelda killed off the entire Gerudo race with a mega fart, and stole a horse, and rode back to the castle, where her gas accidentially killed Impa.


   "Man, Zelda!! WHOO!" Link fanned the air in front of his nose.

   "Stuff it, bean face!" Zelda cried, and farted, killing everyone in Hyrule.

The End!!!!!!!!!

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