The Miracle of Life

by Topaz989

Chapter 4: War Between The Mates

One day later after hitchhiking on a passing wagon, they finally made it. Kakoriko Village was a relatively small town with hardly anything to do compared to The Market. There they saw a crowd of kids their own age circled around a retired, old solder who was telling them stories about his glory days as one of the elite Royal Hylian Guards. Ruto and Link decided to listen to some of the stories so they sat down as well. When he was done, the small group of children went off to play a few innings of stickball. Link and Ruto approached the old man.

"Well, hello young lad, what can I do for you and your pretty little girlfriend?"

Ruto began to smile and blush from the little compliment. "We want to know where babies come from?"

"Oh....well....ummm...say, want to hear a story about the time I captured a Pokemon?" he asked.

"SURE!!!" replied Link as he sat indian style.

"I was walking in the woods hunting quail when I saw this huge yellow mouse-like creature shooting lightni*...."

But before he could finish Ruto rolled her eyes and interrupted him. "Look, I know you are trying to change the subject, so cut the crap and tell us what we want to know."

"Okay, creating a baby is like...umm...give me a moment to think....FIGHTING A WAR!!!

"REALLY, HOW!!!" Link and Ruto said wide-eye and at the same time.

"Yeah, there are millions of troops that are deployed out of a transport with one mission, to take the castle. The enemy tries to hold the troops back with clear force fields but once in a while the force field is down and they are free to march onward. But the battle is not over yet. They must brave through the acid-like environment, trudge through the tough barricades IN HOPES THAT ONE MAY COME OUT VICTORIOUS AND REACH THE 'PROMISE LAND'!!!!!!" he shouted as he rose out of his rocker.(*sniff* kinda brings a tear in your eye, doesn't it)

Link had a funny look on him though. "SO WHO WON?"

"Well, the good guys always seem to win," said Ruto.

All of a sudden a little boy wearing a brown shirt and blue pants ran over to Link and Ruto.

"Hey, would you two like to play a game of stickball, we need a third base man and an outfielder?" he asked.

"Why not," said Link as he, Ruto, and Navi ran to the field.

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