The Miracle of Life

by Topaz989


It was a new day. The birds were chirping their usual songs, the squirrels were out gathering nuts, the sun rose high in the air, Link still sleeping till one in the afternoon.

"Link, wake up!!" shouted Navi as she tried her best to arouse her snoring partner.

"zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*yawn*wake me up when my eyelids have the strength to rise ," he said as he placed his pillow over his head.

"Link, c'mon, we don't have to go through this every day," she said right before he chucked his pillow and knocked her out of the air."

"Grrrrrrrr" she growled as she go outside, gets Saria and has her play the highest note on her fairy ocarina.

"Stop it, STOP IT, OKAY, OKAY I'M AWAKE NOW!" he said as fell out of bed.

Saria began to giggle as she helped the Kokori up. "I'm sorry Link, but Navi absolutely begged me to do that to you." Link flashed a sour look at her but then started laughing as well.

"Yeah well, I guess I should start looking for the Zora Sapphire," he said. He went over to a small closet and started dressing up in his usual green tunic and Kokori boots.

As he left the comfort of his little treehouse, Mido was outside ready to greet him the second he goes down his ladder...with a quick push in the mud.

"Well well guess the little worm FINALLY woke up," he said as he took his foot, placed it on Link's head and dunked him back into the mud."

"Mido, quit it. That's mean," said Saria as she helped Link up. Link was burning inside as Mido turned and left. Link stomped away bright red and sore.

"Link what's the matter?" asked Navi.

"I HATE MIDO, now that I do have you as my fairy, Mido STILL picks on me. If only he wasn't the leader of the Kokori, then I would shove this sword up his sorry...."

"Link, are you all right?" Saria interrupted as she followed Link.

"Yeah, I'm, but I still wish that Mido would just treat me like everyone else," he said as approached the creek to clean himself up.

"Well, that was the job that the Great Deku Tree chose for Mido. He is the leader, the Know-it-All Brothers were chosen to be the wise ones, me and most of the Kokori are followers and you got the job of being the.... ummm...outsider." Saria cracked a tiny smile. Link was slightly insulted but knew she was just kidding.

"Well, I better head off to the market to get some supplies," he said as he twisted his cap to dry.

"Bye," she smiled as she waved.

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