The Miracle of Life

by Topaz989

Chapter 1: The Little Bundle of Joy

The day at the Market was its usual busy self. The locals were busy buying their daily bread and the children were playing near the fountain. Link was busy buying red potion when he heard it.


Link turned around and saw a masked man running off with a bag of rupees followed by a couple of guards. Link took his slingshot and aimed for the thief's legs. The masked thief fell over and Link picked up the bag and handed it to the owner.

"Thank you young lad, say what's your name?" said the grateful man.

"It's Link, sir," he said as he shook hands with him.

"Please to meet you, I am Lord Merddock. You look a little hungry, how would you like go to my house for dinner? Vera is cooking haggis and candied yams tonight," the Lord asked.

Well, the thought of eating lamb organs in a boiled stomach didn't exactly thrill him, but when it came down to candied yams, he couldn't resist(who couldn't). Link enjoyed talking to the Lord and eating candied yams. Then Vera walked into the room with something he never saw before. In Vera's arms was a very small girl. She had some hair on her head but it was very thin.

"What's that?" he asked.

"This is my baby, her name is Rose," said Vera.

Link walked up to the baby and touched it. He never felt skin this soft before. It was about eight months old and it was so adorable.

"Can I hold it?" he asked.

"Sure, why not, but be careful," said the Lord.

Link smiled as it began to giggle and started sticking its fingers in its mouth.

"How much did you pay for it? I want one!"

The couple had a surprised look on their face and started laughing.

"Link, you don't exactly buy a baby when you want to," said Vera.

"Why not?"

"Well because....ummm...well you just can't," answered the Lord.

"Then where did you get it from?" asked Link.

"Vera, come and get Link some more candied yams will you, honey?"

"Of course," Vera said as she pulled out another plate full.

After dinner Link headed over to the Lord's guestroom to sleep for the night. He was still puzzled at that little baby.

"I wonder why they refuse to tell me how to get a baby?" he asked Navi as he took off his boots.

"I don't know, maybe they asked Nayru the goddess of Wisdom for a baby."

"Hmmmmmm" he thought. That night Link sat down and drew the Triforce symbol in the dirt shading the bottom left triangle. He pulled out some incenses and lit the tips.

"Link, are you sure this will work," asked Navi.

"Patience Navi, I saw some monks do this when they want a good harvest. All I have do is sit here and chant a bunch a crap," he said as he sat indian style, with a bunch of painted markings on his face smiling and talking as if he was one with the Earth. He looked like a medieval hippie. After 20 minutes of chanting and burning the sticks.

"This is boring" he said as he took off the paint. "Navi, maybe this won't work after all. There has to be another way."

"Maybe Malon knows, we can visit her in the morning," she said .

"You're right, Malon's pretty smart and besides, she's lived in Hyrule longer."

"Well it's settled then, its best we go to bed now, hey Link why did you leave the incenses smoking?"

"I have no clue but for some reason it makes me happy and I feel so free," he said smiling.

"Well, maybe you should put it out before you start a fire."

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