The Miracle of Life

by Topaz989

Chapter 3: The Monthly Curse

It was the same in there as usual. The Zoras were gathering fish, the King sat upon his throne, the slightly plump Ruto running towards him with open arms.

"Hi Link, did you miss me?" she said as she hugged him. Link pushed her back. He looked over at her and realized his mistake, now she thinks he is flirting with her.

"Ruto the only reason I'm here is to ask permission to use the passage way to Lake Hylia."

"Okay.....but only if you take me with you!" she said.


"Hmmmmm, okay, I'm sure you REEEALLY want to walk another three months to Lake....."

"Okay, fine, you can come with me," he said reluctantly.

"I knew you would see it my way, but why do you want to go to Lake Hylia for?"

"I'm going to have a baby with Malon," he said confidently.

Ruto's jaw dropped. "Why would you want to have a baby with that slut?!"

"Ummm she's a good friend, she's nice, *blushing* she's kinda pretty...."

"SO!!! I'm sure there is a better person suited for that task," she said she tilted her head in pride.

"Oh, you mean Zelda?" he asked.

Ruto's face turned from aqua blue to a fiery red in seconds. "NO YOU IDIOT, ME!"

"I dunno Ruto, besides I haven't found the stork yet," he said.

Ruto gave him a funny look. "Link, babies are not made from an outside stork."

"Then where do you get a baby at?"

"Its easy, the girl has a miniature stork in her that's sleeping. If a guy does not reach up and wake up the stork, it cannot give the egg to the Mommy and the egg dies. The dead egg breaks inside the Mommy and makes her bleed. The process then starts over again in around 30 sunsets.

"WHOA, that's kind of freaky. Hey wait a minute, how does a guy touch the egg?"

" me, well perhaps you should go to Kakoriko Village instead. There is a wise old solder who has seen the world. He should know where babies come from."

"Okay, ummm, do you want to come?" he asked.

She ran and hoped right into his arms and pecked him on the cheek.

"Do you have to ask?" she said as Link rolled his eyes and dropped her.

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